When letting your wife try BBC can lead to disaste

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When letting your wife try BBC can lead to disasteSharon and I had only been married three years and we were both 22. We had dated throughout school, married at 19, and on the whole, we were a very happy young couple. Sharon was a really sexy looking young woman, who was very confident and often quite outwardly flirty. She always looked and dressed sexy when we went out, and would often wear a lower top or shorter skirt to gain attention from any on lookers. She used to wear her make up quite heavy, and even for work she looked ‘over the top’ as she worked as a Supervisor at a make up stall in a big department store. So now you know the type of make up I’m talking about! She had big 44d boobs and a tiny waist. She stood only 5’2″ tall and had really sexy size 3 feet with perfectly pedicured toes. She was a fantastic looking young lady, in every sense of the word. When she was 18 she applied to be a model but was very upset when she was turned down. The basic reason was her boobs were just too big and out of proportion to the rest of her size 8 framework. Because we had been together so long, even at our young ages of 23, during sex we would often talk about other people in bed with us. Pure fantasy – and sometimes it was females we talked of but when she talked of men joining us, she often referring to black men. As is quite common as soon as we had cum, the talk of another person in bed almost repulsed her. Don’t forget – she was a happy married lady! As time went on she would always mention black men in our dirty talk, and when we watched porn it was always the really well hung, extremely dark black men that turned her on the most. As I say, she was very attractive, confident and flirty. At one of her business away trips she told me about an older man of about 45 coming onto her during the seminar weekend and she found his advances welcoming and reassuring, although she was also adamant that nothing ‘happened’ and I vbelieved her. Sharon almost always dressed for sex, and she looked fantastic every single time. She had some amazing outfits, and she always took time to get ready and get fully made up. Her obsession with black men came to a head when one day I came home from work to find her on the floor on all fours, with a big black dildo in her arse, and one in her mouth, as she watched a porno with two black men fucking an older, heavily made up tart in the same way. As soon as she had cum though, things went straight back to normal, although not for long, because as soon as she was horny again, it was always talk of black men that got her off. As time moved on, every sexual encounter we had with each other ended up with Sharon talking of a black man joining us, and sometimes a group of black men. I had no issues with this as it got her so hot and steamy! I was not without my fetishes, and I just loved seeing a female smoke. Sharon categorically refused to join in with this fantasy, and even refused to just hold an unlit cigarette. Another thing she would not do is go anywhere near my arse. The thought of her rimming me made her (in her own words) want to ‘vomit’. Those were basically her only taboos, and she was happy for me to rim her, and she enjoyed full anal sex also. More than anything, it was the smoking fantasy that got me off the most, and something I knew I would just have to cope with by the way of porn. She often apologised, but it was just never going to happen. At work I mentioned Sharon’s black desires to a few of my work colleagues and they said it wasn’t uncommon, and they thought it would be so fit to see Sharon getting sorted out by some black(s)! About three months passed on and one of my work friends asked me if I had seen the new supervisor who had just joined our firm, his name was Daryl. I knew he was going to be black, as my friends had all made the point that Sharon would love him. When I was introduced to him, I agreed with them. He was 6’4” tall, and of huge build, with really large, strong hands. He was really dark colour, and I thought he was of West Indies origin. He was a lot older than me, probably close to double my age at about 45. He was really well spoken and a likeable chap. He told me he had been moved down from Birmingham, and had moved down with his brother, and they were living some 15 miles from our office. The talk was work oriented and no mention of Sharon was made by me. When I got home that night, I told Sharon about him and that night we had the most amazing sex. She was asking me to describe him as I fucked her from behind, she wanted to know every detail, and as I fucked her, she sucked on her massive black dildo she had now named ‘Daryl’. “look at me sucking Daryl’s gorgeous black cock!” she laughed, as she sucked and slurped on her black plastic friend. About three weeks passed and we were at a team building get together at a local bar. After a few drinks, one of my mates told Daryl that my wife fancied black men, and it was quickly reported to me by someone else that he had been told. I did not say anything and just ignored the subject all together. I did tell Sharon when I got home, and she wanted to know his reaction in very close detail. She