Subject: “What I Saw” first installment (M/t, auth) This story is fictional any resemblance to any person is purely coincidental (and very fortunate for them!) This story contains graphic descriptions of man-to-man sex, if this is not to your taste or illegal in your area. how sad (Please leave). Otherwise .ENJOY “WHAT I SAW” It was wrong, I knew that.but still. I couldn’t help it; my cock was starting to get hard. I suppose I should start at the beginning. I am 17 years old and a junior in high school. For the sake of visualization I will fill in the obligatory description. I am about 5’6” tall and I weigh about 160lbs. I am on the wrestling team so I’m in good shape. I am pretty muscular with a really round, hard bubble ass. I have longish brown hair and brown eyes. I have pretty much always known I was gay but hadn’t really dealt with it. I had not had sex with anyone, man or woman, but boy did I fantasize. A lot. There were times when I really felt I was abnormal, hypersexual or something. I mean I could get it up about five times a day and would often masturbate several times a day- every day. I had risen masturbating to an art form. I would tease myself, get to think really dirty thoughts all day-get my cock hard off and on throughout the day. It would get so hard it would leak precum all over my underwear (oh yea-another thing I leak a lot-I mean a real lot). I would sneak off to the bathroom to free my cock and taste my precum-but I wouldn’t bring myself off. I could sometimes keep this up for days-It would get so bad that the slightest thing could get me going and I found myself in a constant state of sexual frenzy. When I finally did cum, it would be HUGE. Just gallons of cum pumping out of my dick. I would always try and cum in a way so could shoot in my own face. Nothing got me hotter than a face or mouth full of my own cum. I was also addicted to pornography. I had a computer in my room and knew all the best sites to see huge dicks shooting cum all over other guy’s faces. So this was my life through most of high school. Then it happened. I was staying late after wrestling practice to do some extra neck bridges, when I heard something coming from the bathroom in the locker room down the hall. It was so quiet in the school that I could hear pretty clearly- It was someone moaning, a guy-and not in a way you normally heard in school! My stomach started to get all fluttery and my hands started shaking. The idea that I might see someone having sex.it was almost too much. I got up off the mat and started to creep slowly down the hall. As I approached the door to the locker room the moaning got louder. I could also make out some words: “Yeah just lick it.not too much just a bit… yeah!” What I saw when I peaked around the corner made my already hard dick jump in my jock strap- There, sitting on the sink of the bathroom was Mr. Halen, my social studies teacher. He had his pants and underwear down, and his shirt was unbuttoned. I had always thought Mr. Halen was hot-he was about 40 with dark curly hair and a mustache, he was a really big guy-about 6’6”-and you could tell under his dress shirts that he was muscular. Now I could see I was right-His chest was sculpted, with a brush of dark hair in the center running down to his crotch. Speaking of his crotch-His cock was huge and hard. I had never seen anything so hot. It must have been about ten inches long and nice and thick. He was circumcised and had one of those perfect dicks.straight with a nice big head. It was hard as a rock and sticking straight up along his stomach. In front of him-standing bent over was a kid I had seen around school, Bobby I think his name was. He was a junior- I had noticed him because he was pretty cute. He was a bit shorter than me but also looked in good shape. He had light blond hair and blue eyes. Right now his eyes were glued onto Mr. Halen’s big fucking dick. As I stood there his tongue snaked out and just the tip dipped into Mr. Halen’s piss slit and came away with a nice drip of precum. Mr.Halen moaned and his dick jerked, slapping against his belly. “Oh god. yeah you little fucking queer-taste me.keep it up and you’ll get a lot more.umm”. Bobby leaned forward with his mouth wide open. I could tell he was dying to just envelope that hot hard cock head in his mouth-I could see a bit of drool forming on his bottom lip and he moved in. Just before he could trap the head Mr. Halen put a big hand on his forehead, holding his mouth just out of reach. “No you’re not ready for that yet, boy…just your tongue. just