What Happens in Vegas 05


“I’ll be back tomorrow unless you want to come with me,” Henry looked hopefully at his wife, “I sure could use the company.”

Doris shook her head, slowly at first then emphatically, “I think I’ll stay. We have to pay for the room tonight regardless, we should at least make use of it,” she turned away, “Why on earth did you agree to drive six hours, one way?” she turned and glared at her husband, “to pick up our nephew? Can’t he take a bus? A plane?” She went over and flopped on the bed glaring at her husband, “We finally get away with a chance to get some private time and you leave for an entire day?”

“Andy’s 6 foot 7 and would you want to sit shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers on a bus for eight hours?” the man asked, “At 18 he probably could hitchhike, but Dick is coming down from Tahoe tomorrow to drive him home and who knows how long he’ll be standing out there before he gets a ride. I owe him for last year when he drove to Seattle to get me.” He came over and sat down next to his wife, “We have the rest of the week and I plan on wearing you out, but we do have some time before I leave, perhaps a quickie,” he said stroking her thigh. He looked down at the hot and sexy woman. This was a celebration of their 30th anniversary and as neither had ever been to Vegas it just seemed like the right place. Doris had changed little since they were married, except for a few tiny wrinkles, and a couple of grey hairs on her lustrous blonde head, but she weighed almost the same except for a couple of pounds that settled on her already impressive chest. His hand slid under her dress finding her panty-covered mound. Another difference. When he first hooked up, she barely trimmed but now she just had a nice patch of pubes on her mons. It made it a lot nicer when he tasted her.

The woman sighed as his hand slid up to stroke her pussy. This was one reason they wanted to get away. Their youngest, now 18 was not like their two older daughters and was always home. Also, her mother had moved into one of the girl’s bedrooms which was right next to the master and since then they’d had few moments where they could enjoy each other, especially since Doris was often vocal when she came. She opened her legs as his fingers pulled her panties aside.

Henry looked at the clock. If he drove fast perhaps he could be there on time, but he’d also need to cum quickly. He slipped a finger inside her wet hole sensitive to his wife’s breathing and how aroused she was. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a quickie with his wife but driving down to Phoenix would feel a lot better having been intimate with this beautiful woman. He pushed up her dress, then pulled off her panties, “I will need to be quick, but even if I’m a little late I’m sure it will be fine,” he said pushing her dress higher and off as she raised her arms over her head. He stopped, her face hidden, arms trapped, and pushed her bra up over large breasts. One thing about her body had changed since they’d met, her B-cups had become C or even D when she’d gotten pregnant and stayed that way.

At first, Doris wanted to free her arms, free her head from the dress, but they’d played with light bondage, it’s been 20 – 25 years, but she remembered she’d loved the vulnerability. She felt herself eagerly wanting his cock inside her as he first played with her nipples, then sucked one then the other into his mouth. She opened her legs hearing his belt and zipper anticipating what she’d craved since they planned this trip.

Henry gripped his hard cock and pressed it against his wife’s slit. Sliding right into her tight hole they both groaned at the same time. He was glad he’d decided to be a bit late as he drove into her harder and faster.

“Fuck me, Henry. Damn! I’ve needed this,” she sighed.

“Tom, it’s Tom,” he pushed her leg up to her chest and spanked her ass, “You know how I hate it when you call me that wimp husband of yours,” he moaned in a Boston accent. “I hope you never fuck up by using my name with him. “

Doris was shocked and suddenly more aroused. Five years ago, their neighbor Tom had groped her when they were alone at a party. He’d kissed her while pushing his hand under her top to feel her breasts. Tom was a big man, apparently in multiple ways as he had the only hands able to entirely cover her tits, which she still fantasized about. They both had been drinking and Doris had responded at first but when his hand slid into her panties and his fat finger entered her she’d come to her senses and pushed him off. He had been incredibly apologetic and backed away. Henry was sounding exactly like Tom with the Bostonian accent. “I would never…he is always working anyhow and we never had time alone anymore, so fuck me with your huge cock, Tom,” she moaned.

Henry felt more power in his thrusting, slamming into her harder to make her tits bounce, “Fuck! I love fucking a woman with big tits,” he hissed, “I wish Sue had tits like yours.” He leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth hard. ostim escort “Next week when your husband’s out of town I’m fucking these.”

