Who Doesn’t Love Pie?


“You guys sure do go through a lot of desserts.”

“Well…a building this big, usually it is somebody’s birthday.”

“I guess…this is my third trip this week.”

“I noticed…I mean, yeah, I saw you yesterday dropping something off.”

“Oh yeah, somebody got a crapload of pies.”

“Lucky guy. Must be love.”

“I guess…we do have really good pies.”

“Apparently so.”

“Apparently? You’ve never…”

“No, I mean, yes. Your pies are great.”

“Well, thank you, haha.”

“You’re, ah…welcome…”

“Well, I better get back…more baked goods need baking.”

“Great, I mean…I’ll see you next time.”

“I hope so.”


I’m a complete and utter idiot. She’s just some random girl doing her job and I’m blabbing on about…pie. I mean, I’d talk to her about anything, but…shit. Those eyes and mouth…wow. i’m sure she must get hit on by everyone she delivers to. I must seem like such a douche trying to chat her up at work in the middle of the day.

I didn’t get much more work done that day. I kept going over the conversation in my head. How stupid i must’ve sounded and how unlikely it was that we’d ever cross paths again. I had lied about seeing her the first time…just didn’t want to seem like a stalker. Of course now I’m a liar already so…fuuuuuuck.

That night, I cracked open a beer and tried to forget about the day. The more thoughts I tried to erase about that horrible awkward conversation, the more it stuck in my head and soon I could hear her voice and smell the goods she was carrying and see her face above the stack of boxes in her arms, her wavy hair dropped in front of her eyes, and the way her face scrunched as she tried to blow it out of the way. I wanted to reach out and brush it to the side for her, but…

I could feel my dick stirring in my shorts. My free hand casually rested there, but my thumb had already begun to slide along the stiffening flesh. I took a final chug of my beer and went upstairs and jumped in the shower. I had to get off of this and move on and a cold bracing shower seemed like the perfect distraction. After a few minutes, all I could think about was the cold water beating on my skin and I stood there, taking it for a few minutes until finally i shut the water off, wrapped a towel around me, and curled up on the bed to fall asleep.

The next day, I was on my way out to my car for lunch when i heard someone shout, “How’s the pie today?” Glancing around, I couldn’t see anyone for all the cars still in the lot until I saw a hand waving over the back of a truck with a sign on it.

“Oh…hey. Ha, I don’t know…little early for pie for me, haven’t even had lunch yet.”

“It’s never too early for pie, man.”

“True enough, I do like pie.”

“Well, do you like pizza?”

“It is a pie after all, isn’t it?”

“Smart man. If you’re heading to lunch now, I have to drop the truck off, but I was going to take my lunch after, there’s a place right next door, if you’re interested.”

“Sure, of course. I’ll just follow you, then?”

“Cool, do keep up.”

With that, she hopped in the truck and started it up. My brain couldn’t keep up with what was happening. I had spent all last night trying to whip this girl out of my head, only to have her crash back into it and set up camp. I stood there, frozen, for 5 seconds at least, just staring at her as she laughed and tossed her hair behind her ear. Quickly, I fumbled my way into my etlik escort car and managed to make it out just behind her from the parking lot. It was only a short drive up to the strip center where the bakery was located. Instead of parking out front, she drove the truck behind the end of the building. Not thinking, I followed her around two corners before nearly rear-ending her as she braked to park in some spaces behind the building. She hopped out and came over to my window.

“Well, not what i had in mind, but it’s fine. Just park out of the way so the truck can get out. We can go through the store and out the front to the pizza place.”

Great…another brilliant move. I swung my car into a space and got out as though it were natural to go through the employee entrance of every store. She rattled through some keys and opened the door, letting me in before locking the door behind. I looked at her, quizzically.

“There’s no latch, just the deadbolt. So that’s the only way to keep it shut. I’ll have to let you out after we eat.”

