While My Husband Was Away — Part Two


“You love it, don’t you, baby?” Bill cried.”Oh yes, yes!” I cried as I rode Bill’s big, hard cock. His strong hands held my ass cheeks tightly as I bounced up and down, up and down.”You love it when I fuck you, don’t you?””Yes, I love your big cock fucking me!” “You’re a nasty little girl, aren’t you?” “Oh yes, I’m your nasty little girl!”He grabbed my swaying breasts and held on as I continued to grind into him. It felt so good, so good. “Ohh, Bill!” I screamed as I came.Suddenly, the door to the bedroom burst open, and my husband Dave and Bill’s wife Irene charged into the room.”What the hell’s going on?” Dave yelled.**********I bolted upright and looked around. I was alone in bed, covered in sweat, blankets askew. I’d never had such an erotic dream before. It was four in the morning, according to the alarm clock. I lay back and reflected on the last few days. After only a few months of marriage, my husband Dave had flown to Germany for two weeks on business. I had accepted an invitation to stay at my in-laws’ house. It never occurred to me that a powerful sexual attraction would develop between me and my father-in-law, Bill.The second night I stayed with my in-laws, Bill had groped me in the kitchen. I now realize I hadn’t resisted him strongly enough, maybe even given him mixed signals. He had taken me into the bedroom and fucked me while his Girne Escort wife Irene was sleeping down the hall. Bill was a powerful man, whose virility and stamina belied his age. I know what happened between us was wrong, but I had to admit that I loved every minute of it.What was wrong with me? Military wives go months, even years, with their husbands away from home. Presumably, the majority of them remain faithful. I couldn’t last a week? Why was I so weak in the face of temptation? And Dave called last night and said he had to spend another week in Germany. How was I going to deal with that?I wondered why I was so strongly attracted to Bill. He was in his early sixties, tall and muscular. He was not particularly good-looking, but one could say he was ruggedly handsome. I was not very experienced sexually before I married Dave. He awakened a sexuality in me that I did not know existed. I came to crave sex every night. When he left, I missed it terribly. Bill’s advances came at a time when I was vulnerable, and I gave in too easily. While it wasn’t an excuse for my actions, I thought it was an explanation.Getting ready for work, I chose a snug white top that hugged my curves. Dave always liked it, saying that I looked striking in it with my long strawberry blonde hair and blue-green eyes. I put on a short Magosa Escort skirt that showed more of my legs than appropriate for the office. Why was I dressing like this?**********The day went by slowly. I attracted more attention from my male co-workers than usual, and declined one offer for a drink after work from an attractive guy. He knew I was married, so why did he make a move on me? Was it because of the way I was dressed?The traffic was really bad on the way home from work, so I returned to my in-laws’ house a little later than usual. It looked like Irene was already well on her way to being drunk. Bill eyed me appreciatively as I walked in and greeted them.”Wow, you look really great, sweetie,” Bill remarked.”Well, thank you,” I said with a little smile. Was this why I had dressed so provocatively this morning, to get this kind of reaction from Bill?Bill handed me a bourbon and Coke, and instead of changing right away, I sat down at the kitchen table with him and Irene. She had her back to the kitchen and I sat down next to Bill.”How was your day?” Irene managed to say.”Oh, pretty routine, nothing special,” I said, “How was yours?”Irene just chuckled a little, almost like she didn’t understand the question. She got up to start putting dinner on the table.”Here, let me do that,” I said. I took a Lefkoşa Escort casserole from the oven and set it on the table. I returned to the kitchen to get plates and silverware.”I’ll give you a hand,” Bill said, as he got up. He came up behind me, very close, and nibbled my ear. I felt a tingle of excitement and a touch of moisture between my legs as he reached under my skirt and touched my inner thigh with one hand and caressed my ass cheek with the other. I closed my eyes and suppressed a moan as he started to move his hand higher. Finally, I twisted away. I gave him a disapproving look and nodded my head in the direction of Irene.Bill and I began eating, while Irene just picked at her food. Soon I felt his hand on my knee. I moved his hand away and mouthed the word “don’t” as I looked at him. He relented and we finished our meal in silence. I took the dishes over to the sink and cleaned up, while Bill and Irene went into the living room.I went to my room to change. I removed my top and my skirt, and put on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. Then I joined Bill and Irene in the living room to watch television. They were watching some game show and Irene was already starting to nod off.”Come on, let’s get you to bed,” Bill said, as he helped Irene to her feet and guided her to her bedroom. When he returned, he sat down on the couch close to me.”What do you want to watch?” I asked as I scrolled through the channels on the program guide.”I want to watch you take off your top,” he said playfully.”Bill, be serious.””Okay, I don’t care, you pick.”I tuned to a movie that was just starting, a romantic comedy. We watched for a while in silence.

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