Who would have thought


Who would have thoughtWe sat there naked on the couch trawling through the porn. The conversation was light and fiull of innuendo . We both had semi-erections and enjoyed the young lovelies appearing on the screen but then up came a young guy with a nice stiff cock and slim, tanned body.I could feel the blood start to surge in my cock. Oh no, don’t do this I thought and tried to fight the erection. Then Roy chose another of the same guy, from behind this time, his balls hanging nicely, his hole begging to be poked. My cock stiffened as I thought about my tongue on his arse. No, no!.And then another, from the front again, his young cock proud above two tight balls – not a pubic hair to be seen. That so needed to be sucked – no! I could feel my face flush and and as my cock pulsed I hoped Roy hadn’t noticed my erection.”Any şişli escort chance of a beer?” he asked. Glad of the distraction, “Aye” I said and got up quickly, heading for the nice, cool fridge. Maybe he didn’t notice. I grabbed two beers from the fridge, took the bottle opener from the drawer and opened the bottles, all with my back to Roy. Go down damn you, I thought to myself but no, my cock just poked straight out defying gravity.”Come on, you’re missing some good stuff here” Roy called. Damn!”Okay”I turned and headed back to the couch as casual as I could muster with an erection bobbing in front of me as I walked. Standing in front of him I offered the beer, noticing a close up of the same cock on the screen looking so inviting. No! Put some girls on.”Here you go” I said.His hand came mecidiyeköy escort up off of his own cock. I’m sure that wasn’t there before. As he reached out, he bypassed the proffered beer and took hold of my tackle.”Nice?” he asked.No I thought, “Yes””A bit gay are we?”No I thought again, “Yes””Put the beers down and bend over”Not on your nelly, I thought. I put the beers on the coffee table and bent over. Shit!His hands gripped my hips and I felt his cock probe my crack. Aha! Can’t get in, I thought in triumph. I pushed my arse back further trying to open my cheeks. He pushed his cock against my hole. Not today matey, I thought. I relaxed my muscles and his cock edged in.It was tight going as he forced his cock but soon he got a rhythm gpoing lubricated by one or both of us. My cock esenyurt escort flailed all over the place as his stomach hit my bum.”Do you want me to stop?” he asked.Yes, and get your lovely stiff cock out of there, no, not lovely. “No, keep going!”And he did, banging my arse deep and hard until finally I could feel him tense and new he was about to come.Not in me, damn it! “Come in me!”And he did and as he pumped away I could feel my hole hot and full and a trickle seepiing down my inner thigh. The feeling had the desired effect on my own cock as I shot my load across the floor . Thank the heavens for a wooden floor.As he pulled out and collapsed on the couch, sated, i turned and sat beside him. I had cum up my arse, down my leg and dripping from my deflating cock but I was content as I rested my hand on his once proud member.”I thought you like a bit of cock but I didn’t realise I did” he said”I suppose I have always been somewhat bi-sexual but never really thought about” I replied. ” Definitely didn’t think you were. What a pleasant surprise!””Do this again some time?””Hell yeah!”

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