What’s a Young Grandson to Do Pt. 01

Big Tits

“God Tracey…I don’t know how you can stand it.” one lady said to the other as they watched the young man walk back across the garden heading towards the house, his broad back glistening with water from the pool. “It’s not easy Brenda. Him being my grandson helps though.” her eyes following the young man as well. “Surely you must be tempted? I know I bloody would be. Grandson or not, he would be too much of a temptation for me.” Brenda stated as she slowly ran her long nails up and down her long deep cleavage. “Oh honey, I’ve been tempted, very much so. I just don’t know how he feels.” Tracey said to her best friend as they both laid back on their recliners.

The two women had been best friends and sometimes lovers for over 50 years. There wasn’t a secret between them. They knew each other’s thoughts and Tracey had no fears in telling her friend that when it came to her studly grandson, she was willing to commit incest. “How long ago did he go upstairs?” Brenda asked looking up the back of the house.

“About a half hour ago. Why?”

“He’s back up there again. I can see him looking down at us.”

“What’s he doing?” Tracey looked towards the window but couldn’t see anything due to the glare of the sunlight reflecting off the glass.

“Told you you should have got Polaroid’s. He’s doing what any hot blooded 19 year old should be doing when he’s got two hot blooded women in his garden, half naked showing themselves off. Why don’t we give him a little show? It’ll be fun and help him along.”

“Why not. I’m bloody horny enough. Kiss me honey. That’ll drive him crazy.”

Brenda leaned over and planted a wet kiss on Tracey’s wet lips. Tracey let her long red nails run along Brenda’s thigh until they reached her bikini bottoms. “What’s he doing now?” Tracey asked as she pulled her red lips away just enough so that she could murmur. “Going hell for leather darling. I think he definitely likes what he sees.”

“I’m sure he does. You know baby, I can hear him masturbating every night, sometimes twice. He thinks he’s being quiet, but I can still hear him.”

“My god Tracey, why the hell haven’t you gone in there and jumped the boy’s bones?”

“Oh god, I want to, no, I REALLY want to. Bobby’s going to be here for six weeks more yet. I think I’ll play with him for a little while. You can play too baby. You know that don’t you?”

“God yes. I love teasing young guys. We’ll have him shooting off in his pants. I assume you saw the looks he was giving our tits?”

“Of course dear. If he hadn’t of been looking I’d of thought he batted for the other side.”

“Oh no darling, he’s definitely one for the ladies. Do you think he’s into the more mature woman, or is it just our big tits?” Brenda asked breathlessly as Tracey’s fingers started to slip between her silken thighs.

“I’d say our tits at the moment, but by the time we’ve finished with him he’ll never look at young girls the same again.”

“We’ll just have to make sure that he gets plenty of opportunity to see them then won’t we. Oops, he’s not at the window any more. Do you think he’s coming back out here?” before Tracey could answer the patio door slid open and Bobby shouted out to ask if they wanted a refill. Both ladies offered up their empty glasses. “Bring the bottle honey, save you keep running in all the time.”

“I think it’s time we had some fresh lotion on our backs. Do you think we should get him to do it or would it be more titillating to let him watch us do each other?” Tracey asked her friend who could see that her nipples were getting erect and showing through her bikini top.

“Oh definitely us doing each other. I’m sure he’ll love watching us after peeking on us twice from upstairs. It’ll make his young mind boggle.”

“OK, here he comes. Time to play sweetheart.” both ladies laid back down and turning their heads watched Bobby walk towards them. He gave each woman a fresh glass and placing the tray on the table with the bottle he picked up his bottle of beer and settled back into his sun-chair.

Bobby had been a mite disappointed when he realised that there had only been two loungers. He loved to lay outside, but as time had gone on and he seen how much flesh, especially tit flesh was on display, he knew he wouldn’t have any chance of hiding his erection being laid out flat, but at least he’d have a chance in a chair. He would of liked to have said that his erections were being caused by Brenda, but that would have been a lie. His grandma was equally sexy, if not more so. It was just a natural thing for her. All day, for the past four days since he’d arrived, he would slowly get himself into a state as he watched her do normal things around the house or garden. Yes, she had huge fucking tits, but it was more than that. He had obviously known his grandma all his life but he had never for one moment considered her anything sexual. It was only since his arrival that he was taken by her natural beauty. He had never before considered a woman of 60 beautiful. You see some actresses in the movies that you would look at and think, “I bet she was a stunner when she was younger.”

