Women he knew


Women he knewEvery time he entered her, he was struck by how tight she was. I mean, really… A woman in her early forties, with plenty of experience! With the body of a 25-year old. But her pussy was as tight as that of a virgin. He loved entering her, cautiously, slowly. Watch her blue, blue eyes open, her lips part, partly in pain at his size… but increasingly with eagerness and pleasure. Millimeter by millimeter, he’d work his way inside her, feeling her gorgeous pink pussy flood, then expand. Then tighten again, grasping, caressing.Fuck, she was hot!It had taken them a few months to figure it out: The way she liked to come was straddling him facing away from him, her golden hair cascading down her perfect, graceful back, her soft, soft soles turned up, her perfectly pedicured toes esenyurt escort wiggling near his chest. Sometimes, when she was wearing strappy sandals, he’d have the heel marks in his sides for hours.She preferred this position because she was shy. Afraid that she’d be making a funny face when she came. He’d have loved to watch her climax, and often told her so. But really, he didn’t mind. You see, once she had lowered herself on his erection… sighing, oohing all the way down, she’d start touching herself with her right hand, massaging his balls with her left.He thought that was pretty much the hottest thing ever!Meanwhile, he’d lubricate her beautiful pink, puckered rosebud of an asshole, working his well-lubed thumb in to the hilt. Tight, hot, soft… avrupa yakası escort and slippery, just the way he liked it. His head propped up with a pillow, he’d watch her white love ooze collect at the base of his dick as she rocked up and down, greedily taking in the glide of his thumb in and out of her tight rectum. Bliss. If given a choice, this would be his preferred way to die: His dick in her pink pussy, his finger inside her anus!Or vice versa. But the best moment was when she came. He could feel it inside her ass even before she started moaning… first a gentle fluttering in the rectal walls. Then her pussy would contract in strong, pulsing clenches. She’d collapse forward, breathing hard, heart anadolu yakası escort pumping… exposing her exquisite ass fully as he cautiously pulled out his thumb.Too bad she could only come once!When it was his turn, she’d allow him to kneel between her feet, legs spread, her impeccably manicured nails spreading her pussy lips apart. Since he had a thing for stockings, she’d quickly slip on a pair of taupe or black pantyhose, not bothering to pull it all the way up. She’d dig her hosed toes underneath his balls, stroking his dick with her other foot while he started to jerk off with his right hand.Invariably, his left hand would reach out, his index finger touching then slipping into her lovely pink, puckered anus again. His orgasm was hard… with a recoil like that of an elephant gun. BOOM… and then his semen would flood her feet, splatter on her stocking, run between her toes as she wiggled the perfectly shaped digits to capture the burning hot liquid.It took him minutes to recover… as she put her head on his shoulder and put her left leg across his body.He was a lucky guy, he realized…Too bad this couldn’t last.

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