Wife Breeding


Wife BreedingFor the past 2 years l’ve been taking my wife Sally to get her fix with other blokes at dogging sites then during the winter she has to go into hibernation due to the men drying up because of the chilly weather, but the beginning of last winter, we tried a few clubs which she nor l really enjoyed, so we joined an online meet club. After an exchange of e-mails and a social meet the guy would book a room and l would take my wife along for them to use in any way they see fit, l had my fun by watching her fucked in every position possible. Sally screamed out as she orgasmed l always insisted, she gets a good fill of spunk so l could fuck her sticky dripping hole after they finished with her. We must have met about 30 to 50 blokes over half were hotel meets some would tie her up for a whipping, some would like to role play **** ripping her clothes off and some just wanted to fuck ‘n’ fill Sally up till then none where more than 4 meets before moving on to the next guy. Then we met Greg who was in his early 70s, we all got on well and my wife has always preferred the mature gent.I knew they would hit it off from the social meet, Greg had her laughing and Sally even moved close to him so he could put his hand on her leg when he got the chance as they chatted, Greg was a decent guy not pushy which l know went down well with Sally, she told me later when she was saying good bye in the carpark their kiss was more than a simple peck on the cheek. Over the next couple of days while waiting for Greg to e-mail us with hotel details, Sally would ask every day if he had contacted us fretting that he had changed his mind then we got an e-mail telling us he had booked a hotel in Dymchurch for the Thursday and would be there at 7pm. I had never seen Sally so nervous on what to wear for their meet, in the end l text Greg asking for his preferences on clothing, he went for the usual stocking and suspenders with the rest being easy to remove. We met Greg in Costa beside the hotel and like always on taking my wife to meet a guy l sat silently as they chatted, when they finished their coffee Greg asked Sally if she would like to see the room l followed a few steps behind.The room was no different from any other hotel room l sat in the corner to watch Greg and my wife embrace, their tongues flicked into each other’s mouths only stopping for Greg to lift her top over her head then it was Sally’s turn she remove his shirt then unbuckle his trousers they slid down his legs, he kicked them and his shoes off, she undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor they continued kissing, Greg unclipped her bra Sally through it to one side and he then eased her knickers over her hips for Sally to wriggle down her legs, Greg took one of her hard erect nipples into his mouth she let out low whimpers, his finger spread her moist pussy lips, 2 of his fingers slid inside her eager hole, my wife gripped his cock that had a glistening head due to pre-cum leaking from his urethral.Greg led Sally to the bed, she lay on her back and he lay by her side they began kissing he slid 2 fingers into her sex juice dribbling pussy to finger fuck her Sally spread her legs wider for Greg to slip 4 fingers into her dripping hole and started to meet the upward thrusts of his fingers, he increased the speed of his finger fucking, Sally’s cries of ecstasy became louder she begged Greg not to stop, she orgasmed calling out ‘ohh, arrr, yeses yeses, oh yes” arched her back by raising her hips into the air. Greg kept his fingers wedged firmly in her pussy as she came down, he leant over to kiss her but Sally was panting so hard his mouth diverted to her tits. Sally didn’t want Greg to stop there she got from the bed and took out her 10-inch rabbit with a 7-inch girth and gel from her handbag then re-joined him on the bed. She gave him a seductive grin squeezed gel onto the head of the rabbit and handed it to Greg, she got on all fours, he switched on the soft rubber sex toy and slid the full length into her pussy so Sally could fuck herself as hard and fast as she wanted. Watching her fucking the buzzing toy got too much for Greg he took the rabbit from her now very wet pussy and got up behind my wife took hold of his cock and began to spread her pussy lips with the head of his cock, once his shaft was over halfway inside her Sally gave a little squeal and impaled herself onto his hard shaft, Greg’s balls slapped against her inner thighs, he held Sally tight and pushed her away then pulled her back onto his cock the pair’s excitement kaçak iddaa began to get loud and for a guy in his early 70s he was giving my wife a run for her money. Sally ordered he give her his load but old Greg wasn’t ready he pulled his cock out, she rolled onto her back, he raised Sally’s legs and buried his cock into her warm inviting pussy, he had my wife Sally wriggling under him as he fucked her then they changed position, she sat herself down on Greg’s cock and began riding him, Sally slowly raised herself up his shaft then lowered her moist pussy to swallow up Greg’s cock, her breathing became fast and deep causing her to start panting as another orgasm began to build sending a shudder through her whole body, she shrieked loudly l thought the people in the next room would bang on the wall, as Sally lay trembling from her rippling orgasm, Greg lay on top of her, she spread her legs knowing what was to come, it was what she had been waiting for from the start. His stiff cock opened her pussy lips and smoothly slid inside her, his balls pressed against the crack between Sally’s legs they kissed as Greg began fucking her, he broke from the kiss and whispered something all l heard was my wife saying ‘oh yesss’, he started fucking her and fucking her hard, groaning like a bear as he rammed his cock in and out of my wives willing juicy hole, she was repeatedly squealing ‘yesss, yesss, yesss’, Greg gave a deep thrust into her pussy and was beginning to fill Sally full of his thick creamy spunk, she gave a loud ‘Arrrrr’ as his spunk flooded herwomb and run down her