Will Fantasy Soon Become Reality?


Will Fantasy Soon Become Reality?Life in small town America was going about as well as could be expected for a married couple of ten years. Lisa and I had chosen to not have k**s, but we were starting to change our outlook until a series of unlikely events unfolded. A big promotion for me came along that would mean more money than the two of us were making together, but we would have to move to the big city. We had always been against doing so, but when opportunity knocks you have to act quickly, and we knew from the previous ten years that opportunities were few and far between. After relocating we moved into a near perfect version of our dream home. It was located within a small gaited community with most of the amentities that we had always wanted. A private swimming pool, fitness center, washateria, and even a two stall car wash. Overall things were a little crowded, and close quaterered, but the whole situation was a plus. Soon life became normal again, and some of the old issues with our marriage re-appeared. We were both 32 years old, and had been together since college. Our relationship was strong, and fun, but as usual the sex life started to trail off. We delved into fantasy a bit, but nothing major at first. We had even had a few threesomes over the years with other females that were always fun, but something always seemed to be missing with those. Porno, Sex toys, lingerie, and even a little role play helped our current situation, but we needed something else. We even delved into my bi side quite extensively thanks to Lisa. She really was wonderful, and had no problems with me having bi fantasies, and she actually enjoyed playing them out the best we could. I actually loved being a bottom in the submissive role, and Lisa could be quite the a****l in the dominant top role, but the new soon wore off of this as well. Things did get a bit better though when I managed to coax some things out of Lisa that were surprising, but very exciting. Like the fact that she fantasized about black guys, and that she had actually been with one several times back in our college days while we were on the outs. The thought of it actually turned me on immensely, and hearing her tell about the experiences, and how she enjoyed a big black dick just did something to me. It’s hard to explain what happened, but in short I was obsessed with fantasizing about my beautiful, petite Lisa being slutty with a big black guy. In fact we both were. We bought a few big black dildos, and for a while we were like newlyweds again. Lisa’s desire coupled with my bi fantasies opened up a door to a brand new place filled with endless possibilities.As much fun as we were having we knew that only the real thing would quench our deepest lusty desires, but we weren’t sure what to do. We went the traditional route by searching adds online, but we determined the risk was probably not worth the reward. Finally we just agreed that if we were ever able to fulfill these wild fantasies it would have to be with someone we knew. escort istanbul We both had black friends, but none of them fit what we were looking for. So, we just put our search on the back burner, and continued on with our fantasy life. After about a year of being in our new location we were sitting on the front porch one morning enjoying some coffee, and summer weather when we noticed a silver BMW pull up to the vacant house next door. A tall, well dressed black guy got out, and walked up to the house looking a bit confused. Being nothing more than a good community steward I went over and introduced myslef, and aksed if I could help. He told me his name was Rodrick, and that he was supposed to be looking at the house, but the realtor was late. He seemed like a very nice, and professional guy so I invited him over for a cup of coffee while he waited. He quickly accepted, and told me he would be right over, but he had to make a few phone calls from his car. At this point I was honestly being nothing more than a community steward, but on my walk back to our house a ton of thoughts hit me like a large object falling out of the sky. Could this be an opportunity to meet someone? Upon meeting back up with Lisa it was clear that she was thinking the same thing. I quickly told her the story, and before we could say much Rodrick was walking our way. Lisa was wearing a robe with a pair of black silky panties underneath, and a very thin sleeping shirt. She quickly adjusted herslelf to where her lean legs were semi exposed with her robe just barely concealing her panties, and she also allowed it fall open enough so that her luscious little titties were only covered by her thin shirt. How she managed to do this so quickly I don’t know, but it sure changed things! All of a sudden this beautiful morning was turning into a horny one.I officially greeted Rodrick, and introduced him to Lisa. It might have been just me, but I though I noticed something in his expression when he heard her talk. She has a very sexy low raspy voice which comes across as a surprise being that she is petite. Only 5-1 and about 115 lbs., but she has curves in all the right places. Set of by natural red hair, and a pair of baby blue eyes that are made to stare into. She also has the classic red head milky complection with the freckles and all.Rodrick had a seat across from Lisa, but as luck had it the chair was situated where he could get a good look. By the time I got back with his coffee they were talking like old friends. Lisa had also managed to allow here robe to slip enough to give a tiny sneek peak of he black panties, and I also noticed that her nipples were hard! I’m sure this was pleasing to our guest as he talked openly about his situation. Turns out he was recently divorced, and was relocating due to work. He had been a basketball player in college, but he ended up with a pharmacist degree, and had just went to work for the local CVS pharmacy. He was 38 years old with one grown son that had recently istanbul escort bayan left for college, and now that he was divorced he was just pretty much looking