lick it.” Bobby moaned in frustration, but stuck his hot pink tongue out again and gathered up more precume from the cock head. I noticed now that Bobby was naked except for a jockstrap. His body was smooth and tan with a sharply defined line where his bathing suit would have been. I could see his cock straining in the pouch of his jock and a big wet spot on the front. It was apparent the boy had been hot and excited for a while. I felt like my own dick was going to explode, but there was no way I was going to jeopardize my view by moving and possibly alerting them to my presence. I remained perfectly still while the scene continued in front of me. Bobby continued to just teasingly lick the swollen, bloated head of Mr. Halen’s cock. The cock was leaking so much precum that with every swipe of his tongue the tip would be covered in the shiny fluid. Mr. Halen was moaning and talking to Bobby. “That’s right just lick it.mmm feels good to have you on your knees worshipping my cock. What would your jock friends say if they saw you like this .huh? Tell me what you want”. Bobby pulled his head back a bit but kept his eyes focused on the hard cock in front of him. If anything the cock looked even harder then when I first came upon the pair. It was pulsing with every beat of the big mans heart, and the huge head was shiny with precum and boy spit. Bobby began to speak in a low hoarse voice, thick with lust. “I want to suck your cock. I want to feel it deep in my throat, making me choke. I want to touch it and mouth it, I want it all.please.please let me put it in my mouth?” As he finished speaking his hand reached out and gently grasped the 10 inch dick, his hand barley fit around the circumference of it, and he had to exert some force to pull it away form Mr. Halen’s abdomen. Once firmly in his hand he lowered his head and began to run his hand up and down the shaft, just steering clear of the cock head. Hid face was just inches from the streaming crown. He opened his mouth and let out an involuntary moan as he lowered his lips to it. Before his lips made contact though, Mr. Halen jerked his body away. He jumped up off the sink. Bobby stumbled backward at the suddenness of the man’s move. Mr. Halen bent down and grabbed his pants and underwear from around his ankles and pulled them up. He had difficulty getting them over his incredibly swollen and amazingly big cock. Once they were up he looked at Bobby with contempt and said, “You aren’t ready to play. no self control. I told you not to touch it, just lick it. but you couldn’t listen.” Bobby was moaning, “please don’t.. I’ll listen c’mon please I’m so fucking hot I can’t stand it.please I’ll die if I don’t taste your cum.” “oh so that’s what your after.huh?” Well I decide how when you get to taste my juice.” “Please Mr. Halen. I’ll listen, I promise.I’d do anything to have you blast your cum into my face and mouth.please.I’m begging, use my mouth to get off.” The whole time Bobby was talking his eyes were glued to the enormous bulge in the front of the teachers dress pants. Slowly Mr. Halen began to undo his pants. He slowly slid them down his hips. He had to visibly lift them to get them free of the tent his big cock was making in his white briefs. Bobby slowly sank to his knees; I could see his jock pouch jerk as his dick throbbed at the thought of what was coming. Mr. Halen stood in front of the boy, looming over him. His hands went to the outline of his cock that bulged up his hip. He began to squeeze and stroke his cock through the thin white fabric. “You want to see my cock again? You ready to listen and do as you’re told? Maybe if you listen real well I’ll shove it down your throat. Would you like that cock sucker? Huh you little bitch?” Bobby just nodded his head, his eyes never leaving the tube that was snaking up the older mans hip, just about peeking out the waistband of his underwear, creating a wet spot in the elastic fabric. Mr. Halen ran his hands around the waistband of the briefs and slowly, ever so slowly, began to lower them. Bobby licked his lips almost compulsively. His eyes were riveted on the tight white fabric as it slowly descended down the large mans hips. Mr. Halen’s cock slapped against his stomach, leaving a smear of fluid on one of the ridges of his lower abdomen. His dick was red and throbbing, just aching to be touched. “Now, little man-I want you to slowly reach out and grab my fucking cock.” Bobby’s hand moved forward, He grabbed the shaft and looked up, awaiting further instructions, “Run your bursa escort hand