What Do You Want Ch. 02

Big Tits

“Lie on the bed.”

She was more than happy to, sure that he was about to give her what she desperately wanted, desperately needed – his cock in her pussy. But he had other ideas.

“Spread your arms as far as they will go.”

Was he going to tie her to the bed? She had never allowed any of her lovers to do that and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. To go along with this was surrendering herself to him. Yet she wanted him so badly that she found herself stretching out her arms even as she was still debating with herself.

“Now your legs.”

He hadn’t bound her arms so what was he up to? Why didn’t he just fuck her and give them both what they wanted? Not sure what he was planning she did as she was told and stretched her legs out widely on the king size bed, very aware that she was exposing herself completely to those wonderful eyes of his.

He had walked away from the bedside so she could no longer see him properly without twisting her head one way of the other but she knew he was watching her. She knew he was watching to see how far she would go, how far he could push her. And she knew he could see her juices slip out of her pussy, run down between her cheeks and dampen the bed beneath her.

“Consider your arms and legs are now tied to your bed. You cannot move them any more than you could if they were bound by strong ropes or chains.”

She knew what he was doing. He was telling her that he was in control but, in reality, she could climb off that bed any time she wanted to. She didn’t want to. Her frustration was building as high as her desire but she still believed he could satisfy her on both counts. Her arse cheeks were sore from her spanking and she had winced a little when she first lay down but her lust was still in control and she lay still.

He reappeared by the side of the bed and looked down on her vulnerability and nakedness. He looked on as she lifted her chest as much as she was allowed, proud to show off her full breasts and stiff nipples. She knew it wasn’t cold air that was causing them to throb and so did he. She noticed he was naked now and almost breathed a sigh of relief that her pussy was finally going to receive the attention it was begging for. As he climbed on to the bed his hand took hold of one of her breasts and bent down to suck on the pink nub that topped it.

“That’s nice,” she thought, praying that he wouldn’t waste too much time on foreplay before he surprised her again by squeezing both of her tits together, allowing him to suck and bite on both of her nipples at the same time.??

“What do you want? Do you still want me to fuck you?”

Was he kidding?

??”Oh God, yes, please!” she moaned and squirmed in the bed trying to raise her hips up for him. He released her breasts and moved down the bed, settling between her thighs, kissing and licking her soft, pale flesh.

“Use your tongue. Use your fingers. Please use your cock but PLEASE make me cum!”?

He slightly nipped her sensitive inner thigh with his teeth and she yelped in surprise, thinking to move her legs from his reach but remembering that she was bound to the bed by his words and by her desires. Sliding his strong hands down her smooth legs, he began kissing her, kissing her ankle, kissing her calf, kissing her thigh. She could feel him so close to her pussy now that she was sure she could feel his breath teasing her sensitive lips. Raising her hips slightly, her legs still spread wide, she waited impatiently to feel his mouth on those lips only to moan in increasing frustration as his mouth began to move down her other leg.

She was loving the way he kissed and gently touched her legs, but he was driving her mad by not kissing and touching where she need him to most. She wanted to grab his hand and to move it to her aching pussy but she knew that wasn’t allowed. Finally, he did as she wanted and slid his fingers slowly across her wetness, proving to them both just how aroused she was. But she nearly howled in want as his hand moved away and he brought his fingers to her mouth, smearing her own juices across her lips, watching as she stuck out her tongue and licked them.

“Why are you so wet? Are etlik escort you desperate?”


She had never admitted to being desperate to anyone before but this man was taking her to places she had never been and she couldn’t handle it.

Seeming to take pity on her he lowered his mouth onto her pussy lips and began to slowly lick and suck. Thrusting his tongue between her moist folds, his hands slipped under her cheeks and lifted her to his mouth. She moaned uncontrollably in pleasure, trying to push her pussy even further on to his probing tongue. She was almost there when she felt his nose start to rub against her throbbing clit as he continued to eat her cunt and she climbed nearer and nearer to her peak.

??”Oh fuck, yes! Eat my pussy!”

She had never used such words with such abandon as she did now and she couldn’t have cared if the whole board of directors could hear her. Her whole being was centred around her pussy and the insistent tongue forcing its way into her core.

Then he stopped.

“NO! no! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”??

Stretching one arm up her writhing body, he seized one of her tits before gently squeezing her nipple until she stopped pleading. Then he moved further away and watched as her juices poured from her sopping cunt and looked down as her hips instinctively rose to try to meet his mouth, his cock, anything that would take her over the edge. ?

