What Would You Do?


You’re on a bus, sitting in a window seat on the right side of the bus. Sitting right next to you on your left is a young attractive girl whose in her late teens or early 20s. She has long blonde hair and has a lovely slim figure.

She’s wearing a casual white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and cute red converse. You haven’t spoke to each other and you’re both just minding your own business, until she brings her left foot up and rests it onto her right thigh which is the one closest to you.

The leg of her skinny jeans finishes just above her converse, teasingly revealing a small area of her young, smooth, feminine skin above her ankle. Peeking out from her sneaker, you notice the thin cotton rim of a white ankle sock which tightly hugs around her cute little ankle bone.

She delicately unties her laces and loosens the tongue of the converse, before gently slipping it off of her foot. Her socked toes flexibly wiggle the moment she relieves them from the sneaker. The worn sole of her white sock is really dirty and looks extremely sweaty.

She tips the converse upside down and shakes it, as she’s clearly felt something like a stone inside it. Luckily she isn’t noticing you, as you can’t help but focus on her perfect young socked foot.

Her lovely cotton ankle sock is the casual, thin, plain white kind. The sole is mostly stained a sweaty grey, and you can clearly tell the areas of her foot that have hakkari seks hikayeleri been in constant contact with the insole of her converse. The sweatiest areas of her sock which are her toes, the ball of her foot and her heel, are all discoloured a much darker grey, and those parts are also covered with lots of little baubles of loose cotton through wear.

Judging by how dirty this sock looks, you believe that she might have been wearing these ankle socks for a few days possibly. Her thin sock is very crinkly because of the sweaty wetness, and lots of sexy wrinkles flicker all down the sole to where her heel begins, as she endlessly wiggles her toes which scrunch up the sweat-soaked cotton.

This amazing sight instantly makes the blood rush to a certain sensitive area in your crotch. Until now, you’ve been totally engulfed by the lovely wonderful smell of her perfume ever since she sat down beside you. But now you find that smell is being massively overpowered by a new aroma. A strong, pungent flavour of putrid cheese, perfectly mixed with the sour, vinegary zest of a stinky, sweaty sock travels deep up inside your nostrils as you breathe. This makes your boner throb and grow more quickly than it ever has done before, as her young, flexible, wiggly toes fan the sweaty scent up into the air for you to sniff.

After she thinks she’s shook out whatever she could feel in the sneaker, she holds it next to her foot and studies her filthy, sweaty sock. She’s clearly in no rush to put her converse back on, despite the super strong odour stinking up the air that she must be smelling too.

You can see the inside of her converse, and you notice how dark the grey sweat stains look on the discoloured insole. It’s apparent that she’s had these shoes for a while, and they’re possibly her “go to” shoes.

She rubs the very sweaty ball of her foot with her fingers for a few moments, before rubbing her fingertips together and making a cute little disgusted groan as she feels all of the sweatiness on her skin. She then tugs at the sweaty cotton encasing her toes, as it’s completely stuck to them because of how wet they are underneath.

Your poor excited cock is now starting to feel very uncomfortable in your pants as it desperately wants to break free from being restrained, and it’s causing a noticeable bulge. You try to discreetly press down on it with your hand and this catches the girl’s attention.

She looks at your crotch and then looks at you with a suspicious look, before a knowingly smile creeps across her face. She scrunches up her toes and then looks down at her white socked foot, and she gives her talented toes a lovely, delicate, flexible wiggle as she looks back up at you. You’re busted, she knows you like it and you can’t escape.

The End.

So, what would you do in this situation? Would you want to press your nose against her socked foot and take some nice good sniffs? She might even be kind enough to scrunch her damp cotton toes all around your nose, so you can’t get any fresh air whatsoever as you inhale?

Or would you like to stick your nose deep into her shoe and find out how stinky it is inside, it must be so warm and stuffy in there from a full day of wear? Or maybe even have a little lick at the stained insole, and see how it tastes from all of the absorbed sweat that’s been marinated into it?

You might like her to peel off her sweaty sock and rub all of the dirty parts over your nostrils, and you can sniff up all of the sour, vinegary, cheesy flavour of the sock? Would you want her to massage the damp toe part of her soft ankle sock into your nose, so you can concentrate right where it’s the smelliest? Would you be kind enough to offer to clean her sock by sucking out all of the soaked up sweat, and licking at all of the grey parts on the cotton until it’s pure white again?

Or would you focus on her bare foot if she took off her sock? Would you want to smell her cute little toes as they’ll surely smell a lot cheesier than the sock? Or would you like to tickle in between her toes with your tongue, and see how delightfully salty her young foot sweat tastes? And maybe lick up all of the cheesy lint and sock fuzz from her bare toes as well?

Or would you do none of the above, and simply try and talk your way out of the situation? What would you do?

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