Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 04


Dave and I both wanted to know what she meant by ‘Dave and I were the only guys who’d ever made her cum so hard.”

“First thing first guys,” she said, motioning for us to sit down. She turned to Dave. “First off Honey, are you alright with all of this? I mean we’ve talked about doing things with other people, but I just want to make sure that you’re going to be ok with this going from fantasy to reality.”

“Connie,” Dave said after a minute. “Today has been the hottest, horniest day I have spent in quite awhile. I don’t think I have ever been more turned on than when I was watching you and Rick together.”

“Cool,” she replied, sounding every bit the surfer chick of her youth. “Now Rick, I want to ask you the same question. Are you cool with all of this?”

“This has been so far beyond anything I could ever imagine,” was my rambling reply. “Of course I’m cool with this.”

“Great,” she smiled. “I always wanted my own little harem of studs to play with and have service me. Now if one of you boys would be so kind as to get me something to drink I will tell you what I meant…. If you’re both sure you can handle it.”

I was still standing, so I beat feet into the kitchen grabbed three beers and was back in record time. When the three of us were settled in around the glass top patio table, Connie theatrically cleared her throat and started to speak.

“Now I have never told anyone about this…ever. Despite what either of you may think, I was not a terribly wild child growing up, my entire life revolved around being at the beach with my friends and surfing. I didn’t even lose my virginity until I was 17. I lost it to my first real boyfriend. Looking back, I know I wasn’t really in love with him, I just thought I was. But he was seriously hot. Every other girl in our little group would have given their left tit for a chance to sleep with him. What they didn’t know was he was one of the worst fucks ever. I mean even I, the girl who had no other experiences to compare to, knew he was horrible.”

She paused to take a drink.

“Don’t worry guys,” she assured us. “The story gets better, I just have to give you a little background first. So anyway, one night I was hanging out with one of my best friends…. Yes you horn dogs, a girl. She had just been dumped by her boyfriend, we were sitting around her apartment, box of wine, chick flicks and Hagen Daz ice cream… Man bashing… the total clique ‘chick night’. We were in the middle of comparing note on how bad each other’s boyfriends were in the sack.

Her apartment had a little breakfast bar between the kitchen and the dining room. I was in the kitchen and she was sitting at the bar. She said something putting herself down. I said something nice, gave her a compliment. She said thanks, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.”

Connie stopped for a moment and let out the sexiest sigh.

“I have no idea what happened at that moment, but when her lips touched my cheek… So soft, it sent an electric shock right down to my pussy. I couldn’t help my self; I touched her chin with my fingertips, turned her head towards mine and kissed her on the lips. I literally creamed myself when she started kissing me back. Kind of like I’m doing now, just thinking about it.”

Between where the story was heading and her last revelation my cock, for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, started to stiffen again. I snuck a quick glance across the table at Dave and saw he already had a rock hard boner. When I looked back at Connie, I saw she looking back and forth at both of our crotches.

“You guys don’t really want to hear the rest of the juicy details, do you?” she teased.

“Please Hon,” Dave pleaded. “Don’t stop now.”

“Ok, but only because you sound so pathetic,” she grinned. “We moved from the kitchen to the living room. Once we were on the couch, we started making out. Her lips were so soft. I wasn’t sure how far she wanted to take this. I held my breath and let my hand drop down until I was touching her boob. Even through her bra it felt wonderful. Her nipple was so hard. I reached down and started to un tuck her shirt from her jeans. My heart dropped when she gently started pushing me away. Then she stood and pulled the shirt off, herself. I was taking mine off, as she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She dropped her bra on the floor, leaned over me, pressing her boobs in my face and took my bra off of me. She started moaning as I clamped my lips over her hard nipple. It felt so wonderful between my lips. I held it there and flicked my tongue over the tip of it. Then I switched to the other one. Her boobs were big enough that I was able to push them together and suck on both her nipples at one time…that really got her hot, as I was doing it; she started grinding her pussy against my leg. Finally she pushed me back, stated kissing my neck, working her way down. She only spent a few minutes licking and sucking on my tits, but made up for it as she licked a trail down bakırköy üniversiteli escort to my jeans.”

