Whipped for Cheating on My Sugar Daddy


Whipped for Cheating on My Sugar DaddyMy forty-two year old Master is very good to me, not only is he my lover but is also my “Sugar Daddy” he gave me a job and a car, I want for nothing. I am his total slave, he can fuck me and I will suck his cock whenever and where ever he wants. At home, in his office and in his limo. My ass is always his, sometimes as often as four times a day. The problem is sometimes when Don leaves town I see the opportunity to have a “younger” college age man like myself. I usually go a party and pick up a guy for a one night stand. I tell my new partner I am into BDSM and enjoy being the recipient of any punishment. Most take advantage of my submissive side and pound my ass, ask me to perform anallingues or make me eat their cum. Last weekend I blew a guy named Al. I gave him a pretty good blowjob and he shot his load all over my face. I got a real nice facial which I wiped off with my handkerchief. I left shortly afterwards and went home. Don came back from a trip on Monday and called me into his office. He said Danny, I talked to a salesman named Al today and he said a nice submissive from my company gave him a great blow job Friday night at a party. Now you know what happens when you fuck around on me, we have to make a visit to Tom’s place. My whole body was gripped by fear, I had been taken to Tom’s basement for punishment before and it was no fun, although down deep I really enjoyed the experience. Tom was an excellent sadist who knew how to pleasure and punish a submissive like me. It was his batman escort specialty. But we had a “safe word” so you really didn’t have to worry about getting hurt. Friday night came and Don said “Tom is waiting for us, and soon after we arrived at Tom’s house all three of us immediately went to his basement dungeon. Tom had a cross, a slave pole and a larger table. The room was filled with leather masks, whips, handcuffs, and both metal and rope restraints. Tom’s collection of whips was quite impressive. Tom immediately ordered me to strip and lay on my stomach on the table. I knew right then that I was in for a good beating. Don rubbed my body occasionally slapping my ass and saying “time for your punishment, you cheating wimp”. Don was right I was a wimp, I loved these sessions, and I think sometimes I fucked around on him just to be punished for my transgressions. Don and Tom each grabbed an arm and then a leg and tied me with ropes to the table. My legs were spread wide and my ass was in the air. I had been in Tom’s dungeon before so I knew what to expect; he would inflict just enough pain that my Master desired for me, not too much or too little. Tom slapped my ass hard and shouted at me “well here are your choices tonight”. “Twenty lashes with a leather flogger”. I knew this would be the least painful instrument to use but twenty lashes takes a long time to inflict and the pain grew greater with each blow. Then Tom said “your second choice is seven lashes with a leather slapper”, a slapper bingöl escort is a belt like instrument but it had a handle. It hurt more, but the experience was shorter and it left no welts on my back. Then Tom said”of course, you could have five lashes with my leather whip”. I knew this was the most painful implement in Tom’s arsenal, and it left welts on your back. It was a very short intense beating, but there was no way I wanted the whip.I turned to my lover, and said “I love you Don; I’m sorry, give me the slapper”. Tom went to the wall and removed the slapper from its holder. Tom stood over, me slapper in hand, and said “one” and the slapper hit my ass hard, it really hurt, but I deserved it ”I replied “thank you master”. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom raise his arm again and he shouted “two” as the slapper hit me again. This time it hit close to the previous hit so it hurt even more than normal. I said again “Thank you Master”Tom must have felt bad over the two close hits and he shouted “here comes 3, and 4!!! I felt the sting of the third and fourth impacts on my ass this was actually better when they came all at once. I again said “Thank You Master, hit me again” I knew this really turned Tom on and Don liked to see me beg for more punishment. Then it started to happen a heady sexual excitement overcame my body, my masochistic side began to take over as the fifth blow hit my ass. I shouted “I’m sorry Don, I’m really sorry; I never blow a stranger again”. This blow left my bitlis escort whole body sexually charged. I knew from past experience that the last blows would be harder and should have really hurt. But by now instead of pain an intense feeling of pleasure took over my body as I ejaculated on the table. Tom said “look Don, I made him cum”!!!The sixth blow came and Tom put all the force he could into it. As the slapper hit my red raw ass I screamed not in pain but in pleasure. My whole body convulsed and I forced myself against the ropes that restrained me. I said “Thank You Master, Thank You” The seventh and final blow hit the back of my thighs, a very sensitive spot. But instead of pain I let out a small grunt and laugh as a smile came across my face. I was really enjoying this beating and yelled to Tom “give me an eighth!!! The slapper hit me again driving my body to new heights of pleasure. I squirmed on the table both in pleasure and pain. My ass was on fire!!! I was panting so hard I could barely catch my breath.Then my lover Don took over his “after care role”. He provided me, his slave with comforting hugs and held and stroked me like a women after you make love to her. Don got a jar of healing salve and applied it to my ass and anywhere else the slapper had hit me. The cooling salve took away all the sting and pain of my whipping. Don then got on the table laid on top of me and I felt his cock rubbing up and down the crack of my anus. He found the entrance to my hole and inserted his cock into me. It slid right in as usual and I knew Don would cum after only few strokes. Sure enough after about ten thrusts of his cock inside me I felt his warm semen squirting into my ass. Tom withdrew and warm sticky cum came out of my bowels. I thought to myself, another whipping? Not only did I deserve it, I enjoyed it.

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