Whale of a Birthday


Author’s note, or what I couldn’t fit in the description line: Max lives with a lesbian couple creating a threesome relationship which includes sex. Max discovers their sex toys and the ladies want to show them how they work. Max’s mother comes to visit and doesn’t understand how their relationship works. A misunderstood conversation while whale watching leads Max to the best sex of his life… and the ladies too!



Max just finished getting dressed. He was being lazier than usual on this Saturday morning. As he came down the stairs he could hear Nattles rhythmically breathing. His first thought was that she and Carrie were having sex on the couch. So he cautiously came down, peering around the corner to spy on them. He was expecting to have to turn around and give them their due time together. But it wasn’t so. Carrie was reading her tablet at the end of the couch trying to sit in the sun as it shined through the windows. Nattles was at Carrie’s feet doing pushups, hence that was the heavy breathing he heard.

Max couldn’t take his eyes off either of them. Carrie was wearing legging tights and an oversized V-necked shirt with no sleeves. Her cleavage was more exposed with the view looking down. Nattles was wearing the white karate pants of her gi and a two toned pink colored sports bra. The small of her back was glistening with perspiration.

So Max came down the rest of the way to watch Nattles finish doing her pushups. “How many was that, Nattles?”

“A hundred and seventeen.”

Max was impressed. “Wow! How many do you think you can do, Carrie?”

Carrie answered sheepishly but somewhat proud of herself, “I’m up to twelve now.”

Max tried to dispel his own strength and said, “The most I ever did at one time was fifty-four. That was about ten years ago. Let me see how many I can do.” He got down on the floor in the pushup position and began counting them off. At eighteen he was done. He stood up out of breath and concluded, “That’s pretty good for a computer geek don’t you think?”

The ladies began smiling. Nattles took a step back and casually raised her right leg and placed her ankle on Max’s left shoulder. Her flexibility was far beyond what most people would consider normal. She told him, “Put your right leg back to brace yourself, and hold my ankle with your hands.” Max did as she asked. Nattles began lowering herself, moving her foot on the floor further away. She was falling into the splits with her legs going beyond 180 degrees now. One foot was on the floor, and the other foot was on Max’s shoulder.

She then gave Max some advice, “If you make your heart strong first, everything you want to do with your body just gets easier.”

Carrie was grinning from ear to ear seeing Nattles do the splits. She put her tablet down and got on her knees staring up at Nattles first, then Max. Then she commented, “This is quite an erotic pose you two created. I could do wonders to the both of you like this.” Carrie then put a hand on each of Nattles’ and Max’s legs and began lightly caressing them. Max instantly felt his manhood begin to move. Carrie saw the bulge in Max’s pants develop and put the palm of her hand against it. Max couldn’t move and was enjoying her touch.

Max began to tease Nattles. He took every opportunity to try and tease her as she out teased him lovingly ten to one. Max told Nattles, “Looks like you’re just going to have to watch your lover do me first. You’re stuck and I’m not going to let go of you.”

Carrie began giggling and rubbing Max’s manhood through his pants even harder. Nattles just bent her body backwards contorting into a back bend, leveraging her leg away as it twisted out of Max’s grip. She then stood on her hands to show off, and bent herself like a gymnast at the waist with a combination of strength and grace to put her feet back on the ground. She ended up standing, facing Max, and clasped her hands as if what she just did was simple and normal.

Without saying a word, Nattles then just looked at Max, pulled her sports bra over her head and tossed it at him. He caught it and held it for her. Maintaining eye contact with her even though she was topless was his way of showing her just how strong he was. She then undid the ties on her karate pants and dropped them to the floor. She picked them up, folded them neatly, and placed them in Max’s hands to hold also. Lastly she pulled her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She scrunched them up with her toes and picked them up with her foot, maneuvering her leg straight back up to his shoulder. She confidently let them fall from her toe grip to land over his shoulder. She then returned her leg to the ground next to the other one, turned around completely nude and stepped in front of Carrie with her back to Max. Her nude athletically toned body was easy for Max to stare at.

Looking over her shoulder, Nattles told Max with a tone of confidence, “YOU can watch me! I think she wants to do ME first.”

Max just took a dry gulp. cimcif gaziantep escort He knew her athleticism included a 4th degree black belt that she acquired last year. Carrie didn’t even look at Max. Max saw Carrie put her hands on Nattles ass and put her face right between Nattles’ legs. Carrie began working her tongue into Nattles’ sex to please her while Max just held Nattles’ clothes. Nattles was feeling the oral pleasure and relaxed her head back, looking up at the ceiling and moaned, “Don’t stop. … Uhhhh, right there, yessss.”

