Wifes Adultery And Incest In One Stroke


Wifes Adultery And Incest In One StrokeSarita is a 21 year old mother of a 6 month old c***d, happily married to Amar who is financially very well off.As the baby was now 6 months old, their sex life was back to normal. Sarita was a sexy girl and marriage and c***d birth had matured her like a fully ripe fruit without making her fat.As it was first baby, both parents were learning to be mom and dad to the baby. At times, if the baby was not well, it will not suckle. This would create knots in Sarita’s breast, further making the suckling of milk difficult by the baby. They asked the Doctor. Doctor said, the milk glands make milk round the clock. The nipples get stiff due to stoppage of milk flow. Suckling by baby ensures smooth flow of milk. The boobs need to be pressed or suckled so that the milk flow will start and boobs would soften. After coming home, the baby tried to suckle, failed and cried. Then Amar took the nipple, one each at a time, suckled the milk by applying suction. The flow started. The baby was then fed. After the tummy filled, the baby slept peacefully. Meanwhile, Sarita got hot due to so lovely handling sucking of her nipples by Amar and they fucked passionately.Amar had once had to go to Australia for a two month stay to attend advance course which would benefit him in his profession in future.Sarita was happy for Amar to have got such a chance but at the same time was sad as her loving husband will be away for such a long time. He would go on business tour at a stretch for not more than 3-4 days, which was OK, but 2 months was a a hell of a lot of time to miss him.“ I cant live without you”, moaned Sarita.“Darling, I will miss you and the baby, more than you will miss me. You call your k** brother Dilip at Mumbai to keep you company. He can join some classes which would benefit him in his College preparation studies. As it is, he has holidays now.”So Amar proceeded to Australia. Dilip joined her, keeping company to her and the baby.Dilip was a 18 year old boy whose cock got hard just by seeing or thinking about a girl or sex. Sometimes, while suckling, the baby would take his mouth away from the nipple. This would expose Sarita’s pink moist nipple and one boob to Dilip. It was enough to make his cock hard even though Sarita was his elder sister. His young cock would not recognize the brother sister relation.One day, Amar’s long time close college buddy Sunil, who lived in Chennai, called Amar to tell him that he was going to be in Mumbai for a few days. Amar told him that he was in Australia but he should call on Sarita and meet her. He also informed Sarita that his closest buddy Sunil will call on her and told her to invite him for dinner as he would be busy during the day.Sunil properly got invited himself and visited Amar’s home for dinner.“ Wow, Amar has got one hell of a girl as wife. Lucky fella. Sarita dear, you are easily best amongst the wives of all our friends. And so he never missed a chance to flatter her, touch her subtlety, during drinks and dinner which were offered to him on Amar’s advice and dinner.The night ran late and it was decided that Sunil would stay for night in the guest room and go in the morning.It so happened that, the baby was not well from the previous day. He scarcely suckled. Sarita again faced same problem of stiff milk glands as last time. Sarita was entertaining Sunil but was terrified as Amar wasn’t there to suckle her and free her milk glands.The baby’s cries increased and everybody retired to their own rooms. Sarita called Amar and told him the problem. She was worried, angry and vented her anger over her husband. Amar thought and told her to request her brother Dilip to suckle her breast and solve the problem. “Are you nuts? He is my brother. Can I ask him to suck my breasts?” Sarita exclaimed over phone. “Darling, I will speak to him. There is no harm in taking his help which is a güvenilir bahis health issue. Don’t see to it as i****t or something like that.” So he convinced. Sarita resigned as baby’s cries were increasing, making her agitated. Amar spoke to Dilip, explained him the situation and told him that he should help his sister and the baby by doing this. “Will you help your sister?” Amar asked. “Alright. If you say so, Jijaji.” Dilip replied. “Then go to your sister and help her.”Dilip went to Sarita’s room. Sarita said, “Dilip, this is so odd. Baby is crying non-stop. Come to me.” Sarita was wearing front open nightie. She opened top buttons and off came her stunning boobs. Dilip came near her and took right nipple in his mouth. The first feel of female nipple made his cock instant hard. He required no training. The instinct told him to cup the breast with his one hand and then he went on sucking. After a while, the milk started flowing. Sarita felt relief in right boob. Some strange feeling was also boiling up in her. It was sex arousal. The last time she had sex with Amar was at least 3 weeks before. She felt ashamed of her response and tried to suppress it as it was her k** brother who was responsible for the arousal.