He had never Girne Escort thought a woman that old could be sexy. He was into girls his own age. He shouldn’t be feeling arousal over a woman of this age. Not only that, one, she was his grandma and two, her friend Brenda wasn’t far behind. She was sexy in her own right. Having all this flesh on display was a little nerve racking. He had run away twice, both to relieve himself. When he’d gone to his grandma’s room and looked down on them and saw them kissing it had been the last straw. He shot his cum into his hand with a little escaping onto the carpet. He hoped he’d managed to clean it up. If he had left any evidence he hoped grandma wouldn’t notice. He also hoped that having relieved himself twice now he could remain flaccid and not let their bodies excite him.

“Brenda, be a dear rub some of that lovely lotion on my back for me. I’ll do you next, and take your time honey, it a lovely day and I’m enjoying the sunshine and spending it with my two favourite people.” Tracey turned over onto her back, her huge melon sized tit threatening to spill out the side. “Come this side hon. be a shame to block the sunlight.” Brenda smirked, unseen by Bobby as she picked up the cushion from her own lounger and moved across from Bobby so his view was unobstructed. Picking up the lotion bottle she squirted a substantial amount onto Tracey’s back. Brenda giggled. “What’s so amusing dear?” Tracey asked, knowing full well what it was. “It just looks so naughty dear.” Tracey laughed along with her all the while watching her grandson, behind the comfort of her shades as he squirmed in his seat.

Bobby leant down and picked up his magazine and tried to read as Brenda sensuously rubbed the sticky lotion into Tracey’s back. He tried so hard to concentrate on his reading, but with his grandmother’s moans as Brenda smoothed the lotion in, he wasn’t being very successful. His eyes were constantly being drawn to the scene before him.

“Shall I undo your top dear? It will make things so much easier.”

“Sure honey. Bobby won’t mind, will you dear?” both women looked towards him. “No, you go ahead. Don’t mind me.”

Brenda pulled on the string that was holding Tracey’s bikini top together. It parted like an elastic band had been cut and the two sides fell away to hang down the sides of the lounger. Bobby was unable to drag his eyes away from the boob that was threatening to pop of the side of his grandma’s lounger. He couldn’t believe the size of it. He was sorely tempted to get up and go indoors again, but he’d already gone in twice and thought they’d get suspicious a third time.

“God I love the way your hands do this Brenda. You should be a masseuse, you’re that good.”

“That’s because you have such nice skin baby. It’s so soft. You should feel it Bobby. It feels amazing.”

“No, No, that’s fine Brenda. I’m sure your right.”

“Oh come now dear. It’s your grandmother; she won’t bite, not unless you ask her to.” Bobby gave a nervous laugh and knowing that Brenda wasn’t going to let it lie moved towards his grandma. “See how soft and silky her skin is? It’s wonderful isn’t it?” Brenda had a hold of his hand and was directing it wherever she wanted it to go. Beneath his hand, Tracey was moaning her contentment as she felt him touching her. She couldn’t see that it was Brenda moving his hand, but that didn’t matter anyway. Just the thought of him touching her was pleasure enough.

Bobby could feel his cock unfurl and quickly removed his hand and returned to his seat. Brenda had been right. His grandma’s skin had felt amazing. Was it really though? Or was it just the horniness of the situation. On top of everything else, he was sure he could smell pussy even over the smell of the lotion. One of the women, if not both was highly aroused. He was no longer able to read, he would need the magazine to cover his growing embarrassment.

“Are you alright dear?”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“You look a little red. I think the sun must be getting to you. Why don’t you pull the umbrella around a touch? You don’t want to get heat stroke.”

“Oh Brenda, leave the lad alone. I’m sure he will know when things get to hot for him, isn’t that right dear.”

“Yes grandma. It is getting a little warm though. Think I’ll jump in the pool for a sec.” he stood up and made his way to the pools edge. Both ladies were silent as he dived into the water with barely a ripple. “Fuck me Tracey; did you see the size of him?”

“I did. Fuck, I didn’t realise he was so big.”

“Fuck I’m soaked. Fuck the lotion, maybe we should go in there with him. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a brilliant idea. Come on.”

“Why are you putting your top back on?”

“Because silly, it’s got to be on to come off.” Tracey laughed.

“Good point. Come on, let’s get in and mess with his head some more.”

Bobby was swimming lengths by the time they got in. To say he was a little shocked to find the two big breasted women blocking his path would have been an understatement. He didn’t have time to react as both women were soon wrestling Magosa Escort him back under the water. They were in a very playful mood and wouldn’t let him escape. Every time that he did break away, they would pull him back and submerge him again. He had no clue where to fight back. Their hands were everywhere, his cock was instantly hard and he could feel it rubbing on their thighs and asses. They never once acknowledged it and just kept on playing with him.

