Subject: Willow Chapter Nine by Cutter09 gay adult/youth Please remember to donate to Nifty. The thousands of stories available for your reading pleasure is provided by Nifty, so give a little and get a lot. http://donate./donate.html You can find more of my stories listed on the prolific authors page under Cutter09 Willow chapter Nine I was at a good place in life. I was doing great in school, I was making a bunch of money for modeling, and public appearances, and I had gotten a measure of justice for Saul and Samantha. The only thing that wasn’t going well, was my love life. Don’t get me wrong, I was getting plenty of sex and love from Cole, but I couldn’t help feeling like I was abandoning Mark in the process. I continued to blow him, and he continued to refuse to fuck me. Maybe I should’ve been satisfied with just oral, but I really like fucking, and Cole was doing a wonderful job in that area. Or maybe I should stop leading Mark on, and be happy with just Cole. He’s a great person, and I love him. But I can’t deny my feelings for Mark. The awards banquet I was to host was on the Friday night before I start shooting the movie on Monday. When I arrived I shook hands with the guy I had talked to about hosting it. He was the chairman of the organization. He led me through the room to the dais in front of about twenty five large tables. Some people had already started sitting, and I was soon joined by the man and I assume his wife and another couple. When everyone was seated, the chairman took the podium. “I’d like to welcome you all to our annual award banquet. And especially our guest host, Willow.” There was a smattering of applause. “Let’s eat before it gets cold.” We began eating, and the small talk you have with people you really don’t know. The chairman seemed nice, and his wife was lovely. After most of us finished our meal, the chairman stood in front of the podium, and introduced me. There was a slight smattering of applause again as I stepped to the podium. I was kinda nervous, and because of the spotlights, I couldn’t see the audience well. “Hi, I’m Willow. Supposedly the `latest sensation’ whatever that means.” There was a small chuckle from the audience. “So they asked me to do this, and I said `Free food? Sign me up’ ” Another chuckle from the audience. “I’ve never done one of these things so I didn’t know what to expect. I figured I’d get some chicken wings or maybe chopped sirloin, and I’m out of here.” A few chuckles. “But Damn! Did you see the size of that lobster they served me?” chuckle chuckle “By the way, can one of you fellas put my leftovers in a to-go box?” chuckle chuckle “But seriously, because of a friend of mine, your organization is actually dear to my heart, and I’m honored to be here. I’m supposed to give out some awards.” I looked at the chairman guy and he pointed to the table on the other side of the podium. “Ah…here they are. The first one says: Amanda Jenkins for her diligence and hard work in the community.” A woman stood and came toward the podium. She was practically on top of me before I could see her. I handed the plaque to her and shook her hand, she smiled and said thanks, then returned to her seat. “The next award goes to…” I said, picking up a plaque, “Detective Rupert Barns for his tireless efforts on behalf of abducted children.” As he approached the podium, I recognized him as the same Detective Barns that was at the crime scene. I shook his hand as I gave him the award. “It’s a pleasure to give this to you.” “Thanks Willow, very good to see you again.” There were a few others, then “The final award… It says, `Fundraiser of the year’ goes to Saul… Cohen.” I was surprised as I read his name aloud. He came out of the lights and approached the podium. Someone in the back of the room shouted “Two in a row. Way to go!” The room applauded. Saul stood in front of the microphone, so I sat down. “As you know, I became involved in this organization after my son was abducted. That’s when I first met Detective Barns.” He held up a thumb towards where I guess Barns was sitting. “What you don’t know is, this young man here,” he gestured toward me, “gave his speaking fee back to the organization, so he really did only get a free meal.” So I said, “Yeah, but did you see the size of that lobster?” There was some chuckling and light applause from the audience. Saul gestured for me to join him, so I walked over. “Another thing you don’t know about this amazing young man is that he single handedly brought to justice one of the worse serial kidnapper, rapist, and murderers In history. The man responsible for my son’s death, and nearly a hundred other