Wet Weekend


Wet WeekendWe had decided to drive up to the Lake District for a long weekend in November without thinking that it could turn out to be a complete wash out. However, a chain of events happened on the drive up that ended with us not ever reaching our hotel and at the same time having an excellent few days.It all started on the journey up in the car. It had started to rain really hard and I had to slow right down to stay safe. Had I not been driving a Range Rover I think I would have stopped. Being November it was already dark and concentrating on my driving was hard. I got my wife, Dee, to give directions but managed to get us on some narrow country road and completely lost. She kept saying, “The map must be out of date Andy.” It was then that I saw a car pulling out from behind a hedgerow but was too close to stop. I managed to avoid a head on collision but clipped the car, pushing it halfway into a ditch. I pulled over and got Dee to wait in the car as I investigated. I had a tiny scratch on my ‘Bull-Bar’ but I saw that the other car had slipped off the road and into a ditch leaving 2 wheels in the air. By the time I had got there the occupants had got out and I checked to see if they where ok. “We’re OK.” The man said, “But my new Jaguar’s a mess!” He apologized and said that his wife, who was not used to the new car, had caused the bump. We surveyed the damage and then they said I should come into the house to exchange details. I could see the lights of their house about 50 meters away at the bottom of the driveway. By this time we were all soaked to the skin and my feet squished in my trainers. I said I would get my wife and they suggested I drive down to the house to save her from getting wet. As they walked down to the house I went back to my car and told Dee what was going on and that we would exchange insurance details in their house. I drove down to see them just about to go in but they waited for us. We jumped out of the car and ran into their large porch area and I got to see their faces for the first time. They both looked to be in their early thirties and were one of those good-looking couples. They introduced themselves as Laurence and Rosy and apologized for the trouble they had caused and asked if I would like to get dried off and cleaned up. Rosy pointed to Dee to go take a seat in the adjacent room and once she had left proceeded to strip off in front of me as did Laurence, their wet clothes sticking as they struggled out of them. Rosy was eventually down to a white set of bra and panties (that were too thick to be transparent with the rain, unfortunately) and ran off up the stairs. Laurence then said I too should strip off so as not to catch cold and he would give me some old clothes to keep me going (we were similarly sized). Once Laurence was down to his white cotton boxer shorts I noticed that he may as well have been naked, they had gone transparent showing that he had a thick 5 inches or so. I too stripped down to my briefs.Laurence showed me upstairs to what I presumed was a guest bedroom and gave me some towels pointing to the en-suite suggesting I take a shower. I went in and stripped off my underwear and took a warm shower. I hadn’t realized how cold I was until the hot water hit my cold body making me feel all heady. I finished off and went back to the room to dry off. As I was drying down I heard Laurence telling Rosy that she was going to have to pay the insurance excess and that she wouldn’t be allowed to drive his car again. As I was about finished I heard them both going down-stairs so I put a towel around me, one over my shoulders and followed them down to the lounge where Dee was sitting and waiting for us. Laurence too just had a towel around his waist and Rosy had on a white towelling robe and a towel wrapped like a turban around her head. The lounge was well kept and was set with two huge sofas separated by an ornate glass coffee table. Lawrence lit the gas fire as Rosy made coffee then we all sat on the sofas to relax, Dee and I on one, Laurence and Rosy on the other. We made small talk about the weather and Dee and I told them how we were off to a hotel for the weekend.As we chatted away I noticed Rosy had bunched up her legs on the sofa and moved to rest herself against Laurence. As I was sat directly opposite her I could almost see right up between her legs, the dim lighting preventing a full on view. This distracted me and I kept getting lost in the conversation as I tried to look without getting caught with ‘wondering eyes.’ Then it happened, Rosy leant forward to put her empty coffee cup on the table and in doing so gave me a view of one of her firm tits as her gown crumpled up slightly. Then, even better, as she sat back a large section of gown remained crumpled up around her waist giving me a great view of her pussy. Not just her pubic hair but from the way she was sat I had an unobscured view of her trimmed pussy lips. I was mesmerized and getting turned on by the view I was getting but didn’t want to get caught looking at her pussy. Hell, I’d only known her 30 minutes. I think Dee noticed too because she squeezed my hand and nodded in the direction of Rosy’s legs with a little grin on her face. It was then that I started to get a bit too horny and began feeling my cock swelling from my sexy thoughts. Sat there in just a towel was a bit of a problem too as I couldn’t hide my growing hard on and I knew it wouldn’t be long before the tent in my towel would be spotted by both Rosy and Laurence. I shifted in my seat slightly and moved my hands casually to güvenilir bahis