up and down it.” Yeah…just like that”. Bobby began stroking the full length of the shaft. As he did a large drop of precum formed at the head and began to run down. “You want to taste that, Bitch?” Bobby nodded. “Go ahead-lick it up.” The teenager extended his tongue and using just the tip ran it up the shaft, scooping up the copious fluid. “Good boy-that was nice.again”. Once again with deliberate slowness the boy licked the rigid shaft of the cock. “Ohh yeah-that feels so fucking good. Keep it up.” Bobby’s tongue began to move faster and more freely over the turgid member. He began to wrap his tongue around the head as he licked. He ran it up and down the bloated cum tube along the bottom. He started skimming his lips over the shaft and head, the whole while moaning and squirming on his knees. Bobby reached between his legs and pulled his soaking wet jock aside. His 7″ almost purple cock sprang out. He immediately began rubbing the sticky precum into the hugely swollen head. Just as the boy’s hot mouth finally engulfed the dripping cock head, Mr. Halen pulled back. “I never said you could touch yourself cockwhore!” The older man’s dick was positively vibrating and jerking wildly-an indication of just how close to coming he was. He bent down and carefully pulled his underwear and pants up -cognizant not to run the rough fabric even lightly against his cock, knowing that that would be all the stimulation he’d need to shoot. Once his pants were up he looked sternly at the boy sobbing at his feet. “What whore.I can’t understand you?” “Please don’t take it away.please I’ll do as I’m told.please.” The teacher bent down and grabbed one of the boy’s erect nipples between his thumb and forefinger and twisted it sharply. Bobby’s dick jumped and a huge drop of precum oozed out. The boy moaned deep in his throat. “I tell you when you can touch yourself and when you can get off. UNDERSTAND.” “Yes sir, I understand.” “Good” Once again the man began to undo his pants. He slowly pulled them down.only this time he slid them off entirely. He also removed his unbuttoned shirt, pinching his nipples lightly as he did. He now stood in front of Bobby totally naked, his huge cock pounding up along his rippled stomach, his enormous, cum filled balls churning in their sack, his nipples standing straight out. “Here we go.” I was breathing heavy and my own dick was just seconds way from gushing out the biggest orgasm of my life-but I needed to slow down, I didn’t want to miss a minute of the scene playing out in front of me and I also wanted to be sure not to cum before they did. I stood up and leaned against the wall and took a couple of deep breaths. When I looked back in the locker room Mr. Halen had grabbed Bobby roughly by the arm and sat him on the floor against a wall, Bobby’s legs were spread and his hard cock, still out the side of his jock was jutting up along his stomach. Mr. Haled stood in front of him with his knees slightly bent. In this position his 10 inch dick was aimed right at the teens mouth. He slowly began to thrust his hips forward. He kept his hands planted on the wall in front of him and he bent his head down to watch the action. He started by just teasing the boy. He would move his cock in real close to Bobby’s face and just, as it was about to slide into his open, moaning mouth he would pull it away. His cock was so hard it barely even moved as he waived in the boy’s face. He moved closer and began to rub the shiny, oozing head along the boy’s cheeks and forehead. He then moved his dick even with Bobby’s mouth, “Close your lips faggot!” he grunted. Mr. Halen began running the underside of his cock head and shaft up and down the teens tightly closed lips. The older man began to moan as his cock leaked more and more fluid. Soon the boy’s lips and along his nose were covered in shiny precum. The teacher began to rub harder and harder in earnest, his whole body began to tremble erratically and his dick was jerking and shaking. I thought that this was it I was going to see this big stud shoot cum right in the face of this hot teenager. I had kept myself on the edge through their whole performance and I was dying to cum along with him. Just then he stopped moving. He stepped back, his dick was rising up past his belly button. If anything I think it had now swelled to almost eleven inches. It was jerking in time to his heartbeat and as it slapped against his abdomen it was leaving strings of precum that glittered in the afternoon light. The look on the man’s face was one of intense concentration. He