Subject: Winky Pop Chapter 8 (adult youth) This Story and its Characters are completely fictitious. It is a work of fantasy not intended to encourage or condone similar acts taking place in the real world and does not imply desire or intent by the Author. The reader engages with this story at their own risk and the Author will not be held responsible for any negative consequences that may result from reading this story. Please consider donating to Nifty. They’ve been helping people achieve amazing orgasms since 1992, which is a serious service to humanity. This story is set in a fictional, alternate version of Melbourne, Australia. No real locations are used in any of these stories and any story settings outside of the main characters homes are amalgamations of, or inspired by, real world locations. Thanks to all the people who have gotten in touch for their support. Please continue to get in touch. I love hearing about how my story made you feel, please keep the dirty talk coming. I love hearing suggestions, so keep those coming too! Winky Pop, Chapter 8 Sunday Morning. Seth had woken to the muffled moans of the man/boy fucking next door. He looked at his phone to check the time, 8:30 read the screen. Seth had been asleep for about two hours after getting home from his casual bar job. He rolled over onto his back and looked down at the 8-inch tent in his basketball shorts. Seth hadn’t fucked since his session with Tristan last weekend and he was frustrated, he needed to unload his weeks worth of cum in a boycunt. He decided to send a text to Jase “You guys are sounding on fire this morning. Can I join?” A few minutes passed before the reply came through from Jase “Nah mate, boy just wants my dick in him this morning.” Seth sighed decided he’d had enough of listening to Tristan’s moans and decided to make himself some breakfast, he got of bed and headed to the kitchen, his hard dick leading the way. As Seth waited for his oats to cook in the microwave his phone buzzed. It was a message from Seb, a reply to the message Seth had sent the teen the night before asking who the lad was getting porked by, “My cousin Hamish” it read. Seth had heard Seb speak about Hamish before and next to the kid’s dad there was no one else that Seb wanted to get fucked by more. Seth figured it would be a while before he got to have a session with Seb again, if ever. “I need a boy of my own” thought Seth. After breakfast Seth decided a gym and pool session at the local leisure centre was in order in hopes of relieving some of his tension. He went to his room to get changed. The moaning from next door was still going. It sounded like Tristan was getting it good. Seth hardened again in his shorts, he had to get out of there. Quickly he stuffed a towel and a change of clothes into his backpack chucked on a t-shirt. Once Seth was dressed, he grabbed his bike helmet and headed downstairs to the storage area where tenants were permitted to keep their bikes and rode to the leisure centre. The leisure centre was a short ride from Seth and Jase’s apartment building. Seth locked his bike at one of the racks outside and headed into the building. He was glad to see that as usual for a Sunday morning the leisure centre was pretty quiet. Seth went to the reception counter paid his fare and grabbed a key for the locker room. As Seth went through the turnstile and rounded the reception counter to head to the male change rooms, he spied a young boy waiting in line. The boy about 9 years old with brown hair and pale freckled skin. He wore a cap on backwards, a baggy t-shirt and blue footy shorts. “A little hotty” thought Seth with a smile. Best of all the kid seemed to be here by himself. Seth noticed the kid quickly glance at him and then look away. As seth headed to the locker room he swore that he could feel the kid’s gaze boring into him. Seth picked a locker tucked away at the far end of the locker room. He enjoyed the privacy and the space such a location afforded. As he stripped naked and prepared to put on his black speedo, Seth heard someone approach. It was the boy. The kid parked himself at a locker a couple down from Seth and put his little drawstring backpack down on the bench and began taking out his gear. Seth watch as the young lad pulled out a towel and then a little red speedo. The lad felt Seth’s gaze on him and looked up, he gave Seth a coy smile and began to strip. First the lad took off his t-shirt, revealing his ripped little swimmers body, he gave Seth another smile and then turned away so his back was facing man. The boy’s hands went to the waist band of shorts and slowly slid them down and let them