was quite disappointed when I told her it didn’t come to anything. The next day Daryl was walking around the open plan office we work in, and came up to my workstation. “Wow! You are a lucky guy!” he said as he pointed at one of the photos I have on my desk of Sharon, “She is gorgeous!” he once again nodded at another photo. “Yes, she is a bit special” I agreed. That night I told Sharon of his comments and she was soaking wet by the time we got to bed. The next morning, she asked if it would be possible for me to ask Daryl round to ours for supper one evening, and that could be a good lead in for any other fun that may be on the cards. I deliberated with the idea, and couldn’t sleep thinking about what could happen if I invited him over. Once at work the next day, I thought I would bite the bullet. I went into Daryl’s office and closed the door behind me. “Daryl, I need to ask you something, in total privacy” “That’s fine” he replied, “What is the problem?” I hesitated and stuttered the words out – “I want you to meet my wife” “Meet your wife?” “Yes Daryl, she wants to meet you. Would you like to come for supper one night?” “I’d love to!” he responded. “I just thought it was odd how you didn’t say about the supper invite to start with? – You openly asked for me to meet your wife? Does she want to meet your boss or does she want to meet me bursa escort because I am black? You know how rumours spread around the shop floor.” I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know where to look, and I was blushing bright red. “I think a bit of both” is what I replied with, which obviously was a lie, and he knew it. After a long awkward silence, he said it was up to us when we invited him, as it was our call, and I should run the idea past Sharon and come up with some dates. I was shaking with excitement as I rang her at lunchtime and she said “lets do it as soon as possible! – Tonight?” I went back to see Daryl and he confirmed he had no plans for the evening and so the time was set for 20:30. Part 2 I knew I had messed up the earlier discussion and so now Daryl knew that it was Sharon who was interested in him, and the meeting was a bit of a stitch up. On the day in question Sharon suggested that Daryl and I go for a few drinks after work, to loosen up; before coming round for supper. I have to say that even at this early stage, the more this was unfolding the more I wasn’t totally at ease with things, and even at this stage, I did not feel in control at all. After work Daryl and I went to a local pub, which was walking distance to my house. We had a few drinks and I was then totally relaxed and decided to tell him the truth about his visit. He was in no way shocked, and was more interested in my stance on it. “Do you want to see me fuck your wife?” he asked quite openly. “I’m not 100% sure, if I am honest” was my muted reply. “If I get worked up sexually, then anything goes!” We chatted some more over a few more drinks and decided between us that Sharon should be the one pulling the strings on how it should go. I was now ready for anything, and couldn’t wait to get home and see these two at it, and for me to finally get to spit roast my wife, something I couldn’t wait for. On arrival at my house, I showed Daryl into our front room and sat him down. I said I would go to find Sharon. When I went through the hallway door and then continued through into the kitchen. Sharon was stood there, and she looked really plain, nothing like what I imagined her to look like for Daryl’s arrival. She had a short pink satin French robe on, and was obviously fresh out of the bath. Her face was a bit pale and lacking in her normal amount of make up. She giggled as she tip toed down the hall to get a sneak glimpse of Daryl who was sat on the sofa at an angle away from the door. She wedged her head up against the crack in the hinges side of the doorway to get a glimpse of him. Soon after doing so, she skipped back to the kitchen and was smiling from ear to ear “He’s fucking gorgeous!” she exclaimed – “absolutely perfect.” I really, really did not know what to say. I have not seen her as excited about meeting anyone as much, ever. We made our way into the front room, and Sharon sat on the single chair and I sat on the sofa next to Daryl. “I’m so pleased to see you Daryl, I have heard so much about you, its great to see you in the flesh, so to speak” she giggled. “And you Sharon!” he replied “you look just as nice as you do on the photos in the office.” We had a good long chat, basically about nothing, but I could see Daryl eying my Mrs up, every time she crossed legs. Her smooth golden legs and her perfectly painted toe nails all looked lovely! “Right! She said loudly, I am off to get changed, then I will start the supper!” she laughed. She walked towards the TV and hit the play button before turning away and heading off up the stairs. “Enjoy!” she laughed as she closed the door behind her. When the music on the film started I knew what it was. It was one of her favourite 70s pornos, which involved a huge built black guy and a much younger white slut. I didn’t know what to expect from Daryl when he saw the film, but he said it was a good film and the girl looked good getting slammed by this big black cock. “I want your