Weekend Fantasy (Part 2)


Weekend Fantasy (Part 2)Our sex life definitely perked up after that first weekend away, with sex happening more frequently and more often instigated by my wife – I had certainly awakened something in her and often caught her with a smirk on her face, if I asked her what she was thinking about she would say ‘revenge’. The Saturday before our next weekend away my wife announced that we would not be partaking in any sexual activities that week, and made me promise that I would not play with myself either – she knew this would be a tough ask as I generally do this at least once a day. Well it was her rules this time so I agreed. She also told me that it would be worth it – again with that smirk, she added that I would regret it if I didn’t comply. With the thought of what was going to happen and having no sexual release I was going out of my mind, the slightest thing would turn me on and I spent a great deal of that week trying to hide my hard on. Eventually it came to the night, my wife told me “dress nice, no need to pack” and “you’re driving”, she also told me what time to pick her up from the beauty salon. So I showered, shaved, put on my good suit and headed over to the salon. When she walked out I gasped – she looked stunning, she’d had her hair and make up done and was wearing a tight dress and heels that showed of her figure perfectly. She got in the car, gave me a quick kiss and told me where I was to drive to, this time a big hotel in the city.On the drive there she asked me if I’d managed to leave myself alone for the week, I admitted that with great difficulty that I had, to this she smiled and said that as I had been a good boy she would give me a taste of what was to come later. With this she proceeded to pull her dress up, to reveal at first stocking tops, and then an amazingly smooth pussy. After warning me more than once to keep my eyes on the road she started to stroke her pussy telling me that it was so smooth because she had just had it waxed at the salon, she also told me how hot and wet it was, from my stolen glances I could see that her lips were engorged and slick with moisture. How I managed to keep the car on the road and get to the hotel I still don’t know, but we got there and I was told to wait in the bar while my wife checked in and took the bag she had prepared to the room.We enjoyed a nice dinner and a few drinks, güvenilir bahis I think my wife more than me as I was so turned on and desperate to find out what was to happen I could barely sit still, eventually she asked me if I could wait any longer and when I said no she smiled and said I was to go to the room and she would follow shortly afterwards. So I gave her a kiss and headed to the room, not caring that anyone looking would have seen a my semihard cock pressing against my trousers. When I got to the room there were ankle and wrist cuffs and a vibrating cock ring lying on the bed with a note saying “Undress, put these on, sit on the chair, NO TOUCHING!!!” So I did, it was incredibly hard to resist the urge to play with myself when putting the cock ring on as I had to touch myself a little bit, but shortly I was sitting naked in the chair sporting a massive hardon – the cock ring making the veins stick out even more than usual.After what seemed like an age my wife came in to the room, gave me the once over and then produced some rope from her bag. As she was tying my hands and legs to the chair she asked me how it felt to be on the receiving end, to which I replied “fucking magic, look how hard I am”, she gave an appreciative growl and said “so I see”. When I was secured to the chair my wife took out our laptop from the bag and opened it on the dresser beside the chair and booted it up. She then connected to the hotel wifi and opened up a browser, and then opened up a porn site, one of my favourites. My head was spinning at this, I started to worry that she had discovered how much porn I looked at and stories I read, it was the first time I started to think that this might not be a good idea after all. But she then logged in using an id I didn’t recognise, but with an Avatar that I did – a picture of my wives breasts and pussy. She noticed my recognition and smiled again, and then opened up the profile and went to the my posts section, my head was near exploding now, surely not.Under the my videos section there were a couple of videos posted, she double clicked on the first one titled ‘weekend revenge’ and the video started playing. It was in our room and of my wife (wearing a mask) lying naked on the bed playing with her (quite hairy) pussy, the camera zoomed in close to her fingers rubbing away, occasionally dipping in and then türkçe bahis back to rubbing, before panning up to her flushed face where she announced to the camera that she was planning some sexual revenge on her husband and wanted people to leave comments to the video with suggestions of what she could do. The camera panned back to her pussy where her fingers were now a blur and a few seconds later you heard her orgasm and could see her pussy twitch.At this point my head was spinning, I was still coming to terms with what I had saw when the realisation dawned on me – “who filmed you?”. It was her turn to see how far I would go and said that if I wanted to stop here I could, or did I really want to know. She glanced down at my cock to see pre cum dribbling out, so she was pretty sure of my answer “fuck yes!!” She then clicked on the second video ‘weekend preparation’. This time she was lying naked but for a mask on what looked like a masseurs couch,again with a hairy pussy, the camera was put on the side to take in the full scene and it became clear that this was the beauty parlour. I watched as the ther****t stood over the bed and proceed to stroke my wife all over her body, as well as stopping to kiss her once in a while. She then waxed her pussy – this was one of the most erotic things I had ever witnessed.With her pussy completely smooth the ther****t then went down on my wife and proceeded to lick her until she had a very loud orgasm. When her spasms had abated the ther****t leaned over to the counter and picked somethng up, she then held it in front of the camera – it was a steel butt plug with a crystal end, a red one, and it looked amazing. My jaw had rarely left my chest during this time but now I stared at my wife with my mouth wide open “Nooo – you didn’t!”, she was now grinning like a Cheshire Cat and paused the video. She bent over in front of me and lifted her dress up and over her bum revealing the red crystal. “you’ve had that in all this time?”. She nodded and put the video back on for me to watch the ther****t spend some time expertly lubing up the plug and then to slowly push it in to my wifes ass with the occasional pause to lick her clit. I couldn’t take any more and without even being touched started to cum, a weeks worth of build up shooting over my belly. My breathing slowly returning to normal as the video finished güvenilir bahis siteleri with the ther****t blowing a kiss to the camera and saying “enjoy”My wife laughed at this and said that while she had plans for all that cum she was pleased that her films had had the desired effects, she then admitted that the same girl filmed the first movie. She then growled that it was now her turn to enjoy the evening, even though I had cum the cock ring kept me hard and my wife lifted her dress, straddled me and slipped my cock inside her – she was so wet that she had me fully inside her in one stroke. She then kissed me hard and said that the prize for not touching myself in a week was that she had a challenge, she was going to ride my cock, and if she came before I did then I could replace the butt plug with my cock – this was another mind fuck, my wife had never entertained my many attempts at anal in the past. Then I realised how unfair this was as I was practically cumming again with the suggestion.She came to my rescue however and reached between us switching on the cock ring – this was a toy that never failed to get her off, that and how she felt watching my reactions to her movies meant she was coming after only a few strokes with me using all my willpower not to follow suit. She then climbed off me, untied me and said I could claim my prize. I grabbed her and kissed her hard before practically ripping her dress off, she grabbed the lube from her bag and led me over to the bed where she bent over. I had a moment of clarity and lifted my phone to film this, her smiling and giving me the ok. It felt a shame to remove the plug but it also looked, felt and sounded amazing coming back out. I then applied a liberal amount of lube to my cock and her ass and slowly pushed it into her slightly gaping hole, her reaching back to control the depth and speed I went. Before long I was fully in, and then I was pushing in and out – I didn’t last very long before my second orgasm of the night was being deposited in her.We both collapsed on the bed and lay in silence for a while until I had to tell her how amazing that was, and how I couldn’t have guessed any of it. She said she had one last idea, and took my phone and uploaded the footage I had just filmed of me fucking her ass to her page with the title ‘first time’. We then lay in bed reading all the comments on the videos, which turned us on so much we ended up fucking again. Some of the suggestions were amazing and we agreed which ones we may try, I also asked if I would ever get to meet her beauty ther****tHer reply”We’ll see!!” 😉

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