She stopped, reached for her beer and found it empty. Still playing her dominant role, she signaled for Dave to make the kitchen run this time. He literally came running back, his hard on bouncing off of his stomach as he ran clutching three more cold beers. A few minutes were spent in silence, getting them open and drinking a pull or two.

“So where was I?” she asked.

“Your girlfriend was licking her way down your stomach,” I reminded her with an almost embarrassing urgency in my voice.

“Oh yes…. When she got to my jeans, she slowly unbuttoned them and even more slowly pulled down the zipper. Each time more skin was revealed she spent a few seconds licking. When she got to the top of my pubes, she stopped and eased me the rest of the way out of them. Back then I wasn’t much for underwear. Kind of like today. There I was, lying naked on the couch in front of her. She started licking my inner thighs, just above my knee. Pausing and licking more intently when she would hit a spot that made me jump. I could feel my pussy juices flowing out of me by that time. When she made it to my pussy, she scooted up a little bit and rubbed her hard nipple up and down my lips and stopping with a swirl on my clit. Then she sat up, lifted her boob and licked my juices off of her nipple. It was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. After she licked her nipple clean, she leaned back over and without warning covered my clit with her lips. She started gently sucking on it, holding it between her lips and flicking her tongue over it, like I’d done with her nipples. It felt incredible. She kept bringing me right to the edge of cumming, and then she would back off, just enough to keep me there without pushing me over the top. At one point she stopped all together. She slid her body up mine and kissed me. I could taste my pussy on her mouth. It was so hot. I kept trying to rub my pussy against her. Anywhere would have done. I just wanted to get off so bad. After a few minutes, she stopped kissing me, stood up and started unbuttoning her jeans. I raised my hand and started rubbing her pussy. Her jeans were so soaked it looked as if she’d wet her pants. When she got them off I sat up, reached around grabbing her butt and pulled my face into her pussy. It tasted so good. Kind of like mine, but kind of different. I was like a mad woman, licking her clit, gently pulling on her lips with my teeth, sticking my tongue as far inside of her that I could.”

“Wow is it hot out here,” I asked. “Or is it just you?”

“Of course it’s me, silly,” she giggled then continued. “She pleaded with me to make her cum, so I pulled my tongue out of her pussy and drug it up her lips, right on to her clit. I started rubbing the flat part of my tongue in circles on her. I don’t know how I knew it, but I could tell she was right on the edge of cumming. I decided to try a trick I used a lot when I masturbated to push my self over the edge. I quickly stuck my index finger then my middle finger inside her pussy. Once they were good and wet, I pulled my middle finger out and slowly inserted it into her ass. She had her hands clutching my hair, pulling my face harder and harder into her pussy. The shaking got more and more intense, the closer she got to cumming. I started really sucking on her clit and really fucking both her pussy and ass with my fingers. She came so hard, her legs gave out. She fell onto the coffee table in a heap. She ended up with a nasty gash over her right eye, she still has the scar.”

Holy shit, I thought to myself. I know whom she’s talking about.

“When she fell it scared the crap out of me. I panic’d and wanted to take her off to the hospital right away. I couldn’t believe it when she pushed me back down the couch, and buried her face in my crotch. She ate me like I was made of ice cream. She stuck two fingers up my pussy and started rubbing me in a way that I’d never felt before. It wasn’t long before I was thrashing, moaning so loud I was surprised no one called the cops and most importantly cumming all over the place.”

Even I was out of breath from listening to that story. My cock was now painfully rock hard and my balls felt like they were made of lead. The funny thing was, it was worth every moment.

“After I stopped cumming, we kissed for a while and then dosed off…. And that, boys, concludes Connie’s story about how she lost her ‘Bi-ginity'”

“Damn,” was all Dave could say. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this?”

“Because you’re a guy. I know how your brains work. Even though I’d only been with one girl, you would have been pestering me to dive face first into any woman you could talk into a threesome.”

“Ok, you have a point,” he conceded. “I am curious though who was the girl.”

“It was Tess,” I interjected.

Dave looked at me for a moment then asked:

“You knew?” bakırköy bdsm escort

“No,” I answered. “It was the scar over her eye. When I asked her where she got it, she wouldn’t tell me.”