Mrs right now!” he joked after about 5 minutes. I told him it would be best if we left her to get ready as she was a perfectionist, and would want a perfect look for this meeting. We carried on chatting whilst watching the movie and he kept asking ‘would Sharon do that?’ whenever there was something new going on. The only thing I said would be off limits would be smoking and rimming. He said that was a shame as he likes to see ‘white bitches smoke’ too, but had never ever had his arse rimmed, so didn’t really mind that not being on the menu. After what seemed an age, I said I would go up to see how she was doing. I entered our bedroom to see her sat at the dressing table. I have never seen her look so over the top but glamorous. Her make up was pure sex. Her eyes were like a porn stars, and she had lots of dark pink blusher and full, over painted bright red glossy lips. She wore long chandelier earings and had a matching necklace. As for clothig she had her black cupless basque on with 6 strap suspenders. She had black seamed stockings on and her black patent 6” stilletos. “How do I look?” she said “Adorable” I replied “I’m just paining my nails” she said, “for Daryl.” I didn’t know why she had to add that ‘for Daryl’ bit at the end, but she did, and when she said it, she looked me boldly in the eye. She was painting her nails bright red, and often said that girls who wear bright red nails are like girls who smoke – sluts. And here she was putting a final top coat of gloss on her lovely long manicured nails. She stood and wrapped a very short black satin robe around her, and admired herself in the mirror. My cock was raging – she looked tremendous. “Go back down now – I will be down very shortly.” TBC Part 3 I went back and told Daryl he was in for a treat, and she looked simply fantastic. I went in the kitchen and looked for a bottle of wine, as I knew Sharon would like that. Looking in the wine rack, I remembered our stocks were low, but we had some in the spare fridge in the garage which adjoins the side of our house and is assessable through the kitchen. I must have been in the kitchen and garage maybe 3 minutes, but when I got back to the front room Daryl had gone. I thought that maybe he had lost his bottle for it and done a runner. I didn’t want that to be the case, but I would have understood had it been. I slowly walked up the stairs and approached our bedroom: Our marital bedroom. Pushing on the door, I felt a resistance to my efforts, but only at the base of the door. Looking down I could see it was Sharon’s satin robe that was trapped bursa escort bayan under the door. I forced a little harder and I managed to squeeze into the bedroom. I turned around and I was met with a vision I will never ever forget as long as I live………….. TBC Part 4 Sharon was sat on the edge of the bed, with her robe on the floor, she was just now in topless basque, thong, stockings and hi heels. Her tits looked absolutely huge and pert, standing upwards with the help they were getting from Victoria’s Secret. She was just transfixed on Daryl’s simply fabulous endowment. He was stood directly in front of her with his trousers and boxer shorts around his ankles. His cock was, I would say ¾ hard. IT WAS MASSIVE! It was just so fat and long, and his big very dark brown (almost black) bell end was completely out of the foreskin. His cock and bell end looked like a peach stuffed into the end of a pringle tube. Of all the porn I had seen I had never (and I was sure the same would be for Sharon) seem a cock so big, it was just enormous. Daryl was stood with his hands on his hips and his head back awaiting the hot wet mouth of my wife. She placed her tiny hand around it and I saw it twitch at her touch. Her hand did not go anywhere near all the way round it as she gentle took hold of his monster. She inched forward and then paused, with her mouth about 6 inches from his throbbing bell end. She looked at me intently and said “Now THAT is a cock.” Turning her head back towards him she flicked her hair like a porn star and opened her mouth, her heavily gloss painted bright red bulbous lips wide open to accept his ample dark meat. As her head closed in on its prey, I approached her from the side with my absolute rock hard cock in my hand, to entice her into some sharing. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” she screamed. “I have been waiting for this since I was at school. And I want NOTHING to spoil it. Keep away from me!” Daryl smirked as her head moved forward. I stood back in the distance, out of the way: Totally redundant in this macabre scenario. She closed her eyes as her hot mouth encircled his huge bell end. I looked across at him and saw his eyes were closed also, as he was just taking in the moment. His bell end would hardly fit in her mouth. She stopped with about ¾ of its mass in her mouth. Her lipstick and gloss formed a perfect thick line of red around the head of his big black bell end, and she paused. Removing her mouth completely from him, she now started to kiss the tip of his cock and she was whispering – actually talking to his cock. “I love this. I love it so much. Don’t make me rush. I want this forever.” Her tongue now flicked at the quite huge opening in his bell end. I could see his pre