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This story has been a fantasy of mine for years and I will try put into words as imagined.

My wife and I have enjoyed a very active sex life until our son was born, then as in many instances we became focused on raising a family and making a living to do so. As time passed the small acreage we lived on took shape the old shop living quarters were replaced with a new home at front of property complete with hot tub and small above ground pool. My service business took shape with many days spent away from home with some with extended time away.

Some insight to myself John and wife with Joy being 5-9 47 and with more extra pounds from pregnancy than she wish’s I would guess about 240lbs as she would never say and myself very content with her large tits and great looking legs and thighs. Myself I am 51 5-7 and weigh in at 185 lbs with 6 pac of youth dropping to slight pot belly as age creeps in. My wife has always kept herself cleanly shaved and prides herself on her large camel toe that has always drove me crazy in jeans or any form of snug pants, to the point of me always willing to please her with my tongue for hours on end. She on the other hand has never complained with my love making as I am average size at 7.5 inches and medium girth.

As stated my business takes me away a lot and wife is focussed on our son this in turn has led to an almost non existing sex life until about a year ago, this is when our lives changed forever.

Kevin the wife’s brother shows up on a Saturday evening somewhat drunk carrying an overnight bag.

Kevin states ” wife has thrown me out and I need a couch to crash on if possible.”

Joy looks at me and I said “hey Kev whatever you can crash here we can talk tomorrow.”

That night in bed I told Joy we can see how bad things are after he sobers up to see how serious things are.

Kevin wakes us fumbling around the kitchen when I walk in he says “coffee is on and thanks for couch man.”

“What the hell happened with you and Melissa?”

“Well John I have bankrupted my video shop with poor bookings and playing around on Melissa with some sketchy people who she hates.”

With a stunned look I asked Kevin “how can this be you were doing so good for years before and now what the hell?”

The wife comes in wrapped in her bathrobe and smiles at us and says “you boys getting things sorted out I hope” as she takes a coffee and heads back up to dress and get son up.

Kevin looks back as she leaves room then starts to talk again with ” Melissa has put kids and her stuff and hers in the minivan and left last night to her mothers.” “and the worst in all this the bank has foreclosed on the house so I have nowhere even the shop has to be cleaned out today.”

My jaw dropped and my mind reeled for few mins.

“I looked at Kevin and say “give me few min’s with Joy and we will see how we can help out, besides I have to get ready for work.”

I wandered upstairs to talk with Joy and see how we could help, I find her dressing our son sipping her coffee “hey Joy looks like your brother is in it deep and we are his last chance.”

Joy looks hurt and says “what the hell is it drunk or stupid shit with him?”

I let her know “He has fucked it up royally, lost the house, spent every nickel including all the savings and needs Avrupa Yakası Escort to vacate his shop.”

Joys jaw drops and she says “what about Mel and the kids?”

“Gone to her mothers and she does not want him to contact them.” I say.

I can see Joy’s eyes tear up and she looks at me in almost desperation “how can this of happened and how could we possibly help?”

I sit down and ponder for few min’s and look to her with hands up and state “we could have him move his shop into our old shop up back and fix up upstairs there, hell we lived there for first few years so he can sort his shit out.”

“What about laundry we do not have that old washer and dryer anymore.” she says.

“What about he does laundry up here for now and at least gets him a living arrangement.”

I figured this would help Kevin and she would be happy to help her brother out.

“Ok you finish getting ready for work and I will fill him in on what we have decided ok?” as she sets down our son and wandered downstairs,

Joy let Kevin in on what we had decided and he jumped at the deal saying.” Thanks sis I will make it up to you promise ya.”

I left yard for 4 day stint outta state and when I returned home wife was happy to see me and when I asked.” How are things going with Kevin and his moving things in.”

Joy laughed and says. “Go out back and see what your thoughts are Kevin is really working hard at getting his shit together.”

I walk down the curved roadway out back and when I get to where old shop came into view I could not believe what I see.”

There was what I remembered as a run down abandoned shop was repurposed sheet metal front wall with a hand painted sign reading Kevin’s Classic Photography.

As I walked up Kevin came out and yells. “Hey what do you think, I found the tin out back and I painted it up myself.”

“Come in and see what I have done inside as well you will be surprised.” As he opens the door and heads in with me in tow.

I look about and see he has the place all cleaned up with all his photography back drops and sets arranged and fully usable, cameras, lighting and props.

“Wow Kev this is something did not expect this and how did you get all this done in 4 day’s?” as I was stunned with all that was set up.

He grins and looks at me “The guys felt so bad when I got tossed we worked day and night so I can get back on my feet and pay sis and you back.”

With that said he adds.” I even have some appointments set up next week so I’m hoping to get back into work.”

I walked back to the house feeling great seeing Kevin happy and things looked like they were looking up.

As I entered the house Joy met me in jeans and loose fitting shirt with her tits strapped into her bra showing some nipple, with her ever present camel toe on display for me.

“Mmmmmm all dressed up for me love” as I hug her dropping my hand down to rub her crotch and kissing her passionately.

“What have we here she giggles and says let me put son down and we can have few min’s ourselves.” as she swings her ass out to put son down for nap I head into bedroom and undress.

When Joy returns she stands and starts to undress when she takes off her shirt I see what looks to be a new lacy Bahçelievler Escort as hell bra and next as she steps out of her jeans she now sports the sexiest lacy full boy panties to match her bra.