victims.” That received a standing ovation that seemed to last forever, until Saul held his hands up to quieten them. “And what Willow doesn’t know is that by using his unique insight and methods, Detective Barns has already brought in two other offenders.” More ovation, and Saul stepped aside offering me the podium. “Um… Could I get my to go box now?” was all I could think to say. I turned and was instantly wrapped in Saul’s arms. That was one aspect of my life that was going well. My relationship with Saul. I don’t imagine he thought of me as his reincarnated son, but he was definitely like a father to me. One I wished I’d had from the beginning instead of the one I’d had. Saturday’s headline read “Willow Nabs Doc Buck” It seems Willow, who recently made a big splash on the scene, was actually responsible for the capture of the infamous Doctor Buck Burkett. Sources inside Police Plaza say it was he that led police to, and was responsible for the capture of Doc Buck, who eventually confessed to the kidnapping and rape of nearly a hundred young boys. And the murder of six locally. His confession will certainly stand up in court, and he will likely never come out of prison, or possibly get the death penalty. The article went on to repeat everything that had been hashed over and over again in the news since the arrest was made. Poor Cole was inundated again by demands for interviews etc. Monday after school, we went directly to the studio. I had already done wardrobe fittings and some promotional appearances, but this was my first time actually in front of a camera for a scene in a movie. It happened to be the same scene I had done in the screen test. There were no other actors involved, just me and my emotions. The scene opened with me coming into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me, and throwing myself onto the bed. Even though it wasn’t the first scene of the movie, the emotional outburst that follows paves the way for the entire film. My character is coming to grips with what happened to him and is already beginning to question his manhood. I followed the script, mostly, only ad libbing some. And as I went through the emotions, I thought about what I would do if I was questioning my manhood. I decided that most young teen boys would want to know if their dick still worked. So at the end, I slid my hand down into my jeans and stroked it a few times. Not letting on as to whether it did or didn’t, I then turned face down on the bed and sobbed. I lay there a long time waiting for Michael to yell “Cut!” but instead I hear dead silence, then, “Fucking Brilliant!” and loud applause from the crew. Michael drew me aside, “What made you do that? It’s not in the script.” “You can cut it if you want, but it seems to me there is something missing in the script.” “Like what? The author himself wrote the screenplay.” “Well, the story is about his struggle with what happened to him, and questioning his manhood. Right?…Why?….Does he think his manhood was stolen by a cock up his ass? Or perhaps the struggle is that at least on some level, he enjoyed it. Wouldn’t that make a young teen question his heterosexuality, which he probably associates with being a man. All males, straight or gay, have a prostate gland. When stimulated it can be quite pleasurable. A cock in your ass can be quite stimulating. So here is this young teen, who isn’t familiar with the biological aspects, gets balıkesir escort fucked, and it feels good. Guilt and a hundred questions set in. The missing part of the script is, why? Why is he questioning his manhood? It never touches on that part. Assuming he is straight, and up until the rape, he’d always thought bout girls when he masturbated. He’s had no other sexual experiences to draw from, and suddenly he’s had a cock in his ass and it felt good. Next time he masturbates, like it or not, his only sexual experience is going to flash through his mind. No matter how much he wants to think about Becky’s big tits, the memory of that cock hitting his prostate is what’s going to push him over the edge. The script relays how terrible rape is, we can all agree on that. I’m just suggesting I play the part so that the physical aspects remain a little ambiguous.” Michael thinks it over for a minute. “I see what you mean. I like it. And if anyone knows what would be going on in this character’s mind, It’d be you. Let’s run with it. Follow the script as closely as possible, but do what you feel.” At home that night, I’m looking over the script thinking about each scene from a different perspective, which gave me an idea. “Mark, you know I was drugged when I lost my virginity, so