Wife and Her Teen Coworker are Gang-Fucked by Blacks


My wife Sue and I were forty-two years old and living in the South Denver area at the time of this story. We moved there from Kansas City, Kansas for good jobs about eighteen years prior. All our extended family still lives in Kansas City.My name is Ed, and we decided to travel to Kansas City with my wife’s eighteen-year-old coworker named Jessie for the Thanksgiving holiday. The plan was to leave work early and make the nine-hour drive there and arrive mid-evening on Wednesday night. We would be staying at my brother’s home, so we could go over to my parents early on Thursday.Our two kids were in college in California and we couldn’t afford to bring them home both on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids decided to come home for Christmas since it’s a longer holiday.Jessie was with us since she couldn’t afford to travel to her home in Florida. Sue was mentoring Jessie at work and didn’t want to see her be alone for the holiday. They developed a fondness for one another that went well beyond normal workplace boundaries. I met Jessie several times at parties in our home and found her to be quite charming and sexy.We left town at about 10:00 am on Wednesday and the weather was good for the first few hours. Then we ran into a mixture of rain and sleet for the rest of the trip. We had no other problems until it was just getting dark and we were about two hours outside of Kansas City. The car started running very rough and we were concerned about being stuck on the road.I pulled off I-70 into the small town of Junction City to look for help. We drove around in Junction City for a little while but couldn’t find any car shops open on that dark and wet Thanksgiving Eve. Then the worst happened. Our car sputtered to a stop on 5 th Street right next to a park and what looked like an old, abandoned building.It was scary being stuck like that on a dark and stormy night in an unfamiliar city, and what looked like a rough part of town. We had our cell phones, but I didn’t want to call my brother and bother him with our problem since we were two hours away, at least not yet. So, I planned to walk for help and leave Sue and Jessie in the car. Just as I was about to open the door a boy came up and knocked on my window.I heard him yell over the storm, “Hey, mister, do you guys need some help? It’s pretty nasty out. You might want to come with me and my friends to get out of the storm. My name is Nathan, and my friend and neighbor is a mechanic. Maybe we can push your car up under the awning of this old building and call him to see if he can help you.”I rolled down my window and saw a tall, good looking black boy with long dreads who looked to be about eighteen years old. Four of his friends were standing behind him. That didn’t seem like a safe part of town to me, but Nathan appeared to be friendly and sincere. It would be a good idea to get the car at least partially out of the weather to check it out.So, I rolled down my window and said, “Thanks for your help, Nathan. Are you sure it’s no trouble? You guys already look soaked to the bone. Since you’re willing, I would appreciate your help in getting the car under that shelter.”My family and I stayed in the car as Nathan and his friends easily pushed our car up the fifty feet of driveway to the awning which was mostly hidden by evergreen bushes and trees. I got out of the car to thank Nathan and he said, “This is the old, abandoned boys’ and girls’ club and my friends and I know how to get inside. We come here all the time to hang out and have other fun. We can all go in out of the weather and call my neighbor for help.”The boys had obviously already been inside when they saw us out front, so he opened the front door for us to go in. I was still concerned about whether it was safe to be there with what looked like five, Bahçelievler escort bayan big black boys. Then I decided it was our best chance for help in the short term. I got Sue and Jessie out of the car and we followed the boys inside.There is still at least some electrical power to the building and the boys turned on a lamp and a good-sized space heater near the front door. It looked like one of the boys is Hispanic and Nathan introduced him as Carlos. Nathan seemed to be the leader of the group. He introduced us to the other three black boys whose names are Terrell, Jamal and George. After seeing them in the light, I felt better since I saw that they’re clean-cut looking boys. They weren’t a bunch of gang-bangers, at least as far as I could tell.If you saw my wife and Jessie, you would understand why I might have been concerned about that situation. Sue is still in very good shape, even at forty years old. She’s five feet seven inches tall and weighs about one hundred and fifteen pounds, with shoulder-length, natural blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes. She also has very firm and perky D-cup tits and a perfectly shaped ass. As if that wasn’t enough for concern, Jessie is also very pretty. Her tits are a C-cup and her ass isn’t quite as full as Sue’s.We all stood around the space heater