drop to the floor. The boy bent down to pick the shorts up and as he did so he brought both hands to his little arse cheeks. The boy spread his cheeks apart revealing his pink little cunt hole to Seth. Seth couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he felt his cock begin to stiffen. The kid turned around, he was playing with his cock. The kid was hung for his age, his cock was at least 3 inches soft with a decent age appropriate thickness and also uncut. The kid would have a whopper once he hit puberty. The kid smiled at Seth and began to play with himself. Seth was now fully erect and he turned to reveal his 8 inch uncut beast to the boy. Seth smirked as he saw the boy’s eyes widen and his strokes get faster. Before long the kid was erect as well. Seth and the boy watched each other jerk for a few more minutes before a set of footsteps startled them, Seth quickly turned away. The footsteps came to stop near them and Seth turned to see an older man standing in front of a locker next to the boy. The man was not attractive, probably in his mid-forties, straggly balding black hair, a beer belly and with a piggish face. He looked like the stereotypical predator kids learned about in stranger danger class. Seth pulled on his speedo chucked his towel over his shoulder and grabbed his goggles. He saw the man leering at the boy. The boy looked at the man quickly then looked away, discomfort playing across his face, he quickly pulled on his speedo. The boy draped his towel over his shoulder, it was long enough to obscure his bulge and butt from the other man. He scurried out as the man watched his go. Seth looked at the man who returned his gaze. The man was no longer smiling but looking at Seth threateningly. Seth held the man’s stare as he walked past him and out into the pool area. The pool was pretty quiet as was normal for a Sunday. The pool was nearly empty save for Seth, the boy and a cute elderly Asian couple doing diligent breaststroke laps in the free-swimming lane. Seth had just finished his twentieth lap of the medium lane. He surfaced in the shallow end and tried to catch his breath. As Seth rested, he looked over into the slow lane and watched as the boy completed another lap. Seth hadn’t been keeping track of how many laps the kid had done but he was definitely a strong swimmer. The kid surfaced and gasped for air, he looked over at the benches near the pool and gasped “no!” Seth followed the boys gaze and saw that he was looking at the man from the change room. The man had parked himself on the bench where the boy had left his towel. The man looked like a cat that had spotted a bird, he was a predator. Seth couldn’t stand men like this. Anyone who hurt children, stalked them and made them do things they didn’t want to do were scum in Seth’s eyes. Seth saw the kid staring at the man, he was shaking. Seth made his way over the ropes. “Hey mate” he said softly getting the boy’s attention. “Are you ok?” The lad had tears in his eyes “That man is sitting near my stuff and I need to go get changed” he whimpered. “He always follows me around whenever he’s at the pool at the same time as me. I hate it.” Seth thought for a moment. ‘It’s ok, I have to go now as well, why don’t I come with you to get your towel and then we go to the change room together? I doubt the man will do anything if I’m with you” he said with a gentle smile. The boy giresun escort perked up hearing this. “Really?” he asked eagerly. Seth smiled “Yeah mate totally, you can be my little brother for the morning. How does that sound?” “Yeah, cool” said the boy blushing. “I’m Seth, what’s your name?” “Max” replied the boy. Seth and Max got out of the pool together. Max excitedly talked about how many laps he had done. He grabbed Seth’s hand which Seth found adorable and the two walked over to the bench. As they approached Seth noticed the man glaring at them before he got up and moved over hurriedly to the next bench. The man stared directly ahead not making eye contact with either the boy or Seth. Seth grabbed Max’s towel, “Come on little bro. Let’s get changed” he said loud enough for the other man to hear. Seth and Max found a shower cubicle furthest away and out of the direct line of sight of the main locker area. There was no one else currently in the change room but Seth’s instinct was for as much privacy as possible. The cubicles were relatively private with a small changing area with a bench before the main shower recess. The cubicle walls were tall enough that no one could see who was in the cubicle and while they didn’t quite reach the floor the gap was quite small. No one could see what was