Doris was losing herself in the feeling of being fucked by Tom as she often found herself wishing that the man had gone further and taken her. She’d sensed he was gifted down there when he’d humped against her and if there is truly a correlation between hand size and…but she’d immediately felt remorse letting Tom touch her and later when she and Henry had crawled into bed she’d started crying and told him what happened. At first, he’d been angry, but then he pulled her close and told her it was ok. Then he surprised her asking if she liked it. If it aroused her. She cried that it felt good having a man desire her and in seconds Henry was inside her, aggressively fucking her. They’d never spoken of it again other than a year or so later he’d commented out of the blue that Tom probably needed to feel real breasts as Sue was very flat and he couldn’t blame him.

Henry grabbed a flopping breast, mauling it unlike he’d ever done before eliciting a loud moan from Doris. “I never asked, but where are you in your cycle? I know Henry got snipped, but no way I’m fucking pulling out of a cunt this tight,” he sighed.

“I don’t care, you can cum inside me, it’s close to my fertile time but I’ll suggest his vasectomy wasn’t done right, his brain is as small as his penis,” she panted. Then she decided to try something out, “I’m surprised you didn’t want to fuck me from behind this time. You always prefer that.”

Henry pulled out, grabbed his wife’s hips, flipped her over, her head and arms still trapped in the dress, “Ok, you asked for it. Maybe this time you’ll let me finish in your ass…you keep promising someday,” he said firmly as he pulled her ass up in the air and plunged into her. He didn’t hesitate but put his whole weight behind his fucking while pressing his thumb against her puckered hole.

“Oh, my fucking Goooodddd!” Doris yelled out as she exploded. She’d never felt anything like this. Her pussy was being slammed hard as her husband drove repeatedly into her and feeling her sphincter open up increased the feelings of complete surrender to the man’s taking her. She pushed back against his cock and thumb while grunting out obscenities, things she’d never said before.

Henry rode out her orgasm and as he drove his thumb to the hilt in her anus, he felt the aching in his balls rapidly increase, “Ok, let’s get you knocked up. I’m cumming…Fuck, yesss,” he sputtered feeling spurt after spurt fill her womb.

They collapsed together on the bed, both breathing heavily. Henry was still using the Boston accent as he stroked her large breasts, “I’ll finish in your ass next time,” he said softly.

Doris chuckled, “Wow, what came over you Tom? Usually, you fuck my tits before taking my pussy, you’re not usually in that much of a hurry,” she sighed, wondering how far Henry wants to take this, “You fuck my tits, then make me suck your cock, then you fuck me, though you always threaten to fuck my ass then cum in my mouth. Henry is much nicer. He treats me like a lady, you treat me like a whore, not that that’s a bad thing,” she said pulling off her dress the rest of the way. She turned and kissed him, “I’m surprised. I always thought you were angry with Tom and me for what happened.”

“I was, but I suddenly realized, you know, once when we were showering, that if I were married to Sue as beautiful as she is, my hands would be itching to feel you. You have a spectacular body that all men would be thrilled to be able to touch…to get between your legs,” he sighed.

She snuggled against him, “You realize I made all that up about Tom, it was just that one time he groped me. I hoped you’d see it as…”

Henry laughed, “I know. You’ve always been honest with me. And as for that time with Tom, If you’d, you know, let him fuck you I’d be over it by now. I was thinking how we were all drinking that night and I got into that dart match with Bill. I did leave you two alone downstairs, you with those incredible tits and Tom lusting after you,” he said as he pulled out and got off the bed. He looked down at his beautiful wife, “I love you more today than I ever have, but I need to go.”

Doris rolled off the bed, kissed her husband, and went to shower. When she got out, Henry was just getting his coat on, “I’ll miss you. Hurry back,” she looked around the room then patted the bed, “This is going to feel empty.”

Henry took in the naked blonde beauty in front of him, “I’ll be back around this time tomorrow. I liked the role-playing,” he chuckled, “Hell, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” He kissed her, “I’d like to do that again. You sounded so real. I love you. I’ll call you when I get settled tonight, perhaps you could be naked?” He stroked her pussy, “I hate leaving you alone in a strange city,” he stroked her bare breasts. “I love you. I think it’s going to be the longest 24 hours sıhhiye escort of my life. I’ll call you later, though I hope it’s after the guys you pick up leave. Oh, this time perhaps you could get their names?”

