When the Need Strikes Ch. 01

Double Penetration

Craig looked nervously at his sister. She met his gaze, bit her lip, and a silent conversation ensued.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked wordlessly, and in response Petra simply nodded her head. The pair stepped forward in unison, entering the house of Mason DeGraves, beginning a visit that they knew would change their lives forever.

No one knew how Mason had gotten his money. All that was known was that he had more of it than any one person should reasonably have – and that he was willing to part with it, for a cost.

“Dares” didn’t quite do it justice – they were more like experiments. Perverted experiments. Completely legal, of course – Lord DeGraves could afford a literal army of lawyers, and though the police had investigated many times, they’d been forced to conclude that he was operating entirely within the bounds of the law.

The people who went through with them always came out changed. But they also came out rich – he kept his promises, and if you followed whatever rules he set, DeGraves would make sure you were compensated.

Craig and Petra had heard about his latest advertisement: he was looking for a brother-sister pair. They didn’t desperately need the money, but when they saw the price of his “bounty”, it was too alluring to resist. Two million dollars – each – for two month’s work? No matter what he had them do, it would be worth it…and since he had to abide by the law, they knew that it couldn’t be anything too bad.

Stepping into the huge hall, Petra’s hand reached out and grabbed Craig’s. She was two years older, but the two had never really fought, the way siblings do – this strong bond had made them confident that they could get through whatever Lord DeGraves ordered.

To their surprise, DeGraves met them himself – a hungry look came over his eyes when he saw the pair, standing there and holding hands. Craig was dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, but his attention was focussed on Petra – she was wearing one of her favorite skirts. It ended just above the knee, but the old man’s leer made her feel utterly exposed.

“Come this way,” he said gleefully, and the siblings glanced at each other before dutifully following.

Inside the Lord’s office, he gestured for them to sit, but only one chair was provided. Petra took the initiative, pushing Craig down and sitting on his lap. She was determined not to let the old man make her feel uncomfortable, though a blush quickly spread across Craig’s cheeks.

“Now,” Mason began, “the pair of you are blood relatives, yes?”

“That’s right,” Petra replied, holding eye contact as confidently as she could.

“Siblings,” Craig added.

“Excellent, excellent…I’ll remind you that if that’s a lie, the contract is null and void, and at the end of the two months, you’ll get nothing. Do you understand? I’m only looking for blood relatives.”

“Of course,” Craig muttered, unable to bring himself to look directly at the old man.

Lord DeGraves pressed a button on his desk, and a few minutes later a young lady dressed as a chambermaid brought the siblings a cup of tea each. As she bent down to refill Mason’s tea-cup, her skirt rode up, and it became obvious that she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

Petra suddenly began to regret her decision to sit on her brother’s lap, and dug an elbow into his side.

“Ow!” he exclaimed, and his face went even redder as he realized the purpose of his sister’s attack. “Oh, shit…sorry. Just…give me a few minutes. I, uh…sorry.”

The chambermaid blocked Mason’s view of the two, but as she tottered out of the room again, he had a huge grin upon his face, as if he knew exactly what had just transpired.

“That’s Bethany,” he said, gesturing to the door. “I offered her five hundred thousand to be my maid for a month. She liked it so much she’s stayed on full time…”

Petra and Craig shot each other a glance. The busty girl who had just left couldn’t have been more than twenty, the same age Ataköy Escort as Petra – why would she throw away her life to serve tea to a lecherous old man? For a second, both of them considered leaving, and as if he could detect their shared impulse, Lord DeGraves moved straight on to the main event.

“Four million dollars. For that, you would think that much more than a month of housework was needed, wouldn’t you?”

Petra nodded, while Craig focussed on trying to deflate his erection. He sipped his tea, mentally avoiding picturing Bethany naked, wondering if her duties involved more than just serving Mason’s guests. Wondering if she had to service him as well…

That did it. The mental image of DeGraves naked was enough to completely deflate his boner, and he tuned back into the conversation.

“You’ll receive it in cash at the end of the two months, provided you follow my every instruction. I’ll provide you with security to deposit it into a bank, if that’s how you choose to deal with it – I wouldn’t want you to lose it between here and safety now, would I?”

“Of course not,” Petra said, politely sipping at the tea that she’d been provided. It was much better than she expected – milky, sweet, and not too strong.

