Wicked step-mother – Part 12


Wicked step-mother – Part 12Sonya was receiving the most unusual introduction to a professional partnership in history. Not only has she been well not quite seduced but invited to sleep with he younger of the partners but was now sitting wearing just knickers and blouse with the said partners mother and sort of mother in law. “This is somewhat surreal though I am finding it rather fun. As I suspect you know I am bi and the idea that you all seem only bothered by what is legal rather than what society thinks is moral is rather exciting.”“I think you have got us summed up and it is one reason why we didn’t just employ you but are open to you becoming a partner.”“Or put simply both Quentin and Crispin want to screw you on a regular basis like they do with our friends. Do you want to stay for dinner. It will be lasagne but very good as amongst our friends are some top of the range caterers who prepared one so that all I have to do is finish it off when Quentin gets home.”“Its tempting but the I need to check with my girls. Well Emma is out for the evening but Diana has been going to a couple of job interviews. Do you mind if I give her a quick call?”They nodded their agreement and Sonya got through. It was clear from the way that her face dropped that all was not well. When she was off the phone Sonya explained.Poor girl has not had a good day. The first interview they were offering rock bottom pay and at the second the interviewer tried fondling her. I think I should go home with her.”During this interchange Quentin had come in and was listening. “An alternative would be that she could join us if she is in London. Apart from our company we have another thing with which to cheer her up.”“Oh please anything.”“I fast-tracked the checks we told you we had to do, that why I am a but late but as I thought nothing concerning came up about Emma or Diana. So we can happily employ both. Actually I will rephrase that we will enthusiastically employ them. I didn’t see the details of the checks because that would be too intrusive but I did see a photo of them you have exquisite taste in girlfriends.”“Oops.” said Stancia. “When you said your girls I thought you meant your daughters.”“Oh no, which is a good job considering our recreations. We are all three very bi but live together though I suppose I do mother them somewhat which is funny as I am not very motherly. Let me call her.”It was quickly arranged and another call was made to Emma telling her the good news. Diana was already in the West End and it was only a few minutes before she buzzed up.Crispin immediately saw what Quentin meant about Sonya’s taste. Emma was petite with wavy dark brown hair and very fair skin. “Welcome my dear forget about the other firms I guarantee you will enjoy working for us more. Now lets enjoy the lovely food and the wine that was recommended by a master of wine. You two can either stay the night or I will send you home in a taxi.”“Quentin, we live in Walthamstow that will be costly.”“Look Sonya my dear. The reason why we set up this firm was so it could be run too our standards. We are going to look after our own and in doing so look after our clients because they will get the best. You would probably be OK on the tube late at night but it would be a pain for you. So its go home in comfort or stay here.”“One bit of me buying into the partnership wonders about profits but you know I agree. Look after each other and we will still do pretty well.”Diana was watching this discussion with interest. “This is going to be the screwiest firm in London putting people before profit. I don’t know what the salary is yet but I accept anyway.”“Believe me screwiest is the right word if that is what floats your boat. By the way if you want to lose some of those formal clothes that’s fine. Sonya has only just got dressed again and as for my mother and Sal.” This idea met with approval and Diana was soon in bra and knickers where as Sal and Stancia were both wearing under-bust corsets and thongs. Sonya had only got as far as putting on her knickers. Diana looked at the others and removed her bra.“Good, Lasagne could so easily of stained that pretty blouse.” said Sal“I know Sonya, Emma and I live together and are fairly casual about clothing but I have never sat and ate topless before. This is so much fun do you do things like this much.”“Oh yes. Are you three doing anything at the weekend?”“I will have to check with Emma but I don’t think so.”“In that case how about coming to my house for the weekend to meet the rest of our bunch of miscreants. I think Ella will still be at Lotus and there is a lunchtime catering job on Saturday but by güvenilir bahis evening all the others will come round.“Are you inviting us to a swinger party.”“More a private orgy amongst friends and for you new colleagues. I will try and get Karen and Owen to come. You will get to know your new colleagues in our own inimitable style”When they had finished the meal they had a kiss and a cuddle bit it was getting late. The two women left in a cab leaving the four of them together..Quentin said that he was tired and so was off to bed leading Stancia with him. “I get lonely on my own Crispin.”“Poor love I suppose whilst Ella’s away I will have to look after you.” Crispin drew the beautiful blond into an embrace and kissed her very thoroughly before taking her towards the spare bedroom where earlier he had been screwing Sonya.“Did you ever think that you would have not one but two women in the same day a few months ago.”.“I doubted I would ever have one let alone two gorgeous and enthusiastic MILF’s. Sonya is fun and I suspect her girls are just the same. Very much our kind of people. One down side hardly any tits to squeeze.” The same could not be said for Sal and Crispin was gently massaging her large soft breasts. Lying on the bed he drew her down so they were both lying on their backs making the breast massage easy. Once he was sure that he was as turned on as her and suitably damp he entered her from behind. The sighs of contentment showed this was well received. The pace started to pick up when his phone rang with Ella’s tone. Sal giggled.“Answer her then, but don’t stop.”