“I do like that term, bi-ginity, though,” I said, turning my attention back to Connie.

“Now I have something I want to know,” Connie said. “I know that when I was gone this morning, you two talked about what happened last night?”

Dave and I both nodded.

“Were you guys clothed or naked?”


“Nice. Did either of you get hard?”

“Both of us,” Dave told her.

“Was that the first time you guys hung out naked together?”

“No,” I told her. “When we lived together, we would see each other naked.”

“Did you ever jack off together,” she asked, a hopeful tone in her voice.

“Then or today?” Dave answered.


“Yes,” he told her.

“That is so hot, thinking of the two of you stroking away watching each other shoot off. Did you ever take things further?”

“Then no. But we did today,” I answered.

“Well…” Dave said sheepishly.

“What do you mean, well?” Connie and I both asked in unison.

“Well, like he told you,” Dave directed the conversation towards his wife. “We saw each other nude quite a bit from almost the first weekend that we had our apartment together. At first it was not bothering to put something on when you got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Rick was always good for coming out of the shower with his towel over his shoulder, not around his waist. Then one night it was incredibly hot and humid. The kind of hot where any clothes against your body felt like wet sandpaper. Dumb ass us, we totally spaced the fact that the complex had a pool. We were standing in the living room when I suggested it. Mr. Bashful here stripped down to his boxers and bolted for the door. We stayed in the pool until the apartment manager shut it down for the night. Once we got back, Rick grabbed a shower. I was watching TV on the couch when he came out and sat down totally nude.”

“Rick, you wild man,” Connie teased.

“I must have given him some sort of weird look, his reply was ‘Give me a break, its way too hot for clothes’. He had a point. I got up and took a shower. When I came out, I decided to follow Ricks lead and bail on clothes. When I opened the bathroom door, I could hear the sounds of a woman moaning from the living room. Imagine my surprise when I looked around the corner and found out that he had put in a porno tape and was stroking his hard on while he watched. If I were telling this to anyone but you two, I would swear to the end that it was the porno flick that made my cock hard. But really it was the whole situation. I watched him for a few minutes then decided to go out and join him. Ever the concerned friend, he asked me if I was cool with it when I came in. It would have been difficult to say anything other than yes; being my cock was as hard as a board. We watched the movie, jacked off, came then we each went to our separate bedrooms and went to sleep.”

“Wow, wish I’d been one of your neighbors back then. Would have made coming over to borrow stuff, way more fun,” Connie said.

“We did it together quite a few more times, me on one end of the couch, him on the other. One night Rick came home trashed. Someone had given him a drive home; he staggered into the apartment straight to his room and almost made it to the bed before passing out. I went in, got him propped up on the bed and got him out of his clothes. It was then that I noticed he had a boner. His cock was hard and making a tent in his pants. I don’t know why I did it, but when I got his pants off of him, I wanted to touch it. I let him drop onto the bed, reached down and ran my hand over his cock and balls. I rubbed and stroked him for about five minutes before the fear of him waking up got the best of me and I went decided to go to bed.”

“I feel so violated,” I joked.

“I’m sure you’ll get over it,” as Connie said it, she reached out with her foot and gently stroked my cock with her toes. She also reached over and started stroking Dave’s cock. She kept rubbing us both as Dave continued.

“Just wait, it gets worse,” Dave warned. “I laid there in my bed, so turned on I couldn’t think. I tried getting myself off, but just couldn’t get over that edge. I got up and crept back to his bedroom. I stood at the door for a couple of seconds, partially to make sure he was still asleep but more to build my courage. I finally walked in and sat down on the bed beside him. I started touching and stroking his cock with one hand while doing almost the same movements to my own. I just about jumped out of my skin and bolted for the door when I heard him let out a small moan. I calmed down when he immediately started snoring again. With my hand wrapped around his cock, I decided to go for broke. I leaned down as took it in my mouth. I’m sure it was bakırköy elit escort one of histories worst blowjobs. All the cliques that I’d read in sex books and penthouse forum when through my head. I concentrated on doing the things I liked having done to me. All the while, I was stroking my cock like it was the last time I’d ever get to. It only took a few minutes before I came all over my hand and leg. I cleaned up and went back to bed.”

