What I’m Going to Do to You Tomorrow


We will meet up at a restaurant somewhere; you chose the place, somewhere with those bench seats where we can sit next to each other. I’ll greet you with a kiss, on the back of your hand, before leading you inside.

We will sit down together, on the same side of the table; I’ll let you sit first, and slide in next to you. We’ll order something sweet, each of us choosing a different flavour. I’ll place my arm around your shoulders while we wait, talking about our day.

We’ll start eating our ice cream. After a couple of spoonfuls, I’ll ask if you want to try some of mine. If you say yes, my arm will drop to around your waist and I’ll place a spoonful in my mouth and kiss you, swirling the creamy sweetness around your mouth with my tongue until it melts. Then I’ll pull back enough for you to swallow, before kissing you again.

After a while we’ll go back to finishing our ice cream, swapping flavours every now and then. All the while, my hand around your waist will slip into your waistband, massaging the smooth, flawless flesh of your hip and upper thigh.

When we’re not exchanging flavours, my hand will move further round your waist, under your belt, and slip into your panties, should you choose to wear any. My index and ring fingers will gently part your nether lips as I run my middle finger along your moist slit until your love button rears and emerges from its hood. When that happens, I’ll gently circle your clit with my middle finger, eliciting delicious moans from your throat. bahçelievler escort After a few moments of this my finger will dip between your lips to slide in, curl up a bit, slide out a bit, and repeat; meanwhile my thumb would have taken over stroking your clit.

When we finish our ice cream, I’ll plunge my index and ring fingers between your pussy lips as well, my thumb still working your clit.

Once we’re done eating, and are ready to go somewhere private, I’ll remove my hand from your dripping pussy and lick your juices from my fingers.


We’ll then go back to your place. If we walk, we’ll kiss on the way, our tongues flicking between each other’s lips at every opportunity; quick, short kisses. If we take the bus, or a taxi, you’ll sit on my lap as our tongues dance tov a much slower, more sensual tune, and my hands explore your body, beneath the clothes if we’re in a taxi, and on top if we’re in a bus (there might be kids watching after all). If you drive, our tongues won’t get to dance, but our lips will still find each other’s flesh; I’ll kiss your neck as my fingers find your dripping snatch again. If it gets too much for you, we’ll pull over and my tongue will dance across your lips once again, but this time its partner will be your clit, as my fingers stimulate your opening.

When we eventually make it to your place, I will kiss the back of your neck and slide my hands up your top to massage the perfect globes balgat escort of your breasts. When you eventually unlock your front door, I’ll spin you around and kiss you full on the lips, pulling you up and wrapping your legs around my waist. I’ll pin you to the wall inside and grind my throbbing member against your hot lips through the clot of our clothes as I fumble to close the door behind us.

I’ll carry you to your bedroom, hand under your backside and tongue between your lips. Once we’re, I’ll set you down on the bed and stand up. I’ll remove my shirt to reveal a belly that’s not too muscular, but not flabby either. I’ll then kick off my shoes and remove my socks, trousers and underwear, slowly, as you lay panting on your bed. Once I’m naked in front of you, my hard cock standing to attention and pointing at your delicious body, it’s your turn to be unwrapped.

I’ll remove your shoes first, then slide your pants down. The moment your thighs are bare, I’ll start kissing them, from the knees up, all the while sliding your pants lower.

When I reach your still-clad pussy, I’ll kiss it through your panties, inhaling the sweet scent of your juices. Then I’ll keep moving up, sliding your top up as I go, trailing kisses up from the top of your slit, across the newly bared flesh of your belly, towards your navel, into which I’ll flick my tongue twice. Then I will move up, until I reach your bra-clad breasts. I’ll focus on the visible flesh of your mounds, kissing ankara escort and licking the upper curves as I grind my raging cock between your pussy lips, held back only by the thing, soaked fabric of your panties. As I do this, I’ll pull your top over your head and fling it aside; once that’s out the way I’ll reach behind your arching back and undo the clasp of your bra. I’ll take a break from kissing your beautiful breasts just long enough to remove your bra and toss it aside, onto your top, before lowering my head to suck and lick your right nipple. One of my hands will massage your left breast and tweak its nipple while the other slides beneath your back to press you closer to me.

After a few moments of this I’ll leave your delicious tits and trail my lips along your left collar bone and up your neck, before they’re finally reunited with yours. Our tongues will dance again, briefly, before I begin descending down your neck, to your right collar bone, and start suckling your right tit, fondling and massaging your left with the hand previously occupied, and now replaced, with keeping you pressed into me. After another few moments like this, I’ll trail my tongue down to your panties again, pausing once more at your navel, only this time I’ll slip your panties down first before kissing your beautiful pussy.

With you panties on the floor, I’ll keep lapping your juices until you’re about to explode, then leave you on the precipice as I trail my lips up your body once more. As our tongues meet again, I will thrust into the depths of your being, sending us both over the edge; your muscles milking my spurting cock for every drop of cum as your scream is muffled by our tongues.

I roll off of you, lying next to you panting as we both recover, eager for the rest of the night.

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