was focusing on not tipping over the edge and blowing his load. Bobby sat on the floor; his lips were red and puffy from all the rubbing. His entire face seemed to be glazed with a mixture of his saliva and huge amounts of precum from the older man’s leaking cock. His eyes were locked onto the monster weapon sported by the man in front of him and his breath was coming out all ragged. “Please Mr. Halen don’t stop, I was doing just what you said.” The boy’s cock was so rigid it looked like it was about to burst. There was a pool of precum that had leaked from his dick over his hard balls onto the tiled floor in front of him. “Stand up Bitch.” Bobby slowly got to his feet; his legs seemed wobbly and weak. “Turn around.” The boy turned to face the tiled wall. The big man grabbed the boy’s arms and yanked them above his head, placing them against the wall. He kicked Bobby’s feet apart with his legs. Now the boy was in the position police use to frisk a suspect. My own body trembled and my legs were so weak I sank to my knees in the hall. I couldn’t even stand to think what was coming next. The straps of the jock strap he still wore framed it. His back was broad and rippled with muscles. The contrast between his broad brown back and his gleaming white ass was amazing. The boy’s ass was round and looked muscular. I could see his asshole; it was pink and absolutely perfect and hairless. The big man stepped back and just looked at the sight before him. His hand strayed to his engorged dick but he seemed to remember himself and stop, two strokes and he’d probably shoot off. Bobby looked back over his shoulder, his blue eyes pleading with his teacher to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING to him. “Please Mr. Halen.please touch me.” Mr. Halen gently brought his big hand down on the middle of the boy’s upper back. Bobby gasped at the skin to skin contact. From my vantage point I could clearly see that the boy’s dick was still thrumming with excitement and just at that moment a clear drop of fluid left the tip of his straining cock and splashed on the floor. Mr. Halen began to slowly glide his hand up and down the boy’s tanned back-it appeared to be the lightest of touches. He purposely didn’t move lower to touch Bobby’s ass. Bobby was moaning uncontrollably at this point. “Please.can I.uuh.more!” The man slowly placed both hands gently on the boy’s ass, he began to stroke and separate the cheeks. “OH my god.your ass is so fucking hot. Do you want me to touch your asshole- little man.huh? Do you?” “YES please touch it .oh god I’m begging.” Bobby practically screamed. The man placed one hand squarely on the boy’s ass; he ran his middle finger in his crack and began to gently stroke the hole. Bobby moaned and I could see more fluid drip from the end of his cock. Mr. Halen moved his hand up to Bobby’s mouth. “Wet my fingers cunt” He knitted two of his large fingers together and began to piston them into the boy’s hot wet mouth. Once they were well coated with saliva he moved them down to Bobby’s puffy asshole. As he began to slowly slide his fingers in, Bobby let out a loud gasp and began to rise up onto his toes to avoid the pressure. “Oh.stop, your fingers are too big.ooohhh.” Instead of stopping, Mr. Halen just began to move them in and out of the tight channel a little faster. “God you ass is tight-I can’t wait to stick my cock in there. It’s so hot it is burning my fingers.umm.” I wonder how this ass tastes? You want me to eat your ass boy?” Bobby no longer looked in pain-he was breathing heavy and thrusting his ass back onto the large digits imbedded in him. His cock was jerking and slapping against his stomach and it looked like he was about two strokes away from an explosive orgasm. “No.don’t move your fingers.please one more second.” The big man suddenly pulled his hand away-Bobby began to moan-his dick trembled and a stream of clear fluid ran down the shaft. “You better hold back bitch-don’t you fucking cum.” Mr. Halen scooped up the precum that his fingers had forced out of the boy’s dick-coating his fingers with it. He brought his hand up and inserted the same fingers that were up the boy’s ass and now covered in dick juice, into Bobby’s gasping mouth. Bobby sucked the liquid off like he was dying of thirst. “You back under control?” growled Mr. Halen “Yeah.I think so.please when can I cum. I need to so bad. my balls are aching.” “You cum when I say you can and only then.GOT bursa escort bayan IT.” He punctuated this statement with a loud slap to the boy’s white ass. At the