sit in my lap to hide my erection, praying that it wouldn’t be too obvious what I was doing.We chatted on for a while as I was continuously catching glimpses of Rosy’s slit. The conversation had drifted onto holidays with Dee saying how ours appeared to be a washout with rain forecast for the whole weekend. Then Laurence started telling us what their plans would have been had it not been for the accident we had just had. Dee gasped as he explained how they were on their way to a swingers party about 15 miles away and that Rosy had rung them to call off when she ran upstairs earlier. We were both taken aback at this, as it was not something you would expect to hear from someone. I got the impression that they were testing the water to see if it was something that Dee and I were in to. We said how we had seen a documentary on Channel 4 about swingers but had never felt the need to do it ourselves. I was surprised at how easily Dee and I approached the racy chat, neither of us shyly ducking out of the conversation, as I would have expected to. They then started to explain how they had got into swinging and that there were lots of different types of swingers. Laurence went into detail about the many different swingers and what they got up to. This chat didn’t help my predicament either; my erection was harder than it had been all night. I don’t think what happened next would have been done had it not been for Dee who, quite innocently said that there was only one form of swinging that Laurence described she could ever feel comfortable with. She was referring to a couple whom they knew who would get together with Rosy, Laurence and a few others to masturbate together. There was no penetration involved, just sitting around watching each other wank occasionally helping each other but never any sex. As the conversation went on I think all four of us began to feel the heat of the situation, yet none of us seemed phased or uncomfortable.Then it happened! Laurence openly asked Dee and I if we would like to have a go. It was done in such a way as not to make us feel compelled or by any means awkward should we choose to decline the offer. Dee gave a girlie, almost adolescent, laugh and bunched her hands by her face as if to outwardly show coyness in a way I had never before seen. Laurence then stood up and walked over to the small drinks trolley they had and making no effort to hide the large tent at the front of his towel, poured out 4 double extra large brandies and turned on the CD player. These will help us to relax he said as we each in turn took a brandy from him. Dee then also noticed the large bulge he was showing and a short sharp gasp game from her. “Don’t you just love a nice hard prick?” Rosy said with a grin and Dee gave a gentle nod of her head to agree with her. It was obvious to me that Dee was enjoying the situation but didn’t really know how to react (not that I really did either). When Laurence sat down the part where the towel around his waist met the fold parted open slightly giving the slightest glimpse of cock flesh. I don’t know if it had been a deliberate showing by Laurence but if it was it was done very subtly. Dee made no attempt to be subtle though as she openly ogled Laurence’s groin area with a glint of naughtiness in her eyes. Unfortunately when Laurence had gone for the drinks Rosy had shifted in her seat and now all I saw was a lot of thigh but no higher. The room then went silent for a moment as we all took large gulps of our drinks. I think it was for Laurence and Rosy to relax and for Dee and I a dose of Dutch courage. Rosy then casually un-tucked her husbands towel and let it fall to the sides revealing his very hard cock. It must have been about 7” long and you could see it throb as he jerked it for us using his muscles. Rosy gently stroked the length with the back of her hand in a slow sensual motion as if it were a ‘Ming’ vase, admiring it but not wanting to break it. Rosy smiled at Dee and asked her if she would like to unwrap my cock for her to see. Dee looked at me as if for permission and I smiled at her as if to say ‘Yes’ so she threw the towel off my shoulders then gently unwrapped my towel to bring my naked body into view. My 7” erection jumped from under the towel and bobbed for a moment as it settled to its newly found freedom. Rosy starred at it for a moment and gave a wolf whistle in my direction followed by, ‘Nice cock Andy. Make it dance for me!’ I guessed she wanted me to do what Laurence had done so I clenched and released my muscles to make my erection bounce and throb for her. ‘Stroke it for me!’ Rosy demanded, getting a little too much into it for a moment. ‘Not yet’, Laurence said. ‘I think it’s time you girls got naked for us. That way we will come harder!’ Rosy immediately jumped up and, having thrown the towel from her hair, let her heavy robe fall to the floor letting us see her complete nakedness for the first time. She had nice firm tits with small pointy brown nipples, a flat tummy and nice thighs. She wasn’t a supermodel but far more natural, to me far sexier than a skinny 6ft model with no tits and bones sticking out. She sat in such a way so as to give Dee and I a perfect view of her pussy. She sat back in the chair with her hips slightly forward, legs apart and her feet resting on the chair. We then all turned to Dee who had been the only one who was fully dressed. “How about you do a nice striptease for us Honey?” I asked.