She was so close to lifting her hands to grab his swollen cock but, even in her frustration, she knew better than to do that. Closing her eyes so that he would not see the tears welling up in them, she turned her head away.

But he did see her eyes watering and, as if it was a reward for her control, he slid his hands over her luscious hips, under her body. Taking a strong grip of her plump arse he squeezed it tightly, squeezed it as if he owned it.

Releasing her cheeks he pulled his hands out from beneath her and returned to where she really wanted him. Her inviting pussy was still damp from her unfulfilled need and he teased her wet lips, gently brushing but not penetrating them. She started to raise her hips again but he stopped her immediately when he pinched her lips sharply and she suddenly realised what she had done. He was in control and only when he wanted to would she be allowed to move. Only when he wanted to would she be given permission to cum.

Leaning over her body, his own raised above her so as not to touch her feverish skin, he sucked one of her engorged nipples into his mouth and tightly pinched the other, driving her insane with the mixture of pain and pleasure. She groaned as he abused and loved her nipples, pleasure running from her breasts directly to her pussy. If only she could reach his body, if only her pussy could feel something filling it, even something rubbing against it. She knew it wouldn’t take much. He only had to touch her. Every muscle in her body seemed to be tighter than it had ever been. At that moment she knew that she would have done anything for him if he would only grant her relief. ??He released her nipples and rose above her, kneeling over her. She whimpered at the loss of his mouth and hands but she was rewarded now with the first real look at his hard cock. And it was hard, more than hard enough, more than thick enough, more than long enough to give her the only thing that mattered now. ??He watched her watching him and liked what he saw. Her entire body seemed to be covered with a light sheen of perspiration. Her breaths were short and fast causing her large, round breasts to tremble slightly. Deciding to reward her, and himself, he began to stroke his cock over her. Her eyes were locked on the movement of his hand wishing that it was her fingers that were wrapped around it. His fist slid back and forth on his hard, thick shaft and she realised that she was enjoying watching him.

She could not have believed that her lust could have risen any higher but now she wanted so desperately to reach her hand over and give him what he had denied her. All too soon she felt his body stiffen above her, his eyes closed and his mouth moaning in pleasure. His cum burst gaziosmanpaşa escort from his knob, coating her naked body with his white, thick spunk. She watched in delight as his cum spurted and spilled on her flesh, marking her as his, as she again risked raising her hips in the hope her cunt would catch some of his hot seed

As his body fell back out of her vision she realised that he would not be able to give her what she needed, not yet. Even as he kissed her unexpectedly, even as he plunged his tongue into her mouth, taking ownership as he had taken ownership of her body, even as she realised how good that felt, she was filled with a mixture of pleasure and frustration. Her need was now worse than ever and threatened to give way to tears as she now wondered if he had only wanted to use her.

He did want to use her but he was not cruel. He wanted to show her what it meant to give yourself totally to another, to hand over all control, to cum like you have never cum before.

He climbed off the bed and returned moments later with his tie. Lifting her head slightly he wrapped it around, covering her eyes, depriving her of yet another piece of herself.

The blackness caused her vulnerability to return yet, without sight, every other sense seemed to be heightened. She could hear him moving away from her as she turned her head in the direction of the slight sounds he made. Then she felt him beside her again, surprised when his fingers returned to her still erect nipples.

But they didn’t stay there. His hands slid under her trembling body again and began to knead her cheeks. She thought he was taking an unhealthy interest in her arse and shuddered when she thought that maybe he intended to take her there. That was something else she had never experienced and was still something she didn’t want to. Would she allow him to do it he wanted?

Then one finger slid between her cheeks to her most private place, her tightly pursed arsehole which seemed to tighten even more at his touch. It seemed to linger there, as if asking for entry, but then moved away and she breathed again.

?Now his hand finally slid round to her pussy and pressed against her lips, waiting for them to grant him entry. His fingers slowly brushed along her drenched slit, easily bringing her back to the peak she had gained only moments before. She flinched as she felt his cock bump against her leg and she knew he was growing hard again. She dared not breathe as his cock slowly spread her lips, its wet head tickling her clit as it moved upwards. She dared to rock her hips back and forth, encouraging him, begging him, telling him she was his. She dared to believe that now was the time.

His hands once again found their way to her full breasts and possessively squeezed them. She couldn’t stop the moan of pleasure as he sucked her nipples and flicked his tongue teasingly across them.

