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Wife Jerks Husband in His Own Mouth – CEIShe caught him. She got home early from the gym and heard a voice in the bedroom, so she walked up to see what it was. What she saw shocked her, though she couldn’t exactly say why. She walked into the room and her husband was completely naked on the bed, with his legs flipped over his head, jerking off with his cock pointed straight at his open mouth. She knew exactly why. On the computer, a female voice was instructing him to do it, to build up a load and cum in his mouth. “I really want a big mess for you to eat up” the voice said. “You haven’t cum in 5 days, imagine how big that load’s going to be, how thick. And it’s all for you”. “Now we’re almost done building up that load that you’re about to shoot in your mouth, and I bet you can hardly wait any longer. I know you want it, and don’t worry, I’m going to give it to you”.She panicked; she wasn’t supposed to see this, to see him like that, in that position, doing what he was about to do. Without saying anything she left the room. Just as she was walking out, he saw her leave. He immediately got out of the compromising position he had been masturbating in and rushed to close the computer. Why had she left? They both wondered what had happened exactly. His heart was beating franticly; he was blushing and profoundly ashamed of having been seen pleasuring himself in this position. He often masturbated like this, he had since he was a teenager, but never in front of her. She didn’t know he regularly tasted himself. And her, she didn’t know exactly how she felt, nor why she left the room instead of joining him. She was taken by surprise. She had not been expecting this, even though he had given her many hints. He had sent her a letter, describing how he wanted to eat her after they had made love. A creampie is what he had called it. And they had done it. She had did as he had asked her, had put on a crotchless bodysuit and had taken him deep in her until he unloaded. She had then gently pushed his head down to “clean up his mess”. That was a few months ago, and they hadn’t done anything in that vein since. To be honest, she hadn’t really thought about it, and the few times she had, it had made her feel nervous, like a pressure to perform, to play a role she wasn’t exactly sure how to play. She wasn’t sure what words to say. Actually, she had almost gone through with it a second time. They were over at her parent’s house for a family meal, he was in the kitchen, preparing vegetables and with the confidence of two glasses of wine, she walked up behind him, grabbed his balls through his shorts and asked him if “they were full”, because she was going to “wear her suit tonight”. She hadn’t. She fell asleep as soon as they got home and he was left with a humiliating frustration; with an aching frustration that he refused to release himself. He wouldn’t masturbate, he wouldn’t cum by himself; he would wait for her to come through with her offer. This orgasm denial he was imposing on himself was both a punishment for his “humiliating” craving, and a way for him to cave in to it. Wasn’t he going through this frustration just to build a bigger load? Yet he wished he didn’t have this desire. He didn’t want to impose this on her, but he was somehow powerless over it.For five days he waited. He didn’t make any explicit moves on her, and he definitely didn’t ask her to wear her bodysuit. It had to come from her. He felt like she owed his this much after not going through with her dirty talk.But after five days, he couldn’t take it anymore and he decided he would indulge in his fetish without her, in secret. He put on a “cum eating instruction” video and proceeded to edge himself for as long as he could before finally getting a taste of what he was longing for so badly. A big taste, he hoped. All by himself…That’s when she walked in. He got fully dressed and went downstairs to see her. Why did he get dressed? He obviously wasn’t going to çankırı escort pretend he hadn’t been doing what she saw him do. How was he going to explain this to her?She was in the fridge, acting busy. “Hi” he said. “Hi” she answered. She couldn’t look at him. Not that she was mad or anything, she just didn’t know what to say, how to act. This was awkward to say the least. “I’m sorry” he said.“Don’t be, it’s ok, you can do what you want” she replied, not coldly, but not lovingly either. She didn’t want to be dismissive, she wanted him to know she respected his privacy, his “hidden desires”, that she wasn’t going to get in the way of them. What he wanted her to say was that he better still have his balls full, because it had given her an idea. What he wanted her to say was that he would be assuming that exact position tonight, in front of her. That she was going to feed him, she was going to milk his cock directly in his own mouth. But first, she would worship his cock like it deserved. She would make sure he got a mouthful. He just wait, hmmmm.He knew exactly what he wanted her to say, and her, she was desperately trying to find the right words. If only she had known what he wanted her to say, she wanted nothing more. “Help me out here!”