Wild Oats – Fishing


“Sally, would you like to go fishing?”

“What? Why? When? Jason, where did that come from?”

“My friend Tim invited me and said to bring a friend. Tim has all the stuff and says the tide will be right tonight at the Skyway Bridge between Pinellas County and Manatee County across Tampa Bay.”

“Who is Tim?”

“Tim is 20, like me. We were buds in high school and he works in construction. All of us have tomorrow off from work so tonight is perfect.”

“You mean fish all night?”

“Tim says he always sets up an air mattress and a sleeping bag in the bed of his pickup truck so we can nap if we need to.”

“The overnight low tonight is forecast to be 84 degrees so we know we will not be cold and there is to be no rain.”

“So you will come?”

“When and where?”

“Tim will pick us up at your place about 7:30 so we can get there and be set-up before dark.”

After work I went home and did my normal shower, shave, and groom routine. I had found a great tool to groom my pubes with. It was a little comb device that men trim their beards with and mothers use to trim their kids hair. It had a razor blade in it and the cutting height was easily adjustable. My pubic hair is very thick. By setting the cutting height at ½ inch, I get a very smooth, thick, furry rug down there and no one ever has to pick one of my short and curlies out of their mouth when they go down on me.

I dressed in a pair of jeans, panties, a fairly tight T-shirt, because of loose hooks, and sneakers with no socks.

Jason arrived about 7:15 and we had a beer on the front porch while we waited for Tim.

Tim pulled up in his old Chevy pickup truck at 7:30 and we all piled onto the bench seat, me in the middle.

Tim introduced himself to me. He is well spoken, clean, nicely put together at 6′, 180 lbs. and impressed me positively.

We chatted on the way to the skyway and he warned us to always keep our shoes on because of broken glass, rusty hooks, etc. that might cebeci escort be on the ground that we could not see after dark.

Tim backed in near the break water wall and we began to set-up. He had folding chairs for all of us, extra poles, 2 tackle boxes, bait, a cooler of beer, and sandwiches. He had 2 of those gas light lanterns that you have to pump up.

Once the fishing stuff was out of the truck and set-up, he blew up an air mattress for the pickup bed and opened a couple of big sleeping bags to lay over it.

We all sat on the open tailgate and had a beer as Tim pointed out important features such as the bathroom about 200 yards away. Tim said the guys probably would not need to go there since they had lots of trees, but I might feel more comfortable there if I needed to go,

By now it was dark. We could see the light by the bathroom and the occasional headlight, but other than the glow of other lanterns, what we saw outside the glow of our lanterns was total darkness. It was as if we were in our own private space.

We baited our hooks and sat on our folding chairs to wait for the fish to bite.

Tim pulled out a deck of cards and began practicing some card tricks he had been working on.

We caught some small fish, but did not keep them.

About 11, Jason suggested that we all play some cards while we waited for the fish to become interested in our bait.

We decided to play in the bed of the truck since it would be more comfortable there,

Poker was our game and we played a few hands, but as you know, it is not very interesting without some stakes. Tim suggested we play for clothing and, as you know, I am very comfortable with my body so there was no problem there.

We each won and lost a few hands. I lost my jeans and both guys had lost their shirts. Because of the questionable ground, we ruled out shoes and kept them on regardless.

When Tim lost his cut off jeans, I caught myself staring for a moment çukurambar escort and then began to get wet. He was commando under his shorts and was sporting a flaccid, 7″ circumcised penis with a torpedo head – smooth and rounded with a little slit in the tip.

I lost my top the next hand and it was Tim’s turn to stare. I have a pair of natural, firm, DD breasts with large areolas and really nice nipples. I could see his cock twitch.

Jason lost the next 2 hands and all his clothes were gone. I was the only one left clothed and all I had on was a pair of thin panties with a wet spot.

Tim reached out, touched my thigh, and I melted into him. We kissed and he explored my body with his hands and mouth. As his fingers began to pull down my panties, I said, “Wait, I need to use the restroom.” I jumped off the back of the truck and jogged toward the bathroom light. I must have given quite a show to any of the fishermen who may have seen me, a twenty something woman clad only in thin panties and sneakers, DD’s swaying all the way to the bathroom and back.

When I got back to the truck, Tim and Jason were both lying on the sleeping bag on their backs with their erections pointing toward the sky. I pulled off my panties, climbed back onto the truck, took a cock in each hand, and said, “It looks like you guys need some help here.”

I licked each of them in turn. Tim then Jason and they in turn, began loving my body. My breasts were hanging down as I bent over their cocks. Tim turned around so that he could taste my pussy and explore my love folds with his tongue. Jason nipped and suckled my breasts.

Tim sucked my clit into his mouth and played with it until I had my first orgasm. I did my best to deep throat him and then I turned around and guided his cock to my vagina. I slid down on him and began to ride him. He played with my bouncing breasts as we began our rhythm of love. In and out, slap – slap as our bodies came together.

Jason ankara escort just rolled over on his side and watched us, knowing that his turn would come.

I had another orgasm, but Tim just kept pumping. He would vary angle and depth, but never missed a beat.

After about 10 minutes he rolled us over so that I was on my back. He placed my legs over his shoulders and he began to really pound into me. He increased both pace and intensity. I could tell from his breathing and the swelling of his cock that he was close.

“Cum inside me. Fill me up.”

That seemed to be enough to put him over the edge and he emptied his balls into me. I could feel stream after stream of warm, creamy cum coating the inside of my love tunnel. I lowered my legs to his waist and pulled him in tight as I enjoyed the sensation of having him inside me.

While locked together, we kissed, tongues exploring. He wrapped his arms around me and we enjoyed the closeness and intimacy of being joined together.

In a show of respect for what we were experiencing just then, Jason got off the truck and went over to check the fishing lines.

He stayed over there as Tim and I began to slowly move together again as his cock began to stiffen in my pussy.

We loved each other slowly and tenderly for another fifteen minutes. There was no need to cum. We were enjoying the intimacy and closeness of total sexual surrender.

We fell asleep joined together and were still that way when the sun came up. Tim’s morning woody was already inside me so we just continued where we had left off during the night. As we fucked, Tim explored my breasts with his hands and my lips with his lips and tongue. I do not know that I have ever felt so thoroughly appreciated.

Tim began thrusting harder and I rose to meet him on each stroke. His body took over and he began pumping into me at a speed I would not have thought was humanly possible. He exploded inside me. The gush of semen was warm and filled me. He emptied his balls again as I felt his cock spurting inside me.

While we had been making love, Jason had caught and cleaned a number of fish and had put them on ice in the cooler.

Tim and I did more tender kissing and cuddling before getting dressed and driving back to my house.

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