Max was mesmerized by what he was watching. After a minute he managed to humbly say, “I have to unbutton my pants. Can I put your clothes down, Nattles?”

Carrie had to stop tonguing Nattles as Max’s question made her start laughing. Nattles turned her head towards him. She was smirking and nodding her head “yes.” Carrie sounding frustrated then said, “Max, put her clothes down and take yours off. Get comfortable.” That was also Carrie’s moment to join him and begin undressing herself. Nattles helped Carrie pull her shirt over her head and then pull off her leggings. Max began undressing as fast as he could.

When he was done Nattles smiled looking over his nude body from head to toe. She smiled seeing his length begin to rise and get stiff. This time she placed her left ankle on top of Max’s right shoulder like she was stretching again. Her sex was gravitating right for Max’s manhood as she was stretching into the splits this time. His erection was angled up now and completely rigid. Max grabbed her ankle and stepped back again to hold her up. Nattles continued to split her legs until her sex barely touched the head of his erect cock. Carrie began watching in awe the sexual feat in which Nattles was about to engage. Max wanted to thrust into her. But in this position he couldn’t move forward. Nattles knew what she was doing. She was now all slippery from Carrie’s tongue arousing her.

With an exhale, she relaxed her split position even further allowing Max’s cock to slowly slide inside and against the warm slippery walls of her sex. Max was holding Nattles’ ankle with one hand and placed his other arm around her back to hold her against him as if they were dancing. They were making love vertically with Nattles’ leg pointing up at the ceiling.

Nattles looked Max in the eye and again told him, “Make your heart strong first. Your body can do anything.” Max gave her a tender kiss on her forehead as he still could not move. He immediately felt her tighten her stomach muscles as well as feel her vagina constrict around his manhood. Max let out a small groan of pleasure and Carrie stood in disbelief of seeing the position Nattles created. Nattles still looking in Max’s eyes then told Carrie, “You can do your wonders to the both of us now, Carrie.”

Max’s mouth fell open. Carrie’s eyes got big thinking she really could do both of them right now. She dropped to her knees and first began tonguing and suckling on Max’s testicles. Then with her tongue she traced the base of Max’s shaft into Nattles’s sex and licked up and around tantalizing Nattles’ pussy lips. Nattles shuddered out a pleasing moan of pleasure.

Carrie wedged her hand in between their bodies to use her fingers to begin rubbing Nattles’ clit. Carrie could lick Max’s testicles and tantalize Nattles’ pussy opening where his shaft entered her, and then rub Nattles clit all at the same time with ease. Nattles was trying not to squirm as the sensation of Carrie’s tongue and fingers was building the tantalizing pleasure of an orgasm.

Nattles just kept clenching and releasing her vagina as the sensation kept building. Mildly squeezing Max’s manhood, all Max was doing was standing there as his sensation for an orgasm kept increasing as well. With Carrie not letting up on licking his testicles, he felt like he was close to coming also. Before he knew it, he couldn’t hold back. He told the ladies, “I’m going to come now!” And the throbbing began.

With Carrie still rubbing Nattles clit, and Nattles feeling Max’s throbbing cock inside her, Nattles squealed out a moan and began coming as well. Her legs tried to weaken and she grabbed Max by the neck for stability. When she thought her orgasm was almost over she pushed off Max before becoming too weak to right herself. Max’s manhood slipped out of her and she balanced on her one leg that was on the floor while she gracefully lifted her other leg off his shoulder. She held her thigh as her toes were pointed to the ceiling. Max thought she looked like a dancer. In a half spin she had both feet back on the floor. Her exhaustion now showed. Her leg felt weak and she felt like collapsing.

Carrie immediately stood up and helped Nattles to the couch to sit down. Carrie told her, “That was incredible, Nattles.”

Max’s manhood was dripping with his cum as it weakened. He commented also, “I can’t believe you made me come like that. Practicing martial arts has really made you limber.” cimcif gaziantep escort bayan Nattels began smiling. She practiced martial arts daily and now her accomplishments were paying off even for her lovers. Max and Carrie could both tell she was exhausted. Carrie then reminded Max, “She was also a ballerina before she began studying karate. That’s why she can do all that.” Max was truly impressed with the athleticism Nattles could do with her body.