There was a lot of squealing by the woman that did nothing for his growing tension. Numerous times he felt hands on his arse and occasionally rub against his throbbing erection. Tingles were shooting down his length as the playfulness got friskier. It had to come to a head. And it did, with his grandma holding his shoulders, Brenda ducked beneath the surface and before he knew what was happening, she whipped his board shorts down. She came up with her prize, but not before she had had a quick look at his solid weapon standing solid in the water. As she waved his shorts in front of him she looked at Tracey.

“Jesus Tracey, your grandson’s a bull. Fucking hell.” the excitement of all that had been happening had given Tracey the nerve to do what she did next. She leant forward, placed her head on his shoulder and whispered, “I need to feel this for myself. You don’t mind do you honey?” Bobby was beyond any coherent thought by now and just shook his head. Tracey reached round and for the first time grasped his tumescent cock. “Fuck Bobby, where the fuck did you get that from? Wow.”

“Grandma, this shouldn’t be happening. It’s so wrong.”

“Don’t you like it baby, don’t you like grandma’s hand on you?” he refrained from answering. For the simple fact was he loved it. He looked up at Brenda. She moved towards him and he soon felt her fingers touching him too. Brenda went one step further though. She brought her puckered lips to his and they were soon in a wet lip lock. No girl had ever kissed him like this before. The kiss was so lustful it had his knees shaking. With the added feeling of his grandma’s hand stroking him beneath the water he could feel himself on the verge of an almighty climax.

Both the women sensed this and as one they both reluctantly pulled away from him, leaving his very needy cock waving around under the water. Brenda tossed his shorts back to him telling him he’d better put them back on. Tracey, having had his solid cock in her hand let him know that it wasn’t over and whispered, “Tonight baby. Tonight you don’t have to wank; grandma’s going to take good fucking care of you.” Bobby looked at Brenda to see if she had heard. He wasn’t at all surprised to see that she had. Brenda gave him one of her dirty smirks and the ladies left the pool. Now the sexual lines had been crossed the both removed their tops and spent the afternoon teasing the poor Bobby with oiling their huge jugs constantly. Even doing each others. He couldn’t get away from it. The few times he’d gone in with the intention of relieving the pressure in his bloated nuts, one of them would come with him, giving him no chance to relieve himself.

Eventually dusk came, the air cooled and it became time to go inside. Brenda packed her possessions up and headed inside leaving Tracey alone with her grandson. “You ok honey?”

“I’m fine grandma. Why do you ask?”

“It’s just that you seem a little nervous. Are you?”

“I guess a little. It’s not every day your grandma says she’s going to fuck you is it?”

“No, I don’t suppose it is. Don’t you want to fuck me Bobby?”

“Honestly, god forgive me, I’ve wanted to fuck you since I arrived. Your sexy body drives me nuts.”

“Wow, you should have said something; we’ve already wasted so much time. So I guess you’ll be sleeping in my bed tonight?”

“Works for me grandma.”

The pair gathered up their things and started making their way back into the house. “Tell me Bobby, did you enjoy it when Brenda kissed you?”

Bobby stopped to look at his grandma. “Yes, I did, very much so grandma. She certainly knows how to kiss. In fact, I’ve never been kissed like that before in my life.”

“I shouldn’t think you have. She’s really very good isn’t she? Goes right down to your toes doesn’t it?”

“Have you and Brenda kissed like that before then grandma?” Tracey laughed. “Yes dear. Many, many times. Come on now. Let’s go and say goodnight to Brenda. I can see how excited you are; maybe you’d like grandma to help you take some pressure off.”

“Fuck yes. You two have been driving me crazy all afternoon.”

“Good. That’s what I like to hear.”

Within 20 minutes the pair stood on the front porch waving goodbye to Brenda as she drove away. With promises that she would be back tomorrow. Neither one doubted that she would fail to keep that date.

Finally they were alone. Tracey had closed and locked the door and was leaning against it, her large bust heaving as she gazed down on Bobby’s ever hard cock. “So baby, you want grandma to take care of this problem for you?” Bobby didn’t say a word, just pulled the drawstring on his shorts and Kıbrıs Escort let them fall to the floor. “My, we are keen aren’t we? Let me get comfortable, I don’t think this is going to take long, follow me dear.”

