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I thought about how he might react while I kissed her full, pink lips. She was perfect: my height, but slender; long dark hair and slightly Asian eyes; full breasts and ass; soft skin and fine features. Her kisses were sweet, full, unhurried, and she groaned when I sucked and licked her mouth—her tongue. I wasn’t in any hurry either, but I wanted her naked by the time he walked into the bedroom. She kept rubbing her tits against mine, grinding her hips into me. I grasped one of her breasts and squeezed hard, pushing it up to my hungry lips, suckling her nipple through her thin shirt. She threw back her head in response, grabbing my hips and leaning way back so I could see the tops of her soft breasts. I pushed them together, up and out of her bra—I could see her dark nipples—so different from mine—bigger, with large bumpy aureoles and long hard nipples. I flicked my tongue over them the same way he did to me, something that drove me wild.

She was becoming a little more impatient now, pulling my shirt out of my jeans, pushing her hands underneath to thumb my nipples through my bra. I could smell her pussy now—the scent of her permeated the room, and I felt my pussy contract and moisten in response. I brought my hands down to cup her ass and she squirmed against me, unbuttoning my shirt and tossing it aside. Her eyes lit up when she saw my breasts pulled up and together in the confining black lace bra he liked so much, and eagerly pulled one out of it’s cup. She sucked with her mouth open wide, flicking her tongue around my nipple and taking a good portion of my breast into her wide mouth before breaking suction with a pop to minister to the other side.

“I can’t wait to taste your pussy,” she said, as she unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down to my ankles.

“I hope ankara escort you like sucking cock as much as you like eating pussy,” I replied, stepping out of my clothes and reaching under her skirt to stroke her wet cunt.

We kissed again, mouths open and sucking, while I flipped my fingers under her thong and stroked her from ass to clit and back again. She was dripping and writhing in my hand, but I had to taste her, and brought my fingers up to our mouths. She eagerly sucked as much juice from my fingers as I did, and her flavor was tangy, creamy.

She moved me toward the bed and pushed me down, and I watched as she pulled off her shirt and wriggled out of her skirt and thong before following me down to the bed with a hand on either side of my head, pushing her tongue into my mouth and gyrating her hips against my busy fingers.

I heard the front door close, and heavy steps coming up the stairs.

She stared into my eyes and smiled as broadly as I was smiling. I pushed a finger into her sopping cunt, and her eyes rolled back as I finger-fucked her to the brink of a sweet orgasm. I stopped before she came and grabbed her face with both hands as she groaned into a hard kiss.

The door to the bedroom opened and I heard a sharp intake of breath as he took in what was happening on the bed. His bag and jacket slipped to the floor, and I imagined him staring at the two of us grinding into each other and moaning. I continued to kiss her, reaching down to spread her ass-cheeks so he could get a better view of the holes I had brought him to fuck.

I heard him breathing heavily as he unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

I whispered in her ear and she gave a sweet giggle before rolling onto her back on top of me. Her head lolled back escort ankara over my right shoulder, her soft hair fanning out around her—u–as she locked each foot around my ankles. I spread my legs, and in so doing, hers, bending our knees.

As he approached the bed, I heard him remove his shoes and pants, and knew he was probably stroking his beautiful cock. I saw him cock his head around to my face, shake his head and slowly appreciate the sight before him. Her arms were up, hands buried in my hair, while I kneaded her large, soft tits and stared into his eyes. I whispered into her ear, following my suggestion with a swirling, probing tongue.

She looked up at him and begged him to fuck her with his hard cock, and I spread our legs a little wider.

He laughed deep and throaty, and leaned over both of us until he could kiss me, wet and appreciative. He turned his attention to her and I held her arms up, as he tasted her for the first time. Their kiss was tentative at first, but slowly grew in wetness and anticipation. He bent to suck her nipple and I heard him sigh in contentment as she arched her back, grinding into my hips. I could feel juice from her pussy dripping down onto my cunt before I felt his fingers open me. He languidly rubbed around my hungry opening, dipping down to flick over my asshole before coming up to pinch my clitoris between thumb and forefinger. I felt her shudder as his hand also found her sweet openings, and heard the wet sound of him finger-fucking her pussy while he watched her face.

She tried to close her legs against this invasion, but I held her wide as she started to buck against his hand. He must have been buried deep, flicking her insides in a way that always brings me to my knees, because she stopped pumping his fingers for a minute, then came ankara escort bayan in a rush.

I saw him stand, smiling and licking his fingers in approval, before he reached down under us both and drug us to the edge of the bed.

I craned my neck and saw his cock standing straight out, and dripping clear strings of pre-cum to his thighs.

He positioned himself between our legs and I felt him nudge between my swollen lips, before sliding into my slick wet cunt. He alternated looking at my face and hers while he fucked me and rubbed his thumb along her slit. I grasped her tits again, and he moaned as he slid out of me and into this new, delicious cunt. She must have felt good on his cock, because he was shuddering the next time he slipped into me, pumping hard, stomach muscles working. In and out of both of us he fucked, reaching out to grab her tits, putting his finger in her whore’s mouth, then mine.

She reached between us and played with my clit and the next time he fucked me I came while biting into her soft, white shoulder.

He was breathing hard now, and both of us were eagerly rising to meet his thrusts as he alternated between our pussies. I felt him start to cum, and bucked him away, so he buried his cock into her pussy and ground into her while he shot load after load of his hot cum into her.

I rolled them both to the side and knelt in front of her, lathing her with my tongue and sucking his creamy, sweet cum out of her pussy, then bending to suck his cock clean as they continued to explore each other’s bodies and mouths.

Wiping my mouth I stood and watched as he pulled her to him and they both closed their eyes and went to sleep. I snuggled up behind him and dozed, waiting for him to rise again, so she and I could lick and suck his cock until he had given us both a mouthful of cum, and hopefully find out what it was like to fuck four orifices one after the other. He jerked a little in his sleep, and I pulled the comforter around our three tangled forms, smiling and cupping his cock.

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