Max’s cum was now visible driveling out of Nattles sex and down her leg. Carrie saw it and took her finger and ran it up Nattles’ leg to gather it. She then wiped her finger in her mouth and got on the floor to put Max’s flaccid length in her mouth to clean him also. The taste of Nattles’ nectar together with Max’s seed was an erotic craving she didn’t like missing. She began practicing her deep throat skill on him to gather the lovemaking nectar. It wasn’t long before she felt him starting to get hard again. Max always liked the fact Carrie enjoyed having oral sex with him even after he came.

Since Max was getting hard again, he told Carrie to sit on the other side of Nattles and spread her legs. He was going to do what he could so she would have an orgasm as well. Carrie draped one leg over Nattles leg and grabbed Nattles hand to hold. Max put his cock between Carrie’s legs and began to make love to her in the traditional missionary position. It was Carrie’s turn to have an orgasm and Max wanted to give it to her. Nattles just watched, wallowing in happiness, still relaxing from her own exhaustive orgasmic interlude with Max.

Several minutes later Carrie was gasping and moaning to Max’s rhythm of penetration. She closed her eyes and squeezed Nattles’ hand as she felt her orgasm send a wave of pleasure through her own body. Max positioned himself to reach for Carrie’s boobs and begin massaging them. He told her, “I can keep going, Carrie. Let me know if you need to stop.” He then reached for her waist and began thrusting himself with more vigor.

The faster rhythm brought Carrie over the edge to orgasmic climactic pleasure. She yelled out, “Nattles! I think I’m going to explode.”

Max did one last thrust and his manhood began pulsing inside her. Coming so soon after his first orgasm, he knew he couldn’t produce the seed of the first time. It was the throbbing sensation he wanted to recreate for Carrie to feel. Carrie winced and screamed. “Nattles. Nattles. I’m coming!” The head of Max’s cock was pushing up into the furthest spot inside Carrie now. Nattles told Max to come out slowly when he finished. He did so, and Carrie rolled over on top of Nattles. Nattles wrapped her legs around and over Carrie’s back and held her as Carrie began to relax atop of her.

Max sat down on the opposite side of the U-shaped couch and stared at his naked beauties recuperating from orgasmic love making. After several minutes of blissful rest Nattles told Max, “You’ve never once not been able to fulfill giving either of us an orgasm. Do you have a secret? Not all men can do two women every time.”

Max at first was going to tell Nattles that he was no ordinary man. But he thought he would try and tease her again. Instead, with a gentle smile on his face he responded, “You see, Nattles. I make my heart strong first. I don’t have to do 117 pushups like you, or make my legs into a rubber wishbone. I practice the art of sexual peace. I harmonize my strength with my thoughts. In that, everything I do sexually with my body is just plain easy. Sex for two? No problem.”

Carrie lifted her head and began smiling at the uncharacteristic ostentatious overconfident sounding words Max was speaking. Nattles was grinning also, impressed that Max had the audacity to try and mock her. Then Max concluded, “Since I love you both, my heart is taken care of 24 / 7. As for my body, it lays in wait for whatever you think you both are able give it. I’m hear for you. Bring it on, anytime, anywhere.”

Carrie pushed herself up. Playful and excited she said, “In that case, what are you going to do if we both attack you?” Both of the ladies got up and scrambled over to the other side of the couch. Before Max had a chance to get up, both Nattles and Carrie were playfully tussling with him laying on the couch, trying to pin him down. Max managed to put an arm around each of them to calm them down and pull them into him. They both found a spot to lay on top or next to his body.

The sun warmed their bodies as it came through the large picture windows. They laid in bliss for some time as no one was willing to end the serendipitous moment. Another beautiful day was beginning to unfold.


After a shower and re-dressing, the trio had started their day again. Max was out on the deck with his telescope aimed at the nude beach. There were very few people out for a stroll today. Nattles and Carrie were inside making lunch. Nattles asked Carrie, “Max’s birthday is next week. What should escort gaziantep cimcif we get him?”

“I was thinking of having a towel monogrammed with his name on it. He always wraps himself in a towel after a shower.”

“I was wondering if I should get him a stiffer pillow. He likes to prop himself up to watch us have sex. I sometimes wonder if he’s comfortable.”

“What about sex? Should we do anything special?”

“What haven’t we done? I guess we could get him hooker?”