“Damn,” I said when he finished.

“How come you never told me about it?” Connie asked.

“It’s not one of those things that’s real easy to tell your wife. Hey honey, you know this one time, I sucked my roommates cock while he was passed out.”

“If you had any idea how horny it makes me, picturing you with his cock in your mouth, you would have told me about it years ago…or better yet, you would have shown me.”

They both turned and looked at me and I nodded my head. At that point I would have said yes to pretty much anything.

The sun had started going down, so Connie suggested we take the party inside. She stood between us. Reaching down she grasped our cocks, one in each hand and led the way inside straight to their bedroom. Once there she pushed me back onto middle of the bed, with her on one side and Dave on the other. She and I started kissing. Dave was busy running his hand up and down both of our bodies.

“Lay back and enjoy,” Connie whispered to me.

I closed my eyes and let the sensations flow over me. They were taking turns stroking me. Then suddenly I felt two pairs of lips on my cock. I looked down and watched them kiss, with my hard cock between them. Dave then took my cock in his mouth. He held it about half way down and started swirling his tongue around my shaft. Then he pulled back, started stroking me while he licked the head. I moaned as I felt Connie’s mouth join his. They took turns sucking me. Dave started emulating what Connie was doing. She would take me deep then he would try. She would come up, twist her hand over the head then plunge back down. Dave wrapped his hand around my cock, put it to his mouth and copied the same move. He took over for a while, I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair as he pumped my cock in and out of his mouth. Connie moved down further and started licking my balls.

“Guys,” I warned them. “I am going to cum.”

Connie’s head rose from between my legs.

“Oh, no,” she told me. “Not yet. I want both of these hard cocks in my pussy first.”

She got on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

“Honey, since you’ve wanted me to do it,” Connie started. “I want you to be the first cock in my bald little pussy.”

Dave smiled as he ran his fingers down her butt and slid a finger inside of her. Her eyes closed for a second and she let out a throaty moan.

“Rick, while Dave is fucking my pussy, I want you fucking my mouth,” she told me. Then smiled and said, “But I want you to be the one who puts my husbands cock into me.”

She turned her head and watched me move towards Dave, over her shoulder. As I passed her upturned ass, I leaned over and ran my tongue from her tailbone, over her smooth butt and down to her pussy. I sucked her hard little clit into my mouth a couple of times then broke away. I reached out for Daves rock hard cock and stroked it a couple of times. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Connie watching intently with a huge turned on smile on her face. The look on her face pushed my over the edge. I leaned down and took Daves throbbing cock into my mouth. I had one hand wrapped around it and the other rubbing and squeezing his balls. He held my head in his hands and started slowly thrusting his hips. The texture and feel of his cock going in and out of my mouth felt different and better than I’d ever imagined it would. It was so hard, yet the skin and especially the head had a sexy spongy feel to it.

“Oh fuck,” Dave moaned. Then he turned his attention to Connie. “Babe, do you want me to cum in his mouth or in your pussy?”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “I want you in my pussy.”

Reluctantly I pulled my mouth from his cock and guided it inside of her. Once the head was inside, she rocked back and drove him deep inside.

“Rick, get over here, I want your big hard cock in my mouth,” she grunted.

I got back on my knees in front of her. She put the head of my cock to her lips. Daves thrusting pushed her around it. She reached up, wrapped her hand around me and started stroking in time with Daves pumping of her pussy.

“You guys tell me when you’re getting close.”

We got it to a rhythm. I would push her back onto Daves cock, and then he would thrust her forward until she’d swallow mine.

“God,” Dave let out a moan. “I’m gonna cum.”

Connie pulled her mouth off of my cock and spun around. She grasped Dave’s cock and squeezed, keeping him from shooting his load.

“Don’t just stand there,” she said, looking back at me. “Fuck my pussy.”

My cock slid inside of her. The clique about a woman’s pussy feeling like velvet was the understatement of the year when I came to Connie’s. She felt incredible. Every few thrusts, she would clench her pussy around my cock. The added friction was driving me out of my mind. My hands clamped on to her ample hips as I plunged my cock in and out of her.

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