Bobby followed behind his grandma his big dick still solid and swinging before him as he watched her still bikini clad butt wobble in front of him. Tracey headed into the front room and sat on the settee. “Come and stand here darling.” Bobby stood between her open thighs ogling her breasts. “I suppose you’re wondering about mine and Brenda’s relationship aren’t you?” he could only nod as Tracey had brought her long red nails into play and was running them up and down his thick cock. Pre-cum dripped from the end as she teased him. “Well hon, we’re lovers. Have been for many years. We just love sucking each other’s pussies. We don’t play with too many cocks; in fact it’s been a long time since we have. But your special baby. We’re going to love this cock so much.” Bobby’s cock quivered as she mercilessly teased him. “I expect you’ll get to watch us. Would you like that baby? Would you like to see your nasty grandma get her hungry snatch eaten? Brenda does it so well; her long tongue gets in all the right places. Fuck, I love it.”

Bobby was beside himself. He had been teased before, but never before had he been teased for this long and so well. He was nothing but a toy to his grandma and he could see by the lust in her eyes that she loved the role. “For god’s sake grandma, suck me please.” Tracey smiled. She loved to hear men beg. Poor sod didn’t know that she had no intention of sucking him yet. That would come later. A lot would come later. “But that would be wrong sweetheart, grandma’s shouldn’t suck their grandson’s big meaty cocks, it wouldn’t be right. What would people think? I think I should just play with it for a little while. Does it feel good honey? Does grandma Tracey’s long nails feel good on your cock dear?”

Bobby could only shudder as Tracey dropped one hand to scratch his nut sack. “Oh fuck…shit, you’re making me cum… oh fucking hell grandma.” Tracey stared wide eyed as she watched Bobby’s meaty cock swell. “I hope you’re not going to make a mess all over grandma’s big boobs are you?” Bobby never had chance to answer. He gave a huge shudder and a thick stream of cum splattered Tracey in her deep cleavage. “Oh Bobby, that’s so fucking nasty. I love it.” she kept tormenting him until she was sure that it was all out and on her tits. “Maybe one little suck then for being such a good boy.” bending down Tracey lovingly took his now semi hard cock into her mouth.

Bobby eventually had to pull away. The sensations her long tongue was causing was too much to bear. He collapsed beside her. “There, did you enjoy that love?”

“Grandma, that was fucking amazing. I’ve never been taken to that height before. Fuck. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“That’s good honey, judging by this afternoons activities, you’re going to be getting a lot of that. I suppose, being as young as you are, your dying to know about me and Brenda.” Bobby nodded.

“Well, I’ll tell you what. I really want your beautiful big cock in me, but first, why don’t we tidy the kitchen and I’ll explain things as we do and then you can take your horny grandma to bed. We have a deal?”

“Of course gran. No problem.”

“I didn’t think for one minute there would be. Come on.”

They both made their way into the kitchen and Tracey started loading the days wears into the dishwasher while Bobby started cleaning the worktops down. “Brenda and I met in our last year of school and became fast friends. It wasn’t long really before we became lovers. It just seemed right. It’s been an ongoing thing for coming on 50 years now and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. She’s been my rock and she’d tell you that I’ve been hers. As you know, we both got married, but that never slowed us down. All that did was make our coffee mornings more interesting.”

“Wow, so you and Brenda were… you know, even when you were both married?” Tracey laughed.

“For god’s sake man, you’ve just not 10 minutes ago shot a gallon of hot cum over my tits, I’m pretty sure you can say the word fucking, don’t get all squeamish now. And the answer to your question, is yes, even when we were both married. I’ll tell you another dirty little secret; I and your grandfather quite often had Brenda in our bed. We all loved those nights.”

“Seriously….Wow grandma. You really are a dark horse. I never suspected anything like this.”

“Of course you didn’t dear. No-one does. It just between the three of us now. Ok?”I promise grandma, I’ll never tell a soul.”

“I know baby. That’s just something I felt I should say. I trust you. Now, we ready to go upstairs stud?”

Bobby followed Tracey up the stairs never once taking his eyes off her delectable butt in front of him. He loved the way it moved from side to side. All of a sudden she stopped dead still. He watched a she lowered her hands to her sides and pulled on the ties of her bikini bottoms and reach down to pull them off between her thighs. She then leant forward until she was resting on one arm and reaching back she pulled one pert butt cheek away from the other. Bobby never hesitated, he did what he’d just been thinking about, and he shoved his head straight inside. Taking a good sniff he dragged his tongue up her crack eliciting a squeal from her.

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