slap, Bobby moaned and another couple of drops of precum formed on his dick head and ran down the shaft. “Now answer my question, do you want me to eat your ass?” Bobby just gasped an inaudible “Yea.” Mr. Halen slowly sank to his knees, his cock bobbed up and down with the movement. The bouncing motion made a large drip of precum fall from the tip of his engorged cock to the floor. He scooped it up off the floor and smeared into the crack of the open, burning ass in front of his face. He then extended his large muscular tongue and ever so gently began to lick the crack of Bobby’s ass. “Oh my god-the heat is almost burning my face, it’s so hot.ummm I can taste you on my tongue.ohh it’s so tight I can barely get the tip in.ohh my lips feel so good on the ring of your hole.mmm.” The dirty talk degenerated into incoherent moans and slurps as the big man tried to work more of his hot tongue into the tight orifice. As I looked on Mr. Halen began to go to town. He was pistoning his tongue in and out of the hot tight hole, in between thrusts he would flatten his tongue and swipe it repeatedly up and down, laving his asshole. His two large hands were gripping each milky white cheek, pulling them apart and keeping his hot anus exposed to his ministrations. I looked up from Mr. Halen to see Bobby with a line of drool running down his chin. His breath was coming in great lung fulls in and out of his heaving chest. He was again thrusting his ass back against the rough tongue and face assaulting him. His ass seemed split wide and his asshole was slick and wet. His cock was purple and precum was positively flowing out of the gaping slit, it was shaking and vibrating. Mr. Halen moved his head away and caught sight of the boy’s impending explosion. He immediately pulled away and stood up. “STOP YOURSELF. NOW-I mean it” his voice dropped to a whisper. “If you cum now I will never let you taste MY cum.” The young man hung his head and tried to get his breathing under control. He stared at his dick, willing it not to shoot. Mr. Halen just watched this struggle with a smile. “You ready for some more?” “I think so. but please can’t I just.?” “No you can’t.” snapped the teacher. “Move back from the wall a bit and bend over.” The boy gasped. “Are you going to fuck me?” “I am going to put some of my cock in you-but I am not sure you can take it. Will you cum if I put it in you?” Bobby choked out “I’ll try not to.” Mr. Halen stepped back. He had to use some force to bend his dick down away from his stomach. He placed the tip against the boy’s hole and slowly moved his hips forward. As the head of his cock began to slide in Bobby began to go into overload, He began to moan and try to thrust back against the intrusion. “Oh god it feels so fucking good. Put more in me give me all your fucking cock!” Mr. Halen immediately pulled the tip of his cock out. “Hey, I’m warning you don’t you dare shoot!” He again angled his cock down and began to force the tip in. The only lubrication was the copious amounts of precum that was leaking from his straining dick. He pushed his hips forward and looked down, the young mans anus had snapped closed tightly encasing the entire swollen head of his dick. From my place in the hall I could hear Bobby’s breathing, he sounded like a locomotive working overtime. Involuntary grunts and groans were being forced from the boy’s lips as Mr. Halen attempted to slowly force more of his enormous cock into his ass. Bobby craned his neck to look over his shoulder. “You want to see that big fucking cock sliding in your ass, don’t you?” whispered the older man. “Oh. yeah I love it.it’s so…uhhh.big.more, give me more! “Bobby practically yelled. Mr. Halen put a hand on the middle of the teenagers back and pushed him down into a bent over position, he then grabbed the boy’s hips in his hands and thrust in the rest of his cock in one big lunge. Bobby let out a huge exhalation of air as the intruding member rearranged his insides. I could see more of that clear fluid just ooze out of his dick, and he let out a long protracted moan. Mr. Halen growled, “You got it all now Bitch-like it?” “Oh my god YES!” I saw the big man pull his hips back far, it seemed impossibly far, to slide his cock out of the tight sheath. He left just the bloated head in. “Beg me for the rest, cunt” “Please oh please fuck me, I’m so close.c’mon just a few more strokes and I’ll be there…oh god.please!” I had a great view of the enormous cock stretching the teenager’s small opening and between his spread open legs, his red straining, drool