cum already splashing about and some of it went on her huge cleavage. He was now sighing in delight. I have to say my wife looked so at ease in the situation, and it was really evident that this is something more than just on her wish list. This is what she had always dreamed of. She grabbed his now rock hard cock with both hands, and even with her holding it with both hands, there was still about 2 inches of length and then another 3 inches of bell end circumference to go. As I say – his cock was absolutely huge, It must have been 12 inches long, and I reckon about 10 inches in circumference. Again -think of a dark brown pringle tube. She was now licking and kissing along the entirety of its length, always muttering sweet nothings as she did so. After a few lengths her tongue made its way back to his tip and she then re-opened her mouth and once again encircled his bell end. This time she gagged as the bell end went totally in her mouth and she forced herself onto his thick, dark shaft. Her head went up and down on his hardness a few times before she slowly removed his obscene cock from her mouth, and laying back, pulled him down on top of her. For the first time in my life I saw my wife kissing another man. It was normal kissing; it was lustful French kissing, like in porn films. His thick lips encircled hers as they embraced. When I look back, as I often do – The way she was holding onto him indicated to me that there was something more than just easy sex going on here. After a few moments of this lustful embracing he stood up and got completely naked. At the same time, Sharon removed her soaking wet thong, and threw it at me. “Something for you to remember the day by!” she sniggered. Daryl was a huge man. He had a six pack, and muscle filled thighs – he was just a complete man monster. For someone double Sharon’s age he was impressive to say the least. She beckoned him to lie on top of her again. As he crouched down to climb on top of her, I moved forward and once again she shouted, but this time there was nastiness in her voice “Fuck off! – just leave us alone!” I felt sick. But then again I was in a lot of ways to blame for this day happening. I sort of stood back again and kept my distance once more. As he was getting in position, I could not take my eyes off his huge cock as it dangled, hard, but so heavy there is no way it could remain upright. She grabbed it and gentle guided it to her pussy. The enormity of it forced her tiny pink lips open and the black rod was soon well and truly battering her. She was moaning and screaming as his thrusts forced her back. I could see her bright red nails digging into his back with every thrust. He was moaning loudly to and he just looked so huge on top of her tiny little frame. Soon he had climbed off and he was lay where she was and she was now climbing aboard his massive black member. She did actually acknowledge my presence at one stage as she manoeuvred him to get in a position so I was directly behind them, and would be able to see her riding his huge cock in close up. Watching as she lowered herself onto him was just something I will never forget. Her tiny hips almost forced outwards as her fuck tube allowed the presence of this huge black monster of a cock to infiltrate it. His cock was glistening with her juices as she rode up and down on it. She propped herself up with her arms, and allowed her tits to drop slowly onto his long waiting tongue. His lips encircled her nipples and he licked and kissed them as they still fucked in black and white unison. TBC Part 5 It wasn’t long before my wife was on top of him in 69 position. Her tiny mouth struggling to even go half way down his cock as she tried to head bob him. I watched his long tongue entering her pussy and I could see the hot wet juices escort bursa pouring into his mouth. After a few minutes they swapped over, and he was now on top. This was when I REALLY knew I was losing my wife to black – forever. When he was astride her face, his huge cock was just naturally dropping into her tiny mouth. She choked and gagged on it a while, before removing it all together and with her hands she pushed his buttocks down towards her face. Don’t forget – After knowing her for some 9 years and been married for 4, she had never once rimmed me. Her tongue extended rigid as his buttocks lowered into position. He sighed out loud as her tongue glided smoothly into his now sweaty brown opening. “mmmmmm” she savoured “delicious black arse juice!” I could have cried. Within moments she had him on all fours so she really get to work on him. Her tiny hands were instantly pulling his arse cheeks apart and her gorgeous tongue was going in and out of his dirty hole as he lay there moaning. “Sharon, that is a first for me – and it’s fantastic” he moaned. “It’s a first for me too honey, and I agree it is fantastic!” was her reply. I knew what was coming next, and by now I was looking forward to it very much. It was now her on all fours with her arse in the air, and he was busy fingering her arse and cunt at the same time. In true black man porn style – he spat at her arse hole to lubricate it as he fingered it, now with two fingers. “Take my arse Daryl!” she begged. “I want you to use my white arse for your pleasure. Hurt