. “You know the other day at your parents. What you said”. He was to shy to actually repeat the words. “Well I’ve been thinking about it since. I was devastated when you fell asleep. It was the first time you actually took the initiative with my… secret desire, and then you backed off, without even making up for it”. “I know, my love, I’m sorry. I was tipsy, and I wanted to do it, but I was so tired by the time we made it back home, and then the moment had passed”“For you, maybe!”“For me, yes. You should have asked me!”“I find it a bit humiliating to ask you to do it. I don’t want you to think it’s something I really want to do. I like to pretend that you make me do it, that I have no choice”“But you do want to do it, no? Weren’t you just about to do it when I walked in on you?”He blushed and looked down. She saw an opportunity.“Honey, what is it? I’m not sure I quite understand what you were doing on our bed just now. What exactly were you doing?”“I was masturbating”“That I understood, but why were you flipped over like that?”“You know why” (She did)“Is it because it brings blood to your head? Does it feel better like that?” she teased.“No, it’s not that”“Then what is it? Why would you flip yourself over and have your cock pointed at your face like that?”He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Looking shocked: “Oh my god! I know what you were doing. You were going to cum directly in your mouth weren’t you?”He admitted it. “Yes, I was”“Were you going to eat it? Were you going to swallow your load?”“Yes…”“Oh love, you’re a kinky one, aren’t you? How long has it been since you came?”“Five days”“Oh my, you were in for quite a treat, weren’t you?”He didn’t answer, but he wanted to say yes. He wanted to admit how badly he craved it.“I think I can arrange something for you. Could you show me the video you were looking at? I’m curious to see what turns you on, what you like to hear. One thing I know now is how, or should I say where like to cum”“I guess it’s not a secret anymore”“I’m guessing you’ve… came like that before?” she askedThis was both so arousing and humiliating, to have her peek into his secret little fantasies. “Many times, yes”“Oh you’re a lot more into this than I thought, jerking off like that in your own mouth. Now, show me the video you were watching”They went upstairs. He opened the video.“Press pause”, she said. “Before you begin, I want you to show me how exactly you will come. Get in the position for me, I want to see” So he did. In front of her. When he got into this position alone, it felt intimate, he was overtaken by his own body, by both the immediate pleasure he was giving himself and the anticipated pleasure çorum escort of his reward to come. But with her watching, it felt submissive and slightly perverse.She went to her drawer and took her bodystocking and an eye mask. She slowly got undressed. Completely nude, she walked over to him, pushed his legs down on the bed, pinned his thighs down and straddled his face. He was fully erect. “I think you’re looking forward to your treat” she teased. He was licking her, wondering whether she was going to put on her bodysuit. She had taken it out. Was it for creampies only, or was it for cumeating in general? She got up, covered his eyes with the mask and suddenly he couldn’t see a thing. His cock was throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. His mouth was very literally watering. He heard some noise, she was walking around in the room. Was she putting on the suit? And then the voice emerged out of the darkness.“I am so in the mood for a little cumeating. But I’m not talking about me. Oh no, no, no. I’m talking about you. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You know why you’re watching this video, and you know what I’m going to make you do. But first, let’s make sure those balls are completely full”The voice was going to tell him how big the load was going to be, and how badly he wanted to eat it. It would tell him to wait until the countdown, which was 13 minutes away. “Assume the position”, the voice would say when the time came to accomplish the deed, to finally release straight into his waiting mouth.Through the darkness came a soft caress. Her wife’s supple, heavy breasts against his thighs, moving up lightly against his shaft. She wasn’t wearing the suit. She was completely naked while a voice in the room told her husband to eat his own cum. Her warm mouth pressed against his. She spat in his mouth and her tongue dove in swirling around his. “Start stroking” the voice said. “Slowly at first; you’re not cumming now. First we have to build a nice load. Isn’t that what you want? A big creamy load just for you?”His hand reached for his hard cock, but his wife pushed it away and pinned his arms to the bed. This was torture. All he wanted was to touch himself, give himself some pleasure. He had been waiting for so long.He felt her body slowly run down against his chest, her hair lightly brushing his skin. And then bliss. Her wet tongue licked from the balls to the tip and her warm, wet mouth took his head completely. With one hand, she grabbed his balls.