?But he did not stay there long either. She felt him move back down the bed and almost sighed in anticipation as he leaned down to her swollen pussy, his breath hot on her sensitive lips. She shuddered when he teasingly licked her and she rose up again to meet mouth. His tongue tasted her juices and he luxuriated in her desire. Feasting on her sweet nectar, savouring the taste, his mouth practically consumed her, kissing her, licking her, and sucking her to a height that no other lover had ever taken her. She thrust her hips and ground her cunt against his lips and tongue as he insistently teased the opening of her slick hole, her moans of pleasure now uncontrolled.

?”Please! Please just take me. Please let me cum!” her desperation all too obvious in her words. And she no longer cared.??

“What do you want? What do you need?” he asked needlessly.

??”I need…” she hesitated as she knew she was about to give herself in a way she had never done before.

“Oh God, I need to cum! Please, let me cum! PLEASE!” she begged with a cry from her very soul.??

He moved his body up hers and she almost cried aloud, not wanting to believe he was going to let her down again. But he was only making sure she could feel the mixture of pleasure and ankara escort pain as he bit down hard on her nipples before kissing his way down her body and sinking his mouth into her desperate pussy. His tongue lashed her puffy lips and her hips thrust forward to meet it. Suddenly she felt his fingers slide into her tight pussy, sliding them in and out. Not letting up now he began to squeeze her hard, rigid clit with his teeth and that was all it took.

Her hips up rose up even higher and then her whole body went rigid. The explosion of her orgasm finally ripped through her and she screamed long and loud in release and lust. She felt the intensity throughout her body as her fingers dug into the bed sheets, still mindful not to move her hands. Her climax seemed to ebb and flow as he continued his assault on her pussy unrelentingly and she was reduced to a quivering mass as her tears flowed and mouth gasped for breath.

Slowly, as her orgasm ebbed, she felt entirely overwhelmed, in awe of his power over her body and his control over her emotions. The pain he had delivered had only been a build up to the exquisite pleasure that had followed.

As he untied her blindfold her eyes blinked against the light before fixing on his newly erect cock. She knew what she wanted.

“I want you,” she dared to say, in anticipation of the question she knew he was about to ask.

“I want you. I need you. Now!”

But he wasn’t ready to give up control. He took her by surprise as he abruptly grabbed her hips and turned her over. She knew her pussy still needed more; she needed more and she didn’t care how he took her. She needed to be taken, to be filled by his cock, conquered by this man she barely knew.

Taking her by the hips again, he pulled her up, placing her as he wanted her, on her knees, her head down, her pussy and her most intimate hole exposed to her. She suddenly thought of his earlier touch and feared again that he was about to take her last virginity.

He slid the dripping head of his cock up and down her equally wet slit as she instinctively swayed her hips before him, teasing him, tempting him. But, as much as he wanted to fuck her hard, he wasn’t quite ready. Her juices had thoroughly coated his dick as he slapped her arse while teasing her pussy with the tip of his cock. She recognised his pattern now, pain followed by pleasure. But his cock stayed just out of reach.

??”Please just fuck me,” she cried, scarcely able to believe that she would beg a man to take her so wantonly. The frustration of not being taken had finally overwhelmed her.

“Fuck me!” she begged. “I need your cock now. Please!”

??As she pushed her hips back one more time he finally pushed forward, ramming down into the depths of her desperate cunt. Her body gripped and squeezed his full length and he stopped for a moment not wanting to cum so soon. He wanted to be in control again, wanted to savour this moment, wanted to make it last as long as possible. But she wasn’t going to make it easy for him as she forced herself up and down his throbbing cock. So he responded.???

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she pleaded as he began to violently thrust back and forth, his balls slapping and assaulting her clit.

She dared to reached between her legs and found her clit, rubbing it with ever more aggressive strokes. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait as her almost painfully hard clit throbbed under her hand.?? She didn’t have to worry about that or wait any longer as he groaned loudly and nearly lifted her off the bed with the force of his thrusts. His fingers dug into her red, tender cheeks as he let himself go. She felt his seed shoot out of him, one shot after another as he moaned in pleasure. His cock just kept gushing into her, filling her pussy with his cum to until it began to drip out of her.??As soon as she felt his cock swell within her she squealed in delight and squeezed her clitoris, hard, just as he had taught her to do. Her orgasm engulfed her as it washed over her in waves, drowning her pleasure and her lack of control.

?Even for him she was special and he could not remember ever coming so hard, being so completely drained physically and emotionally. He lay across her back, his cock softening inside her as the heat and her scent made him think of more pleasure to come.

“What do you want?” he whispered.

“Everything,” she answered with more honesty than she had ever expressed.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

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