to get warm and dry out. Because the boys were wet from pushing our car, some of them took off their jackets and shirts. Some even took off their pants, down to their underwear. I’m not a man who is attracted to other boys or men per se, but I was impressed with how lean and muscular the boys are. I saw that Sue and Jessie were also admiring them. Sue was also openly checking out those big bulges in their underwear and I was hoping that the boys wouldn’t notice that.Nathan was also stripped down to his tight, white underwear. I saw a big, seven-inch soft cock curled around his thigh, along with bulges from his huge balls. Even though his cock was soft, it is very thick. I tried not to stare, but it was hard not to. Some of the other boys were also exhibiting big bulges in their underwear. Jessie was looking at them just as intently as Sue was.I was trying not to panic, but that situation was starting to seem a little suspicious to me. I was worried about Sue and Jessie. But even more than that I was thinking about how Sue might actually be interested in fucking those big, black cocks, due to some of our history early in our married life, as I’ll explain.Sue and I had been swingers for many years, until our children were old enough to be able to figure out what was going on at those parties. Then we reluctantly stopped. My concern stemmed from the fact that as time went on in our swinging, Sue became addicted to bigger and bigger cocks. We were including black single men and black couples in our group, just so Sue could fuck those big cocks. At the same time, because of my little four-inch dick, I was becoming more of a cuckold to Sue and less of a swinger.Toward the end when we decided we needed to quit, I was totally her submissive cuckold. She was exclusively fucking black cocks and I was exclusively sucking those big cocks and swallowing large volumes of cum from those cocks and Sue’s well-fucked pussy. It seemed like the black men have bigger cocks and shot bigger loads of cum than any of the white men we had been with.It took us a while to wean ourselves from all of that sex with those black men, but I don’t think Sue ever really gave up on the idea of fucking black men again someday. And I have to admit that seeing the big cocks on these boys was also making me hungry for semen again. So, with her seeing the big cocks on those boys, I wasn’t sure how she would react. Also of concern, if Sue started fucking Escort Bahçeşehir the boys, then I was sure that they would also fuck Jessie. I didn’t know that much about Jessie, but I remembered Sue telling me that she was still a virgin.There was a lot of noise from all the talking around that space heater. I knew that we should be calling Nathan’s neighbor, so he could be on his way and get us out of there sooner. I told Nathan that we should be making the call and he said, “Let’s go through that doorway to the next room so we can make the call. It’s too noisy in here to be able to hear him.”I followed him into the other room and he closed the door behind us. After getting the number from him, I called his neighbor whose name is Mitchell. I explained the problems we were having and that it seemed like an electrical problem to me. He said that it would take him an hour to get there because he had to finish a repair at his shop before leaving. While I was talking to Mitchell I couldn’t help looking down to check out Nathan’s cock again. It looked like his cock was getting hard and it brought back fond memories of sucking black cocks like that. I was relieved that it would only be an hour.As I started to walk back toward the main room, Nathan held my arm and said, “Wait just a minute, Ed, we need to talk.”I stopped and listened as Nathan continued, “Look, Ed, I just need to find out if you have enough money on you to pay Mitchell for coming over here. You don’t need to pay us boys anything, unless you want to, and we can discuss what kind of payment that might be. But he just got out of prison and he’s trying to make a fresh start. He’ll need payment for taking time away from the shop, so the owner won’t fire him for bringing in less revenue today.”We could have had that conversation in the other room and it seemed like he was purposely delaying me. I was also wondering what he meant saying that we could discuss the payment for the boys. I understood his concern about his friend, so I checked out my wallet. I was so accustomed to using credit cards that I never carried much cash with me. I only had fifty dollars in my wallet.I told Nathan, “I do have fifty dollars in cash and maybe Sue will have more. That’s all I have since I mostly use credit cards on my trips. I know that we don’t know what the problem is yet, but do you think that will be enough?”Nathan thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think a problem like yours will only be fifty dollars. Hell, the service call will be most of that. Maybe he can bring the credit card machine, so you can use your credit card. As far as us boys are concerned, maybe you guys can do something for us.”I didn’t like the implications in his comment so I asked, “What do