Wife Who loves Strangers Pt. 21

Female Ejaculation

This is a story about a wife and a husband fifteen years her senior. Sex and thrills were not their problem, but his wife’s inability to behave with strangers was. She always wanted to let loose and let strangers take her, but she was afraid. She also confided in her husband that she wanted to be used and abused and taken, so he decided to make that happen without her knowledge.

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Wife Who Loves Strangers

Part Twenty-One

Things go well with secrets all around

After having a great fuck with Deborah in my office, I told John I would be going home early and left but I wasn’t going home, I was going to the warehouse Deborah gave me the keys too. I arrived and started to evaluate the place for my needs, the front was unassuming although you could see it was kept painted and clean at one time, but now it just blended into its surroundings. The front wall had two glass doors going into a showroom of office area, another man door on the other side and a big truck garage door in the center.

Inside the glass doors was a type of showroom with couches and coffee tables, racks with binders, sample wood and flooring options, and some sales offices. Apparently, you could come here and design your remodeling project from here and they would ship everything to your contractor. Walking further towards the rear beyond the offices there was a door leading into what looked like the warehouse area, but well lit and some sample bathroom displays, then beyond them an area to pull trucks in for loading and shelving as far as I could see. This was going to fit my needs perfectly, so I got to planning out Airy’s adventure into being well used by stranger’s cocks.

I called my contractor and told him to meet me at my home in an hour, so I could get extra keys made for him and sketch out what I wanted done. I then headed to the local hardware on my way, had the keys made, and pulled into my driveway only to find an empty house. I looked out the back sliding doors and there on the patio was Airy naked, Barbara also naked on her knees between Airy’s thighs, and both lost in what they were doing. I decided to have a little fun, so I stripped and silently approached the from behind Barbara, with Airy having her eyes closed and moaning, neither of them saw or heard me coming.

Watching Airy getting her pussy eaten, and the cute noises she always made during such an event, always got me rock hard and today was no different. I knelt behind Barbara and lined up with her obviously lubed asshole and shoved my cock into the hilt. Barbara being a professional only skipped a few beats before returning to her task.

“Miss Airy, Masters home and he’s horny.”

“Now how would you know he’s horny Barbara?”

Airy then lifted her sunglasses and opened her eyes to see me fucking Barbara’s ass, and she just chuckled at me.

“Doesn’t Deborah give you enough of that at work?”

“A man can never have too much ass to fuck.”

“Well, as long as you save some for me, the doctor gave me the clean bill and OK to resume our lives this morning.”

“Barbara, make her cum so I can switch places with you. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear her say that.”

“Yes Master, whatever you want.”

Barbara went into overdrive on Airy’s cunt, licking, sucking, and even nibbling on her clit. It wasn’t long before I heard those familiar squeaks and Squeals only my wife could make, and it just made me harder listening to her.

“Yeah Barbara, make me cum, just keep on sucking and nipping at my clit. Oh, Fuck that feels so good.”

“That’s right Barbara, suck on her sweet pussy until she sprays all over your face.”

“Yeah, oh yeah, that’s it, Fuck, suck me Barb, I’m Cumming.”

“Now get out of the way Barbara, I’ve been waiting a long time to fuck her pussy again.”

I pulled out of Barbara’s ass, and she pulled away from Airy’s pussy, and I wasted no time taking that pussy all the way up to my balls. She was still recovering from her orgasm when I started power fucking her.

“Yeah Woman, you just keep Cumming as I fuck that wonderful pussy of yours.”

“Oh, you feel so good inside me, please fuck me like you haven’t had any for a while.”

“Oh, you can count on that, now you just enjoy what your husband is giving you.”

It wasn’t long before she erupted into another orgasm, clamping down on my cock with her strong pussy muscles which caused me to spurt and fill her not recently used pussy with my seed. When I finished, I heard someone applauding and I turned my head to see my contractor standing in the doorway.

“Would Şerifali Escort you like to reschedule our meeting; you seem to be otherwise occupied.”

“No, I think Airy’s had enough for now, besides I need a break before round two. Let’s go to my home office and talk.”

