What Are “Friends” For Ch. 02


“Hi hun.” Rob called as he came in the door after work. “What’s for supper tonight, I’m starved, missed lunch because a client was running late but I closed him.” Robert was an insurance agent for a national company, made a comfortable income. Just turned 47, 6′ 1″, hair starting to grey, slightly overweight. He had a lot of energy though and kept busy working lots of hours. This was his second marriage, lost his first wife in a car accident seven years ago, no kids.

June, his wife of four years. She worked as a file clerk at a doctors office. 5′ 7″, thin, medium breasts with big sensitive nipples, chestnut hair. Divorced when her ex ran of with a 23 year old waitress. She didn’t have to work, Robert made enough. But she liked having something to do other than housework and the extra money gave them the means to travel and enjoy the good life.

“Get changed, we are invited to steaks at Jim and Sues.”

“So. Tonight is the nite? Are you sure?” He asked?

“I’ve been looking forward to it, very nervous but eager.” June said

A quick shower and dressing in shorts, polo shirt and sandals. Rob was ready to go. “Do we need to take anything? A bottle of wine or –?” He stopped short as he saw June. She was wearing a short green sun dress, low cut, almost down to her nipples that were poking out proudly. No bra! It was short enough that he knew that when she sat down she would be exposing more.

“What do you think? Do you think Jim will like me in this.”

“It’s almost obscene, your showing a lot of tit. I like the look but are you sure you want to go out like this? Jim won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.”

“I don’t want his eyes on me, I want his hands on me. I want to seduce him. I want him to fuck me while you fuck Sue. Tonight’s the night we loose our swap cherries.”

“If your ready, lets go.”

Rob had trouble keeping his eyes on the road as they drove to their appointment with sex. June was sitting sideways, her legs spread, showing her thin, lacy panties. They were light green to match her dress and he could tell that she was excited. Her crouch was soaking wet, her bald pussy lips showed through the thin material. He wanted to pull over and ravish her right then but knew he would get her later, after he had Sue. His cock hardened at the thought.

Parking in the drive, they went to the door to be greeted by Sue, she was wearing a skimpy black negligee. Her bountiful tits showed through the lacy top. She pirouetted around, showing that it barely covered her cute ass. No panties. “Cum on in.” She said and kissed them both but lingering more with Rob’s kiss.

Rob was almost speechless.”Whe-r-e’s –Ji-m m? He stuttered.

“Hi, folks, you made it.” Yelled Jim, coming into the hall. He was wearing only a pair of baggy shorts. “Welcome, welcome to my web, said the spider to the flies. Welcome. Come on in and we’ll start the steaks, I hope your hungry.

June asked to use the bathroom, and as women do Sue went with her. With the door closed June removed her panties. “If you can show your ass, so can I.” She said. “We can give the guys a thrill.”

While the steaks Escort bayan were grilling they had a few drinks to loosen up and chatted about everything except what they knew they were here for. Sue and June sat opposite the guys on a wide couch, legs tucked up under. Exposing almost everything. Each slight move flashed a glimpse of pink pussy to the men. Jim and Rob both had developed hard ons from the views. Each wishing they could see more of these two sexy women. Knowing that later they would.

The steaks were excellent, grilled to perfection. Baked potatoes and fried onions completed the feast. During the meal they chatted and drank more, after a few more drinks the talk turned a bit more risque. June got braver and asked Jim what he had in mind for the rest of the evening. “How do you plan on seducing us?”

Jim told her. “I don’t plan on seducing you, I want you to seduce me. If you can.”

“How should I do that?” She asked with a cute smile.

“I want you to make me want you. Make me want to ravish you. Make me want to lay you out and do beautiful things to your body. Think you could do that?”

June blushed slightly. “Yes, I can.” As she pulled the straps of her dress slowly down, letting the top fall, showing the rise of her breasts. With a shrug it fell more, exposing her tits completely. Her nipples were stiff, sticking out proudly for their viewing. Cupping both in her hands she asked. “Jim, would you like to suck on these? Would you like to lick and suck my nice titties?” As she pinched her protruding nipples. Then she pulled up her right tit and sucked on her own nipple.

Rob, sitting next to her was amazed at her actions and realized that his wife was going to do every thing she could to get Jim where she wanted. In her pussy. His cock was hard as he realized he would soon be watching her have sex with another man. One of their favorite fantasies. His cock swelled in anticipation.

Sue, not to be left out, let her garment drop. Giving Rob his first full view of her tits. Nice he thought, this was going to be an interesting evening. Standing he slowly striped, bare, he approached Sue, his cock pointing the way. She reached her hand out and grasped his love handle, wrapped her other arm around Rob and pulled him in for a passionate, lusty kiss.

June rose and moved toward Jim, still caressing her own tits. Her dress slipped completely off, leaving her totally bare naked. Kneeling in front of him she grasped his shorts and pulled them down. Jim’s cock sprang out just inches from her parting lips. First kissing the pink head, then licking around his knob. Savoring the taste of the first new cock in several years. Slowly allowing the hard shaft to sink in her mouth she began to suck. Her tongue forced its way under the foreskin, twisting around and giving Jim extra thrills.

Sue and Rob collapsed to the floor. They arranged themselves in a 69 and orally attacked each other. Both hungry for the taste of each other. Sue’s clit was longer than June’s, almost 3/4ths of an inch. Perfect to suck on and chew. Rob alternately licked the slick folds of her pussy and nipped her clit with his Bayan escort teeth. With her on top he licked deep into her slick pussy, then up to her rosebud ass hole then with the tip of his tongue penetrated it. Sue had her first climax from the lovely sensations.