“Wow Joy what happened to the old cotton white’s you have worn forever you have always said you hated the lacy shit, not that I’m complaining.”

Joys head spins and face reddens “I just wanted to see what the new lingerie is like not sure I will wear much.”

“hell is ok with me” as I pull her down beside me and dive into between her legs rubbing at her pussy lips in the satin crotch to find them as always hot and wet in a flash from my stroking, “and love the new bra dear hols them girls up just perfect.”

We had an hour of hot intense sex as if days of old before we had child even with her sucking me back for second round as she just wanted me to pound away at her steaming pussy.

Things seemed to be great Kevin stayed busy wife and I got along like newlyweds and then things changed in ways I could never have imagined.

I kissed Joy goodbye as I headed out for my yearly 3 week stay at a camp job 6 hours away waving as I headed out.

All things went well at work heck I even finished 4 days early picked up good sized bonus for early completion so figured would surprise wife by getting home early as was only 3:30 so would get home with stops about 10:00.

As I pull in house seems to be lit up yet nobody was in, that’s when I figured I would walk up to Kevins and see if he has a beer to share till Joy got home.

What I found was nothing short of amazing, I could hear sounds like Kevin with a client him talking loud saying “that’s it great stuff push out that tush and hold up them titties, great stuff hold that soooo hot.”

I think wow sound like a racy kind of session, as I grin thinking wonder if can steal a peek through old back room to shop that use to be my storage. I slipped around back with the aid of yard light and gently opened back door to storage, once inside I snuck up to divider and found few cracks that I could peer into studio.

My heart stopped dead at what I was viewing, Kevin was naked with a huge hardon with a camera in hand snapping pics as well there were 2 video cameras with red lights lit on tripods.

There was music playing and Kevin was talking over it “Yes that’s it the old Viagra is kicking in and the sight of you with that dildo has me ready for some of that juicy wet pussy”

This is when I see who is lying in the middle of Kevin’s round red silk covered bed furiously pumping a long black dildo in and out of her dripping cunt but my Joy, his sister. Even more bizarre is the fact what she is wearing.

Firstly she has on a black cats eyes mask, knee high lace up stiletto boots with huge heels, black shiny high top stockings with seams down back, the sexiest purple corset laced up with her tits propped up looking unbelievable huge with 6 strap garters on each plump thigh. Her nipples stuck out obscenely and were raw looking on her normally floppy tits with small rolls of flesh everywhere.

I sat stunned frozen on the spot thinking this cannot be real first it is her brother second she has never wore anything like this in her life when I came back Bahçeşehir Escort to reality I wanted to run in and kill both of them, that is when I realized the pain in my pants as my cock was harder than ever before.

I peeked back and thought carefully just how far will this go and with uncontrolled thought unzipped my pants slowly extricating my own cock.

Kevin was hopping about with his cock bouncing saying the wildest shit” that’s it man this one will be a hit you will see” as he sticks camera inches from Joy’s foaming wet cunt and what happens next was surreal as he takes dildo from her hand and say “suck on this and I will tease that sloppy cunt till you are ready for me.”

With this he roughly starts driving 4 fingers in and out of her widely spread legs, with this she seems to be in a different world moaning and groaning heavily.

Joy’s head twists side to side thrashing about she howl’s “Shove something hard into me now I need that fuckin cock” as Kevin comes to his knees her pussy juices dripping from his chin.

He hops forward slapping his big hard cock onto her clit causing her to grab at his cock and pull him forward “now “she snaps yanking hard enough to hurt something on him yet he just let himself fall forward driving his cock in about 6 inches, I was amazed that that fat stick dropped in with only 3 or so inches.

With that he laughs and raises up and plunges the last few inches in causing her to grunt in pleasure and raising her legs up to wrap around him.

“Now fuck me and do not let up on me till you’re done ” she growls at Kevin.

With that he starts to pound her pussy harder than I have ever seen a man treat a woman even in porn movies, his cock flew in and out of her bottoming his nuts against her large ass and causing there juices to get all foamy around her cunt and down her ass crack.

“I am going to fuck you raw and see that you will walk bow legged for weeks.” As he bends down taking her stiff nipple between his teeth and pull’s hard enough I thought it would pop off now ramming her so her tits and other body parts bounced obscenely.

This went on for over 40 minutes before he reeled back and rolled Joy over to have her ass up and face down in pillows his cock still steel hard and red from the Viagra was my guess as he drove it back into her and pounded her with all the force I have never seen.

In all this I realise I had cum and dripped down my pants and was getting hard again. With that I started to gently pull my own cock wondering how can he stay at this for this long I would of popped and been done long ago.

Back on the bed Joy was pulling wildly on her nipples as Kevin continued the scene” fuck me you stud, rip that pussy up with your cock I’m about to cum all over you.”

As she screams this out he increased the hip pounding pace to a blurr yelling “let me know when your ready you slut”

As she tensed up I witnessed something I did not believe when she started to literaly squirt juices around his cock and howl “nooooooooooow fucking blow that load into my sloppy cunt.”

When he felt her spaying back on him Kevin grabbed her hips and drove in as far as possible and I could literaly see his balls hopping up and down with each spurt of cum into his sisters pussy.

They stayed this way for minutes as the tempo ceased Kevin’s cock receded still stiff as he started when he flopped to his back.

Joy just giggle and held her hand over her gaping pussy feeling the sticky goo run through her fingers.

She says”what do you think with that session is it a hit?”

More to story as I sneak out the back only to quietly leave my own yard my head all fucked up.

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