going on or how many pairs of feet there were unless they got down on all fours and looked under the gap. Seth placed their towels on the small bench and stepped into the shower recess. Max waited for Seth to turn on the shower shivering. Seth touched the boy on the shoulder gently before turning on the shower. Once the temperature was right, Seth stepped under the hot water, he gestured for the boy to join him. Max stepped under the water and wrapped his arms around Seth’s waist “Thank you for helping me” he said sweetly as he hugged Seth. Seth returned the boy’s affection “It’s ok buddy. Glad I could help a handsome boy like you.” Max gazed up at Seth, the man stroked his face “will you kiss me?” asked the boy softly. Seth smiled and bent down, their lips touched, and Seth kissed the boy softly. “Mmmm” moaned the boy “more please” Seth got down to the lad’s level, “you got it baby” he said, pulling the boy in close so they pressed together. Seth kissed the boy again, this time their tongues exchanged. They were full on pashing now. Seth felt the boy reaching between his legs. Max’s hand found the man’s cock, which was well on its way to getting rock hard. “I want to see it” said Max sultrily. Seth stood up and slowly slipped down his black speedo revealing first his black trimmed pubes and then his dick inch by inch. Eventually his girthy rock hard chub snapped out. “Whoa” said Max in awe. Seth looked down at the boy, “Go ahead bro, touch it, feel it up” The kid wrapped his right hand around Seth’s pedo meat and slowly stroked it. Max brought his soft small hands to the man’s balls and began to play with them. Seth sighed, “fuck little boy, I reckon you’ve played with mancock before” Max smiled cheekily “Maybe” he said as he moved his mouth towards the adult cock in front of him. He mouthed it like it was an ice cream. Seth moaned. Seth leaned back against the wall of the cubicle as the nine-year-old boy began to suck his fat cock. The hot water cascaded on both of them and the boy began deep throating “Holy fuck you little stud” exclaimed Seth. The boy stopped sucking momentarily, “do you want to come and play at my house, after this? I only live a couple of streets away.” “Oh, I’d like that very much sweetness” said Seth, stroking the boy’s hair “But what about your folks?” he asked. “Mum is working, she had a 12-hour shift. My dad doesn’t live with us.” said Max matter of factly. Seth smiled “Okay baby let’s do it. But how about we play a little longer in the hot shower?” Max chuckled and resumed sucking Seth’s dick. The lad was too good, he was currently working Seth’s knob and foreskin with his little mouth and tongue. Seth was getting close. He out his hands on the boy’s shoulders “slow down little mate” he chuckled. The boy pulled off the man’s cock clearly proud of his efforts. Seth rubbed his thumb across the boy’s soft lips “Take your little speedo off baby, show me that hung kidcock again.” Slowly, seductively Max slid his red speedo down and let it drop to the floor. Seth marveled and the lad’s cock, the boy was hung coming in around 5 inches and a reasonable thickness for a young lad. “Definitely big enough to be fucked by” Seth thought to himself. Seth got down on his knees and too the boy into his mouth. “Mmmmmmm” he moaned, relishing having boycock in his mouth again. Seth pulled off briefly “fuck baby, such a tasty ladcock” he engulfed the boy to his base. “Oh fuck, yeah man, suck me” moaned the boy a little too loudly. “Shh matey, gotta keep a low profile” said Seth before resuming his sucking. Suddenly a series of shuffling footsteps caused Seth to pause his sucking. Whoever it was stopped right in front of Seth and Max’s cubicle. The person knocked on the cubicle door softly “Hey…hey” stammered the voice “Can I watch?” Max grabbed Seth’s hand “It’s him”, he said timidly “Fuck off” said Seth loudly “Please, please, please?” the man begged. Seth watched the movement of the man’s shadow; he could tell that the guy was trying to look through the gaps in the cubicle doors. The man threw his towel over the cubicle door and then Seth saw the man’s shorts drop to his ankles. The shadows indicated the man was jerking off. Seth and Max stayed quiet and they heard the man mumble in frustration and move to the cubicle next to them. The man didn’t even bother to engage the lock and they heard him hurry into the shower recess. Suddenly a hand came under the cubicle. Max yelled out. Seth looked in disgust at the man’s pathetic behaviour. Seth pulled up his speedo and Max did the same, Seth bent down and whispered into the boy’s ear “go to the lockers and get dressed, I’ll be