Jim had to forcefully remove his cock from June’s mouth. “Stop, stop sucking. I want to put my first load deep in your cunt, not your throat.” Jim laid on his back and June knelt over him and guided his cock to the pink, wet entrance of her pussy. Lowering her body to greet it, her pussy gratefully accepted a hard, stiff cock. Slowly entering her love channel the cock felt wonderful. She was hot and ready for her first extra marital fuck.

Sue was a talented cock sucker. She loved the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of her greedy mouth. Sucking cock only increased her desire for more sex of any kind. She loved the sweet, salty taste of fresh cum and would hold it in her mouth for a while before swallowing. 69 was her favorite number and she was enjoying it now. She tasted pre cum, then rob’s cock spurted. Sucking and swallowing as fast as she could, she wanted every delightful drop.

June was riding Jim’s cock, up and down, up and down. Each thrust bringing her closer to climaxing. She was having fun getting fucked at the same time that she could watch her husband eating her lovers wife and getting his cock sucked. She found out that she liked to watch sex happening as she was getting fucked too. Jim was kneading her tits as they fucked, tweaking her hard nipples. She was going to come soon, NOW!! “OH, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” June screamed loudly and collapsed on top of Jim.

Jim was turned on more than he ever had been. He had desired June for a long time but never did more than flirt with her. He and Rob had been friends and he didn’t want to spoil that. Then after he and Sue had partied with other friends she suggested that they approach them for some sexual adventures. It worked. Now he was filling that desire.

Jim had a hard time holding back as June sucked on him. As good as her mouth felt on his cock he wanted to fuck her. Laying back on the floor he pulled her over his waist, with her legs on each side she held his cock to the opening of her pussy. Rubbing the head of his cock a few times against her dripping lips to lubricate it she settled down engulfing Jim’s cock. Heaven, he was entering the gates of heaven. June’s pussy was soaked with her desire and excitement. A hard cock sliding into a velvet sheath. This felt so-o-o-o good. She was riding him as if she was posting on a horse. Her pretty tits were bobbing up and down and he reached to fondle them. She was moaning in pleasure so he knew she was enjoying this fucking cock of his. Her pussy gripped him like a soft vice. He was close, too close. His balls tightened as he started to shoot. “Here I cum honey, here I cum, take my cum in your cunt. OH, OH, OH take it.” Jim yelled as he came deep into her pussy.

Rob and Sue switched around after satisfying their oral urges and spreading her legs wide he aimed his still hard prick at her love box. Sinking easily in her hot, sloppy Escort wet, freshly eaten pussy they fucked and fucked and fucked. Sue started a series of climaxes, one after another. She loved being able to come so much and often, it made sex so much better. “Oh, great. Give me more, please more cock. I want fucked more.”

Rob was finally fucking another woman with his wife in the same room getting her pussy filled too. They had play acted this scene a lot but he never thought it would ever come true. Sue’s pussy tasted so good. A little different than June’s but good and she sucked cock almost as good as his wife. But now he was buried balls deep in a hot pussy that felt great wrapped around his cock. He was lucky in that he could fuck for along time with out cuming. June liked that and so had all his old girl friends. Sue fucked back at him, as fast as he pounded her she moved her ass up to him egging him on. This woman loved fuckin. Finally with a groan Rob unloaded his second load of cum in her hungry pussy.

The four of them were laying around after. Relaxing for a bit from the strenuous sex they had just had. Cuddling close to their own spouses.

“Well June, was it as good as I said.” Asked Sue. “How did you like having sex with us?”

“OK, by me. How about you Rob? Did you enjoy? Want more?”

Rob got a thoughtful look on his face before answering. “Yes I would like more as long as we don’t have problems. Now come here. I want you.” Saying that he rolled her over and knelt, spread her legs and lowered his mouth to her pussy and began eating her freshly fucked pussy.

Shocked June cried out. “ROB, stop, Jim just fucked me, I’m full of his cum.”

“That’s all right, I want to taste you with his flavor mixed with yours. I like it.” He said as he continued to clean her pussy of all the sex juices left by her lover.

Sue got close to watch. Kneeling down near Rob’s head. Jim moved to her raised ass and stuck his cock into her dripping pussy. He slipped in easy with the lubrication of Robs cum already in there. Sloppy seconds. They continued to switch around getting into all types of sex connections till the four friends were sated.

“Time to clean up.” Sue told them and led the way to their shower. I was big enough for all four to squeeze in. The hot water and soap was invigorating, bringing them back to life. The women took turns washing the cocks of both guys while Rob and Jim washed four titties and two nice asses and pussies. Rinsing off they headed for the bed room still wet and fell on the king size bed. The women side by side, legs spread wide. Rob knelt over June as Jim did over Sue. Both started fucking at the same time, having a race to the finish. Rob came first, Jim close behind.

“That’s it for tonight.” Jim said.”I’m all fucked out, let’s save some for tomorrow.”

“But now we have to shower again.” Said Sue. “Our pussies are full of cum again.”

“I’ll fix that.” Said Rob as he leaned to her sloppy, wet cunt and started to lick Jim’s cum from her.

June held her arms out to Jim and said.”Me too lover. Eat me, clean me.”

Jim quickly complied with her request and started licking and cleaning June’s cum filled pussy.

Rob and Jim licked and sucked until both had every drop of the others cum.

Finishing their tasks they rolled over, kissed their wives and nodded off to sleep.

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