I can’t imagine what that poor boy went through. Being a virgin, any sized dick would probably hurt, but I can’t relate. Now, for instance, if I could experience a really large one, it might simulate the pain he might have gone through.” “Nice try Willow. Your best yet. Still not happening.” I was beginning to lose patience with Mark. He was my constant companion, and I loved him dearly, but I couldn’t live without a sexual relationship. And Cole was always there for me too, and willing, able, and quite good at everything sexual. He wasn’t clueless about Mark either. He knew how I felt about both of them. He didn’t know why Mark wasn’t in my bed though, and was grateful to be there himself. The next few scenes we filmed were easy. Just pre-rape, happy go lucky teen boy stuff. Then came the gym shower scene. It takes place after the rape, which had become common knowledge in school. My character is in the shower with a bunch of other teen boys, and feels like they are all staring at him, he has a bit of an emotional breakdown and runs out. The scene is shot in a shower, with me and five other teen boys actually naked. Only our butts will be seen on film, but a couple of close ups of the boys’ faces shows them looking in the direction of my butt, supposedly thinking `he’s had a cock in there’. I’m shown looking at their swinging dicks (which I actually am of course). My expression is one of “I wonder what that would feel like in me” (which I really was thinking), instead of “damn it, all my friends know I was raped” which my character was supposedly thinking. My emotional breakdown comes in the form of me grabbing a towel to hide my erection (which is evident on film) and running from the shower. After the scene is finished, all the boys go to get dressed. Owen, who plays my character’s best friend, comes to my dressing room. “You were really good in that scene.” We’re both standing there with towels around our waists, and I can see the bulge of the swinging dick I had seen in the shower. “Thanks. You were great too,” I said, trying to hide the erection I had under my towel. “I see why they chose you for this part. You have an ass that even a straight guy would want to fuck,” he said as a tent rose in his towel. “Do you really think so?” I asked shyly. “Definitely,” he answered as he dropped his towel, exposing a nice six incher. For fourteen, it was a good size, and his balls were smooth and heavy looking. I had no intention of fucking him, but I love teasing. “Do you think that big cock would fit in this tiny hole?” I asked as I dropped my towel and bent over. He closed the distance between us, and slid his cock along my butt crack. “I’d certainly like to give it a try.” I wrapped my fingers around his cock as I turned to face him. I stroked it about four times and he squirted his load all over my dick and belly. “It’s a good thing we didn’t try. That wouldn’t have done me any good at all. Maybe another time stud.” Every time we had a scene together after that, Owen would try to get me alone. To be honest, if I didn’t have Cole, I probably would have let him have me. Qh hell, I know I would have. I’m a sub-bottom slut at heart. But I did have Cole, thank God. Between school and filming, I was very busy. Most days I’d come home, shower, and crash. Cole’s sex life was cut to maybe three times a week. Mark was lucky to get even one blow job a week. But that was his fault. Then came the big rape scene, the last scene to be filmed. The rapist was a family friend of my character. “Uncle Bob” offered to take my character camping, and I happily agreed. The film showed us fishing, and canoeing, eventually ending in a tent. Uncle Bob waited for me to go to sleep, then he started rubbing my butt. He works my sleep shorts down. He pulls out a tube of lube, and it’s obvious he is applying it, without it actually being shown. Then Uncle Bob climbs on my back, and pulls a blanket over us. My character is supposed to wake up when he is penetrated by Uncle Bob, and begin to struggle. Uncle Bob holds me down with a hand on the back of my throat, and continues with the rape. Throughout the scene, my expression changes from fear and pain to acceptance, and finally to pleasure. What isn’t seen on the film is the actor William, actually did penetrate me, and fucked me under that blanket. The script calls for Uncle Bob to roll off me, where I lay shattered and sobbing. William rolled off, feeling pretty pleased with himself, having nutted inside my ass. Instead of being shattered, I slowly pulled up my shorts, turned to William and said with pure venom and hatred, “Touch me again, and I’ll make you