What Dave and I Did Last Night

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I was horney as hell and so I posted an online ad hoping to find someone who wanted to take turns sucking each other off. I’m very much bi – I have a girl I see from to time but I do like to get my cock sucked just the way I want without having to be extra charming, wait for my birthday or having to negotiate for it. In fact, I love it so much that I love to do the same to whoever will do it for me. However, other than that, I don’t have a lot to offer what a lot of guys want. I’m not into kissing, rimming or ass play. But I do like to suck, touch and pleasure a cock.

Dave answered my ad quickly. He didn’t use that name, of course, but I recognized him from his screen name. We had hung out before a few times and always had a good time. He was a bit weird though, and he wasn’t really my first choice. He usually didn’t remember me despite having shared a few memorable experiences which lead me to believe that he was really promiscuous and I was one of very many. Also, he knew I was bi and so he always put on pussy porn and claimed he was too. However, the way he made derogatory comments about the women – you know, slut, bitch, cunt, etc. – indicated to me that he really didn’t like women at all and so I assumed he was gay. It didn’t matter, he knew how to have fun with a guy and I always left fully relieved. He respected my limits without question and, best of all, he could host.

I replied to his answer, hoping I wouldn’t have to go through the whole process of describing when we had gotten together last, what we did, the picture exchange and then the phone call to verify my sincerity. I’m not sure if he really didn’t remember but just got off listening to my description of who did what to whom, who came first, how many times and any other notable details. I quickly typed “hey Dave, it’s me, Tom. We’ve hung out a couple of times before. Want to get together again?”. He responded asking for more details and a pic. I sent him my best cock pic which jogged his memory – after all, he had seen both the pic and the real thing a month or two before. “Oh yeah, I remember you! Call me” and he gave me his number.

I called, and he immediately answered with a cautious and somewhat reserved tone in his voice, which put me off a bit but I understood. You don’t want to blurt out “so, you want to suck cock tonight” unless you’re absolutely sure who you’re talking to. It would be a difficult conversation to have if your mother decided to call at just the wrong moment. So, I had to get into the brief discussion that I was, in fact, Tom and that I was the guy he had been exchanging emails with.

With my identity duly verified, he asked his usual question, “so, you want to suck cock tonight?”. I always felt a little uncomfortable declaring in my house, where my roommates might hear, “yes, I want niğde escort to suck your cock tonight”. I knew he got into talking like this and so I played along and explained that I hadn’t had a dick in my mouth in ages and that I really wanted to change that and that I wanted to feel an expert work my cock over. He was warmed up and ready and asked how soon I could get there. I said I’d be there as soon as I took a quick shower and drive the 20 minutes to his place. He said he would be naked and to just walk in.

I popped half a Viagra and headed for the shower. I’d prefer not to take the little blue pill and I usually didn’t when I was with my girl – it just didn’t feel the same. However, I sometimes have trouble with rounds two or three without it – which never really bothered my girl too much. She was content to let me get off fucking her and to have me go down on her if she didn’t finish, followed by lots of cuddling and talking. When I have a same sex encounter, though, it’s all about pure hedonistic pleasure, free of all bullshit or the need to once again practice the art of seduction. The thought of having a session of pure oral pleasure gets me very excited – too excited, in fact – and sometimes I come way too early and so the ability to quickly recover is important.

I arrived at his place as soon as I could, totally excited. I didn’t really like the idea of walking into his apartment unannounced, especially since it was in one of those old mansions that somebody ruined by dividing it up into a number of small apartments and a confusing floor plan. I’d hate to have to explain myself if I got the wrong door but it added to his experience with me, and so I did as he asked.

I entered and, as promised, Dave was completely naked and was watching pussy porn and casually playing with his dick. He stood to greet me, revealing a strap that encircled his package, making it more prominent. I hadn’t seen that device before and I was a little curious about it. He’s tall, pretty thin with very little body hair. He’s in decent shape for a guy in his mid-forties and although he’s definitely no gym rat, he has a nice build. He was a pleasant sight to see and I felt a stir in my pants as I looked at him.

He offered me a drink, which I needed to help me slow down and relax. I wanted to enjoy this fully and didn’t want to finish too soon. I had very little experience the first time we met a year and a half ago and I came spontaneously while I was blowing him. I think it was only the third time I had sucked cock and my inexperience then was quite apparent. Fortunately, I had recovered quickly and he was able to return the favor with a long skillful blow job – one of the best I ever had. The other times we got together my performance was better since I was more ordu escort experienced and had learned a little about maintaining control.

