Work Romance


The thought of dating someone at work never crossed my mind until you started to work with me. You are a very handsome man with the deepest eyes I have ever seen. You can tell that you’ve been through a lot just by looking into your eyes. You could also tell that you got whatever you wanted…whenever you wanted it…no matter what it was. This is where the attraction began. I’m the same way…I always get what I want…and I want you.

You seem like you could be a challenge…something that will end even better than it normally would…I love challenges.

Later that day I see you in the corner office and I decided to approach you…fully aware that I am wearing a very low cut black suit. You’re very friendly…even flirtatious. You tell me that I look nice as I return the compliment. We exchange small talk for a little while…moments later I go in for the kill. I get it out of you that you’re single and that you just moved into your own house…which ironically is near my place. We continue to talk and flirt…both of us noticing that we’re alone in the office. Now is my chance…

You tell a lame joke…but still funny…causes my to laugh hysterically. You’re standing less that a foot away from me as I accidentally let my hand fall onto your chest. An honest, yet flirtatious move…one that I hoped to be taken a step further. We stop laughing as I let my hand linger on your chest. You glance at my hand, then me as I shift my weight on my heels, causing me to inch closer to you. You take this opportunity to grab my free hand and pull me to you. My face bumping yours as we stare into each other’s eyes…I move forward, running my tongue over your lips.

You’re a bit shocked by my forwardness but willing.

You pull me to you, our lips meet and our tongues explore each other’s mouths, searching for each other’s tongue. Finally finding them…softly pushing against each others. You wrap your arms around my waist as my hands grip your lapel. Your firm, strong arms pull me closer to you as our mouths engulf each others. Your tongue moving hard and fast against mine…I can’t help but wonder how well you’d eat my pussy. My mouth hungrily on yours…I am trying to hide my excitement but I can’t help of thinking of throwing you on the desk behind us and fucking the shit out of you.

As if you could read my mind you put your strong hands on my thick hips…picking me up…and sitting me on a nearby desk. Our mouths still locked in a kiss as you pull away and fall to your knees. You push my skirt up to reveal my black thigh highs and lacy garter belt. You softly kiss my inner thighs as you gradually push my legs apart. My body quivers as you slide your tongue up my thigh to my saturated pussy. I open my legs a little wider…as you grab my legs…throwing them over your shoulders. I lean back on my elbows and watch you start to eat my pussy…it needs it so badly. It’s been a while since I’ve seduced such a stud and had my way with him.

You grab my thong and move it to the side…my swollen clit protruding through my pussy lips. You slide your tongue over my entire slit…tasting Anadolu Yakası Escort my sweetness…spreading my juices all over my swollen slit. You stop at my clit as the tip of your tongue circles it…teasing it slowly at first. I moan out as I lay back on the desk, putting my hands on your head. Your tongue starting to move a little faster…fiercely flicking against my clit…my hips bucking now, pushing against your face. My breathing starting to get shorter as your tongue stops toying with my clit. I look down at you as you run your fingertips up and down my slit. I cry out…as you shove your hand deep and fast inside my tight pussy. Pulling your fingers out and trailing them to my mouth…where I lick my tasty cream off of them. Mmm…tastes so good. I watch you as you tickle your way back to my juicy hole. You heave your hand back into me as I gyrate my hips against your thrusts, my pussy aching now.

You stand up and lean over the desk on me, my legs wrapping around you. I sit up to meet you as our tongues fly out of our mouths…darting for each other. Our lips haven’t met…our tongues pressing against the others. Finally, our mouths meet swallowing each others tongues…sucking it softly…tasting myself…loving it…not getting enough of it. As you lean harder on me, I can feel your cock pushing and straining against your pants. I grab your shoulders and throw you back. You shoot me an ugly look as you stand there. I look back at you as I rip your belt off and pull your pants partially down…your rock hard cock slapping against your six pack abs…inches from my face. I look at it quickly…while I gently and ever so softly kiss the tip. Tasting your pre-cum…licking it off. I then grab your cock, slapping it against my lips. Jerking it hard for a moment as I take the tip into my mouth…sucking it firmly…nibbling it a little. I circle my tongue over your piss slit…tasting you all over again. Damn you taste so good, I can’t wait for the entire load.

Your hips start pushing forward as I take inch after inch of your manhood into my mouth. I swallow your cock…burying it deep in my throat. Once it’s deep in my throat, I stick my tongue out and flick it at your balls. You let out a muttered moan as you place your hands on my head, holding it steady. I wrap my arms around you, grabbing your ass…pulling you to me. Your rock hard ass flexes with each movement deep into my throat. I open my throat for you allowing you to fuck my face. Deep…deeper…harder…faster. Moments later my mouth is hungrily sucking on your swollen head…nibbling and licking feverishly. I trace your firm ass with one of my hands, my fingertips sliding up and down your ass crack. Your hips pushing harder…your balls slapping hard against my chin…my nose crushed by your body…my mind completely understanding that this is a pleasurable pain. I slowly pull your cheeks apart as I let one of my hands slide between them…on of my fingers running along your tight asshole…tickling it a little. I continue to pull your ass to me with one hand…still tickling my finger at your back door.