“Oh, awesome.” I couldn’t let on how much I knew I was being an ass. I just couldn’t focus on anything for some reason, and here she was, leading me around, so I followed. The store was dark and quiet, but I could smell the heady scent of bread and warm fruits and sugar. “So, where is everyone?”

“Oh, it’s just me in the mornings. Someone will be by after lunch to pick up these pies that are baking and deliver them, that’s why i had to return the truck.”

“Oh, wow you bake them, too. That’s cool.”

“Oh yeah, I don’t just like the goods, I love the making part, too.”

“Awesome…I think I can bake boxed brownies, that’s about it.”

“Blasphemer. Betty Crocker can suck a cock.” She quickly turned away at that point, as though she’d said too much…I was relieved at the humor. Glad it wasn’t just me, so I went for it.

“I bet her husband said the same thing.”

She spun around, now it was her turn to freeze, until we both cracked up laughing.

“Oh, man, thank you for that, I thought I’d completely freaked you out and was about to have the most awkward lunch ever.”

“No, it’s cool. I hear she and Aunt Jemimah used to double team Uncle Ben and Orville Redenbacher back in the day.”

She threw her head back and laughed. It was infectious, despite the sophomoric humor, and I joined in as we continued to walk through the back of the bakery into the store front. I was wiping a tear from my eye as i watched her checking on the various items cooking and warming in pans and ovens.

“Come over here and smell this.” She opened a swinging oven door, and I could feel the heat as I approached.

“Smells like…what…peach?”

“On the nose…my favorite.” I was so close to her now, not wanting to crowd, but trying to get low enough to really take in the smell. She was squatting on the floor in front of the oven as I hovered over her. Suddenly she started to stand and move back. Balanced on the balls of my feet, I had no place to grab on to, so one hand went to her shoulder and the other to the top of the oven door.

“Motherfucker!” I quickly jerked my hand away and skipped back. She kicked the door shut with her foot and spun toward me, her eyes wide with shock.

“Holy shit are you ok?”

“I’m fine, just…ssssss….damn.”

She grabbed my hands and led me to the sink and turned the water on.

“Here, hold it under here.”

I stuck my gaziosmanpaşa escort hand under the cool water and felt the jolt as the pain shot up my arm. She stood there, that shocked look on her face still holding my hands. “I’m soooo sorry…so sorry.”

“It’s ok, really, just got me a little on the side.” I could see the redness along the edge of my hand. I stood there as she guided the water over my hands. I watched as she ran her fingers over mine and moved them to get a better look at the damage. “Oh, it is just along the side, I thought you grabbed the door with your whole hand.”

“No, just went to brace myself and. Still hurts though.”

“Of course, I’m so sorry again.”

“I’ll live.”

“Your hands are so cold now.” She brought my hands up and pressed the backs of them to her cheeks. I could feel her warmth from where the blood had rushed to her face in her embarrassment over my injury.

“It’s ok, really.”

“I know but…,” she turned my good hand back around to her face and tilted her head into it. “I didn’t mean for this.”

Looking at me like that, her eyes like green pools, wide and wet, her face cupped in my hand, her hair draped over it, I couldn’t help myself. I tensed my fingers and brought her lips to mine, watched as her eyes went wide again with shock, and slowly draw down until they closed. I closed mine, too, as our lips parted and we kissed. Like everything else, so hesitant at first, but soon understanding we both wanted this. Unsure of where to put my damaged hand, it floated in space until she guided it to her hip, which with careful exploration I found as firm and round as I had hoped through the jeans she had on. She ran her fingers through the back of my hair, pulling me closer into her and I moved my hand to caress her ass. She shifted to the counter and hopped up on the ledge, keeping me close with her legs wrapped around me. Her hands went to my chest, stretching the cloth of my button up shirt. I ran my fingers along her sides, toying at the edge of her untucked t-shirt.