“My terms are simple – for the next two months, starting the second you leave this office, neither of you are allowed to masturbate. You aren’t allowed to use sex toys on yourself, you aren’t allowed to stimulate yourself with your hands or other body parts, and you may not rub against inanimate objects to get yourself off. What’s more, neither of you may pleasure – or be pleasured – by any sexual partners. No girlfriends, boyfriends, fuck buddies…no one.

“For the next two months, if you want to get off, you have one course of action – each other.”

If Petra hadn’t just swallowed the last of her tea, she would have spat it out in shock.

“Lord DeGraves!” she exclaimed, “You can’t be serious! You expect my brother and I to…to pleasure each other?”

“Not at all,” he replied with a chuckle. “You have that option, of course, but you also have the choice to be abstinent. It’s only two months, after all – I know that you’re young, but I’m sure that you can tough it out for that long.”

“Isn’t that illegal?” Craig asked, and Petra noticed that his cup was also empty.

“Abstinence? I certainly hope not,” Mason replied with a grin.

“Asking a brother and sister to pleasure each other…” Craig replied. Somehow the tea had given him courage, and he was able to make eye-contact with the rich old man.

“First of all, I’m not asking that. You two are the ones with the dirty minds – I’m just saying that if you’re completely unable to stop yourselves from getting off, that’s your only option. Secondly, it’s only intercourse that’s illegal, and in no way am I suggesting that. Brothers and sisters can jerk each other off until the cows come home – there’s no law against that.”

“How,” Petra said softly – the tea seemed to have had the opposite effect on her, making her feel softer, slower, more submissive. “How can you expect to monitor this?”

Ever since he’d laid eyes on them, Mason DeGraves had been all smiles and leers, but at Petra’s question, his face turned dark.

“You don’t want to lie to me, young lady. Trust me on that.”


The bus ride home was awkward, to say the least. The pair had agreed to DeGrave’s terms – how could they not? Four million dollars in exchange for two months of abstinence? It was impossible to turn down. But it wasn’t until they sat on the bus that they realized what they’d signed up for.

If they found themselves horny beyond all reason, they had two options – they could forfeit the money, or they could…

“We just won’t,” Craig had stated assertively, and Petra had found herself nodding more than she’d originally intended.

“Of course we won’t,” she said, and that seemed to be the end Ataşehir Escort of it.



The first week was easy. Seven days without masturbation is hardly a struggle – I’d gone longer than that when I’d had to. Family vacations and the like. So for the first seven days, my sister and I had no problem abstaining.

Sure, I woke up every morning with a boner, but a quick cold shower was enough to solve that problem, and then all I had to do was spend the rest of the day not thinking about sex.

The second week…that’s when things started to go downhill.

See after about a week, hormones start to take over. It’s easy enough to say “don’t think about sex”, but after a week without release, everything starts to remind you of sex. I swear the girls in my class all simultaneously decided to wear the sexiest clothes that they had, and my favourite teacher – Mrs Bloomsdale – kept throwing me saucy glances.

I know, I know, it was all in my head…but I couldn’t help myself.

And then, completely unbidden, the image of Bethany popped into my mind. The maid at Lord DeGrave’s manor – I had never been flashed before, and the image wouldn’t get out of my head. I’d only seen it for a second, but suddenly my mind wouldn’t stop obsessing about her pussy – it was shaved, she had these big pink puffy lips, and she was so deliciously curvy…

I tried not to think about it. God knows I tried. But late at night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, what she’d look like out of the maid’s costume, kneeling in front of me, promising to do whatever I liked…

Maybe it wasn’t fair to Petra. But I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. I managed to last three days – three days with Bethany’s body bouncing around my brain, before I caved.

It was a Wednesday night, around 1am. I’d gone to bed early in the hope that I’d drift off and get to sleep, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about her. It was like someone had put a spell on me – no matter what I did, no matter how I tried to distract myself, the image of Bethany’s maid outfit wouldn’t leave me.

And so, as much as I hated to do it, I crossed the hall and knocked on my sister’s door.

“Craig!” she said in sleepy surprise – she’d obviously been awoken by my knock. I shushed her – if Mom and Dad woke up, there’d be no way of explaining what we were doing, meeting at 1am. We hadn’t told our parents about the wager, or experiment, or whatever you want to call it.

And if they walked in on us doing what I was pretty sure we were going to do, I don’t think there’d be any way we could explain it to them.

It only took Petra a few seconds to realize why I was standing at her door.

“Oh,” she said flatly, then shook her head to try to get the cobwebs out. “Seriously?”

“I’m sorry,” I replied, and I meant it. I wouldn’t normally have done this…but with a seven-figure payout on the line, I didn’t have a choice.

