When It Rains Pt. 15


Kymona POV

For the past two days that I’ve been here, Jazz and I have done nothing but go over her presentation a thousand times. Actually, whenever we weren’t doing that we were trying to find her the best lawyer to help her gain custody of Zhane. Don’t get me wrong I want to help, but there has been no time for us to be us. We’ve barely discussed the path we would take in order to keep this relationship lasting for a long time. I’ve taken it upon myself to plan a few days of fun just before she had to go show out at this business dinner.

As a favor to both of us I’ve been sleeping in the guest room. I didn’t want to be turned down again when I tried to go for some of that punani. Going into her room, I planted light kisses on her face trying to wake her up. She started to stir a little bit but didn’t get up right away. I climbed in the bed behind her and wrapped my arm around her and spoke softly, yet loud enough for her to hear me. Coaxing her out of her much needed sleep, finally got her to wake up. She wrapped my arm tighter around her, pulling me further in the bed.

“No no no Jazz it’s time to get up.”

“No it’s not baby. I’m tired.”

“I have a special day planned for us. You have to get up beautiful.”

“Ky I just want to lay in this bed all day. My period is going to start today I can feel it. It’s late, but it’s here.”

“How do you know it’s not something else?”

She turned and gave me this ‘bitch really?’ look. “I think I would know when my period is coming Ky. My back is in pain, my stomach is cramping like a bitch and I just don’t feel like going anywhere at this point.”

“Okay I can cancel some of my plans for today, but the other things we can still do. First we’re going to get you some medicine for your cramps, then we’re going to have breakfast, followed by getting your nails done and going shopping for an outfit for your dinner party.”

“Do we have to?”

“Yes we do and then tomorrow or the day after we’re going to go get this test done so we can move on to part of the relationship I’ve been dying to get to for months.”

“That’s all you worried about. When is Kymona gonna get another taste of the sweet nectar from between my welcoming thighs.”

“Welcoming thighs? You better be referring to them welcoming me and only me I know that, and no that’s not all I’m worried about. I mean yes I miss it running down my chin, but it’s worth the wait.”

“Fine I’ll go, but first you have to run the shower for me and promise me that you’ll be my date for this dinner.” I promised her I would only because I knew she wouldn’t make it through that presentation without me. Once we were both ready, the first stop was to get her some meds, then we headed over to get some breakfast. She barely touched any of her food. I looked past it and decided to move on to the next part of our day. We went to the spa so I could get her in a relaxed environment and just talk to her about whatever came to mind. I arranged for us to have a private room with champagne and strawberries along with an hour massage.

“Kymona why are you doing all of this for me?”

“I wanted to spend some alone time with you and just talk. Not about work, but about us.”

“That I can understand, but what I mean is, why do you forgive me so easily? I’ve done so many horrible things and you’ve managed to stick around.”

“Usually I wouldn’t fight this hard for a woman that’s been screwing me over since the beginning, but there’s something about you I can’t let go of. Yes you drive me crazy at times, but there’s some part of you that keeps balıkesir escort screaming out for me. I’ll admit I’ve been withdrawn from you about a lot of things because I was scared of getting deep feelings and getting the same results in the end. Afraid that once you learn my truth and see how passionate of a lover I can be, that you’d back out. I know so much about you and you know bits and pieces about me, so feel free to ask me whatever and I’ll answer it.”

“Okay. Do you have a best friend?”

“Yes I do. It’s my ex, the first woman I ever loved.”

“Do you still have feelings for her?”

“Not anymore. Yes I still love her, but like a sister. I’d never cross that line with her even if she put it out there.”

“Not even on a drunken night?”

“I haven’t had one of those in a long time, so no. Not even then.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“Have you met yourself?”

She chuckled a little bit. “Yeah you’re right. What about your family? Do you have any siblings?”

“My dad is the reason I’m part chinese and the reason I became an agent for music, performing arts, just a little bit of everything. My dad was a model from China and he eventually started to travel to different places to do fashion shows and get more recognition for it. He told me that he wanted to do a fashion show in Jamaica because he was tired of doing them around those stuffy people in London and the New York life just wasn’t for him. He said when he got there he became fascinated with the music, food, style of dress, dances and the fat asses of all the women there. He met my mom while she participated in one of the many carnivals there. Long story short they fell in love and he stayed in Jamaica. They got married after a year of dating and then two years later came me and my twin brother.”

“Your what?”

“Yes I have a twin brother and two years after us they brought home our little sister. Then a year later came another little sister.”

“Oh wow. You have a nice size family.”

“Yeah a family that never seemed to stop growing.”

“What does that mean?”

“After awhile my dad decided to stop modeling. He wanted to be his own man and build for himself so he decided to become a fashion designer. Sounds crazy, but he was really good at it. His vision was to combine his style from China with Jamaica’s style. While he did that he scouted people to model and help him make and design the clothes. When I was about fourteen he asked me to come with him and help him find some beautiful, talented people to get his fashion show running. I scouted people around my age because it was easier for me to talk to them. He decided to scout their moms, if you catch my drift.”

“He cheated on your mom?”

“He cheated on all of us. He cheated her out of the love she was promised until the ends of time. He cheated me out of knowing how a woman should be treated by a man. He cheated my brother out of teaching him how to be a man. On top of that he added on to us having a crowded home. Every female he fucked turned out to be garbage. They had his kids and dropped them off on my mom to raise. Once they realized he was never going to leave my mom, they wanted nothing to do with him.”

“Damn that’s fucked up. How many outside kids were there?”

“Six. I was mad because my mom never said anything about it. She just raised them like they were all hers and she still loves that no good bastard to this day. I left the minute I graduated high school and came the U.S. to further my education. My brother stayed bartın escort behind to help out considering my mom wasn’t able to work and add to the income.”