there soon.” As Max quietly walked out of the cubicle, Seth heard the man say, “come on, let’s share him.” Seth had had enough “Ok come over.” He heard the man scramble to his feet and hurriedly leave his cubicle. When the man entered Seth’s cubicle, he realised his mistake “Where is he!” he managed to demand before Seth grabbed him by the throat and pushed him into the cubicle wall hard. The man cowered in fright. “I…I just wanted to play with him, he’s so hot” the man stammered out. “He’s not yours to play with and never will be” said Seth angrily. “He’s mine” he continued “the lad asked me to come back to his house, and you know what, I’m going to go with him. Going to fuck his peachy boypussy in his own bed with my 8-inch uncut beast, breed him and mark him his as mine.” “Can I come and watch?” said the man, still delusional “You don’t get you ugly cunt, he wants nothing to with you.” Seth looked at the man’s cock, it was shriveled and tiny, almost hidden by the man’s thick, coarse pubic bush. Seth laughed “The kid has a bigger dick than you. You think a little stud like that would want to go anywhere near your little micro-dick?” The man whimpered, “no” he said softly. “Exactly” began Seth. “That boy wants my cock in him and he’s going to get it. He and I are going to fuck, going to make a boy wife out of him. And what are you going to do? Go home and wank your pathetic little micro-cock to kiddy porn. I’m going to spend my arvo getting the real thing.” Seth smiled at the hate and envy and fear in the man’s eyes “I’m a fucking bull pedo and you’re just a pathetic little pest who will never know the joy of a hot, tight boycunt wrapped around your dick. Come near my new little fuck boy again and I’ll hurt ya. Got it?” The man nodded quickly “” he stammered. Seth patted the man condescendingly on the head, “good, now be a good pest and stay in here, you better not come out until the boy and I have left.” “Okay” the man croaked as Seth released his grip on the man’s throat. When Seth gölbaşı escort got back to the lockers Max was dressed. He stroked the boy’s hair “I don’t think that guy is going to give you any more trouble.” The boy smiled and watched as Seth dried off and dressed. Max had ridden to the leisure centre despite his house being a five-minute walk. Max explained he had started riding as the man had tried following him once when he walked home. When they got Max’s house, Max lead Seth around to the backyard as the back-sliding door was unlocked. As soon as they entered the house, Max wrapped his arms around Seth’s waist, hugging him hard, “thank you for saving me, you’re a hero” he said sweetly. Seth picked the boy up who responded by wrapping his legs around Seth and slowly grinding into him. “Like I said baby, I’m glad I could help” he kissed the boy gently. The boy rested his forehead against Seth’s “I have a present I want to give you, to say thank you.” “Oh yeah?” asked Seth his voice catching. “Yeah, it’s in my room. But I have to get it ready. Will you wait here and come in when I call?” Seth smiled; he had an idea at what the little stud was playing at “Sure baby” he said kissing the boy on the cheek. Seth put the boy down and watched as he scurried off to his bedroom. It had been about 5 minutes and Seth’s cock was rock hard. Max called out “okay ready!” Seth smiled and headed to the kids’ room. Max’s bedroom was a typical boy’s room, action figures were scattered over the floor along with dirty socks and underwear. The curtains were pulled given the room a sensual light. Max was on his little bed, face down with his beautiful little boy cunt in the air. The boy had pulled back his dinosaur doona cover and was spread out on the sheets. Seth loved the innocence juxtaposed by the lad’s sluttiness Seth was in awe, he noticed the boy’s pussy lips were glistening, he saw the silicone lube on the nightstand. The little slut had lubed himself up. “Where did you get the lube baby?” “A friend” replied the boy wiggling his little arse. Seth got onto the bed and rubbed Max’s arse cheeks. “Fuck baby, what a beautiful present you have for me” he said, mouthwatering as he stared and the pink pussy hole. “I need to taste you. Can I taste you?” asked Seth “Yes, please” said the boy as he arched his back and stuck his cunt out farther. “Ohhhh fuck” moaned Seth as he moved into the boy’s hole. He began to make out with the kidpussy, lasciviously lapping it with tongue, probing the boy. “Ooooooooo” moaned Max, “Oh, making my pussy feel so good” “Yeah baby, this is just the beginning. Going to take your time and fuck you slow” Seth said as he slid a finger into the lad. “What time