Wife’s Best Friend


I met Janice on the very same day that I met my wife. She accompanied my wife to the bar for our first blind date. Ever since our first meeting I had fantasies that centered around her. She absolutely just drove me wild! Her hair was dyed dark red, she had sexy brown eyes that were a pleasure to look into. She had perfect c cup breasts that she loved to showed off in low cut shirts. When she wasn’t wearing a bra I could see the faintest outlines of her nipples, and it appeared that they were pierced! I was never into body piercings, but the fact that her tongue and her nipples were pierced drove me insane! Her ass was nice and round, and always drew my attention when she bent over. She was not heavy but she wasn’t super thin. Just the way I like my women! She was just the right amount of sexy and bad girl that I just wanted to fuck her! We always got along and at times it seemed like there was a little bit of sexual tension. But I always believed that it was just my imagination.

In late January she came to visit my wife to talk about her upcoming wedding. She stopped by about 4 hours earlier than planned. As I opened the door I immediately noticed that, she looked sexier than ever with her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing a low cut white shirt that showed off her incredible cleavage. I could also see the slightest outline of her bra. She wore tight black yoga pants, and I noticed no outline of a thong or any underwear at all. The moment she walked in the door my dick was rock solid and I hoped that she wouldn’t notice. I told her that my wife was still at work and would be home much later. She told me that she knew that and she actually wanted to talk to me. She proceeded to tell me that she was extremely nervous about getting married. She said that she was not sure that she was marrying the right guy. She mentioned that they argued a lot and was unsure of what to do. She then told me that I was always very honest with her and that she valued my opinion. I told her that if she almanbahis adres wasn’t happy that she needed to call off the wedding. I told her that she deserved someone that would cater to her every need.

During this conversation she slowly came closer to me. She walked towards me and gave me a hug thanking me for my honesty. As we broke our embrace I reached in for a kiss on her cheek. At that time she moved her head slightly and our lips me. I felt confused, but a surge of excitement began to flow through my body. We began to kiss with years of pent up tension. Our tongues met for the first time, and I could hear the excitement in her breath! So many thoughts were flowing through my mind. I knew that we should stop before it goes any further. But our lips seemed to be magnetized and were just drawn to each other. The kiss got deeper and more passionate. As we kissed she drew even closer in to my body. Soon there was no space between us and I knew that she could feel my 7 inch fully erect penis against her stomach.

My hands were exploring her body and, slowly move around to the front of her body. My hands then touch her magnificent mounds. As my fingers began to explore her breasts I hear a moan escape her lips. The feeling of her soft bra covered breasts made my mind do flips. I have imagined this moment for over 10 years! We break our kiss just long enough that I can pull off her shirt. As soon as the shirt is on the floor I reach behind her and expertly remove her bra. Without hesitation I grasp her bare tits in my hands. The feeling of her warm flesh in my hands makes my already hard dick even harder. It strains against my pants, aching to be released. Her nipples immediately harden at the contact and she moans again. I look down and take in her gorgeous breasts. They are a perfect handful, and her pink nipples are absolutely gorgeous. I confirmed that her nipples are pierced and I grow larger than ever before. I immediately kiss her right breast, circling around her almanbahis giriş aureole. Soon my tongue is teasing her, and circling her nipple. I then draw her nipple into my mouth and begin to suck. The sudden pressure on her nipple makes her draw in a hard breath. Janice then tells me not to stop, and that she loves her nipples sucked. I then suck even harder and she begins to moan with excitement. I can sense that her heart is beating faster and that her breathing has picked up.

Her hands slide down to my pants as she begins to free my extremely hard member from its cage. She starts to caress me with both her hands as my precum acts as lubrication. She then reluctantly pulls her tits from my loving mouth and begins to slide down until she is face to face with my cock. She slowly licks my seven inches, starting at the tip and down the shaft. When she reaches the bottom she went back to the top and repeated this on the other side. She then gently took my right ball into her mouth, gently sucking on it. I knew she was trying to tease me, and she was succeeding. She went back to the head and began to lick around the tip making good use of her pierced tongue. She then took me into her mouth and slowly began to work it into her mouth. Her skills were immediately rewarded as I said, “Oh Fuck!” She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, smiled and continued to work her way down my shaft. She is slowly taking my entire length into her mouth. Each time she pulls me back into her mouth she takes me deeper. Until she has my entire dick in her mouth. I couldn’t believe that Janice was giving me the best blow job I have ever received! She continued sucking my cock, never taking her eyes off of my face. Watching for every reaction to what she was doing. She indeed was the cock expert I always fantasized that she was. I reluctantly pull her away from dick and pull her up.

I begin to kiss her again as I direct her to a nearby couch. I lay her down on the couch and remove her pants almanbahis giriş and discover she was not wearing panties! I then begin to kiss her stomach as I begin to follow a trail to her bald pussy. I slowly lick the outline of her womanhood as I tease her. I begin to smell her sweet scent as I draw near her clit. She guides my head to it and begin to lick her clit. As my tongue touches her I can hear her draw a sharp breath. I then begin to explore her pussy with my mouth. I find that her lips are very sensitive and make sure they get the attention that they deserve. I then place my tongue just below the entrance to her pussy and begin to lick upwards to her clit. She lets lout a loud main and grinds her pussy against my tongue. I begin lower and do it again and she again lets out a loud moan. I continue to work her pussy in this manner until she screams out in orgasm. She then grape my head and pulls my lips to hers. We kiss and she can taste her pussy on my lips.

I then slowly insert my hard cock into her very wet pussy. She moans as I slowly begin to fuck her. She tells me tells me that she wants me to fuck her, and that she wants it hard and fast. I reach down and take her left tit into my mouth. I begin to tease her again with my tongue. I circle her nipple and slowly take it into my mouth. I then lightly bite her nipple until I feel the rod of the piercing, as she begins to cum. As she screams out I feel a familiar warmth coming from her pussy, and soon discover she is even wetter than before! She immediately tells me to fuck her harder. Soon the only sounds in the room, are our bodies coming together and her moans of ecstasy. As my momentum builds, I begin to feel a tingling sensation deep in my balls. I then remove my dick from her pussy and begin to fuck her doggy style. I immediately pound her harder and faster, as she begins to have orgasm after orgasm. I slap her ass as she cries out in pain. My dick gets harder as I plunge it home one last time, releasing my load into her already soaked pussy. I pull out and she rolls over, completely out of breath. I look into her beautiful eyes and feel completely fulfilled.

As I begin to kiss her once more she says, I just fucked my best friend’s husband. She then says that she cannot wait for round two!

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