fallopian tubes. After their romp they lay on the bed exhausted and sweaty, Sally suggested they have a shower, Greg took her hand and they went into the bathroom, l left them on their own as Sally seemed quite happy and contented with Greg. I made a coffee and heard groans of pleasure coming from the bathroom so peeking in l saw Sally sat in the bath with Greg stood over her, she was cleaning his cock with her mouth, l went back for my coffee and a short time later there were louder groans so took another peek this time to see my wife bent over in the bath with Greg’s cock sliding in and out, l loved seeing her so excited it got me so horny, leaving them to it l sat drinking my coffee listening to my wife having orgasm after orgasm. Greg must have given her another filling of thick spunk as they came from the bathroom wrapped in towels Sally dried herself then dried Greg, l noticed she paid particular attention to his cock, once they were both dry they began kissing, her hand was firmly around his cock but even with Sally’s help Greg had trouble getting hard due to shooting his load twice in about 25 minutes even that achievement would be more than l could manage and Greg was in his 70s so they lay on the bed and he began telling Sally more about himself.He was married but the sex with his wife was nil it seemed the men we meet all have the same problem with their wives. They had 2 adult c***dren, his son was in his mid-30s the same age as Sally and Greg’s daughter a few years younger, Sally explain we couldn’t have c***dren as they say ‘l shoot blanks’ but due to meeting so many men she was on the pill, before going Sally worked hard on Greg’s cock to get him hard enough for him to at least get his cock into her still sticky pussy to try fucking her, she didn’t say if he did shoot a third time but they were both happy with the end result. Greg dressed and left as soon as he was out the door l had my wife spread legged on the bed fucking her oh so slimy soaking wet sticky pussy hole to fill with my creamy spunk, she left the hotel a very happy spunk fill used woman. On the way home Sally remark she had to see Greg again and it seems he wanted to see and fuck her again because we got an e-mail the next morning asking could l bring my wife to the same hotel the following week.I took Sally every week for the next 6 weeks to meet Greg, l wasn’t jealous or felt threatened by her wanting his cock, l got so excited seeing my wife taking Greg’s cock in every hole she had, Sally was permitting him to fuck her arse or spunk into her mouth which she had never let any other guy do except Greg and me, it was so hot listening to her screaming when he shot his load inside her. On one meet Greg had been wanking himself off all week and saved his thick spunk in a freezer then at the hotel got Sally to lay naked in the bath after fucking her then poured all the now defrosted spunk he had saved over her face down to her pussy, l franticly kaçak bahis wanked my cock shooting my spunk over her face then left the 2 of them in the bathroom to shower, Sally does like a clean cock so sucked him off before they began their next session.They came out of the bathroom and Sally asked if her and Greg could go to Costa on their own, l was more than happy to let them go together, well it wasn’t as if he was going to fuck her while they were there. When they came back Sally and Greg began undressing each other as they kissed, my wife got to her knees in front of Greg took his cock down her throat l could hear her choking as Greg pulled her head further onto his cock, next he fucked Sally doggy style and she must have enjoyed it as she demanded he shot his creamy load in her hole and Greg did, she screamed out as he held her hips and pumped load after load deep inside her they both flopped forward onto the bed panting, Sally told Greg that his cock fittedher pussy like a glove his cock was hers and her pussy was all his. Greg kissed her neck and rolled onto the bed that day was a short meet as Greg had to take his wife out so he dressed and before leaving he gave Sally £25 to buy something. Like before once he was gone l had her spread legged with my cock filling her hole with my load, Greg may have been in his 70s but he was a heavy cumer and he could get Sally’s pussy juices flowing.On the way home Sally said that Greg asked her to get engaged he had no intention of leaving his wife or her leaving me, he wanted to show Sally how much he loved her because he felt there was a connection between them, Greg wanted to buy my wife an engagement ring to wear, l said they could get engaged as we all got on well and she would often refer to him as her second husband then she dropped the bombshell, Sally wanted Greg to get her pregnant she hadn’t asked him yet but it was something she needed him to do, so there would be 3 in our marriage and 4 should he agree to give her a baby. I didn’t answer straight away but then realised my wife had always wanted a baby which l couldn’t give her and Greg was a nice guy we all got on. A few miles down the road I agreed and told my wife if Greg agrees then lm ok with him getting her pregnant, Sally became excited telling me that Greg and l will both enjoy fucking her when she has her bump. I asked Sally if she wanted to e-mail Greg to ask about them having a baby together but she wanted me to come with her to Costa for support the next time we arrange to see him, so that’s what we did a week later, Greg was sitting at a table in Costa when me and my wife joined him for coffee, l told him l was more than happy they get engaged then said that Sally had something to ask him, my wife took hold of his hand and started explaining that since they get on so well she wanted him to get her pregnant explaining l was more than happy for him to do it, Greg asked if l was sure as he would love to plant his seed in my wife so they could have a little one, l joked lm sure he will enjoy mating with her, Sally interrupted telling Greg she stopped her pill 3 days before their last meet at the hotel and kissed him, now he had agreed l