Just talking to her about it was making me mad all over again. My dad bragged about how much he loved his wife and kids, had us at all the major events, but he was just another low life piece of shit. He’s the real reason I never let a guy even come close to me. I figured if the one man I looked up to couldn’t be faithful, then there was no man out here that could be trusted.

Jazmine POV

Listening to Kymona open up to me about her family meant a lot to me. I couldn’t image what it would be like to have six outside siblings in my family. I finally saw something in her that I’d never seen since I met her. She was letting her guard down and showing me the hurt that she had to experience from her own blood. I could see her trying to fight back her tears.

“When was the last time you heard from them?”

“My brother calls me once every two months telling me that my mom wants me to come home and spend at least two weeks with them.”

“Well why don’t you?”

“Just like your mom, my dad doesn’t agree with the fact that I like females. I came out to them around the time of my graduation. My mom was hurt but she knew that I’d never be happy with a man. When my dad came out and called me a disgrace to the family I was waiting for her to defend me, but she never did.”

“How could he say that considering what he had done?”

“That’s what I said. Then he said I dishonored him by talking back. I really didn’t care what he had to say anymore. I just wanted my mom to stand up for us at least once, but she only sat back and stared at me with sad eyes. He cut me off from earning anymore money from his business. From then on I went to make a life of my own and I’ve been doing good ever since.”

“How old were you when you left?”

“Seventeen. I met one guy that I was able to trust and his family allowed me to stay with them until I was able to truly make it on my own. I still see them every now and again and send them gifts around Christmas time.”

I sat up and took Kymona’s chin into my hand, staring her in the eyes. She was still fighting back the tears that were trying to force themselves down her cheeks. I leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on her soft lips to let her know that I was here and that I was listening. She leaned in trying to kiss me more, but I pushed myself back into my seat. I want to take it there with her, but this wasn’t the time.

“Thank you for listening and not judging, Jazz.”

“Who am I to judge you? I’m clearly far from perfect.”

“Come on, let’s get ready for our massage.” She took me by the hand to lead me over to the massage tables. When I stood up I got this sharp pain in my back causing me to fall to my knees. I tried to stand up, but the pain got worse and then came this extreme pain from the cramping. Kymona instantly dropped to my side and tried to help me. I couldn’t understand why I was experiencing so much pain from just having a late period. I’ve had late periods before due to stress, but the pain was never like this. The last thing I heard before passing out was Kymona calling an ambulance. God what is happening to me?

I woke up to the sound of machines beeping around me and and the stinging pain from the needles stuck into my arm. It was clear that I was in the hospital, but what in the hell was going on with me. I looked around hoping and praying that Kymona was still by my side. She was sitting batman escort next to me in a chair mumbling a prayer under her breath. I waited until she was finished before I uttered a word.

“Ky what’s going on? What happened to me?”

“Thank God you’re awake.” She kissed my forehead. “I don’t know still. I told them everything that happened and then they ran some tests. Before I knew it they were taking you away to perform a surgery.”

“Surgery? For what?”

“I don’t know. I asked the doctor, but he still wouldn’t tell me. He said he wanted to wait until you were awake to tell you. I decided to get tested and try to kill some time while you were in surgery.”

I was so damn confused. What could have possibly gone wrong for me to need immediate surgery? I haven’t had any health risks all my life and now this shit happens. It’s been an hour since I’ve been awake and still no doctor had come by to tell me what was happening. My patience was getting thinner than some of these bitches edges. My mind starting coming up with some of the worst things possible and my heart started to race causing the machines to go haywire. By this time nurses were rushing into the room to figure out what was happening. Kymona stood off to the side, tears streaming down her face as she watched them try to figure out what was wrong.

“Ms. Piedmont, my name is Dr. Montaine. I was the one that conducted the surgery on you. I need for you to calm your heart down so that we can talk okay?”

“Dr. Montaine what did you do?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t discuss this in front of your friend.”

“She’s my girlfriend and she is to stay in this room to make sure I don’t go off and do something crazy.”

“Ms. Piedmont, the pain you were experiencing was because you were going through a miscarriage.”

“A miscarriage? I was pregnant?” Kymona and I caught eyes and I could tell that she was just as shocked as I was. When in the fuck did I become pregnant?

“Yes ma’am, about ten weeks pregnant. Your case is what we call a missed miscarriage simply because you were unaware of your pregnancy and you never got the chance to deliver your child. I understand this is a lot of information to take in, but I have to ask, did you fall at any time this month?”


“What about your eating or drinking habits?”

“I was stressed out from work trying to get a handle on this presentation. I drank a lot of energy drinks and popped some pills to stay awake.”

“That may be the cause of the miscarriage. We took you into surgery because we had to clean out your system to be sure that nothing would be left inside and cause any harm to your health. I’m sorry this has happened to you.”

He continued on talking about the steps I would need to take after having had the surgery. I turned over and began to cry the hardest tears I’ve ever cried in my life. Kymona asked him to write down everything I’d need to know and do and sent him out of the room. I felt her presence behind me as she laid down behind me and placed her arms around me. It made me cry even harder. The last guy I fucked left me with a gift that I’d never get to present to the world. Not only do I already have a daughter that has no idea that I’m her mother, but now I’ve lost a child that never even got a chance at life.

“Don’t think this is going to make me give up on you because, it’s not. I’m here with you and I’m not going to leave you. I know I said this before and took it back, but, I love you. I meant it then and I mean it now, and no I don’t plan to take it back. I’m going to be here with you through every storm that comes our way. We’ll find the silver lining together.”

She began to rock me and I started to get sleepy from the motion and the constant crying was wearing me out. Just before I was about to fall into a deep sleep I let the words fall from my lips. “I love you too Kymona.”

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