“k**do, you are doing great. Take the other one now.” Sarita.Instead of getting up and going to other side of bed, Dilip just went over on top of Sarita and took left nipple in his mouth. His was completely over Sarita now, and his hard on was touching Sarita’s legs. The sucking increased. Dilip was getting excited and so was Sarita.The feel and sucking of sister’s glorious boobs brought Dilip very close to ejaculation. He pressed his mouth very hard on his sister’s breast, clamped her body and he started cumming inside his shorts. Sarita recognized tale tell signs of her brother cumming as his cock’s pulsations could be felt by her on her legs through the clothes, and he was breathing heavily on her boobs. After a while, he lay exhausted near his sister. Sarita groped inside his shorts and caught his semi hard cock. The hand came out wet with cum. “Hey k**do, you are man now. You are all wet there. You came while doing this ! Tell me, do you like me?”“Oh yaah. He kissed his sister and said “ You are the most beautiful girl sister. I wall to make love to you if you allow.”“Later. Let me feed the baby now.” Sarita teased.The milk now started flowing from both the boobs. Sarita gently pushed him away. Dilip reluctantly went to his room, Sarita fed her baby. Baby was happy to suckle as milk was now flowing freely and he was hungry too. Satisfied, the baby slept peacefully.Sarita relaxed and recalled the episode with her brother. She opened her gown, felt her nudity and imagined her brother sucking and fucking her. She was hungry for sex and Dilip awoke her lust. In the excitement she went to Dilip’s room who was wide awake. She asked him in whisper to come to her room. As a matter of abundant precaution, Sarita closed the guest room door from outside where Sunil was sleeping.They went to Sarita’s room. Lights were kept open as both brother and sister wanted to see each other nude.The door was also kept ajar as guest room was locked from outside. The moment they entered, brother and sister embraced each other and kissed passionately. The nighty went off, Dilip’s T shirt and shorts followed soon.It so happened that Sunil was upstairs on terrace smoking a cigarette when he heard the guest room door being locked downstairs. When he came down to check, the brother and sister duo were going inside Sarita’s room. He quietly followed them, found door ajar, went inside and seeing both naked, quickly hid himself behind curtains. He took out his cell phone, put it on silent mode and tried to catch action on camera without revealing himself.Dilip took a moments break to see and appreciate his sister’s shapely ripe figure. The boobs were now familiar. türkçe bahis The thighs, the naval were wonderful. The cunt had pubic hair as there was no need to shave it. Dilip’s young cock was hard again. Sarita was looking hungrily at it as she could lay her eyes on a cock after a long time. Dilip broke the kiss and went down to kiss her boobs, her naval and smelled his sister’s hot cunt. “k**do, touch my cunt ever so lightly with your tongue. Don’t rush. Let me enjoy the soft touch.” Sarita told. Dilip did exactly that. He savored the aroma of his sister’s cunt as the cunt was now oozing juice. He ever so gently started lapping the labia, the cunt and the clitoris. Sarita was in heaven. Dilip’s tongue now travelled from Sarita’s asshole, the bridge, then to her cunt and upto the clitoris. Sarita now pulled his head up to kiss him on lips. She now opened her thighs and said “k**do, come now, fuck your sister. Put your cock in. My pussy is now hot.” Dilip’s cock was average size, not so thick but was hard as a stick and long enough. He fumbled at the entrance of his sister’s vagina and Sarita guided it by her hand in her already wet pussy.At this moment, Sunil made his entry on the hot scene of i****t love making. “Well,well,well. Very interesting” Sunil loudly declared.Sarita and Dilip got a shock of their life. They could not figure out how Sunil came out of locked door. Dilip took his cock out of his sister’s cunt and stepped sideways. This exposed Sarita fully to Sunil. “I am sorry. You know, it was an accident. I can explain.”. Sarita stammered.“ Ok. Sarita dear, I have the whole episode captured on my camera. Amar will be very interested to know that his faithful, beautiful wife, also fucks her real brother. I would better call him write away.” He went on dialing number.“Wait. Don’t call Amar. You will spoil my marriage. Please, I beg of you.” Sarita was now panicked. Sunil caught her red handed when she was blind with lust and above all, he had shot the action. It was real threat to her marriage and she had to avoid it at any cost.“Please forgive me Sunil. I will be obliged to you forever.” Sunil laughed a foxy smile. “Now dear, there is a way out to this situation.”.“Oh. Please tell me. I will do anything”.“Let me join the fun.”“Are you out of your mind? You want to fuck your friend’s wife?”