covered and sweating face. Mr. Halen had the kid bent in half and began to slide his dick in and out at an even tempo. The in stroke went so deep, that each time it reached bottom I could see more precum just being forced out of the end of the his turgid cock. On the out stroke the teacher would pull almost his entire cock out, just leaving in the tip of the head. “You close.you ready to cum.should I keep going?” “Oh god please, please don’t stop, don’t ever fucking stop” moaned Bobby. Just then Mr.Halen stepped back and I saw his entire cock, all-slick, with veins bursting, slide out. It immediately sprang up straight and began to pulse along his abdomen. He groaned as he stared at the boys pouting opening. I could see him biting his lower lip with the effort not to explode; the way his cock was twitching he must have been so incredibly close. Bobby gasped and moaned when he realized his torture was to continue. “Nooo please.” Without straightening up, he reached for his painfully hard cock; all it would take would be one, maybe two strokes. Before he could make contact Mr. Halen reared his hand back and slapped him in the ass, HARD. “That’s it I’m done with you.” he said as he turned back towards the sink where his clothes were thrown in a pile. His cock bounced and dripped precum as he walked, bent down and began to step into his white briefs. Bobby came out of the daze he was in and saw what was happening. “NO please don’t I’m sorry.please it’s just that you get me so hot I can’t control myself.please I’ll do better, I promise.” He practically sobbed. He was on his knees, his hands grabbing on to the older man’s pants as he tried to step into them. As distressed as he was it was also apparent by his raging hard on, that this was still turning him on; the torture the teasing. Mr.Halen had his briefs pulled up over his huge cock. I could see the large, quarter sized wet spot right where the head was, he was enjoying this immensely as well. Bobby stood up and pointed his hot enflamed ass in the man’s direction. He bent over exposing his eager asshole. His hands reached back and he began to stroke his cheeks and lightly brush his fingers over his hole. “Look.don’t you want it…it’s ready for you.it’s all yours c’mon please.oh god fucking please finish me!” Mr. Halen let out a soft groan, the look on his face was one of complete lust and frustrated anger. “Alright.you got it” he said as he positively ripped his briefs down and strode over to the boy. He grasped his rock hard cock around the base and shoved it in all at once. I closed my eyes for a second and tried to control my own breathing. I couldn’t believe the scene I was witnessing. I felt nauseous with desire. I could almost feel what Bobby must of felt as that huge hot cock just plunged into his willing ass. Mr. Halen was thrusting in earnest now. Both hands were brutally grabbing the boy’s hips to give him the leverage he needed to completely impale the ravaged ass. Bobby’s toes were up off the ground on the in stroke; the huge spearing cock was basically suspending him. He was once again bent completely over and moaning uncontrollably. I could see Mr. Halen long dicking him, each stroke completely in and then the cock coming completely out and re-penetrating each time. Bobby began to tremble and shudder, sweat poured off him. This was it I was going to see him cum. From my vantage point I saw it all. First his testicles seemed to turn to stone. They tensed in the sack and then they drew completely up to his body. His cock appeared to lengthen and a gush of clear fluid seeped out. Bobby’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open in a silent scream. In his bent over position his cock was pointed straight at his face, in fact in his excitement he had bent so far over and was pushing back with such force on the battering ram fucking him, that his wildly jerking cock was about eight or nine inches from touching his lips. The first shot was timed so that it was clear that the huge dick battering his prostate forced it out. It didn’t appear to be a cum shot at all, it looked like one solid stream of thick white fluid. It splashed with wave breaking force onto his face and open mouth. His moans now took on a liquid quality, like he had a throat full of a thick milk shake. The next shot, if possible, had more force. It splashed escort bursa grazing over his turned cheek, through his hair and onto the wall beyond his head. I could HEAR it hit the wall. I fell back against the door jam at this point and could feel my own on-coming