wish you were dead.” Michael followed me to my dressing room. “We’ll have to reshoot that last part, it was too far off script.” “Like hell we will! That bastard just raped me in front of fifty people. “You’re… you’re joking right?” “Do I look like I’m fucking joking? I have his cum in my ass,” I bent over and pulled down my shorts. Mark came in just as Michael was examining the cum running out of my hole. He turned around and left. “Willow, I don’t know what to say,” Michael apologized, still staring at my ass. “It’s not your fault.” I pulled up my shorts, and noticed a bulge in Michael’s pants. Mark pushed William through the door, holding a gun to his head. “I’m sorry! It was an accident, I swear!” William said, hoping not to get shot. “You “accidentally” fucked me? How does that happen?” “I just got caught up in the scene, then it slipped in, and I could tell you liked it.” “You could tell I… What do you think Mark? A bullet to his balls or to his kneecap?” “If it’s up to me, I say both knees and his balls,” Mark replied as he cocked his pistol. “No! Please! You can’t let them do this Michael,” he pleaded. “You brought this on yourself. It’s out of my hands,” Michael replied. Mark aimed at William’s balls. “NO!! Please… I’ll do anything. Please don’t do this.” I held up my hand to Mark, gave it some thought, then said, “I want you to go out there and confess to everyone what you did, pledge ten million dollars to my favorite charity, then leave town.” “Leave town?” “You might as well, you’re never working around here again, I promise.” Michael said. “Do it, or I call for a rape kit, and your DNA will come out of my ass. And it was caught on camera too. The current climate is not good for child rapists. I think you’re toast.” He hesitated as if considering his options. “Or we go with Mark’s idea. One to the nuts and one to each knee cap. He hasn’t shot anybody all week so he’s kinda itching for it.” William did as suggested. He confessed to the cast and crew, pledged ten million to the missing and abused children’s relief fund, and announced his retirement from movies. “How bartın escort are you going to do a retake of that scene without him?” I ask Michael. “Well considering what had just happened to you, it is a more realistic response, so I’m leaving it in.” “You should’ve let me shoot him,” Mark said in the car. “Aww… I’m sure you’ll get another chance to play with your gun.” “Yeah, but it might not be as much fun as that one would have been.” “What is it Mark? Do I have `Rape Me’ tattooed across my forehead or somehing?” “No. But your ass does scream `Fuck Me’.” “Well, maybe. But you’ve managed to ignore it. Why can’t everyone else?” “It hasn’t been easy. I’ve wanted to since I first laid eyes on you.” “You say the sweetest things,” I replied sarcastically. When we arrived at home, I didn’t invite Cole to my room, as I normally would have. I’d already had an injection of beef, and I really didn’t want Cole swimming around in William’s leftovers. I showered and went to bed. I wondered about how my life was going. Hell, I had all the money I could ever need, but I’m so mixed up. It seems everyone wants to fuck me except Mark. I can’t really blame him, when it costs most of the guys that fuck me millions of dollars. And at those prices, he really can’t afford me. I know he loves me, and he’s doing it for my own welfare, but it’s so frustrating. Of course I’m sure it’s just as hard for him. He’s with me almost 24/7, he knows I’m getting fucked by Cole, and a few rapists as well. I taunt him constantly by flaunting my ass and my relationship with Cole in his face. I’m surprised the poor man hasn’t thrown me to the ground and raped me himself. But then, you can’t rape the willing. We finished filming, and I did some promotional appearances, including a well known talk show. I was to be on the show the week before the movie premier, two weeks before Christmas. The host introduced me, and I entered the stage smiling and waving to the audience. “My, you really are beautiful. Your pictures don’t do you justice,” the host said as I sat down. “Uh… Okay, thanks.” “Our sources tell us you’re not just another pretty face, in fact you’re quite good in your upcoming movie. Can we see the first clip?” They ran a clip of the scene in the bedroom, of course bleeping the curse words I’d used, and cutting out the end where I put my hand into my jeans. The audience cheered and applauded. “That’s pretty powerful stuff. Now that was actually the first scene you filmed. Way before the final scene you filmed with William that he announced his retirement. Our sources tell us that scene was a little too