Carrie looked at Nattles and didn’t have to say, “NO.” Nattles was joking and the two of them began laughing. They engage in sex with Max several times a week. On weekends it was sometimes several times a day. They had a wonderful sex life with him. Getting a hooker would only be a joke.

Max came into the kitchen and said, “There was hardly anyone at the nudist beach. I could feel a breeze on the balcony. It’s probably a little too cold today.”

Nattles asked Max, “Would you like something special for your birthday dinner?”

Max responded, “How about I take you both out to dinner. I’ll buy.” Nattles and Carrie both looked confused at Max.

Carrie cleared things up, “It’s your birthday, Max. We’ll buy! It’s our gift to you.” Max smiled and agreed.

Lunch was also ready. They each grabbed their plate and went out to the balcony to eat. Nattles commented, “I don’t think it’s that cold out here. Look down there. There’s Raquel wearing her bikini.”

Raquel was the sexy sassy condominium manager that most people didn’t like. She always wore a bikini for a uniform with a floral print wrap that went around her waist and over her bottom if she wanted more coverage. At this moment she wasn’t wearing that. Max, Nattles, and Carrie seemed to always have dimwitted conversations with her. It’s not that she wasn’t intelligent, but she always had a backwards way of processing her thoughts. Nattles, Carrie, and Max for the most part always felt like she needed a friend and tried to be kind to her. Nattles and Carrie also thought Raquel was one of the most gorgeous women they had ever seen. They always enjoyed eyeing her and commenting on her beauty.

This time Nattles made the comment to Carrie and Max, “Look at her bottoms. She has a bikini bridge. I can see it from here. Her stomach is as flat as a surfboard.”

Max said, “What’s a bikini bridge? I just see her usual maroon bikini.”

“It’s the front part across her hip bones. She probably has less than 5% body fat so there’s a void where the bottom goes across her pelvis which forms a bridge from hip bone to hip bone.”

“You can see that?” Max said all bewildered.

Carrie said, “How many times do you think Dan has wanted to stick his hand down there?”

Nattles said, “I wonder how many times she has put her own hand down there. Let’s go say ‘hi’ after lunch and get a better look.”

Max began chuckling. Carrie told him, “Don’t laugh, Max. You can come too. She knows we’re lesbians. You can distract her for us.”

Max said, “How am I supposed to do that? Dan’s an ex-NFL player. He’s got more muscles in one arm than I have on my whole body. Why would she want to look at me?”

Nattles spoke up, “But you have brains, Max. Tell Raquel you’re a bridge engineer and that Carrie and I are your survey crew. Tell her we need to inspect her bridge. I bet she’ll let us.”

Max really began laughing. He agreed to go say “hi” to Raquel but wasn’t going to partake in any type of deception. He knew Nattles was really just joking around.

Raquel’s boyfriend, Dan, was painting the railing that went to the beach while Raquel in her bikini, sat in a beach chair, and watched him. After lunch Max, Nattles, and Carrie headed for the beach.

Nattles was the first to be cordial. She said, “Hi, Raquel, hi, Dan.” Raquel turned her chair around and said, “Hi ladies, hi, Max. Going to the beach? Beautiful day for that.”

Carrie joined the conversation, “Yep, beautiful day for a walk. What’s Dan doing? Painting the railing?”

Raquel immediately corrected Carrie. Raquel stated, “We’re both painting the railing.”

Max, Nattles, and Carrie all looked confused. Dan was the only one with a paint brush and wearing painter’s clothes. Nattles asked Raquel, “Where’s your paint brush?”

Raquel explained, “Oh no. I’m making sure people don’t touch the wet paint. That’s my job.” The trio still looked confused. There were very few people around. The nearest person might have been 50 yards away on the beach.

Carrie tried to make a suggestion, “Why don’t you make a sign that says ‘Wet Paint’ and then you could help Dan. You could finish this job twice as fast.”

“That’s why I’m in front of Dan. I motivate him to work towards me. I stay just beyond his reach so he has to work twice as hard trying to reach me. Same outcome, Carrie. But we use half the amount of people, that’s being efficient. …And when he’s done with the whole project, I’m going to give him a special bonus, tonight… you know.” And Raquel began smiling. So did Dan.

Nattles still tried to understand, “Shouldn’t you be behind him if you are telling people to be careful of wet paint?”

“No, behind him it’s already wet. If someone touches it, they will know immediately for themselves that it’s already been painted. I’m warning people who are approaching, like you three, to let them know Dan is painting the railing.”

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