is your mum coming home?” he asked sliding another finger in. “Ohhhhhh” Max was distracted by his pleasure centre getting hit by Seth’s fingers. “She said she would be home at nine o’clock.” “Twelve-hour shift” mumbled the boy and he devoted his full attention to Seth’s probing fingers. Seth twisted his fingers in and out, “oh yes baby, I was hoping we would have plenty of time. Going to fuck you again and again.” he said as he moved in to rim the boy again. A thought occurred to Seth “What is she finishes work early, little boy?” “Don’t stop fingering me” begged Max. He moaned as Seth inserted his left- hand index and middle fingers. “Ohhhhhh yes, just like that” said the dirty little lad “she will ring me and tell me. Mum works in the city.” Max turned and looked at Seth “Get naked, man” he demanded. Seth got off the bed and removed his t-shirt and then dropped his shorts. He’d foregone underwear in anticipation of going back to Max’s house. His cock stood out proudly, the foreskin peeling back revealing his pink cockhead. Seth waved his juicy pedo cock at his boy lover “Is this what you wanted?” The lad moved towards the mancock “Oh fuck yeah” he said taking it into his mouth. Seth held the back of the boy’s head “Yeah my little stud, get the pedocock wet and ready for your pussy.” Max deep throated Seth in one movement. He stayed on the man’s cock until his gag reflex forced him off. Seth’s meat was drenched in saliva. “Do it again” demanded Seth. Max did as requested. A long string of spit was tethered from Max’s mouth to Seth’s cock. “Fuck that is beautiful” said Seth in lust and awe. Max took Seth’s cock deep again and began working his way up and down. Seth could feel the lad applying saliva to his tubesteak. Seth gently lifted the boy’s head off his cock “I want to suck you baby.” “No,” the boy replied “I want to give your present” “is that right?” Seth was unbelievably turned on. “Yeah, lay down on the bed” said Max as he moved out of way. “Yes sir” said Seth as he did as the boy ordered. Max stood above Seth facing away from him. The boy squatted just above Seth’s face his pussy winked at Seth, “Do you like the look of your present?” “Oh, fuck yes baby, you know I do” moaned Seth grabbing the boy’s cheeks. He moved to eat the boy, but before his flicking tongue could reach the lad, Max moved slightly out of reach. “No just look at your present, you’ve already tasted” the boy demanded. Seth could believe how turned on he was by the dom little boy. He watched as Max lowered himself again, bringing his cunt right to Seth’s nose. The lad wiggles his pussy “can you smell your present? How does it smell?” Seth took a big whiff, the boy’s cunt smelled musky but not dirty, it smelled hot and wet and mouthwatering. “It smells ready for the pedocock, it’s in heat for my pedocock” Max moved down Seth’s body and when he was straddling the man’s groin he turned around. He wrapped his small hand around the man-meat before him. Max pulled Seth’s foreskin up, so it covered the head. The boy smiled at the precum that pooled at the man’s tip. He wrapped his little hand around Seth’s knob, moving it around in his hand until he could feel that man’s precum covering his hand. Max then slid his lubed-up hand down the man’s shaft “Fuuuuuuuuck!” exclaimed the 20-year-old pedo as he felt his cock getting lubed up with his own sauce. The kids spit and his own precum made Seth’s cock slippery as fuck. Seth watched lustfully as the boy squatted above his cock. The lad’s 5-inch kiddy meat was rock solid and point straight out. Max grabbed hold of his pedo lover’s meat and lined it up to his pussy “Are you ready to feel your present?” he asked. “Oh, fuck yes, my little slut, fuck yes, let me feel your pussy, please” begged Seth. “Ok” said the boy non-chalantly and sat down on Seth’s cock taking it in one long sultry slide. “Holy fuck!” exclaimed Seth as the boypussy sucked him in to the hilt. Seth’s breath caught “fuck baby your pussy, holy fuck.” The lad had an experienced little pussy. The boy began to ride slowly using his cunt muscles to milk his lover’s foreskin up and down. Max looked down at Seth, the man had his eyes closed and he was muttering obscenities to himself. “Yeah it’s good isn’t it” said the boy with a confidence beyond his year “I’ve got a good pussy, I know.” “Jesus baby” started Seth feeling like he was on another planet “Your pussy is outstanding.” “Ooooooo” moaned the boy whorishly as he continued to ride, “You love your present don’t you. My little pussy is the best present” The boy knew the power his cunt had over men. “you fucking bet it is” said Seth unable to catch his