Doris laughed, “I always forget, but I’ll make sure I do. Love you, drive safely. And no speeding…I mean, more than you usually do,” she smiled. She kissed him and watched him leave.


Doris was led to a table in the corner. She never liked dining alone since it made her feel…well, alone. She decided since she was in the hotel bar she’d have some wine while she read her book. She looked around and saw a lot of families with kids, couples, and a few college-age kids. She had just ordered when four boys came in and were seated at the table next to hers. They were obviously on break from college and were laughing and joking about what they’d done in Vegas.

She tried to ignore them replaying how real Henry sounded using Tom’s voice. He nailed the deep baritone along with his inflections. She had no problem believing it was the larger man fucking her as she’d spent many hours with her fingers inside her imagining being under him. She took a sip of wine thinking she’d need to get back to the room, get naked, and revisit this fantasy. She’d always been torn between the guilt of letting Tom go as far as he did and the intrigue wondering if he was as large as he’d felt against her, inside her. That finger was almost as fat as Henry’s cock. She felt her pussy getting wet and her nipples harden as the waiter brought over her meal.

“…what about that blonde last night? She was fucking tight. I mean, even when I fucked her the second time her cunt still gripped my cock. That was even more impressive as she’d had what? All four of us inside her by then?”

Doris tried not to look over hearing the graphic conversation. She started eating a bit faster so she could get back to her room. Between the way, Henry took her, the replaying of Tom’s fat rod against her, and the horny boys at the next table, she felt her panties getting soaked. She picked up her book and tried to drive out all these lewd thoughts from her head.

“Ben, when you took her virgin ass I thought security was going to be pounding on the door,” the shorter boy laughed. “Holy crap, she screamed! Then later she begged us to fuck her ass again, amazing.”

“No shit! I guess we should have asked first,” one of the boys chuckled, “I thought a slut like that would have had cocks in all her holes at least once, but on the other hand not sure if she could have responded with her mouth full.” the blond boy chuckled. “She did get to love having multiple cocks in her.” He looked at his friends, “Tonight, let’s hit the casinos, prime meat at those slots. Remember last spring we met those two older women?”

“Oh yeah,” the shorter kid responded wistfully, “I’ve had trouble fucking younger girls ever since. Maybe it’s their mid-life crises or that they’re married and bored with the same cock night after night, but they demanded we fuck them all night long every which way.” He looked over at Doris who was engrossed in her book and said softly, “I do love a horny older woman…”

The blond boy laughed, “Not just older women, but married older women. Night after night? They’d be thrilled with once a week,” he chuckled, “God! I love them, they never say no to anything,” he said loudly.

“Carter, cool it. We’re not alone here,” the boy hissed before looking over at Doris, “I am so sorry, Carter has no filter in public,” he said apologetically.

Doris laughed, “At my age there’s nothing I haven’t heard. Besides, it sounds to me like he was being very complementary to the young lady. What girl doesn’t like being told she has a tight cunt, though it is considered polite to ask before putting your cock in a woman’s ass.” She smiled at the four boys before returning to her book. She looked up seeing the first boy, Carter standing there.

“Ma’am, I am truly sorry. Will’s right, I have no filter. Let me buy you another glass of wine,” he said with a deep bow. “A way of expressing my deep remorse.”

Doris laughed, “Wow! You sure cleaned up your language in a hurry. Look, don’t worry about me. I have 3 children all about your age. I’ve heard it all and one glass is enough.”

Carter sat down, “Seriously? You have children our age? You look like early to mid-30s…that’s incredible,” he said. He looked over at his friends, “I’m telling you, dudes, women get hotter with age.” He stood up, “Please. We’d love it if you’d join us. Dining with a beautiful woman like you would be an honor. Are you staying here? Yes? Then no worries about driving or anything. Have another glass.” Carter turned and pointed to the empty wine glass as he got the attention of the waiter.

Doris looked at the boys and realized they were safe, “Bullshit, but I do prefer company at dinner, though I’m not the married slut you’re looking ankara escort for,” she chuckled, “I get it. I have a few friends who I should probably hook you boys up with.” She sat down after the boys moved around making room. Carter introduced the boys, Ben, Josh, Will. They all looked like they came from nice families, “So, college, I assume?”