Before I could pull up my pants, there was Barbara on her knees sucking my cock clean.

“Wow, you seem to have a magnetism I was unaware of.”

“Oh, stop it I’ll explain later.”

When Barbara had finished cleaning me, she pulled up my pants and buckled my belt and zipped me up. I gave her a kiss on the head and thanked her and headed to my office.

“Well, are you going to fill me in on your personal cock cleaner, or do I have to ask Airy?”

“I inherited her in a hostile takeover. She was kept as a sex slave for decades and we’re trying to bring her back to reality.”

“And you do that by her sucking your cock? Boy, I need to be in your line of business.”

“Well, if you impressed, know that there is nothing she’s not trained in except for acting like a normal human being. And I could set you up with her, but you must do few things for me first.”

“What would you like done?”

“First and foremost, none of what we discuss and do is shared with anyone else, especially Airy.”

“OK, now I’m intrigued, what’s going on.”

“I’m going to give you an address to a warehouse with sales office, and I want you to outfit it to my exact descriptions. The office in the rear is the biggest and that’s where I want you to work. Build a large industrial looking wooden bed with only a mattress on top. Each foot should be made of 4×4 lumber with steel shackle loops on each. Nothing fancy or pretty, I want it to look menacing. I want that at the far end from where the bathroom is located and directly in between I want a steel shackle bolted to the floor. Make nothing hidden, I want all these shackles to be visible. On the center shackle I want an attached chain leaving movement from the bed to the bathroom, but not to the door.”

“Who are you kidnapping?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a game, a game I aim to win.”

“How quickly do you want this done?”

“You’ve got two days to complete it and bring the key back to me.”

“Just two days, well that’s a tall order.”

“Well, let me give you your down payment. Barbara, would you please come in here?”

“Is she always at your Beck and call?”

“Pretty much.”

“Yes Master, how can I serve you today?”

“Would you take Mr. Thompson out to the pool and suck and fuck him until he can’t cum anymore, please?”

“I would be happy to Sir. Come along Mr. Thompson, let me make you feel good.”

After they left my office, Airy came slinking in. She had that look when she wants to find something out but won’t come right out and ask.

“What did your friend do to earn a spin with Barbara?”

“Oh, he does work for me at the corporation, and he does a pretty good job, so I thought since he saw us, I might give him a treat”

“And does he do anything special at work for you?”

“No, he just takes care of odd jobs that come up during my business. I hear you been helping in the mortgage company.”

“What do you mean by helping my dear?”

“I saw Deborah’s new work attire, and although I approve, John wants the skirts shorter.”

“If they were any shorter, there wouldn’t be any reason to wear them at all.”

“I’m sure John would approve of that also.”

“Oh, he would.”

“That’s a fact. So, what else have you been up to, beings you’ve been out of circulation for so long?”

“Well, a little of this and that, you know just stuff.”

“Then why do I get that feeling your fingers are into a lot more than you’re letting on?”

“You’re just to suspicious, you should be more trusting.”

“Darling, I am completely trusting, and I trust you to be you. Should I check the credit card purchases to prove it?”

“Now, that would be like peeking at your Christmas presents two weeks early. Why would you want to do that?”

“I won’t my love, I just wanted to see your expression and now I know as much as I need to dear.”

“Well, don’t work too hard, I expect a full and intense fucking tonight.”

“You never have to ask me twice for that my love, now go and let me get some work done.”

I immediately called John at work to warn him that Airy was probing to find things out and to make sure he was running a tight ship. Also, to make sure Deborah was to say nothing about the warehouse keys she brought to me. He was happy for a reason to go see Deborah and assured me his ship had no leaks. I also had him contact our security guy that was doing the cameras and mics in the mortgage company and told him to arrange he sets up the same in the big office at the warehouse, but this time with just the feed available to me and me only. Then I called our local sex specialty shop that we have dealt with extensively, and ordered 8 locks with the same key, two leather wrists scoffs and two ankle İstanbul Escort cuffs, one leather belt with tie down loop, along with four lengths of menacing looking black chain. Now everything was put into motion except contacting two more people, Super boy and Fat boy from her first forced sex experience. When I got ahold of them, I told them to bring four more Well Endowed friends for this day and night of fun with Airy.