real. Let’s roll it.” A portion of the scene was played, a few seconds of him pumping into me before William rolled off, and I told him If he touched me again, I’d make him wish he were dead. “Would you tell us what happened that caused William to announce his retirement right after filming this scene?” “No.” “Our sources tell us…” “Is that really what you want? Did you invite me here to embarrass me just to boost your ratings? Or do you just pander to a particular audience? There were fifty people there and I’m sure word has gotten out about his announcement after the scene. You don’t need me to confirm or deny what was said, you just want dirt. Well, not at my expense.” I said, as I stood and walked off the set. The audience cheered. The host said, “Well someone’s a little touchy.” For that, the audience booed. But word had gotten out. I even got a call from Epstien, who was Blake, Omega, and Bryan’s lawyer. “Why aren’t you suing him for millions?” he asked accusingly. “Who I decide to sue is none of your business. And if you check around, you’ll find he donated millions to a worthy cause. If you keep harassing me, I’ll get a few hundred million more from your clients.” All the attention only made me more popular. Companies wanted my endorsement, commercials for everything from chewing gum to condoms. Two more movie offers even though my first one hadn’t been released yet. They even wanted me to sing the National Anthem for the opening game of the World Series. I can’t sing worth shit, so I turned that down. The producers of “Survivor” wanted to take advantage of all the notoriety, and managed to get the movie out on time. I guess everyone wanted to see a real rape, or maybe wanted to see me get raped, or maybe they just wanted to see my butt. Either way, ticket sales were through the roof. Number one at the box office for three months. It was a relatively low budget film compared to some of the action or sci fi films, so it made a shit ton of money. My “points” earned me more than my salary for making the film. *********************************************************************** Saul and Sam became regular visitors to our home, and we to their’s. I love them both dearly, but sometimes Sam would look at me longingly. I knew it was only because of the loss of her son, and it tore my heart out. I learned that Sam had suffered three miscarriages before finally giving birth. She also had a hysterectomy after her son was born, so never had other children. If two people deserved to be parents, it was them. So, of course I had another of my wild ideas. This one wouldn’t be so easy to pull off though. I contacted Craig Burroughs, the young lawyer Saul had assigned to represent me in my entertainment endeavours. I guess you could call him my agent. I asked his advice, and for a referral. He suggested I speak to John Cummings, so I did. When I told John what I wanted to do he said, “I don’t think it’s ever been done, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be.” Then I went to the children’s home that Ron had perved on. The director was a little miffed that I would even suggest such a hairbrained idea, until I offered to bankroll the Christmas gift list of all the residents in the home. Suddenly it wasn’t so preposterous. He let me look at the files on each child there, and narrow it down to five candidates. I met with each of them and it was a clear choice. Eric had crystal clear bright blue eyes, dark wavy hair, and an infectious smile. I found him to be highly intelligent, and not the least bit calloused as most orphans tend to be. I liked his sweet disposition and easy going attitude immediately too. He knew who I was, and was very understanding about what I was trying to do. I explained that nothing may come of it, and he shouldn’t feel bad if it didn’t work out. He thought it was great that I wanted to do that for my friend. Over the next couple of weeks, Carl, the director of the home, was in constant contact with John Cummings. I also got judges Parker and Thomas involved, which hastened a lot of the legal b.s. They both knew Saul and what had happened to his son, not to mention his integrity. Through Saul’s secretary I discovered that Sam had talked about adopting, but Saul was against it. He didn’t want to feel like he was being disloyal to his son’s memory by easily replacing him. When it looked like things were coming together, I called Saul and invited them over for Christmas. Saul laughed and said, “You know we’re Jewish. Right?” “Hey, I’m not asking you to convert, just come and celebrate with us.” Eric spent Christmas Eve night with us. I couldn’t resist