explosion, but I forced my eyes open so as not to miss any of this amazing orgasm. The next shot hosed directly into Bobby’s mouth, I could see it pool in his throat and on his tongue. This third shot completely filled his mouth. As he closed hip lips to swallow the copious semen the fourth shot caught him squarely in the center of his face. It broke like a wave and absolutely coated his entire face. I became aware that Mr. Halen was speaking. “Oh yeah, shoot that fucking load. Oooh my god you’re hosing your face.you like that huh? What a fucking huge load. OOOH GOD, your ass is spasming on my cock. KEEP SHOOTING BITCH” The next shot come out with full force again, this time the clever boy opened his mouth and moved his head to ensure that he got all the delicious liquid right in his mouth. As he was closing his lips to get a full taste the next one blasted him right on the closed lips. His face was positively dripping cum. The next two or three shots came out in great arcs hitting him in the chin and in his gaping mouth. This was positively the biggest orgasm I had ever seen. As I watched he continued to shoot, it was still large in volume but it seemed that the force had decreased somewhat. It didn’t seem possible that anyone would have that much semen stored up, if he kept it up at this rate he would begin to shoot spinal fluid. Mr. Halen continued to pound his cock into the contracting anus, his strokes were erratic and I could see his muscles tensing with the effort to hold out. When each of his shuddering lunges would bottom out with his cock head slamming against Bobby’s prostate, more cum would run out of the boy’s shaking dick. It was still coming out in arcs of cum that continued to hit him in the face. Finally it trickled down to an almost constant ooze of a fluid that resembled watery cum. I noticed that at this point Bobby’s feet were almost entirely off the ground, he was totally impaled. I was still resting against the door jam and one more touch to my cock would send me over, I was ready, more than ready. The only thing holding me back was the knowledge that Mr. Halen was yet to shoot and more than anything I wanted to see that monstrous cock go off. Right at that point I heard Mr. Halen gasp and in a shaky voice say: “You finished there kid?” Bobby could only groan, he still seemed incapable of speaking or supporting his own weight. His body was bathed in sweat and his face and lips were covered with cum. His mouth hung open and he had ingested so much semen that it was trickling from his mouth in an overflow. There was a large pool of cum on the floor that had run off his face and out of his mouth. I also noticed something else, whether it was the pressure still on his prostate from the huge cock or whether he was still in overload; Bobby’s cock had not softened. It was jutting straight out and appeared purple and slick. Mr.Halen stepped back and carefully pulled his cock out of the boy. It looked impossible long coming out. The veins were standing out and the head looked three times the normal size. Bobby winced and groaned as the crown slipped out. “You want to eat some more cum, whore?” “Ohh yeah.”Bobby whispered “On your fucking knees. Look at you still hard.that’s my boy, never get enough.huh?” Bobby sank bonelessly to his knees. His eyes looked up at the man looming over him. I couldn’t believe it; Bobby’s cock was pulsing in time with his rapid heartbeat. It was standing straight up along his stomach. Mr. Halen spread his legs and pushed his cock to directly line up with the boy’s heaving mouth. He ran the huge head over the teenagers cum covered lips. The dickhead immediately became coated in cum. “Lick it up.” Bobby extended his tongue; I could see it still had a thick coating of cream on it. He began to work on the hot head with his tongue. “Can you taste your ass cunt? Nice huh?” Bobby just groaned. His cock began to visibly leak more fluid. The view was positively spectacular. The huge muscled man standing like a statue over the blond boy. Ten inch cock jutting over the kneeling form and a hot tongue flicking out lapping at the dripping tip. The teacher’s cock had begun to jerk around and I could tell he was on the edge. He took one big hand and pushed Bobby off his knees onto his ass with his legs spread and his back against the wall. He bent his knees and aimed his penis at the boy’s mouth. He placed his hands on the wall level with his shoulders. “Get ready for a throat fuck, I can’t hold back anymore.” He used his fingers to open Bobby’s mouth wide and