As he stepped into the kitchen, which was actually just an extension off the small living room we were in, I asked if he minded if I took my clothes off. He consented, of course, and as he poured vodka in a glass over ice, I noticed that he was watching as I undressed. When I was down to my undies, I turned to face him so I could see his expression as my goods were exposed to his view. The way his eyes fixed on my groin indicated that he liked what he saw.

He approached and handed me my drink and as I took a sip, he grabbed a hold of my cock with his ice cold hand. The feel of a cold hand playing with my dick always gets me and so I took a big sip, put the glass down, and reciprocated by gently wrapped my now ice cold fingers around his piece. We stood there, facing each other, feeling and stroking each other as we both got hard, As his grew to its full length, I felt myself being drawn to it, wanting to suck it. I gently stroked his full length, trying to guess how long it was – it was at least seven and possibly eight. Mine is only six and so I was a little jealous of his extra size.

I slowly descended to my knees, still stroking him and wanting to give him the best blow job I could. I continued to play and explore his cock with my hands – this opportunity still being a little rare for me and I was taking full advantage to get reacquainted with the feeling of having another man’s equipment to handle and with his cock in particular. I felt his balls, which were smaller than mine, and massaged his inner thighs back until I was almost touching his ass hole. He moaned his approval as he stood, eyes closed, looking up toward the ceiling. Enough with the hands. It was time to take this to the next level and I said “how do you want me to suck your cock?”. He contemplated my request for a moment and responded, ” I want you to take it into your mouth as far as you can and just hold it there”. I complied and took him into my mouth slowly, exploring its contours with my tongue, tasting that cock taste, until its head was firmly placed against the back of my throat and I stopped as he had asked.

As I knelt before him, his cock in my mouth, not moving, he said “now, I want you to think about what you’re doing. Do you like sucking my cock?”. Without moving his cock from its position deep in my mouth, I nodded my head affirmatively. He continued “I want you to think about the fact that you have a cock in your mouth and that you’re sucking it. You are a cocksucker and you are sucking my cock and I want you to know that that is what you are”. From my position, I couldn’t disagree and I took a moment to contemplate the fact that osmaniye escort there was another man’s cock in my mouth for the sole purpose of giving him sexual pleasure and that I liked doing it. Although I hadn’t been one the last time somebody called me a cocksucker, which was probably back in high school, I was undeniably one now. “OK, now suck my cock, cocksucker.” I then began to do just that and I did everything I wanted him to do to me when it was my turn. I licked the underside near the tip, I swirled my tongue around its head, I took him fully into my mouth and out again, using my mouth to stroke him, I sucked the tip as I stroked him with my hand, his cock lubricated with my saliva. I never know what to do with balls and so I thought I would like it if I gently began to alternately suck each one as his cock laid against my face. He grunted his approval and said “oh yes, I love having my balls sucked” and I then took them both into my mouth.

This continued for several minutes as Dave guided me and taught me how to suck his cock. Finally, he said he was getting close to cumming but that he didn’t want to finish just yet. My mouth was tired from the effort of energetically sucking a rather large cock and my knees were a little sore as well. I welcomed a break and sat down on the floor. Dave, still standing, looked down at me and I knew things were about to get really good. He suggested that I lay on my back and close my eyes. He took hold of my dick and asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him that I wanted my dick sucked and he began to expertly do so.

As I lay on the floor being serviced by a master, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. After several minutes of experiencing the full force of his talents, I told Dave to stop since I was getting ready to cum. He stopped and pulled away and I sat up but I was at the point where things could go either way. I tried to regain control but my rock hard dick began to twitch which signaled that I was now at the point of no return. Cum began to spurt from me and I decided to just let it happen. I laid back down and I forced my cum to shoot up over me almost to my chin. Once I was drained, I relaxed on the floor, resting, when Dave surprised me by licking my lower belly. At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing but as he moved up my body I realized that he was energetically licking up my cum. He never did that to me before but he clearly enjoyed doing it and savoring my taste. As he took the last spurts that had landed high up on my chest, he returned to the source and licked up the last remnants that had dribbled from my cock. He then gave my cock a final once over lick to complete the clean up.

He then asked if I wanted to hang out and go for round two or if I wanted to call it a night. I had another round or two in me and he still hadn’t finished. It wouldn’t be right to leave a guy like that and, besides, it’s nice to be able to sit around naked with another guy, completely comfortable in that state, having a cocktail until I was ready to have my cock sucked again as I got him off.

I stayed.

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