spying on the eleven year old as he showered. He appeared to have at least three hanging inches and a nice set of balls on his hairless crotch. As any boy would, he didn’t resist the temptation of stroking himself. His cock seemed to double in thickness, and about a fifty percent growth in length when hard. He stroked to a dry finish, which would be expected at that age. Suddenly I could relate to Ron’s fascination with the boys from the home. I surprised Mark by having his parents flown in from Texas. The Rivers family came for Cole, so there was quite a crowd when Saul and Sam showed up. We had already done the gift exchange thing and were getting ready to sit down to the fabulous feast Milly had prepared. The place cards had Eric between Saul and Sam (imagine that). As polite pockets of conversation batıkent escort were going on around the table, I kept my eye on Eric. I could see he was charming their pants off from the beginning. They were both enthralled by him. I even heard Saul do a full belly laugh over something Eric had said. This wasn’t just polite dinner conversation, they were bonding. After the meal, Eric grabbed the hands of Saul and Sam to drag them over to show them the gifts he had received that morning. They hung on his every word, their faces beaming. I knew it was a done deal. At around seven o’clock Mark’s parents excused themselves to go to the garage apartment. The Rivers family left soon after. Twenty minutes later Saul noticed they were the last ones there. I heard Saul say to Eric, “It seems your family forgot to take you with them.” He apparently thought Eric was one of the Rivers. “Saul, Sam, could I speak to you for a moment?” I asked, interrupting the spell Eric had cast upon them. We stepped into another room. “I noticed you’ve taken a shine to Eric.” “Yes, he’s a remarkable boy,” Saul allowed. Sam nodded and said, “And so sweet, too.” “Well, I have a confession to make. I hope you will forgive me for being presumptuous,” I said as I pulled out some paperwork, and passed it to Saul. He glanced at it, his eyes skimming down to the important parts. His face froze as he passed the documents to his wife. Fortunately there was a sofa nearby for her to collapse onto. She didn’t say anything, but the tears had already started to gather in her eyes, as she passed the documents back to Saul. “How did you…” he started. Then decided to check the validity of the documents. He found all the appropriate papers, signed and notarized, state seal in the correct places, judges signatures, vetting process completed, everything except their signatures. Sam looked like she expected the sofa underneath her to explode. She sat silently with tears streaming down her face, watching her husband worriedly. Saul’s face was unreadable. Totally expressionless. Finally he looked up from the documents, directly into my eyes. “I can’t believe you’d do something like this.” He laid the papers on the table. “Presumptuous? This is way beyond presumptuous. It’s insane. You’ve done some pretty crazy things, but this is beyond the pale. It’s… It’s … wonderful.” Saul wrapped his arms around me and blubbered like a baby. Sam screamed as she jumped up and joined the hug. Saul drew away and turned to Sam. “What did I tell you the day Willow walked into my office?” “You said you had just met the most incredible young man,” Sam replied. “And every day you prove me one hundred percent correct,” Saul said as he grabbed me again. Eric entered. “I heard a scream. Is everything alright?” His expression turned to alarm as he was attacked by his new parents. After a couple of minutes of hugs, kisses and tears Saul said, “I’m surprised you didn’t tie a big red bow on him.” “I thought about it, but decided it was a bit much.” “You have limits? That’s news,” Saul opined. “Those papers still need signatures. And there is a six month probation period where either party may withdraw.” “Did you hear that dear? Our son comes with a warranty,” Saul joked. “There’s also periodic unscheduled inspections for a year, and after two months a mandatory meeting with the state agency.” Mark cleared his throat and said, “School.” “Oh yeah. His tuition at St. Andrews is paid through graduation. Mark can keep an eye on him too, and he can come to me if he has any problems.” “Willow, you didn’t have to do that. I can afford his schooling.” “Don’t worry. You get to pay for him to go to Harvard.” There were many more hugs and tears of gratitude before the happy new family left. I felt really good about what I had done, and that they would remain a happy family. If only the rest of the world was so easy to fix. Billy came to