My Bostancı Escort mouth hungry…sucking harder and faster now. The attention I’m giving your ass has excited you even more…you’re on the verge of blowing your load…thus causing you to pound my face even harder. Sore now from the constant and rough thrusts…my body on the verge of exploding as well. I let my other hand fondle your balls for a moment…pulling at them gently…pushing them…then squeezing them hard…massaging them softly afterwards. They tighten even more after…more so than they were already. You moan out as I swiftly insert my finger into your tight asshole. Your hips plunge forward one last time as I pull away…letting your cock fall out of my mouth. You open your eyes and look down at me.

You grab your cock and start stroking it as I grab your lapels and pull you to me. I shove my tongue into your mouth as yours fights against mine. Our bodies becoming one as I pull away and lunge for your neck. I bite you hard as you yell out in pleasure and pain. You pull my hair…my face inches from yours…the pain and thrill in my head sends shivers all over my body. I smile as you raise your hand and slap me hard across the face. I yell out as I look at you for a moment…a tear rolls down my cheek. You lean forward and run your tongue up my cheek, licking up my tear. You stare at me intensely before leaning forward and kissing me softly on the cheek where you slapped me. You then put your mouth by my ear…your hot breath on my neck excites me as you start nibbling my earlobe…you whisper…this is all part of the game.

You pull back and look at my face…an evil smile crosses my face. You wonder what it’s about…as I raise my hand and slap you back. Your head doesn’t even move as you stare at me in shock. I stand up on the desk now and grab your head, pulling you to me to kiss…pressing my lips hard against yours. You grab onto my jacket…ripping it off…tearing my shirt and bra off as well. You instantly take my nipple in your mouth sucking it hard, biting the nipple. I grab onto your head ripping at your hair…yelling out…as you slide your hand up my skirt and shove your fingers deep into my dripping pussy. I pull my skirt up and push your to my cunt. I bury your nose into my soaked cunt, begging you to suck my clit. You take it into your mouth, sucking it hard and circle it with your tongue…tasting me again…your cock harder than ever. I yell out as by now you’ve managed to shove your entire fist into me…pounding my swollen cunt. I push against your hand and face…my body shaking uncontrollably…my orgasm moments away. You continue to flick you tongue fast over my clit as my body starts to burn and shake. My breath shorter and shorter…

Our eyes meet and in one quick moment you stop. I fall onto the desk…battered…sweaty and bruised. Your cock, amazingly stiff, standing at complete attention…veins throbbing…ready to blow. I slide off the desk, get collected…attempting to salvage my jacket and blouse and pull my skirt down. You just watch me as I get re-situated. I Ümraniye Escort turn to look at you, smile and head for the door…I open the door slightly to leave and am startled when you slam the door shut over me.

Your mouth by my ear…what the fuck do you think you’re doing…you say. I look at you…leaving…I say. I don’t think so…you say as you push me against the door, lifting my skirt over my ass…shoving your cock deep inside of my drenched pussy. I yell out as you push me against the door with the force of your thrusts…fucking me fast and hard. I give in and lean forward slightly…as you pound my pussy harder and faster with your swollen cock. You reach around and pull me against you as your hand finds it way to my pussy…pushing your fingers hard against my clit…circling it fast. I yell out as you push harder into me. You push my hair off of my neck…kissing my neck. My breath shorter…my body aching…as I get closer to cumming you start to bite my neck a little…harder…harder…sucking it too. Oh my God, it feels so incredibly good. I wrap my arm around my neck and pull your hair hard. You like this as you thrust your hips harder into my ass…your hand still hard on my clit…easily sliding over it due to the wetness that has oozed from my pussy all over your hand. I pull your hair a little harder…pulling you off of my neck. I pull you to me, kissing you hard…my tongue deep in your throat. I pull away and pull your ear to my mouth…cum you fucking bastard…is all I can say. This excites you as we all the fact that I have clenched my pussy on your throbbing member…making it even a tighter fit now. You stop fingering my clit and grab my thick hips…digging your fingertips into me. You slap my ass one quick time as you pump me even harder. I reach around and barely touch my clit…its sore and swollen…I arch my back slightly as I finger my clit…I clench every muscle in my body…my pussy on fire.

I shake uncontrollably…cumming hard…my body convulsing as you slam your cock deep into my cunt one last time. You let out a loud grunt as you shoot spurt after spurt of hot jism into my pussy. My body still slowly bucking against you as you fill me up…as we fall against the door…your slowly shriveling cock slips out of my pussy as you softly kiss the back of my neck. You look at my neck and see the huge hickey you’d given me during our rendezvous.

Our breathing hard, our bodies drenched our faces flushed and covered with huge smiles. We collect ourselves and stand upright. You pull your pants up…tuck your shirt in…run your fingers through your hair and you’re ready to go. I pull my skirt down, pull my thigh highs back up, fuss with my hair a little and I am ready. Grab my purse, pull out my compact and look at the horrible red hickey you’ve left…your love bite. I attempt to cover it as best as I can and look at you as we laugh.

We walk to the door as you give me a quick pat on the ass and tell me you had fun. I tell you the same as we open the door and head out to actually work. At that point and time, our bosses walk up to us and hand us a big assignment. They tell us that we’ll be expected to work a lot of late nights together.

I look at you…you look at me…whatever we need to do…we say.

Both knowing that work is the last thing on our minds…and we won’t be working much on those late nights…

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