me if you must!” I had never heard her talk in such a manner, but Daryl didn’t care. Soon he was forcing his enormous bell end into her tight arse. She screamed with both delight and pain as he forced himself into her tiny body. His cock was almost white at the point of entry, which gives you an indication of the abnormality of the situation: Big object – small hole. He took ages before he started to fuck her arse properly. She was in pain, but insisted he didn’t remove it from her. Once in a rhythm I could tell she was more at ease. At one point she leaned over the bedside table and grabbed her plastic ‘Daryl’ and was sucking on that as the real Daryl pounded her arse from behind. As all this was going on, I, her husband was stood in the corner of the bedroom like a naughty (white) schoolboy. TBC Sharon had now almost completely lost it. She was in an absolute frenzy as she was getting her arse pounded by the massive black cock that was my bosses Daryl’s. He was heaving himself and shouted “I’m going to cum!” “In my mouth1” Sharon exclaimed, as she wriggled free of his cock and got ‘in position’ under him as he began to stroke his cock only inches away from her wide open mouth. I could smell his cock from the other side of the room, and I could see it was honey glazed in the brown juices from Sharon’s arse hole. Normally, I know this would make Sharon heave, and a real moment spoiling trip to the bathroom would be in order for me, but not for Daryl. Sharon took great delight in sucking his soiled cock, and even licking along its entire length and commenting on how beautiful it tasted. I had never seen her with her inhibitions so lax. He couldn’t resist any longer, and the first shot of his hot spunk went straight across the top of her forehead, completely missing her mouth altogether. The second third and fourth shots all hit the mark. Her face was a complete mess of his ample load of hot jizz. She smiled as she scooped the cum off her cheeks into her mouth. He put his fingers in her mouth and she said “yes! Feed me your gorgeous black cum!” Once this cum eating show was complete she collapsed on the bed and he lay beside her. I got on the bed next to her, so she was now in the middle. I put my hand around her and once again she shouted “GET OFF ME!” and she opted to turn over and with him lay on his back, she lay with him, like his true lover with her head on his chest. He kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. I was a mere bystander. I turned around and wanted to cry. I wanted my wife back. The room was silent and I remember dropping off into a slumber, hoping this was pretty much a bad dream. About two hours passed and I woke up, and the room was empty. I chucked on some clothes and went down stairs. The house was empty. I could see her car had gone. Although I wasn’t worried for her safety I just wanted to know where she was! It was about another hour or so before she returned. “Where the fuck have you been?” I asked urgently. “I went to take Daryl home, and when we got there he introduced me to his brother Tyrone” “AND?………….. ?” I quickly snapped back. “Tyrone is only 38, and is the same size as Daryl” she replied. “6ft 4?” I asked. “I was talking about his cock size! But yes, he’s about 6 foot three.” “You fucked them both didn’t you?” I asked knowingly. “Too right I did, they are just amazing. Today has just been the best day of my life.” The next few days were sheer hell for me. All it was all day every day was Sharon and Daryl (and sometimes Tyrone) having phone conversations. This was the days before mobile phones so it was landlines, and I could see Daryl in his office obviously chatting to my wife, and he would close the blind when it was obviously getting saucy. One night we went out, the three of us, and I had to walk behind, as they walked hand in hand down the street. They were like young lovers. I was just so miserable. When we went anywhere, I used to drive, and they would sit in the back of the car and be all over each other. She once sucked him off in the car when we were coming back from a club. The night that really did it for me was when just completely out of the blue, she stood outside a pub, and she was almost dressed like a prostitute by now, and lit up a cigarette. She smoked it so sexily, just as I had begged her to do for simply years. She looked totally amazing. Her reasoning behind her new bad habit was…..”Daryl and Tyrone like to watch me smoke, with no mention of me absolutely loving it too. Me and Sharon soon split up after that. I just could not bare it any more. We remained friends and bumped into each other regularly, but nothing more. She had ‘Owned by Black’ tattooed across the back of her shoulder blade, and she always was seen around town with shoulderless tops on, showing off her slut tattoo. After about 3 months I saw her and she looked a bit of a mess. She was really upset and all “I’ve made a huge mistake – I want you back.” I listened to how Daryl, Tyrone and her had gone to the West Indies on holiday, and They had subjected her to a 9 man BLACK gang bang she would not be forgetting in a while…… She had come back with anal warts! God, how I laughed! We divorced some 6 months later.

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