“Hello darling excuse me if I am a little distracted but I am fucking a certain wicked lady of our acquaintance.” From the phone and the bed beside him came the same answer ”That’s no lady.. OK I will be quick, we got here I am staying a few days with Livi who is going to paint me and it went without a hitch and oh by the way I love you and Sal.”Ella on Lotus Island was having great fun staying there this time with the Callow family. Olivia now had her own studio and took a number of photos with a very high resolution camera as well as doing a number of sketches. One was a very detailed miniature that Olivia explained was to try out an idea. It was Ella sitting on a beach reading whilst propped up against a palm tree reading a book,.needless to say she was naked. It was a water colour sketch and having scanned a copy Ella let her take it away.Ella was very pleased with herself as she got friendly with a Canadian couple who it turned out were planning to expand their business to the UK. By the time she left they now had London lawyers who would make things a lot easier to achieve. Apart from some new sexual positions Ella was learning other things from Olivia. How to negotiate a deal being one of them. If she was going to predict things it would be Sal who she would have put down as having the soul of a market trader after all she was the grand-daughter of a scrap metal worker, but no, it was exquisitely middle class Livi who was the wheeler dealer by nature.Ella was posing against the palm tree and since her face was complete they could chat.“Feminists would be horrified at your methods of getting a good deal not just charm but you purposefully sleep with you clients.“and their wife’s, daughter’s, sons and husbands. I can afford to refuse any potential client that I don’t like and most of my clients come here either before or after they have got a painting from me. Stop playing with yourself so obviously it distracts me from painting.What fascinated Ella was the way that the Lotus Island resort and Callow Security whilst separate companies owned by different people didn’t always behave that way. The joint involvement in the unofficial NATO security organisation had blurred even further the boundaries already fuzzy because the principals. They were already friends and on frequent occasions lovers. So add to that that Suzanne, Olivia’s mother as well as Lazlo were assistant directors of Lotus Island and it all got very confused. This was resolved by Vicki’s normal informal and relaxed attitude why worry if it was a little untidy they ignored such things.An example of that came when it was discussed about her going home. Geoff, Vicki and her were sitting in Vicki’s sitting room with the ladies cuddled up to Geoff.“It has worked out really well getting Anna here when we did. Your little spy device gave us so much useful info that it would be a shame if it is compromised and then Anna disappeared just as we were made it clear that we had a source.”“What do you mean.” Clearly Vicki and Geoff knew something she didn’t.”“I türkçe bahis suppose it makes sense if you have a clear picture. One of the things we picked up was that a shipment of nerve agent was being smuggled across Poland and Germany by land. Once it was across the German border Bundespolizei pounced and very satisfactory dealt with them. A couple of the miscreants retreated into Poland which did them no good whatsoever as our Polish friends were waiting . All in all a highly satisfactory outcome. One problem we would though is we would really rather they didn’t go looking for a leak. Anna doing a runner pointed them totally in the wrong direction. So as far as I am concerned I would like that young lady to disappear utterly but in an acceptable way. “Well by all reports she doesn’t mind being a cleaner as long as she is with her brother and can spread her legs on a regular basis. Even by our standards she likes sex.”“So an elegant solution but apart from our obvious concern for your welfare Any connection with you would be unhelpful. At the moment all they can find is that Anna talked to another girl on the train. Then got into a hired sports car with that girl and another then totally disappeared Even if they could get into Eurostars records they would find the record of who sat in that seat has somehow got corrupted.”“All we need to complete the process is for you to get back to England equally discretely. Apparently Sal is throwing a party Saturday and would quite like you there. So you get to try out my new jet. Not as big as Vicki’s but can whiz across the Atlantic.”An example of what she meant was that Callow Associate now had their own jet which was housed on Lotus Island. It was as likely to carry Lotus people as Callow. All very confused but it worked. Ella slept most of the flight home as they had had quite a party the previous night The new plane may have been smaller but it had a permanent bed at the rear.When she arrived home she found full party preparations in full swing. All the new members of staff were invited other than Quentin’s secretary who would have been shocked beyond belief at how the party was expected to go. It had been made clear to all that the assumption was that they would stay the night. Now Sal house currently had five large bedrooms but with twenty-two people coming it was going to very interesting for the sleeping arrangements.The lunch booking over the rest of the ‘family’ arrived mid-afternoon having gone via their professional kitchen. A sumptuous buffet was laid out in the dining room. Ella’s contribution had been to bring back a couple of cases of wine chosen by Lazlo from the Lotus Island cellar. One of the ways the resort had diversified was to provide a wine merchants so guest could continue to enjoy the wines.“I think that I will have to chat to Vicki about setting up a London based wine merchants. Its ridiculous flying wines out from Europe for you to bring them back. I look forward to getting to know your friend Lazlo better.”“I can imagine. Also Luc wants meet Nicola and Margaret.”“Who is Luc and why would he when know of us let alone meet us.”