visit his grandmother between Christmas and New years. When we were alone, I explained that I was with Cole now so I couldn’t have sex with him. He was very understanding. “That’s okay. I have a girlfriend now too. I’d feel really bad if you and I did anything, so it’s all good. She’s only thirteen and to be honest, you’re a better lay, and she won’t suck dick. What’s up with girls and sucking anyway?” “I wouldn’t know. Maybe they think cum will rot their teeth or something,” I laughed and reminded him I’m only thirteen too. He laughed at my joke, and that set the pace for his entire visit. Through his grandmother, I learned he didn’t have a gaming system at home, so I gave him the newest one to take home with him. If we hadn’t already decided not to have sex, he would have fucked me right then. We invited the Rivers and the Cohen families over for New years. Mark’s parents were staying until the third of January, so they were there too. Eric and Billy seemed to get along well in spite of their age difference. They played video games upstairs while the adults mingled downstairs. I spent time both up and down, just enjoying everyone’s company. Around ten thirty, after everyone had already imbibed a bit, Mark’s mother caught me as I was coming down the stairs. “You may not believe this, but Mark is actually a very sensitive man. I know he acts all tough, but under all that macho shit, he’s really a pussy cat.” “Yeah, I know.” “He’d be a great catch for anyone,” she continued as if hinting at something. “You’re so young, you might not understand, but a mother knows her son.” “Yes Ma’am. I’m sure he’s enjoyed your visit with us,” I said, not really knowing what response was needed. “He’s a good man, just keep that in mind,” she said as she walked away. I was still trying to piece together what had just happened, when Mrs. Rivers cornered me. She smoothed my hair down and palmed my cheek. “You really are beautiful.” “Thank you Mrs. Rivers.” “You may not believe this, but I was young and beautiful once too.” “You’re still a handsome woman,” I replied. “You’re sweet to say so. You know, when I was fifteen, I was in love with two men, and they were in love with me too. Of course it was all fun and games for a while, but I knew it couldn’t go on like that. I had to make the hardest decision of my life.” “Really? What did you do?” “I married one of them. I haven’t regretted it for a minute.” She smiled at me for a moment. “I love Cole like he’s my own son. He’s a great boy. Keep that in mind.” And she walked away. I’ve heard a song called “Tequila Makes My Clothes Fall Off”, I think booze loosens both these women’s tongues. But they were both right too. I had a lot of thinking to do. At midnight we all sang “Auld Lang Syne”, and toasted to the new year with Champagne. Someday I’m going to find out what that song is all about and why we sing it. Everyone hugged and kissed everyone else. Each of them had something personal to whisper in my ear when we embraced. Mrs. Rivers and Mark’s mom reminded me of what they’d said earlier. Mark and Cole both whispered “I love you.” Saul and Sam blubbered their gratitude, as did Eric with a simple, “Thank you, you’re the greatest!” Billy stated, “I wish I was gay,” as he kissed my neck. After everyone had gone, Cole made beautiful passionate love to me. If he was trying to sway my decision in his favor, he was doing a damn good job. With my ankles on his shoulders, and his cock pumping in and out of my ass, I knew there was no way I wanted to give him up. Cum was pouring from my dick, running down my torso to my neck. I was throwing my butt up into his thrusts. “Give me your cum,” I moaned. “Tell me, and I will.” I knew what he wanted to hear. “I love you Cole!” He buried his cock deep and delivered the goods. I could feel his cock throbbing as his essence surged inside me. He kissed my neck as he collapsed on top of me, still connected by his shrinking cock. His thumping heart seemed to be sending me Morse code declaring his love for me. Chapter ten coming soon Thank you for taking the time to send feedback to the author. Your feedback is the only reward the authors receive. Do you enjoy having access to all the great fantasy material and also having a place to share your own stories without having to censor them for a general audience? Please donate to Nifty and help support and maintain this free fty/donate.html

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İlk randevu Karımın İlk Randevusu Çok da sıcak olmayan bir yaz akşamüstünde karım Serap'la evde film seyrediyorduk. Karımın telefonuna bir…

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