just slammed his cock way into the back of the boy’s throat. Bobby choked and gasped for air. Paying no attention, the big man began to smoothly slide his dick in and out of the kids cum soaked mouth in long strokes. At the in stroke Bobby’s nose would be imbedded in Mr. Halen’s dark crotch hair, on the withdrawal just the tip would be in and I could see Bobby swirl his tongue around the head and capture with his lips before it pounded back in. Mr. Halen began to jerk involuntarily his breath was ragged and his cock shaking violently, Bobby had to lean a bit forward so as not to loose the hot cock head totally. I couldn’t believe this man’s control. It seemed like he was on the edge for hours. He slid it in a couple more times and then with a shuddering breath withdrew it totally. The huge head just rested against Bobby’s swirling tongue. “Oh my god!! Here it comes-I’m going to fucking drown you in cum!” With that his balls drew up and his huge, ten inch vein popping dick just exploded. A huge gusher of come sprayed in all directions from his wildly jerking penis. It fell allover Bobby’s head, and face. His tongue and open mouth were immediately filled. Mr. Halen kept his hands planted on the wall and I could see him using his internal muscles to just force the cum out. Shot after shot of cum flew out of his dick. Bobby’s face was saturated. Bobby leaned up and trapped the squirting head in his mouth and took a drink as if from a hose. I could see his throat muscles working to swallow the huge mouthful. I heard Bobby let out a gurgling scream and I looked down and saw the unbelievable. Bobby’s rock hard dick began to shake and it shot out another huge stream of solid cum which shot straight up and all over the muscled back and ass of the man standing over him. His dick continued to spray like a hose covering the older man’s back in a shiny rain of cum. The feeling of this hot wet spray just spurred Mr. Halen to greater orgasmic heights. He groaned and continued to pump shot after shot of cum all over Bobby’s face and into his clasping lips. I had never seen so much cum in all my life and it was all too much. I rocked back onto one knee and just then my dick began to shudder. I felt the spasm all the way in my spinal column. The first shot few out of my ultra-sensitive cock head and caught me flush in the face. Subsequent shots filled my open mouth and ran down my chin. Shots five and six blasted me right in the neck and seven and eight hosed down my heaving chest. The last spasm sent fluid oozing out like a mini river all over my abdomen and all over the hall floor. When I regained consciousness I looked up and saw the final shot of cum land in Bobby’s eyes. His face was barely recognizable and his tongue was extended to try and catch more drops. Mr. Halen wiped his softening cock on Bobby’s cheeks smearing more cum everywhere. The teacher turned and bent to gather his clothes. He tucked them under his arm and began to head for the door-for right where I was crouched, covered in cum! Bobby just leaned against the wall and rested his head on his arms. His breath was still coming in great whoops. Just before reaching the door Mr. Halen turned to Bobby and said: “Next time you need to listen better-or I will stop. Also mind if I bring a couple of friends along? You’re just to good not to share.” When Bobby didn’t lift his head or answer Mr. Halen said:”Thought you wouldn’t mind you disgusting fucking cumwhore. I don’t want you to cum until our next session-I’ll know if you do and you’ll pay.” Bobby slowly lifted his head and with his eyes glazed over with lust he said: “When will I see you?” “I don’t know.a week.two.but I’m serious no cumming until I say. I promise you it will be worth the wait. Picture it- you on your knees before a whole group of the male faculty-all huge and hard.think about it! BYE.” I jumped up and ran to the wrestling room. I wasn’t sure if he saw me or not but he would definitely have sent the pool of cum on the floor. The next day I still hadn’t recovered, I had in fact spent almost the entire night up masturbating. I must have shot off three or four times with those images dancing in my head. I sat in Mr. Halen’s social studies class and I just couldn’t keep my eyes of his crotch. He kept making uncomfortable eye contact with me and staring at me in a knowing way. It was wrong, I knew that.but still.I couldn’t help it; my cock was starting to get hard. LET ME KNOW IF THIS STORY SHOULD CONTINUE.FEEDBACK APPRECIATED.

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