left them to chat and l went to the hotel room.They later came into the room arm in arm with my wife full of smiles, l could see how eager she was to get Greg’s creamy baby seed inside her by the way she was ripping at his clothes to get onto the bed. Sally became obsessed to have Greg’s baby so some afternoons when we knew no one was going to visit Greg would pop around to give her a quick fuck she was always ready for him bathed, naked and lying on the bed, l would show him in and he would disappear into the bedroom, l stood outside the door listening to my wife sigh and shriek, l wanked my cock as Greg fucked and filled her with his load, it took just over 4 weeks before the pee test confirmed Sally was pregnant by Greg. On their next meet he took Sally out for dinner to celebrate him planting a baby in my wife’s belly and that evening Greg slid the engagement ring onto her finger she was so happy at being engaged to Greg and carrying his baby.They had got into a routine of meeting more regular at our house when no one was at home and in hotels, we were all at a hotel meet and after they had fucked each other Sally my wife sat on the edge of the bed with Greg’s spunk dribbling from her pussy, she said Greg and her had been talking and they both think he should have more say on my wife because she was half his and it was his baby illegal bahis she was carrying, l agreed that Greg should have more say as we had a 3way relationship and l was more than happy that he wants a say in what we want my wife to do. Greg said l could fuck my wife and she could wank me off if she asked him first but l was not allowed to shoot any spunk into any of her holes, l asked my wife Sally if she was happy with this and she nodded telling me l will enjoy the sex more if we didn’t fuck so much then they went into the shower.The warmer weather arrived and Sally’s bump began to show, sometimes we would meet Greg at a country park and they would go for a walk so he could fuck and fill my wife in the bushes sometime l would follow to watch, Sally was still loving being fucked by Greg then once he had spunked his load in my wife l would take her home for a fucking and when l began shooting my load it would be over Sally’s little round belly. Sally was about 5 months gone and we went to meet Greg at a hotel, he was sitting with a guy who he introduced as a friend named Eddie, Greg started to explain that he had brought Eddie along to meet my wife because he didn’t believe Greg was engaged to a married woman who he got pregnant so Sally confirmed that Greg was telling the truth, she is pregnant by Greg and married to me. Greg then sheepishly announced that he had also promised his friend Eddie that he could watch him fuck my wife, Sally didn’t mind at all she kissed Greg telling him she doesn’t disobey her husband then kissed me and said ‘either one’, l left to wait in the room. When they came to the room my wife had her arm looped through Greg and Eddie’s arms then when Greg and Sally stood by the bed kissing and undressing Eddie gave her a slap on the bum then sat by me saying ‘she is one sexy girl’ and told me how lucky Greg and l were to fuck such a woman.My wife was stripped and kneeling on the floor licking Greg’s cock like a hungry dog enjoying a bone, she slid her hand up and down his shaft while turning her head to the right then the left, he grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting his cock down Sally’s throat as she gave a few chokes Greg remarked to Eddie ‘she is my wife to use’ and gave a hard thrust into her mouth and held her lips pressed against his balls, Greg released his grip and told Sally to get onto the bed open her legs wide and show Eddie how she fucks herself with the rabbit. Sally took her trusty toy from the side and turned it on then eased the buzzing rabbit into her pussy slowly so everyone got to see it disappear into the dark hole, my wife pressed it against her clit and started letting out low moans at the same time lifting her hips as she now began to fuck herself, her cries became louder, Eddie impressed with Sally’s sex show let out ‘oh fuck’, Greg lay beside her and took the buzzing toy from her and started fucking her with the rabbit which increased her whimpers to screams, Greg slid the glistening rabbit fully from Sally’s moist pussy and got her to lick and suck the rubber sex toy, once the toy was clean he got between her legs and impaled my wife with his cock to start fucking her, they changed position to doggy then for a short time a 69 but when Greg was ready to give Sally what she craved for she was put onto her back and fucked hard till he delivered his thick sticky load deep inside her pussy, when his balls could shoot no more he got from between Sally’s legs spread her pussy lips so me and Eddie could see his creamy spunk at her entrance, Eddie got up for a closer look when out of the blue Greg told my wife to let Eddie fuck her and in a shot he was naked and between Sally’s legs with his cock wedged in her pussy fucking her like a madman, Sally went along with what Greg wanted but by the cries and moans she was enjoying Eddie fucking her anyway, he didn’t last too long and by the ‘thank you, thank you’ my wife got after he emptied his load inside her you would have thought he hadn’t fucked a woman before. Eddie did fuck my wife about 4 more times before she had the baby the best was when she was at 8 months and they had to fuck her doggy because of her belly being so big, Greg managed 3 times fucking and filling her and Eddiemanaged 2 times fucking her over 2 and a half hours, Sally also got a good spit roasting that night, l was allowed to wank and spunk onto her tits.My wife has had the baby and we still see Greg, l go sometimes when they meet but not often, she comes back to me full of his sticky load and they are planning to have another baby next year. I don’t know how Greg does it, but my wife their baby and him have even been on holiday he never says what he tells his real wife why he disappears for a week at a time.

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