While Her Husband Gently Slept


While Her Husband Gently SleptIt was a day to celebrate. My friend and colleague Chris had just been promoted and relocated to take over our new branch of office in upstate Cape City. He’d invited me over to his home, after which the three of us – his wife included – went off to a club to celebrate.Justin, my friend’s wife, was so looking hot and gorgeous. Before we left for the club, I remarked that her evening outfit and the way she looked was hot enough to melt the thickest ice off any brother’s heart. She laughed, slapped my shoulder and told me to stop k**ding her. Chris too shared the same opinion.We ordered a round of gin and tonic, followed by another.“Wow!” Justin exclaimed as she slammed her empty glass on the table, fanning herself. “That sure hit the spot.”She sat between Chris and myself, while behind us the DJ sampled out hip-hop music for the dancing crowd. Justin took off her jacket, revealing her low-cut shoulder-strapped pink top. She was wearing a matching skirt that rode up her white thigh when she sat. My eyes couldn’t help straying over her meaty thigh, my mind intoxicated with thoughts of what it would feel like getting my hands up in that coochie of hers. As we enjoyed ourselves, I related to them a couple of jokes and in-house shenanigans ongoing back at the office; each time Justin would laugh hard and bump against me. It couldn’t help but feel turned on just by her skin touching mine.“I feel like in the mood for dancing,” she said, rising to her feet. She grabbed my hand. “Come on, Olu. Let’s go boogie!”I turned to Chris. “Hope you wouldn’t mind,” I asked.“Nah, you too go have fun,” he shooed us away before downing a glass of scotch.I held her hand and led her out of her table and together we hit the dance floor. There were playing a hot reggae number; I pulled my friend’s wife closer and together went with the crowd and moved our hips and legs to the rhythm of the music. It was getting hot and I was cooking up a sweat, but I was enjoying myself. Justin too was having the time of her life. She turned around and shook her bum against my crotch. I held her waistline and held her bahis siteleri close while she d****d her hands behind her head and caressed my face. I felt my erection kick up and tried pushing her away, embarrassed, but either she noticed and simply was unmindful of it as we continued dancing. She turned to face me, reached for my hand and slapped it on her ass; who was I to turn down such an offer. I caressed her bum while she wrapped her arms around my neck and grinned at me, rubbing her thigh against my crotch. I boldly went further to reach my hand down her skirt to grasp her ass. My dick shot up like a tent pole when my fingers didn’t encounter any panties underneath.With the loud music playing, she yelled into my ear, “Notice anything you like?” I couldn’t help but reply with a nod. She laughed and resumed massaging my crotch with her thigh.We danced for a lengthy while before eventually returning to our table and Chris; my body was now sticky with sweat. Chris had apparently gone on a couple more drinks without us, and it was Justin who finally said we ought to return home. Chris could barely walk straight as we made it out of the club. Justin said that was how he often after he’d guzzled more than two glasses of scotch. We laid him in the backseat while I drove with Justin seated beside me.We got to an intersection and the traffic light turned red before we could cross. As we waited, Justin suddenly let go of her seat belt and turned to kiss me. I was taken aback by her action but returned her kiss as well, even though her husband lay sprawled in the back seat, inebriated. Her hand traveled downward to grab my dick that had sprung to its tent pole form once again. She withdrew when we noticed the light turn green and we drove on; neither of us said anything along the way.I drove into their driveway a couple of minutes later and parked the car. We came out to the back seat and pulled Chris out from it. I half carried and half walked Chris into the house, up the stairs and finally dumping his ample body on the bed in the master bedroom with a heavy grunt. He was breathing heavy when Justin came and canlı bahis siteleri met him.“I’d better be going now, Justin,” I said and then cocked a thumb at Chris’s sleeping form. “You take care of him, okay?”“I will. But why don’t you take a bath – you’re all sweaty and you look like you could use it.”I figured she had a point. I went into the guest bedroom which was down the hall, took off my clothes and then went into the bathroom. I was scrubbing my body when the shower stall came open and Justin stood there staring at me, naked. I reached for her and pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She smelled so good. My hands fondled her ass while hers reached for my shaft and began stroking it. I picked her up and left the shower with bits of soap suds sticking to my body.I dumped her on the bed and lowered my head between the openings of her pussy. I licked and rolled my tongue and finger-fucked her well enough to make her shudder and moan. Done with that, I rolled her over and dipped my tongue into the puckered hole that was her ass.“Aww … Aww-ohhh yeah … Go back and lick my clit … Uhhh-awww …” she sighed.I took out my wallet from the back of my jeans and unearthed a condom from within. I wore it on and knew I was ready for action.I came up on the bed where she was ready and waiting for me, and fed her my thick cock into that gaping pussy of hers from behind. Within a minute I was pounding that pussy hard like a hound chasing after a bone; the bed shook with our combined weight. Justin had her face pressed to the bed, her hands clutched the sheets while her ass stuck up facing me. I changed tactic and held her by the waistline, pulling her to slam back and forth against my cock while she moaned and cursed aloud each time I fucked her. I was fucking so well and hard, I could feel my heart beating against my chest, and yet I didn’t care. I didn’t even care that her husband – my best friend – was stone drunk and asleep down the corridor. I wanted that pussy so bad, and no way was I going to leave without having it.“Ohhh! … Ohhh-Uhhhh! Ohhh shit! Ohhh fuck me!” she paused to look at me from behind canlı bahis her shoulder; her face squeezed into a ricktus of pleasure and ecstasy. “Oh yeah … Fuck that pussy! Go on fuck it!” she shut her lips and went moaning and gasping as I banged my way hard into her. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up from the bed and still went on hammering her.I pulled out of her and gave her a couple of seconds’ grace as she slumped on the bed, gasping for breath. “Oh my God,” she muttered over and over. “Oh my God, you fuck me so good.”I stood there gazing at her, holding my cock in my hand that was now stained with her pussy juice, breathing heavily but not ready yet to give up the fight. Without waiting for her signal, I turned her leg over to let her lie on her back. She held her legs open for me and even guided my thick snake into her white coochie. I began with some slow strokes but gradually picked up the pace as she urged him on. I buried my dick all into that pussy, made her beg for more as I slammed her down hard.When we came, it was like thunder and lightning striking the same place at the same exact time. I had my hands tucked under her shoulder, pinning her down with my weight as she too had her legs crossed over the back of my thighs while my hips and ass went up and down, fucking her hard, when I felt a sudden sharpness rising at the tip of my cock. I squeezed my eyes and groaned through gritted teeth and I went slamming into her harder and faster till eventually the sharpness rose to a hair trigger. She too reached her climax at about the same time I pulled out of her. In one swift move, I pulled the condom off my cock and ejaculated my load of semen over her breasts, groaning aloud while I did.I came and lay beside her on the bed, feeling like one who’d just gone a ten-round with Tyson. For a while neither of us said anything.“That was wonderful,” she eventually broke the silence, dr****g her arm across my chest.“You think?”“I know.” She kissed me on the cheek. “We ought to do this again sometime. Don’t you think?”“That would be nice. Maybe I’d come over to visit you guys when Chris relocates to his new office.”“That would be lovely. And I can always make trips down here to see you.”“Just as long as you don’t invite Chris along for the ride.”She laughed into my ear and pressed her body over mine, wanting a kiss

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