“Oh baby, let’s fill these up”. She sucked him as he lay on the bed. Her tongue swirled around his head, she kissed his male flesh passionately for ten minutes as the voice was giving instructions. He would sometimes stop her, because he was too close, so she would bring him to the edge and stop, fondle his balls, lick the base of his shaft and slowly work her way back to the head, kissing it passionately. She understood that making sloppy oral love to the head of his cock would fill his balls completely. She got lost in lust. As time went by, she became less and less sure of who this voice was talking to. Was it talking to him, or to her? They were both silent. He couldn’t see anything, but he felt her wonderful mouth and heard the sexy voice saying all these naughty, dirty things he would have to do. In front of his wife. “Does your wife know what a cumslut you are? I bet she couldn’t swallow a load as big as the one you’re about to shoot directly into your mouth. You like cum more than she does and you’re about to get quite a treat. And you know there’s no going back. You know you want this. It’s our little secret”These words. He was blushing. She came up to his ear. She whispered:“Do you think it’s true? Do you think your five-day load is too much for your little wife to handle? Do you think your going to be able to handle it? Your secret is out, honey”And the voice ordered him to get into position.“I guess we’re about to find escort bayan out”This was happening.She helped him flip his legs over his head and grabbed his cock, making sure it was pointed straight at his mouth.“How big do you think your load is going to be, love?” she asked?“I know it’s going to be huge, I can feel it”“Hmmm. Good. Are you close?”“I can barely hold it back” he answered.“You can’t see, but I have the head of your cock pointed directly at your mouth. It’s glistening with my saliva, throbbing, almost ready to erupt thick ropes of warm, wet, fresh, salty sperm”The countdown began from ten. There was no going back now. She would have to time it perfectly. She stroked him very slowly. His cock was a sloppy mess. He couldn’t believe what was happening. In their conjugal bedroom, on their conjugal bed, a naked wife held her naked husband’s cock and pointed it toward his face waiting for the voice’s permission to let him ejaculate his entire load directly into his open mouth.His thoughts were rushing, confused. As the distance between the pleasure he felt and the pleasure he anticipated shrank, and shrank “three… two…” he was feeling chaos inside. He wanted to live the moment, to see the moment, to wait for the moment. “One”. The moment was almost there. He was almost there. “Shoot it. Shoot your load”He was almost there. It was going to be so big. Seconds before tipping over the edge, the head of his cock was engulfed in a wet warmth, and he collapsed into his orgasm. Spasm after spasm, time stretching, his mind crossing dimensions and his cock releasing his warm cum.She had become less and less sure of who the voice was talking to. “Do you think your five-day load is too much for your little wife?” She hadn’t put on the suit, hadn’t she? As the countdown began, she knew this load was for her. She was going to take in her mouth. At the count of one, she bent over and took the head of his cock in her mouth, waited for the moment as it swelled. It was about to happen. The voice had spoken of craving the semen, her husband and her had just talked about how big it was going to be. She wasn’t just going to swallow, she was going to swallow a load that had been built-up for a cumslut. It was a purposeful load of cum. Now, she wanted it. She was going to be the cumslut. And he erupted. She felt it against her tongue. She tasted it, felt the warmth, the thickness. After the fifth spasm, her mouth was filling up. He shot six more.What was happening? From the depths of the darkness he was overtaken with pleasure. His mind, neither here nor there, couldn’t quite grasp what was happening, what was supposed to happen and after his last spasm, coming back to himself, he felt his wife’s mouth sucking, and her hand pressing down on his shaft to milk every last drop of cum. The voice stopped. The video was done. She sucked the last drops out and gently pushed his legs back on the bed. She took off his eye mask. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust. She was holding both her breasts in her hand, her mouth was shut tight, her cheeks slightly blown. She had a naughty look in her eyes. He was about to say something, but she took her finger and put it against his lips. She leaned in towards his face.“Oh my god, is she going to kiss me with her mouthful” he thought. The craving definitely wasn’t as strong as it had been just a few moments earlier, but it was still there. Her cheek brushed against his, as her mouth came next to his hear. He heard her swallow. She put her face next to his and whispered:“Holy fuck, that was a lot. So much cum”He could smell it on her breath. He kissed her deeply, trying to get a taste, wanting to thank her for this.She continued:“I guess your wife can handle your five-day load. This was your punishment for not telling me about this position you pleasure yourself in. And it was my punishment for not going through with my creampie treat the other night. We’ve both been bad. I think I got what I deserved, don’t you? Now if you’re a good husband and eat my pussy good, I promise the next load is yours. I’ll make sure to jerk you straight into your mouth next time I suck you off, in seven days from now. Now be a good husband and eat me good, I’m dripping wet”

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