breath. The lad pussy felt like it was somehow melting and sucking around his cock. Seth grabbed Max’s waist guiding the boy as he rode The boy began pinching his own nipples “Yeah I love big pedo cocks in my boypussy. Love hot young pedo’s like you in my cunt” Suddenly mid-ride, Seth flipped the boy onto his back, the cried out in surprise. Seth’s cock slipped out, he positioned at the boy’s relaxed cunt and slid in deep in one thrust. “Ooooooooo yesssssss” the boy moaned, throwing his head back. Seth began moving his cock in and out slowly, letting the boy feel every single fat inch. “Oh yeah little boy, you göztepe escort love that mandick don’t you?” “Mmmmmm” the boy replied “Yeah you want to be my boy-wife? The one I give all my pedocum to?” Seth thrusted into the boy hitting his g spot “Oh yessssss,” the boy moaned in pleasure “Yeah make me your boy-wife, let me take all your cum, whenever you want a cunt, come to me your boy-wife.” Seth couldn’t believe his luck, he’d been desperate for a boy like this for a long time, and now he had one. “Yeah going to treat you real good little boy-wife, treat you special. Buy you toys and video games whenever you give up your cunt to me.” Seth continued to lob his cock in and out. Max moaned “oh I wish we could live together, and I could be your boy-wife for real” he spread his legs right back. Seth stroked the boy’s hair and thrust in deep holding his balls tight against the boycunt. “Yeah feel those bull balls against your cunt? “Yeah, yeah I feel them, feel big and full” said the boy before planting kisses on his lovers’ neck. “Yeah baby, they’re full of cum, hot cum” began Seth. “When I come in your pussy for the first time, you’ll be my boy-wife for real. Mark you as my territory.” “Please do it, please make me yours.” begged the little boy. “You got it little mate” and with that Seth began thrusting hard. Max tried to spread his toned swimmers’ legs as wide as he possibly could. It had been a long few months since the last time a pedo had claimed him. He missed it, the feeling of a big fat cock stretching, how man dick could hit the special spot inside him that gave him that lightning feeling in his willy. Finally, here he was with a pedo cock in him again, about to get a man’s load. He cried out as Seth repeatedly hit his special spot. “Ohhhhhh fuck!” the boy cried out as his whole body spasmed in orgasm. Seth smiled down at the boy “Fuck yeah made my boy-wife nut. Fucking love it.” “Ooooo. Oooooo. Ooooo” the boy mewled as the powerful boygasm echoed throughout his body. Seth was close, the boy’s cunt was relaxed and taking his adult cock with a problem, the boy was his, and now he had to seal the deal. A few longer deep thrusts and the pedo came hard. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK BOY HERE IT IS” he yelled as his balls slapped against the boy. He felt his cum pooling around his cock as he continued to thrust into his lad. “Yeah, yeah all mine now baby” he panted. Seth kissed his kid lover deep. He let his cock rest inside the boy as they cuddled. When pulled out of Max a stream of thick cum followed. It’s pooled on the boy’s sheets, staining them. Seth’s cock stayed hard. The new lovers cuddled into each other; Seth stroked the little boy’s cheek. “That was an amazing present baby” he said kissing the boy’s forehead. “Thank you, Seth, I’m your boy-wife now!” said the boy excitedly. Seth laughed and kissed the boy gently “Yeah you’re all mine now” he said cuddling the boy tightly. “Where did you learn all this?’ he asked the boy. Max told Seth about his mum’s ex-boyfriend, Jack. They’d been fooling around since Max was 6 but the man had held off fucking the lad until last year. Max had instantly loved it and he loved the fact that Jack liked having sex with him more than his mum. Unfortunately, Jack had died in a car accident a few months ago. The boy started to cry, and Seth told him not to worry about the rest of the story and held the boy until he stopped. Not long after they made love again. The boy instigated it. This time they fucked, Max was on his stomach and Seth held him tightly and close as he bred the lad deep. They were curled up under the covers and both Seth and Max had fallen asleep. Seth looked at the time on the alarm clock on his little lovers bedside table it was only mid-afternoon nearing 3:30. Plenty of time, thought Seth. He felt the young lad’s 5-inch cock poking into his side. He reached down and began to stroke it softly. Max stirred, he smiled and sleepily he said, “What are you doing?” Seth felt the boy’s thickness and his smooth little balls. He kissed the boy deeply. “I’m feeling