As she finally broke our kiss, she moved her hands to work on the top buttons of my shirt. Sitting back, her tongue licked across her bottom lip, drawing it in and she bit down onto it while her eyes bored into me as she continued to work her way down my shirt. I slid my hands under her shirt and felt her shiver as my fingers touched the taut skin of her stomach underneath. She gasped and flinched slightly as I moved up along her ribs in sync with her downward work on my shirt. “Fuck it” she said and reached to either side, pulling my shirt up and over my head. I put my arms up to help and as the shirt cleared my head, she leaned in and kissed my neck and down my chest. I freed my hands from the cuffs of my shirt and returned the favor to her shirt, pulling it over her head, and getting my first look at her breasts as they spilled out and bounced in her dark bra.

After admiring each other for a brief moment, I bent down to kiss the tops of her breasts. Her fingers clawed at my back as i worked each breast free from the bra, her face buried in my neck. Her hair covered my mouth and I could smell the bakery in it…all the scents and work she spent hours with. With my good hand, I popped the clasp on her bra and pushed her back toward the wall. Still sitting on the counter, she braced herself back as I brought a nipple to my mouth and teased it with my tongue. Supporting her back, I kept her ankara escort from sliding away as I felt her spine arch beneath me. I drew the stiffened dark flesh between my lips and clamped down around it, her body once again convulsing.

As I shifted attention to her other breast, she sat upright and began to work on my belt and slacks. Her legs had me pinned to the counter and I could sense her struggle to find an angle to work them free. Suddenly, she pushed me back with one hand and slid from the counter to her knees on the floor in front of me, her face looking up as she undid the belt and button, working her way down the zipper. Still staring up at me, she slid my pants down, boxers and all and my nearly hard cock fell free across her cheek. She reached a hand up to it, her fingers running along it as she held it to her face. I could feel the warmth from her skin and soon it was standing erect at her lips. She closed her eyes as she guided it into her mouth, her tongue wetting it as it moved inside. With one hand gripping the back of my thigh and the other wrapped around the base of my cock, she opened her eyes again and looked up as she sucked in and began to move her head in and out. Immediately, I went weak in the knees and braced myself on the counter, watching her move back and forth on me, the sensation so great I could barely keep my eyes open. With a moan, I reached down to run my fingers through her hair as she continued.

After a few minutes of this, I pressed my hand to her face and she released my cock from her mouth, a trail of saliva joining my engorged flesh and her lips. Without looking she reached under the sink and tossed some clean towels onto the floor and pulled me down onto them. I met her on my knees, quickly working her pants free and laying her down on the towels as she spread them out behind her. With her legs in the air, I pulled the pants and underwear off of her and slipped between her legs. Her hair splayed out on the floor around her head and her body writhed at me. I reached down and guided my cock over the damp opening that was simply radiating heat. I slid the head along the folds, feeling it get slick, and hearing her pussy open to me. Her hands reached up my arms and her heels dug into my ass as she pulled herself toward me, and I easily slipped inside her. Immediately my muscles clenched as the sensation of her wrapped around me sent electricity up my spine. With long deliberate thrusts, I held her hips as I moved in and out of her. I sat back on my heels, her stomach arched up toward me as I held her hips. Rocking back and forth, i could feel the pressure as much cock slid along the top of her pussy and inside her.

Sitting up, she wrapped her arms around my neck. My face was buried in her breasts as she bounced on my lap. My knees slid apart on the towels as she rode the length of my cock up and down, each cycle getting faster and faster. Her moans were coming faster and higher pitched now. I wrapped my mouth around nipple, but could barely suppress my own voice as I felt my legs begin to tense beneath me. I gripped her ass as it moved, feeling the muscles flex under the skin. Soon I could feel my toes starting to curl and stretch as each thrust became tighter and harder to control. With a scream, she began to shudder in my lap, her legs still moving her body up and down. I felt my own skin tingle as i rose to meet her until finally i came deep inside her. Like wind-up toys, our sweat-sheened bodies continued to move against each other, slowly grinding down until I felt her head fall and rest on top of mine.

We sat there, gasping for breath in each other’s arms.

“I’m really sorry you burnt your hand.”

“I could tell. Guess you have something in common with Betty Crocker after all.”

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