“Luc is the chef de cuisine and director of hospitality at the absolutely stratospheric top end resort Lotus Island. It will surprise you but your excellent reputation has reached across the Atlantic. Luc said very nice things about you two and compared you favourably with some well known competitors. Actually he was bitingly witty about the competitors who don’t appreciate their staff”“Ooh I want to meet him. I suppose there is no chance he’s handsome and single is their.”“Actually yes, think of a French version of Quentin debonair and sophisticated and he is not only single but would almost certainly want to take you to bed probably both at the same time. I will see what we can do about a trip to Lotus” said Ella looking very smug.The girls were clearly excited by the prospect and were fizzing even before the party started.Sonya and her girls were the first to arrive. Ella had her them described as such and did wonder knowing that they were not related. It suddenly made sense for though the three of them were lovers their was something akin to motherly protection about them.Ella who had the least to do and so was dressed first was on doorman duty, greeting their guests. Before long she was joined by Sal who looked stunning in a chic but sexy evening dress..Ella kissed her on the cheek.“I do like it when you remind us that you are surprisingly elegant and sophisticated for a Basildon bimbo.”“One does ones best my dear.” This very middle class phrasing was delivered in broad Essex. They both güvenilir bahis siteleri laughed Sal’s ability to switch from Essex to Surrey never ceased to amuse Ella. But tonight she was determined at least whilst her clothes were still on to be the kind of hostess suited to this elegant house that would shortly be extended so it was more a mansion.All the guest arrived without delay and they had aperitif before going in to the buffet. Crispin thought that it looked so normal even though they all knew what was going to happen later. Going up behind Margaret he gave her a hug carefully not to cause her to drop her plate.“You look particularly nice e this evening. I think I the first time I have seen you dressed up.”“I do nice clothes sometimes and thanks to you and Quentin I have recently been able to afford more. I rather like the chance to wear them. I am more used to doing the food at this kind of party than eating it as a guest anyway.”When they had mostly eating they moved to the lounge with its great big corner sofa. Big but for that number of people not big enough. However it did solve the question how to start an orgy. Before it had just happened naturally amongst horny people who knew each other well and were utterly comfortable. This time it was a bit different because quite a few had met for the first time.However Ella sat on Crispin’s lap, Linda on Nicola’s, Sal on Mark’s etc. They had enough natural couples this made sense and of course there were more women than men so some lucky fellows had two. Crispin was one as Diana decided to get to know her new boss an awful lot better. They started with cuddles that became caresses and kisses. It was all going quite slowly but in a relaxed way. Stancia was wearing a strapless dress that was elasticated around the neck Quentin was quite deliberately edging it lower. Sonya came over and sat with them. Inevitable her dress started to descend as well. None of the other girls were being dis-robed but most were having their boobs felt by now either inside or outside their dresses. Inevitably Quentin exposed one breast and then the second for his two partners. This was the cue. Ella’s halter neck was undone and fell down. Sal whose dress was backless was assisted out of the top by Mark. Diana placed a kiss on Ella’s boob before standing up long enough to pull her dress over her head. All the girls got out of their dresses pretty quickly then before turning on the men and stripping them as well. Ella decided that Diana was just her kind of girl and they enjoyed taking turns at Crispin fucking them whilst exploring each others bodies. Ella had wondered whether Sonya and her girls were exclusively Lesbian but no, they enthusiastically swung both waysStu and Ian had clearly formed a relationship with the two sisters totally unconcerned that one of them had once been a man. The quartet whilst not unfriendly kept to themselves but happily switched partners. They had commandeered both the armchairs and were fucking side by side. Ella knew that both girls were only interested in men so that seemed an ideal relationship. Yes they were definitely swapping partners and had done so again.Alex the other trans girl present was only interest in women however and tended to concentrate her attention on her wife, Linda. They had married before Alex transformed and even now she kept her cock as her beloved wife wanted it that way. They tended to keep to each other but not exclusively. Karen was having great fun being shown that where Alex was concerned size definitely didn’t matter she was very able in giving other girls pleasure with her small penis and her loud pleasure whilst bouncing up and down was audible above other such noises.Whilst his wife was busy with Alex and Linda, Owen was enjoying the attentions of Margaret and Nicola. They had changed a lot from two perfectly normal girls working in a partnership doing catering after they got drawn into Alex and Linda’s wedding breakfast turned orgy. The two girls were taking turns to suck his cock whilst the other rubbed her breasts in his face.Ella of course was not a disinterested observer as she was lying on big fluffy rug tribbing with Emma whilst playing with her new improved boobs.Whilst all had sex on and off during the evening in between going back to the buffet. slowly they wound down to comfortable conversation interspersed with at least heavy petting.. Nobody got overly drunk must most could be described as happy in some cases very merry.Ella wasn’t sure where everybody ended up sleeping but she woke up with not just Crispin but Emma and Diana as well. Crispin was dead to the world but the girls cuddled up.“That was a really cool party, Ella” said Diana“Yuh, I have never taken part in an orgy and certainly not with most of my colleagues it was totally wicked.”“Of course it was I it was thrown by my totally wicked step mother”

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