you mean, Nathan? What would we need to do for you boys?”He smiled and said, “Well, I couldn’t help but notice how your wife and the girl were looking at our lean bodies and even the bulges in our underwear. I even saw you looking at my soft cock both in the other room and while we were on the phone with Mitchell. My point is that my friends and I like having sex with white girls and women. We even like to have white men like you being submissive to us and sucking our black meat.””You must have heard about how a lot of white folks just love our thick, black cocks. So if I’m right about your interest, and I think I am, then it might not be so bad to pay us with a little fucking and sucking. My cock is almost nine inches when it’s fully hard and I’ll bet the women will like it. From the way your wife was looking so hungrily at our cocks, I’m pretty sure that she won’t have a problem with it.”I was surprised at Nathan’s forthright comments and just stood there for a few moments trying to think of what to say. I have Bakırköy escort to admit that the idea of sucking black cocks again was pretty enticing to me. Before I could respond, Nathan continued saying, “I can tell from the look on your face that you want to suck my cock. I might only be eighteen years old, but I have fucked a lot of white faces of men your age who just can’t seem to get enough of my cock and cum.””When I cum in their mouths, they close their eyes and enjoy my big load of tasty black semen. At least they tell me it tastes good and they beg for more. Some of them even arrange for me to fuck their wives just so I’ll let them keep sucking my cock. That’s why we hang out at this abandoned club. A lot of white men and married white couples meet my friends and me here for sex. They usually pay us for making their fantasies of fucking black cocks a reality. But what the hell, I’ll let you suck me for free since I haven’t had any sex for a few days.”It was very tempting to take Nathan up on his offer. I also knew that I wanted to protect Sue and Jessie to the extent possible, and not be too eager to suck him. So I lied and said, “Okay, Nathan, I’m not too happy about the thought of sucking cock for the first time in my life. But I’ll consider sucking you if you promise me that you and your friends will leave Sue and Jessie alone.”Nathan smiled and said, “Fair enough, Ed. You might even find that you enjoy sucking cock, and especially my black cock. Go sit in that stuffed chair in the corner that I usually use to fuck face. I’ll stand in front of you to feed you my cock.”I was happy that it seemed like I would be protecting Sue and Jessie and I moved over to the chair. We were far away from the closed door and I couldn’t hear anything going on in the other room. I was hoping that the women would be safe.Nathan stood in front of me and I reached up to rub his thick cock as it hardened further. I could hardly believe how thick it is and his cock was throbbing in time with his heart beat. His balls are also huge, and I liked the weight of them in my hand. Then I leaned in and mouthed his cock over his underwear. Nathan looked down at me smiling as I leaned back and pulled his underwear out over his genitals and down his legs. His big cock was hanging heavily right in front of me. I then saw that he was uncircumcised, with precum leaking out of his long and thick foreskin. His balls are the size of eggs, hairy, and were hanging down low behind his cock.Seeing that big cock up close, and smelling the musky scent, brought back memories of sucking black cock. I instinctively opened my mouth to take in his precum-soaked cock head while also holding and massaging his balls. I looked up at Nathan as I took that thick meat into my mouth and started sucking.His cock is so thick that I could only get about six inches of it into my mouth at first. But I was soon bobbing up and down on that black meat, with the head entering my throat. I then felt Nathan’s hands on the back of my head as he held me in place and said, “Fuck, man, I can tell that you’ve worshipped black cocks before. You really seem hungry for it and you’ll soon get my load to eat. Suck my balls for a few minutes so I don’t cum too quickly. I want to give my friends a little more time with your wife and the girl.”I didn’t know what he meant with his comment about my wife and the girl, but I was too much in lust to stop sucking him. I pulled my mouth off his cock and held his balls up to suck. I got them into my mouth one at the time and I was enjoying the taste and texture of his scrotum. He was enjoying my sucking so much that he pushed my head back until it was pressed on the backrest of the cushioned chair. Then he got up on his knees on the arms of the chair and pressed his bulging perineum to my mouth. I liked the feeling of being pressed under Nathan like that.He was soon thrusting back and forth, forcing me to suck his balls, perineum and ass as he moved on me. Then he said, “That’s it, Ed, suck my ass. I just love it when men like you worship every inch of my crotch like this. Eat away cock sucker.”

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