to start over in the second phase of life. He had his choices for a new home narrowed down to here and a few other places, but somehow I had the feeling that he would be our neighbor very soon. After finishing the coffe almost on cue the realtor showed up, and our new friend thanked us for our hospitality, and went about his business. As soon as he got out of ear shot Lisa immediately informed me that she hoped we had just made a new friend. She found Rodrick to be very attractive physically, and his charismatic personality rounded things out. Could we be this lucky? Could this be the answer to our prayers? Only time would tell. It was very obvious that Lisa was a bit hot and bothered by the unlikely chance encounter so I moved over beside her and put my hand on her toned thigh. She moaned her approval in that raspy voice of hers as I slowly stroked her leg moving up to her panty covered crotch which was extremely warm, and her panties were even a bit damp to the touch! Yea, she was horny!I told her “I see you liked our visitor” she just smiled, and said “oh yea, he is sexy as hell” Then I slipped my finger inside the elastic of her panties, and quickly found her wet opening. It was extremely slick with thick textured pussy juice that usually takes a while to coax out, but she was already gushing. After a few quick thrust I withdrew my finger, and raised it to her mouth as she glared at me with those sexy eyes and took my finger between her thick lips and sucked it into her mouth cleaning all of her horny juices off. Then I pounced on her and we started kissing and groping almost uncontrollably, but we managed enough composure to move inside only because we were too visible being that it was a week day morning. I just happened to be off work though, and really didn’t have plans. Until now that was! We went straight to the bedroom with Lisa leading the way. She dropped her robe and shirt upon entering the house, and I got to watch her tuaght little ass sway side to side as those sexy black panties struggled to contain her cheeks. What a sight! Her ass is everything a man could ever want. Being perfectly round with enough protrusion to make a nice curve in her lower back. Once in the bedroom I quickly shed my robe and shorts, and my thick seven inches were standing straight up. We were in perfect synch, because we knew each other in every way, and at this point the thick raw passion that we so desired was there in abundance. I pushed her down on the bed face down, and got right on top of her resting my hardness right on the crack of her ass. The feel of those soft silky panties was something I have always loved, as I stroked up and down a few times before laying all the way down on her to kiss, and bite her neck, and nibble at her ears. She was moaing her approval in a now a very deep and sultry voice. istanbul escort bayanlar Then I whispered “you think you will get some of that big black dick if Rodrick becomes our neighbor” Lisa responded with “OH GOD you are driving me crazy” “you have to fuck me soon” With that I repositioned and slid her panties off, and paused briefly to admire her naked ass with those red, pussy juice coated pubic hairs potruding slighly from her crack. What a beautiful sight! Then I grabbed her hips and put her in position head down, and ass up. At this point I was extremely horny, and my balls were so tight they were on the verge of pain so I decided to go ahead and take care of business. Foreplay was over! I slapped my swollen head across each cheek a few times, and then nudged it around until it was resting right at her opening. For good measure I gave her a few teasing thrust, and told her ” i can’t wait to see a big black dick fuck your little pussy” with that Lisa groaned, and thrust her ass back as I moved forwared sliding all the way into her tightness until I felt my heavy balls rest on her firm ass. I just sat there for a moment enjoying her pussy as it gripped my hardness, as the soft skin of her ass seemed to carress my balls. Lisa started working her hips in little circles encouraging me to thrust, and it didn’t take much. Soon I was deep stroking her little pussy as I held onto her hips for support. We usually do a fair amount of dirty talking while we fuck, but she seemed to really be in a slutty talkative mood this morning encouraging me to go harder and faster. I was super horny as well, and I knew round one would be over quick so I just turned up the intensity and tried to knock the grips out of her sweet little pussy until we came together in the best orgasm either of us had experienced in a long time. While still inside of her I pushed her forward and laid right on top of her again, and just enjoyed the feel of her body underneath me, and the sweet smells of her skin, and soft hair. There was also a tiny hint of the smell of fresh fucked pussy mixed in that made the situation perfect. It was also my day off, and I was sure that there would be much more of this throughout the day. Finally I withdrew my still semi erect dick from Lisa’s pussy, and we just layed in the bed talking like we usually do after an especially intense fuck session. Then there was the sound of the doorbell. Shit! Who was this? One of the main props of our little gaited community was no unwanted company, or solicitors of any kind. I slipped my robe on and rushed to the door. It was Rodrick. He had just got through viewing the property, and was pretty sure that he would be moving forward with the deal, and being that our property would join his he was wondering if I could fill him in on some details about property lines, and where things were located in genaral. At a later date of course, but I eagerly agreed to help in any way I could. We exchanged numbers and he left. When I turend around Lisa was entering the room with a huge smile on her face, and told me that “sometimes things are meant to be” We both chuckled as we got another cup of coffe, and headed for the front porch to enjoy the glorious weather we had been blessed with for the day. To be continued.

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