They all were from UCLA and talked about their classes, majors, and why they decided on Vegas for break. Carter was pursuing an MBA, Ben wanted to teach art, Josh was studying Physics and Will wanted to be a personal trainer.

“So, you went to college? What did you study?” Carter asked.

“English Lit, “Doris replied, “I love the classics, Bronte, Austin, Browning, Shakespeare, you know all the romances,” she replied sadly, “But I met Henry, got married and pregnant immediately and never got a chance to teach.”

“So, were you wild or a bookworm?” Josh asked. “I’m guessing you were a good girl, am I right?”

Doris laughed, “At school? Yes, I was a good girl, but I had my fun,” she blushed.

“Then you know what we mean. I’ll bet when you were in college and headed to…let me guess? Daytona Beach? You were looking for cock, weren’t you?” Carter said loudly.

“Dude! We’re with a nice lady. Jesus! Clean up your language,” Will hissed looking over at the family glaring at them.

Doris laughed and waved him off, “It’s ok. I’m not offended. Hell, try watching cable without hearing worse.” Doris patted his hand, “Lauderdale one year, San Diego another, and my senior year we went to Cozumel and I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend if that’s what you’re asking. I might have even gotten their names…” She looked at the boy named Ben, “come to think of it, I’m not sure I ever did, though I don’t remember giving them mine either,” she sighed.

Will laughed, “I know how that is, you went to mate not to get a mate.”

“How was Cozumel,” Ben asked. I’ve heard it’s really beautiful. The water, the beaches…”

Doris blushed, “I guess. All I remember was thinking that all the hotels must have hired the same contractor to do their ceilings,” she blushed, “Christ, that sounded a lot worse than what was in my head. But you’re right. All those weeks partying and having fun, I never once got any boy’s number or address. I did know which boys I wanted to have fun with, though.”

“That reminds me of a Sociology professor, he said most people when first meeting others of the opposite sex, size them up subconsciously and rank them as potential mates,” Carter added, “so,” he looked at his friends and back at Doris, “who did you rank first when you saw us?”

The older woman blushed realizing she’d done exactly that, “That would be telling, wouldn’t it?” she asked assiduously not looking at Will. Changing the subject as she saw the eager looks on the boys’ faces, “So, you came here to get laid,” she laughed. “And the blonde, was she a college girl, or an older woman you picked up in a restaurant?”

Carter smiled at her, “Had we found an experienced blonde like you we would probably not even looked her way, but she was a college girl, yes,” His eyes scanned her chest, “but she was lacking in one area,” he sighed staring at Doris’ breasts.

Doris grimaced, ignoring the boy’s overt stare, “That’s bad. Does that work for you? Anyhow, I’m married and probably older than any of your mothers,” she sighed.

Will looked at Ben then back at Doris and chuckled, “if any of our mothers looked like you, we’d be spending break back home rather than here.” He looked at his friends who nodded, “We’re not trying to pick you up anyhow, we just like your company. Outside of Carter, you can feel safe with us.”

“Why not Carter?” the woman asked, “He seems safe to me.” She also was wondering why she felt a twinge of disappointment when he’d said they were not trying to pick her up. She’d thought again how great it would be to be young and single.

“Carter always seems to get what he wants. The blonde last night? She goes to USC and wanted nothing to do with us. I don’t know, what was it, 15 minutes? Anyhow in a really short time, she was naked sucking his co…Sorry, sorry.” Will sputtered.

Doris laughed, “cock, got it. Was she good at it? I learned in college that a skilled cocksucking is a highly sought after skill.” She looked interested at the boys, “Tell me about the girls you’ve used this week.”

Carter sighed, “Will you be here at the end of the week? Sadly just the one so far, but we’re hoping…” he looked at his friends, “She wasn’t that tough. She acted like UCLA guys were beneath her, but she soon had four UCLA guys on top of her,” he chuckled, “I could see it in her eyes, she wanted us to take her.” He looked into the distance, “Christ, she loved opening her legs.” He looked at Doris, “Can I ask you something, well personal? I realize we’ve been there already,” he looked at her expectantly.

“Ask away, I may not answer, but I can’t imagine I’ll faint,” she laughed.

Carter smiled, “You loved cock when you were in college by the sound of it, then you got married, do you still crave cock as much as you did? I’ve dreaded getting older and losing that drive. I’m not saying you’re old, but hell, you’re not 18 anymore. I just want to know,” he asked.

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