this hung boycock. Never seen a young lad your age with a dick this big.” “Really?” asked the boy, kissing his adult lover. “Yeah really. Mmmmmm” replied Seth tonguing the boy. They continued to kiss, and Seth rolled onto his back, the boy was on top. The boy ground into his adult lover. Seth moaned as Max kissed his neck “I want you to fuck me.” he said to his young lover seductively. Max was a little shocked, “I’ve never fucked a man before.” Seth threw the covers back and spread his legs before the boy. He grabbed the lube, squirted some on his hand and rubbed it into his man-cunt. The boy watched hungrily as the man fingered himself. “Come on baby, try it out.” The lube that Seth had applied to himself was more than enough for the boy to slide into him. “Oh!” exclaimed the boy as he bottomed out. His eyes were closed as he took in the sensation of Seth’s pedo pussy. “It’s so warm and juicy” said the boy. Seth ran his fingers along the little lad’s six pack, “come on baby, lose your virginity in my pedo pussy.” Max began to fuck the way Seth had fucked him, the way jack had fucked him, slow and sensual. He explored, moving his cock in different directions. One direction that he went in made Seth moan in pleasure. “Yeah my little man, do that again,” Max did as request. Seth moaned loudly “OOOOOOOOOO, yes my pussy has been craving big boy dick. How’s it feels?” “Ohhhh so good. I love pedo pussy” Seth told the boy to pull out for a minute. He flipped over onto his stomach and spread his legs. The boy slid back into the adult lover eagerly. Seth began grinding his pedo cock into the boy’s bed. His gyrations were stimulating his young lover. “Oh Seth, that’s so good!’ he said. “Yeah baby, take my man-cunt. Pound away at it and get your nut.” “Fuck yes, going to tingle in your bum” said the boy proudly. The Lad didn’t last long. Between his rabbit fucking and Seth’s gyrations Max had a massive dry cum “Fuck Seth, ohhhhhhh, I feel it happening.” The boy stiffened and collapsed on top of Seth. Before long, he was at again, and again and again. Max couldn’t get enough of his dry cum’s. Seth smiled proudly remembering how quick young boys recovered from Cumming hard. When Max came for the fifth time, Seth came too. Still on his stomach Seth unleashed his big adult load all over the kids rocket print bedsheets. They rested for another half an hour before Seth decided he should probably go home. “No not yet” said Max spreading his legs and inviting the man to fuck him again. Their last fuck of the day was slow and tender. Max was on his back holding on tight and Seth lustfully slid in and out of him. Seth was startled when he heard the boy sniffling. The little boy was crying to himself softly. Seth who was on an outward thrust slowly slid into the boy, once again resting his balls against the boy’s pussy lips. “Hey, hey what’s wrong little mate?” he asked tenderly. “What if we don’t see each other again?” he said sadly. “Oh baby!” said Seth planting kisses all over the boy’s cheeks. “I meant what I said about you being my boy-wife” he slowly started fucking the boy again. “Ohhhhhh” started Max, feeling the man hit his pleasure spot “you really mean it?” “Yeah baby, you’re mine now, let me prove it to you.” said Seth increasing his thrusts. Seth sent the boy sky-high, using the same trick he had done with his hips to make Tristan lose his mind last week. “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh, Oh!” exclaimed Max deliriously as he came to his sixth orgasm hard. Finally, the two lovers dressed, and Seth gave the boy his phone number. Max showed Seth to the back door. Seth got down to the lad’s level and gave him a deep tongue kiss. “We’re both on holidays now, and I don’t live far away from you. Let’s chat during the week, we can play at my house!” “Yay! That sounds so cool” said Max. He gave Seth one last kiss and hug before the man jumped on his bike and rode away. As Seth rode home, he realised he hadn’t felt this great in a long time. And why wouldn’t he? Seth finally had a boy lover of his own. To be continued. Thanks to everyone for your continued feedback. I love writing if you guys still love reading it so please let me know your thoughts. Chuck me an email at dex

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Arkadaşımın annesi Selamlar. Hiçbir Şekilde isim, il, ilçe belirtmeden direkt konuya girerek başlamak istiyorum; uzun olabilir :) --Şöyle bir olay…

İlk randevu

İlk randevu Karımın İlk Randevusu Çok da sıcak olmayan bir yaz akşamüstünde karım Serap'la evde film seyrediyorduk. Karımın telefonuna bir…

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