“It’s only been a week…” Petra said with a roll of her eyes. “You seriously couldn’t hold off for a week?”

“Ten days,” I replied, looking my sister straight in the eyes. “And you know I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be.”

Petra seemed taken aback by my directness – ever since we’d visited Mason, I’d felt more assertive than I normally did. Maybe it was the prospect of being wealthy, I dunno. But she sighed, looked down at my tented pants, and gestured for me to sit on the bed.

“I guess we’d better get this over with,” she said, reaching into her bedside drawer and pulling out a pair of gloves.


“I figured you probably wouldn’t be able to last the whole two months, so I made some preparations.”

Her lack of confidence in my staying power annoyed me, until I realized that yeah, she was right. She put on the gloves, covered her right hand with a generous amount of lube, and turned to face me.

“Should I…”

“Come Avcılar Escort on,” Petra said. I had to admire the matter-of-fact way that she was approaching this. “Let me know how you want it.”

I’d never been asked that before. Truth be told, I’d never received a hand-job at all – my ex-girlfriend and I had fooled around, but we’d never gone beneath the pants. My first ever sexual contact was going to be with my sister…how sad was that?

Trying to remember how I jerked myself off, I instructed my sister. In what I assume was an attempt to make it as un-weird as possible, she took on a professional persona, and obeyed my instructions exactly.

With a bit of effort, I managed to ignore the surge of power I felt, having my sister handling my member and doing exactly what I said, and thought about Bethany. Her big, jiggling jugs…her sexy maid costume…even the fact that she was voluntarily serving the old man was sort of sexy.

The thought of Mason DeGraves having intercourse with her crossed my mind, to my horror – I couldn’t think of a less sexy man if I tried. I’d been so close, but at the idea of his old, wrinkled flesh pressing up against her young and supple body…I immediately wilted, and my sister gave a cry of anguish.

“Craig!” she said, and I couldn’t help it – I snapped.

“For fuck’s sake, Petra, do you think this is easy? Just shut your mouth and keep jerking.”

I immediately regretted my words, but instead of the torrent of abuse I was expecting, Petra glared at me for a second…and did exactly what I asked.

“Fine,” she muttered, and began toying with my testicles in an attempt to get me hard again.

“Do you have any porn?” I asked – perhaps I shouldn’t have pushed my luck, but I was horny and I wanted to get this over with.

To my surprise, Petra nodded, and gestured to her MacBook. I opened it, and she directed me to a hidden folder, full of – and no, I’m not making this up – videos of girls giving head to strangers.


“Don’t say a word,” she hissed, and continued to glare at me, while stroking my rapidly-hardening cock up and down.

Honestly, porn videos have never been a huge turn-on for me, but there was something sexy about my sister’s secret fetish – it wasn’t long at all before I was hard again, and my sister’s skillful hands (she had definitely done this before) soon brought me to the edge of climax.

“I’m going to…” I said through gritted teeth, my eyes upon the girl on the screen as she pulled the enormous cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her face.

“Oh, shit…” Petra said, and it suddenly became clear to both of us that despite her preparedness, she hadn’t thought about what to do when I actually came. In her panic, she simply let go of my erection, and I watched as – in time with the man on the screen – I released my load all over my sister’s shocked-looking face.

Eleven days of abstinence (I hadn’t jerked off the day before we went in, either) had resulted in quite a build-up: I’ve never measured or anything like that, but I’d guess that my load is the normal, average amount.

This? This looked like a scene from a bukakke film. All I could do was watch as I unloaded string after string of cum onto my poor sister’s face. It felt like it went on forever – finally, after five or six spurts, my cock relaxed, and began to soften.

There was a long pause, before Petra shrieked. I silently gestured to her what a bad idea it was, gesturing at the door, trying to express how bad it would look if Mom and Dad came in the door at that moment – but it must have been our lucky night – our parents managed to sleep through Petra’s wails of anguish.

I should have done more, I know, but the sleepiness that had evaded me until then suddenly hit, and so I just threw my sister a towel, and left the room. I’d never hear the end of it, I knew that – but for now, all I wanted to do was rest.

My exit was inspired by a few things – the fact that I really didn’t want to endure my sister’s angry tirade that night, for one…but I was also avoiding something even more alarming. I had just cum, so sex should have been the last thing on my mind…but there was something about my sister’s angry, cum-covered face that I found erotic, and that was a thought that I didn’t want to explore any further.

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