“Yes my dearest, you sexy girl. In a plain and simple language, I want to fuck you. If you are desperate enough to fuck your k** brother, I assure you that I will show what a real fuck is.”Sunil could observe that the look on Sarita’s face was changing from one of incredulity to more of calm and comprehension. Also as the fuck with Dilip had not consummated due to his interruption, she was still hot and unsatisfied.Without waiting for answer, Sunil removed his T shirt and went near Sarita and kissed her fully on lips. He then went on kissing her eyes, ears, nape of her neck and was back again, kissing her sexy lips. Sarita’s body slowly lessened her resistance in response to male touch. She opened her lips to allow Sunil’s tongue to probe her mouth. Their tongues met and Sarita’s lust started resurfacing again. The body odour and perfume on Sunil was approved by the female in heat. Sunil bent down to nibble her nipples one by one, then moved down to her cunt. After few strokes of his tongue, he stepped out of his shorts bringing his massive shaft out in open. Sarita gasped. It was biggest cock she had ever seen. In fact she had only seen two cocks before which included her brother’s cock in today’s accident. Sunil guided her mouth to his cock. This was new game to her as she had never tasted a cock before. However she was mesmerized by the cock and shamelessly touched the tip with her tongue. Sliding the skin back, she unsheathed the cock head and was now sucking it merrily. Sunil was in heaven. His best friend’s sexy wife was actually sucking güvenilir bahis siteleri his cock, that too before audience.Dilip was ordered to remain naked and stand near corner of the bed, from where he observed his sister sucking Sunil’s huge cock. Now Sunil lowered Sarita on bed, slowly opened her thighs, kissed her on lips and entered her. Unlike Dilip, Sunil’s cock needed no help. It found way easily. Sarita’s cunt lips spread wide to accommodate huge cock which was entering her cunt gradually. She felt wholesome after the cock entered fully. He started to fuck Sarita gradually. He again kissed Sarita full on lips. Her cunt and lips and tongue conveyed her lust and eagerness to get fucked. She was now a female in heat. In response to Sunil’s stroke, Sarita’s cunt convulsed and she came shouting obscenities. “Oh. I am cumming, you bastard, fukkkk me hard.” She relaxed after a huge orgasm. But Sunil didn’t. He continued to fuck her in same rhythm. After few strokes, Sarita was hot again and her body started getting ready for second orgasm. Without taking his cock out, he clapsed Sarita tight and rolled down so that his back was on bed and Sarita was on top, humping and pumping him. Sarita enjoyed this woman on top position better as she could now control momentum of fucking.Sunil looked sideways towards Dilip. He was trying to hide his embarrassing hard on. His sisters ass was oh so sexy and inviting to be fucked. Sunil called him near. “Lick your sisters asshole.” He ordered. Dilip obediently started licking his sisters asshole. To facilitate him, Sarita parted her thighs so that Dilip could lick her from asshole upto root of Sunil’s shaft which was embedded fully in Sarita’s cunt. Sarita ass was enjoying his licking and her nerves around the ass region were relishing the sensation.All this licking and fuck scene made Dilip’s cock uncontrollably hard. It needed release. His sister’s asshole was the hole available to be fucked as Sunil’s cock had occupied the other hole. He now left licking and shamelessly brought his cock near Sarita’s asshole and tried to push the cock head in his sister’s virgin asshole. Without enough lubrication, the cock won’t enter. Meawhile, Sarita cried “Hey k**do, Dilip! What are you upto? You are trying to ass-fuck your sister? Even Amar never did that!. Its painingggg. Stop please. This is now too much, you two shameless men!” Sunil said “ Let him join the fun. He raised Sarita so that his cock was out of her cunt. Only the cock head was inside. “Dilip, put your fingers in your sister’s cunt and apply cunt juice to her ass. This way, you can fuck her from behind. Dilip readily followed this vulgar advise. He helped himself to his sister’s copious cunt juice, applied it to Sarita’s asshole and then inserted his fingers in and out. In next try, he forced his cockhead in, but the cock head got stuck there. Sarita cried. Sunil silenced her. “Have patience baby. You are lucky to be fucked by two cocks. Relax and enjoy.” After awhile, the pain subsided. Two cocks jamming her pussy and asshole were now feeling good. Dilip slowing pushed his cock in as her resistance lowered. Now Sunil and Dilip established a rhythm of fucking. When Sunil’s cock was in, Dilip’s cock was out. Sarita was now enjoying a double fuck ; one cock of her husband’s friend and second cock of all people , that of her own brother.This was adultery and i****t in one stroke.The thought brought her to her second orgasm which was by far the most intense in her life. She was crying, “ Oh fuck! I’m cumming. Fuck me. Fuck me. You behenchod. And you son of a bitch. Fuck me like whore” Her orgasm triggered a chain reaction. Dilip almost instantaneously started discharging his cum in his sister’s tight ass. The pulsations could be felt by both Sarita and Sunil. It was now Sunil’s turn. He came inside Sarita’s cunt violently feeding her pussy with lots and lots of hot cum. He was pumping cum for half a minute. Sarita’s womb was wet with Sunil’s cum. After few minutes, Dilip dismounted from his sister. Sarita was still lying on Sunil till his limp cock slipped out of her cum filled wet pussy.

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