“Only if you and Laurence wank your cocks türkçe bahis while I do it!” she replied (I think she surprised herself in making such a bold comment). It wasn’t as if we needed any encouragement but the offer was nice none the less. The CD was playing out some Phil Collins that had a nice slow beat, perfect for a sensual striptease. Dee had done this sort of thing for me lots of times at home but I think it was the first time she had done it in front of anyone else, let alone a couple whom we had only known a couple of hours. Dee stood up and moved onto the large soft rug to the side of us and started to dance. She was wearing a heavy polo neck jumper and knee length skirt together with a pair of ladies Moccasins. What else she had on was a mystery to me, as I hadn’t seen her change. I could see Laurence stroking his dick with long slow strokes, pulling the foreskin back on the down stroke and pushing it back on the upstroke. I too was wanking slowly my eyes moving between Dee’s dance and Rosy who was lightly stroking her cunt. Dee, I could see had her eyes firmly set on Laurence’s prick as she danced with a look of lust in her eyes. Dee removed her sweater to reveal her large 36 D’s sitting in a half cup white lacy bra that showed off her tits to perfection, her deep red nipples rock hard and clearly visible. She continued her sexy strip by kicking off her shoes and lifting her skirt provocatively to, one by one, remove her lacy topped hold-up stockings. Once removed, she d****d one stocking over my dick and the other over Laurence’s dick. I put the hold-up to one side but Laurence pulled the stocking over his cock and used it as he wanked his hard-on. It was then that I heard the squelching of Rosy’s pussy over the sound of the music. I looked over to see the whole area around her cunt glistening with her juices that she must have spread around her groin. She was using two fingers to hold her puffy pussy lips apart and she was pushing two fingers of her other hand into her hole. Rosy had her eyes firmly fixed upon my Dee’s striptease and when I looked back to Dee she had her back to us and was undoing her bra. Once undone she pulled it off, still with her back to us, and looking over her shoulder threw it at Laurence who caught it and placed it to one side. Dee turned towards us in time to the music, using her hands to cover her nipples before pulling them down to her tummy and releasing those gorgeous tits into view. ‘Wow!’ Laurence and Rosy said as they stared at her hard nipples. I could see that Dee was really enjoying herself as she had a lusty smile across her face and as the dance had gone on an ever-increasing confidence came into her moves. The erotic scene around me, along with my wanking, was bringing me close to the edge and I was concentrating on my hand action to prevent myself from coming too soon. Dee was now undoing the clasp on the side of her skirt and we all gasped as it hit the floor because Dee wasn’t wearing any panties. She also must have trimmed her bush nicely for our weekend away together as it was set just perfect.Dee looked me in the eye and danced towards me. Placing one foot on the arm of the chair and presenting her pussy only a few inches from my face, she brought her hands down and pulled her shaved pussy lips apart, letting me see her pink folds. This was all I could take and with a deep sigh let fly a huge stream of come that flew about three feet into the air before falling on my belly and Rosy’s white sofa. My coming had its effect on both Laurence and Rosy who came a few seconds later with Rosy screaming out her pleasure at the top of her voice. She remained tensed up for about 20 seconds as her juices ran from her pussy, her index finger pressed hard against her clit. Laurence had also come but unlike me his cream simply oozed out of the end of his dick and all over his hand and Dee’s stocking, which he used to ‘mop up’. I picked up Dee’s other stocking (they had already been ruined by Laurence) and mopped up the mess off my belly and pubic hair.Dee apologized to Rosy for me getting come on her lovely sofa but she said not to worry as she would come and clean it up. She then did just that as she stood up and walked around the table knelt down next to me and sucked the two large globs of spunk off the sofa. ‘Hmm,’ she said, ‘I do love spunk.’ We all gave a little chuckle to that apart from Dee who was still stood with her leg up on the sofa rubbing her clit. ‘Poor Dee needs to come guys.’ Rosy said as she ushered Dee onto the sofa next to me. She then got me to move around to the back of the sofa and hold Dee’s legs back and wide to display her cunt in a sexy, pornographic way. Laurence and Rosy sat on the floor with their faces inches from Dee’s pussy and Rosy then ordered Dee to wank herself to orgasm. Dee moved her right hand to her pussy and rubbed at her clit feverishly, her juices also squelching from her cunt. Rosy leant forward slightly and gently eased her index finger into Dee’s cunt with ease. Laurence was hard again and Rosy moved her other hand down to wank his thick cock for him. From my vantage point I got a great view but had to leave my hard cock alone as I needed both hands on Dee’s ankles to hold her legs spread wide. Dee had her eyes clenched and could tell she was close. Rosy was now moving her finger in and out of Dee’s hole at the same pace that she was wanking off her hubby. Dee then had her release as she whimpered out her orgasm and bit her bottom lip as we all watched a small stream of juice squirt from her hole landing güvenilir bahis siteleri up Rosy’s arm. Rosy seemed impressed with the power of Dee’s cunt muscles and said, ‘WOW!’ I needed to come again as my cock was swollen to the biggest I could remember and as soon as I had let go of Dee’s ankles I had to stroke it. Rosy then sat back in the centre of the other sofa and ordered Laurence and I to sit either side of her so that she could wank us both together. We did as we were told and Rosy took grip of our dicks, Laurence in her left hand and me in her right, and started to wank us off together at the same pace. I looked at Dee sat across from me with her pussy still on view with a slight puffy redness to it. Dee was gently stroking herself as she watched Rosy wanking us off. Rosy then asked Dee if she would like to suck on her pussy whilst she wanked us off, and much to my surprise she agreed. Rosy shifted slightly forward in the chair and hooked one leg over mine and the other over her husband giving Dee a perfect angle of attack. I am pretty sure it was the first time she had eaten pussy but Dee gave it her all; sucking, nibbling and slurping away at Rosy’s already dripping cunt. Rosy and Dee were looking into each others eyes as Dee sucked away on her pussy in the same way that Dee had taught me to do to her when I ate her out. Rosy’s hand action was taking its toll and I was near ready to come again but didn’t want to fight it. Rosy could tell I was near by my heightened breathing and squeezed my dick just a fraction harder with her strokes going the full distance up and down. I held back for as long as I could before depositing my second load all over Rosy’s dainty little hand with a grunt of satisfaction. After squeezing the last drops from me she took her hand to her mouth and licked off the spunk with her tongue. Talking of tongues I was watching Dee’s diving deep into Rosy then flicking at her clit as she moved out then delving as deep as it would go again. Laurence then announced that he was going to come and Rosy asked Dee if she would like to swallow it. Dee didn’t need asking twice and pushed Rosy’s hand away before clamping her mouth around Laurence’s cock and bobbing up and down. Rosy decided she still needed attention and pushed my head to her lap and ordered me to make her come. I ate Rosy for all I was worth and suckled on her hard clit whilst delving my tongue as deep as it would go. She tasted slightly different to Dee, not better or worse, just different. I peered to my left to watch Dee giving this new friend of ours a blow job just in time to see her pull away slightly and wank his cock as his spunk spewed out for the second time (Dee has never been a swallower, fussy girl!). Rosy too was ready for her second orgasm as she was pushing my head to her cunt to get a better contact as I felt her shudder under my lips, my mouth firmly locked onto her wet hole. By the time Rosy let me free Dee and Laurence had traded places and he was eating her out using both hands he held her cunt lips open and pounded her clit with his tongue. Dee came very quickly on his mouth as I sat watching whilst playing with Rosy’s nipples. We all collapsed in a tangled mess on the one sofa as we came down from our highs Dee and I in a perfect position to kiss each other and taste the sex juices off each other. It was now past 10 o’clock and Laurence suggested that we stay the night in the spare bedroom to which Dee and I agreed. Having got up off the sofa we continued upstairs to the spare room and we said our goodnights. Although in a strange house Dee and I had no qualms about shagging in their house, we didn’t even try to keep the noise down. Having come twice already I managed to keep going for well over an hour during which time Dee had four more orgasms. We think Rosy must have had at least two more also as we heard her screams of pleasure (it was a good job they lived in the country as I think Rosy was a very noisy lover). The following morning we were woken at 11am by Rosy knocking on the door and walking in (not waiting for a reply from us). She asked if she could take a few pictures of my cock and Dee’s pussy before we left as a souvenir, no faces or anything like that just close ups. I was game, as was Dee so we threw the covers off and Rosy moved in close taking a picture of my soft dick with her digital camera. Having taken a few like that she asked Dee to get me hard so she could take some pictures of me hard. Rosy leant over and took my dick, weary from the previous days exertions, in her mouth and blew me until I was rock hard. She then pulled away and let Rosy take more pictures. Next it was Dee’s turn and Rosy got in close between her legs and took some pictures, commenting on how nicely fucked her pussy looked. Finally she got first me the Dee to hold her lips spread open and she took lots of pictures of it like that. It was then time for us to go and we said our goodbyes but not before exchanging insurance details and e-mail addresses. As we drove away Rosy and Laurence stood on their driveway naked to wave us farewell. The rest of our break away was so wet and miserable that Dee and I simply lived off room service and fucked each other’s brains out. I think the hotel thought we were on our honeymoon as on our last day they sent us a bottle of bubbly with a note saying, ‘Congratulations’. We got home to find e-mail from Laurence and Rosy that had attached some of the photos they took of us. They also attached 15 of their own photos of them: showing off naked, fucking each other, wanking and best picture of all was one of Rosy. She had a large cucumber up her pussy and was holding a piece of paper with a message saying, ‘Wish you were here Andy & Dee, hope to see you soon, L & R.’ Looks like we will be going back soon!

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