Wild Calls

Female Ejaculation

Wild CallsIt was late on a Saturday night when I came home from the bar. You’d stayed home because you were feeling unwell. I’d had more than a few drinks and was wishing you were waiting in my bed instead of in your own bed, sleeping.I decided that since I couldn’t be with you, I’d send you a dirty voice mail instead. Your phone rang twice before the answering machine picked up.“Hey. Can’t come to the phone. Leave me a message.”After the beep, I put on my best sultry voice and said, “Hey baby, I know you’re sleeping, but I wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you all night . In fact, my pussy is so wet I had to remove my panties as soon as I walked in the door. If you were here I’d …”Then the answering machine clicked off. I was just about to hang up when I heard your voice.“You’d what? Don’t stop there.”“Baby, what are you doing awake?” I asked.“I was in the middle of a dream when I heard your voice on the machine. Then I heard what you were saying and I had to pick up,” you said.I blushed when I realized you were listening and the red in my cheeks deepened when I knew that you might have guessed that I was touching myself.“What were you doing,” you asked. “Were you touching yourself?”I admitted that I was.“Well, sarıyer escort don’t stop on my account. In fact, why don’t you tell me what you’ve been doing you naughty girl.”I loved it when you called me a “naughty girl” so I hesitated for only a moment before I jumped in.“Well, I have one hand on my breast. I’ve wet my fingers and the nipple is hard from the cool air. I can almost feel your mouth sucking and nibbling at me. Oooh, you know I love it when you bite me just a little baby.”“Oh ya,” you say, “You know just thinking about your soft tits with those hard nipples is makin’ me hard.”“Are you stroking your cock?” I ask, my voice sultry with excitement, wanting to hear you say it.“Ya baby. Now tell me more.”“Well, my other hand is on my pussy. I’m so incredibly wet. I let my fingers flick over my clit, then down through the moistness until I can slip my fingers inside my cunt. Ummmm. That feels good, but I wish it was you.”“You were about to tell me what you’d do if I was there. So tell me, what would you do?” you ask.“Hmmm,” I say thinking. “Well, first I’d lay you down on my bed and take off all your clothes. Then I’d tease you a little, kissing your esenyurt escort body all over, letting my nipples skim across your chest. Then I’d work my way down past your stomach until I come to your beautiful hard cock. I’ll bet its just huge now isn’t it baby?”I pause but all you can do is groan in your pleasure.“Then I’d take your balls in my hands and run the tip of my tongue around first one, then the other. Then, slowly, I’d run my tongue from the center of your balls up to the base of your dick, and slowly, with just the tip of my tongue, up the underside of your gorgeous shaft. I’d hover at the top for a moment to circle my tongue around the head of your cock and then back down to the base of your shaft. Back up to the head to run my tongue around the top again. But this time my lips close around it. Slowly, I take each inch into my mouth. You can feel my tongue on the underside of your cock as my lips move around you. My mouth is so wet and your cock is so huge. I can feel the tip of your cock twitch against the back of my throat each time I fully encompass you in my mouth.”I hesitate for a moment, thinking about what I’ll do next.“Don’t stop baby. I’m so close,” you say.“Ok. Do avrupa yakası escort you want to fuck me baby? I want your cock inside me so bad.”“Oh ya,” you mutter, “I wanna fuck you.”“Ok,” I say. “I’m getting up from my knees. You move to get up as well, but I tell you to stay still. I straddle your body so that I face away from you. The only thing you see is my ass, which your hands immediately begin to fondle. With your hands all over my ass, I lean forward slightly so that you have a perfect view of your cock as I slide the head into my wet aching pussy. Oh that feels good. I plan on easing your cock in nice and slow but you have other plans. With one quick thrust your dick is deep inside me and I moan, partially from surprise and partially because it feels so good. With me leaning forward you can see each thrust of your cock as you fuck me deeper and deeper, just the way I like it. I can tell you like it too because you ram your cock into me a little harder with each thrust.”With my fingers moving swiftly over my clit and the image of your cock thrusting into my pussy, I moan for real this time.“Oh baby, yes, fuck me baby. Fuck me.”On the other end of the phone I hear you groan. I can almost feel you shudder in your release. With a few more quick flicks over my clit, I’m there too, moaning in your ear as if your really there, “Yes baby, yes.”After a few minutes of silence, you say, “That was almost perfect.”“Almost? What do you mean almost? What was missing?”“I’ll be there in ten minutes to show you,” you say; then the phone goes dead.

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