Wife Susan with Lover Paul – First Encounter


Wife Susan with Lover Paul – First EncounterThe following events occurred when my wife Susan was still my girlfriend, she was 24 and I was 27 at the time of this story. Some of you probably have heard stories or have come across your partners saying this line, ‘we are/were just friends, nothing happened’. In my first story ‘Getting the Truth Out’, I told of how I made my wife confess about fucking the “nothing happened” person, and I mentioned about sharing a few stories. This is the story of my wife Susan and her lover Paul the “nothing happened” person fucking for the first time. My wife has had a few lovers some of which are before Paul, however, I will start with Paul, as he is the owner of the t-shirt that featured in my first story and the one that prompted the start of the confessions. This is the story of them fucking for the first time as told to me by my wife. I have decided to write the story in the first person as opposed to the third person so as it will be like she is telling you the story herself. Should you not like this style of writing let me know in the comments and I shall change the style of writing, anyways here it goes, Enjoy.Paul and I met on WeChat, Paul is a European and is in his early 30’s. We exchanged messages for a few days and he was charming so I decided to go out with him on a date and I gave him my address. During the message exchanges we had in the days leading up to when Paul showed up at my door, we also had exchanged some pictures. When I saw Paul’s picture for the first time I knew I had to have him inside me, so on the day that Paul came to pick me up, I made sure he got the message that I wanted him to fuck me by wearing bahis siteleri a low-neck top accompanied by a very short skirt. Since I wanted to be fucked so badly by Paul I intentionally did not wear panties so he could have easy access.Seeing me dressed that way Paul got the message and he took me on a little drive to a secluded beach just outside of the city. When we arrived at the beach, he parked the car under the shade of a raintree facing the ocean. He got out, walked to the front of the car, and stood there facing the ocean. I got out, went, and stood next to him. He then used remote locking to lock the car and without a word grabbed my hand, and led me down to the beach. We walked around some rocks until we came to a little sandy sport on the beach. He then stopped turned around, pulled me closer to him and kissed me right on the lips, I responded and we got tired up in a hot passionate kiss. As we were kissing, I could feel my pussy getting wet and I put my arms around his neck pulling him to me. He broke off the kiss and started to undress me right there on the beach. He removed my top and bra and removed my skirt. He then stripped away his clothes and laid me down on the sand, he probably wanted to fuck me so bad, as his cock was already hard. I laid on the sand open my legs spread open and rubbing my now wet pussy while looking at him. Paul stood over me, took in the view for a few seconds then he knelt between my legs, placed the tip of his hard cock at the opening of my gaping pussy, laid on top of me and started kissing me. Working his way from the right to the left, he started by kissing my breasts, licking and sucking each nipple and canlı bahis siteleri then moving up kissing my neck and finally his lips met mine and we started kissing. He was ferociously kissing me and I was responding with the same ferocity. While I was carried away with the intensity of our kissing, Paul unexpectedly with one hard thrust, shoved his entire big fat white cock into my wet black pussy, although his big white cock was too much for my pussy to take it all at once it slid in easily as I was so wet. He took me by surprise that I bit his lip. Paul broke off the kiss and pulled his head away, then he wrapped his arms around me hugging me, and started fucking me hard and fast. Paul’s big white cock was a tight fit as I could feel it pushing against the walls of my pussy and stretching my pussy and he was fucking me. I was in heaven and was moaning loudly as Paul’s big white cock rapidly slid in and out of my pussy, at that point I did not care that we were outdoors and that anyone could hear me or that anyone could emerge from the rock’s where we came from or from the nearby bushes and see us fucking. Paul was pounding my pussy so fast that I was gasping for air. Soon I could feel Paul’s big white cock growing inside my pussy, stretching my pussy, as he was close to shooting his load. Paul felt that he was close to cumming and hugged me tighter, burying his head in the area between my left neck and shoulder and lightly biting and kissing it as he continued to fuck me hard and fast. Instincts set in and I also wrapped my arms and legs around him, hugging him tightly and pulling him into me, I lifted my head slightly off the sand and pressed canlı bahis my chin in the area between his left neck and shoulder and wrapping myself tightly around him. Then I head Paul grunt as I felt his big white cock throb he started to full me up with his cum. I could feel Paul’s seed spouting from is big white cock and coating my pussy with each thrust, he made.After what seemed like forever, Paul’s ejaculations subsided however he was still hard so he continued to slide in and out of my cum soaked pussy for a few more minutes until he got soft.My arms and legs around Paul finally relaxed, although my arms still around him my legs dropped to his side. Paul then relaxed his embrace, moved his head up looked into my eyes and kissed me deeply and we started kissing again. Paul then kissed me down to my breast and gave me a hickey on my left breast. He then pulled out his cock and got up. He gave me a hand in getting up and hand in hand, we made our way the sea to wash off. While waking to the sea I could feel Paul’s seed flowing out of my pussy and running down my thigh. After washing off in the sea we got dressed, got in the car and drove back to the city. On the drive back, Paul reached over and started to rub my pussy, my pussy was still paining from the pounding I just received however naturally I spread open my legs and he slid one finger into my pussy and started to finger fucked me in the car while he was driving. It did not take long until I felt my pussy convulsed as I started squirting, spraying the inside of his car, he continued to finger fucked me until my orgasm subsided. He had a huge smile on his face as he pulled his finger out of my pussy and pointed to the glove compartment. I opened the glove compartment and saw a tissue box. I used the tissues to clean myself up as he drove me home.That day I fell in love with Paul and his big white cock and became Paul’s bitch.

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