I had prepared just about everything except for getting earplugs, a dildo gag, so I went shopping for the rest of the items. I had planned on a regular blindfold mask, but I found something that looked like what swimmers wear but totally blacked out lenses and I chose them. This was going to be a period of total sensory deprivation for her, hopefully heightening her sexual pleasure, with a little bit of the unknown thrown in for good measure. Now I had to plan out the situation so this would all seem real to her, and I thought if I sent her on an errand, it could work but the errand had to be believable, so, I went home to set it up. To make it believable, I would have to draw her in and almost volunteer to run this errand for me, but what situation would spark her into doing so. I figured it would include going to see John, but about what. I still had a couple days to figure it out and plan it, so I just headed home.

I walked in the house and Barbara was there to meet me at the door, wearing a full-length summer dress with front buttons from hem to neck, but what got my attention is that her tits were sticking straight out like an eighteen year old and her nipples were prominent.

“Welcome Home Sir, how was your day?”

“It went well, and may I ask what you’re wearing this afternoon?”

“Miss Airy though you would like this dress she bought for me.”

“I do like it, Barbara. Speaking of my wife, where is she?”

“She had to run out and told me to wear this and relieve any stress you might have when you returned.”

“She told you that did she? Well, let me drop my stuff in my office and meet me out back on the patio and I’ll take a closer look.”

I went to my office and phoned John to see if she was there.

“John, it appears after questioning me my wife has suddenly had a reason to run out. My guess is she is headed your way.”

“Yes sir, I am aware of that. She was here in my office and how she’s over at the mortgage company.”

“Did she try to question you?”

“Oh yes, she tried but she was beating around the bush, so she got no real answers from me.”

“Apparently, she doesn’t want me coming back, she left instructions with Barbara to do whatever is needed to relieve my stress. Are you confident Deborah won’t say anything about the warehouse property?”

“Relieve your stress? Man, you have one hell of a life. But yes, I made sure Deborah knew not to say anything about the inquiry or dropping off the keys. She knows it is to be 100% on the QT. By the way, you’ll be hearing from Helen shortly.”

“What does she need, do you know?”

“Yes, she heard about your performance in your office with Deborah, and she wants to caution you about doing such things on this side of the building.”

“Yeah, I thought about that afterwards, but when Deborah strips right in front of you, what is a man to do?”

“Don’t use that as an excuse to Helen, she’ll go tell Debbie to keep her clothes on and nobody wants that.”

“Understood, well I’m going to go relieve some stress, so I’ll talk to you later.”

“What an amazing life and wife you have.”

“Yeah, everybody can’t be me.”

After I dropped my purchases in my desk, I went and made myself a drink and went out to the patio to find Barbara kneeling there next to a chair.

“Barbara, you are allowed to sit in chairs you don’t have to kneel when you wait.”

I’m sorry sir, would you like me to sit now, or stay on knees now that you’re here?”

“I would like you to stand up so I can see your new dress.”

“Yes sir, anything you want.”

“Your breasts are sticking straight out, and I can see your nipples through the dress. What are you wearing underneath?”

Miss Airy bought me this 1/4 Cup bra and panty set, and the panties have holes in them for easy access.”

“And why do you have every button done?”

“Miss Airy told me you would adjust them to where you thought it looked best.”

I undid three buttons on the top leaving it open to the button just below her bra and folded each part inside the dress showing all her cleavage down to the center part of her bra. I then knelt and unbuttoned it up to the one laying on her pubic bone.

“Now, would you take a short walk away and back for me?”

She was sowing an amazing amount of cleavage, and for an older woman it was quite impressing, and as she walked the bottom of the dress would kick open just below the bottom of her panties, and I could only wait to see what happened in a light breeze.

“That looks beautiful Barbara, but I have two questions. First did Airy also by you Ümraniye Escort black thigh high stockings and do you have a pair of black heels to go with this outfit?”

“Yes sir, she bought me both. Would you like me to go and put those on?”

“I would like that very much dear.”

While she was upstairs putting on those items, I called my security installer and asked him about the cameras in the mortgage company. He said they were installed last night, and he was just completing setting up the recording drive in my office. I asked him how long before I could view it live, and he gave me a web address and password and told me the online part was already up and running. I thanked him and opened my laptop to look at what was going on. I was amazed by what I saw, the entire staff were young women dressed in the same manner as Deborah, in professional sexy outfits, and then I saw Deborah and Airy walking across the office looking at something on a tablet. Well now I know what Airy’s been spending money on, because there is no way all those women bought the same type of clothes, she must have outfitted them all. Just then Barbara came back downstairs, so I shut down my laptop and turned my attention back to her.

“Now that looks absolutely fabulous my dear, how do you feel wearing pretty things other than lingerie?”

“To be honest with you, panties were an adjustment due to not wearing them for so many years, but I like wearing pretty dresses and sexy underwear, it makes me feel good.”

Well, I’m glad Barbara, we want you to feel pretty and sexy and not just a whore to fuck when anyone wants to.”

“Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I am still here for you to fuck in any hole you want.”

“I didn’t misunderstand dear, I just wanted to tell you we want you to be that and more.”

“I did want to talk to you about that, if it would be alright?”

“Barbara, you don’t have to ask permission to ask a question. You live here now, and we are you family in this house, so ask me your question.”

“It’s not really a question, its more of a statement then a question. I wanted to thank you and Miss Airy for taking me in, treating me nice, and making me feel at home here, even giving me a room next to yours. But I wanted to ask to one thing. Why did you do this and what are you continuing to do these things like buying me clothes and making me feel pretty?”

“You really don’t know? Look dear, every woman deserves to have nice clothes and feel good about themselves, and that includes you. After destroying your home life with making Mel go away, I just wanted to help you because none of what happened was your fault. So, we brought you here so you didn’t have to worry about what would happen to you, and we enjoy seeing you happy, plus your very good at relieving stress.”

“Thank you so much for saying that, but I was just worried about the future.”

“What is worrying you, Barbara?”

“It’s like I’m living in a movie and I’m worrying about the end. I thank you both for everything, but someday I’m going to have to get a job and support myself, aren’t I?”

“Listen to me Barbara, as long as Miss Airy and I are here, you are welcome to stay here, this is your new home. If in the future you want a job, either one of us can get one for you, but that is your choice to make, nobody will ever tell you to go get a job.”

“Are you sure about that sir because I really have no skills and I would have to start learning something if I had to work in the future.”

“Yes, I am sure and if you want to ask Airy the same question, she’ll give you the same answer.”

“Yes, I already did earlier today, and she said the same thing.”

“Then stop worrying about it, we are all together here and you’re not going to be left behind. Now let’s try out that fun dress of yours.”

“What do you call it a fun dress sir?”

“Let me show you why.”

I undid one more button on top and pushed her 1/4 cups below her tits, making them stand out and in, them told her to bend over a chair and I lifted her dress up on to her back, and pulled my cock out of my pants. As I entered her pussy, I told her this is why it’s fun.

“Wow, you must be using those tools my wife bought to make you tighter.”

“Do you think my pussy is getting tighter, really?”

“Yes, dear I think it is, so you just keep using them like you are.”

As I continued to use her warm wet pussy, she started talking to me which was abnormal for Barbara.

“Yes master, fuck my pussy, you make it feel so good. Go as deep and as hard as you want. I want to feel every inch of you inside of me.”

“I’ll give you everything I have to give woman.”

It was obvious to me that my wife was training her to respond in a sexual manner rather than just silently be fucked, and she was doing a good job. But I wanted to see what happens when she cums if anything, so I drove myself deep and hard as she said to find out. As I did, I heard her start to moan and groan, which again wasn’t normal for Barbara.

“Hmmm, that feels so good, keep fucking my pussy and make me cum.”

“Don’t worry about that dear, with your new look and actions, I’ll be fucking you much more.”

“Yes sir, keep pounding my pussy, it feels so good. I want you to cum deep inside me.”

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