Working Late


It’s late and we are both still working. You noticed that I was still in the office and being the friends we are you say you will stop by on your way out. The office is totally empty. I am staring at my computer screen when you sneaked up on me. You scare me and make me jump. I smack you in the arm and say behave. You say “awww, you’re too tense” and start massaging my shoulders.

It feels so good, I am totally knotted through my neck, shoulders and upper back. You massage my neck and work up into the back of my head, then down again to my upper back. Your hands are so strong, I can’t help but to close my eyes and just enjoy. I notice I am getting a little turned on to but do not say anything. You move back to my shoulders, your hands feel so good against my skin. I notice my panties are getting damp now. You move your hands to the front part of my shoulder on the very top of my chest.

You hear me moan a little and realized that I am enjoying this more than you thought. So you lean over and start very lightly kissing my neck while you are still massaging me. This totally catches me off guard but I go with it. I am aching so badly now between my legs, I just want to reach down and play with it but I have no clue where any of this is going. While you are kissing and biting my neck, your hands move down slow to my breasts. My pussy is so wet and aching so bad. I start squirming in the chair. You know you have me now.

You turn my head and kiss me hard and deeply. Our tongues moving around in each others mouth, me biting your lips lightly little every once and a while. I can’t control myself anymore. My hand wonders down between my legs. I have a button down shirt and a short skirt on. My shoes and nylons are already off, I took them off way before you got there to get comfortable.

You see my hand rubbing my lace panties and this really turns you on. You put your hand down on top of mine. I get a little startled and start to move my hand away but you make sure it stays there. You rub my hand while I rub my underwear. You remove your hand and pull my underwear off. Then you guide my hand back to my very very wet pussy. I start rubbing my clit and you whisper in my ear “don’t stop but to not make yourself cum”.

I take my fingers and part my lips, getting them all wet. You unbutton my shirt. My bra is a front clasp, so you undo it and start rubbing my nipples. I start to moan and squirm. You realize that my nipples are rather sensitive. So you start rubbing my breast at the same time licking, nibbling and sucking on my nipples. sincan escort This makes my pussy ache so much more. I am still rubbing my clit and I want to make myself cum so bad, but you told me not to so I keep backing off.

You remove my hand, pick me up and put me on my desk. You kiss me again, even harder this time. You work down my neck, chest and stomach. Finally you get just to my hair line. You spread my legs apart and start kissing my inter thighs. You are just getting close enough to drive me nuts. You are having so much fun teasing me with your tongue. I want your tongue so bad on my clit. Finally you take your fingers, part my lips and start to lick my wet pussy. I let out such a moan. I start to rub my nipples while you lick my clit. I beg you to put a finger inside me. You are so enjoying teasing me that you take your finger and just lightly move it around on my pussy. I keep begging you to fuck me with your fingers. Finally you thrust your finger deep in me. It feels so good. I grab your finger with my muscles. You put another finger in and start pumping them in out of my cunt, your tongue still going full blast on my clit.

I can’t control it anymore. I start screaming “I am going to cum, yes make me cum on your fingers”. You pump your fingers faster and lick as fast as you can. You can feel me starting to cum. My juice rushing down on your fingers, my muscle tightening up, me grinding hard against your face. It was such a strong orgasm that I am a little weak. You wait for me to catch my breath and then lick my clit again. I come again just as hard if not harder than the first. You remove your fingers and lick my cum off of them. I stop you from making me cum anymore.

I push you back and stand up. I grab you tight and kiss you hard, grabbing your ass tight pushing you against me. I can feel your hard cock pressed up against me. I grind my hips in to you and you grind back.

I start kissing and biting your neck working my way down. I take off your shirt and nibble on your nipples while I take my hand and run it against your crotch. I start my way down again and start to unbuckle your belt. I take my teeth and unbutton your pants. You slip off your shoes while I unzip your pants. I take your pants off and leave your underwear on for right now, it’s my turn to tease. I run my fingers up and down your hard shaft and then down to your balls. I start licking just above your underwear and slowly pull them down. Finally the tip of your head is exposed. I put it in my mouth and lick all sıhhiye escort around it.

I pull your underwear all the way down and take your whole cock in my mouth. Moving up and down it, my tongue exploring every inch of it. My hand is playing with your balls. I take your cock out of my mouth and sit you down in my chair. I kneel in front of you licking your cock like it was a popsicle, making sure that I get to your balls every once and a while. You are moaning, your eyes closed and your hand on rubbing my head. I like to take my tongue and lick on the top outer side where it is most sensitive. I feel you getting close but I will not let you cum. I have better plans for that.

I stop and stand up. You grab me by the waist and lightly bite my stomach. I take my legs and straddle you on the chair. You start playing with my nipples. I take your cock in my hand and rub it against my clit. I am so wet that my juices drip down the sides of your cock. I keep rubbing it on my clit and I can see you are getting very impatient. You want your cock deep inside of me. I put the very tip at the opening and just push a little and then back off. You finally can’t take it anymore, grab me and push me down hard on your cock.

Your hard cock feels so good in my wet tight pussy. My pussy is always tight. I start riding you, moving my hip back and forth, side to side. You have a good hold of my ass and are still licking my nipples when you can. I take my nails and scratch them up your back.

I ride you hard and fast then slow moving my hips in any direction they can go. My legs are wrapped around your body to get you as in as deep as you can. You grab me tight and stand up. I wrap my legs around your legs and pump your cock. You put me on my desk, cock still deep in me. I lean back and you have a great shot of your glistening cock going in and out of my swollen cunt. You take your finger and start playing with my clit. With in minutes I am cumming all over your cock. My muscles twitching and grabbing on to your cock. You keep going and make me cum at least 7 more times.

You tell me that you are close and I tell you “I want you to cum, I want you to cum deep inside my pussy”. I tell you how good your cock feels deep inside of me and how I want to feel your cum inside of me. Finally you let out a big loud moan and cum hard. I tighten my muscles up as tight as I can to milk your cock of every drop. You pull out even though I beg you not to but you say you want to watch me make myself cum a few times before you subayevleri escort fuck me again.

You sit down in my chair and watch me. I am still on my desk, so you have a clear view. You’re watching me put my fingers between my lips and start rubbing on my clit. You’re telling me how good I tasted when you were eating me and how tight I was on your cock while you were fucking me. And how you want to fuck me again but I have to cum for you first. All of this talk is turning me on more and more. Every once and a while I put my fingers deep inside of me and then back to my very hard clit. It is so sensitive. You tell me you want me to cum, you want me to cum now. I rub just a little harder and start to cum. I arch my body back and let out screams and moans. Finally it calms down and you tell me I have to cum again, right now or you are not going to fuck me. So I put just a little pressure on my clit and I start to cum again. You make me do this 5 times.

Then you stand up, pull me off the desk and kiss me. Then turn me around and bend me over the desk. You bend down and start kissing my ass, getting in a bite every once and a while. You take your tongue and do one long lick on my wet pussy. I am aching so badly for your cock again. I need something hard inside of me.

You take your cock and use it to play with my pussy. I am begging you to fuck me. I am saying “fuck me, please put that hard cock in my wet cunt”. You finally give in to my pleading and enter deep inside of me. I let out a scream. I keep saying to you, “come on baby, fuck me, fuck me hard”. You seem to like it when I talk dirty to you. You start moving your hips faster and harder. I reach down and play with your balls. You take one hand and start playing with my breasts. I am using all my strength to tighten my muscles around your hard cock.

You see my blanket and throw it on the floor. You take me and put me on the blanket and start fucking me missionary style. I wrap my legs tight around your hips. We are kissing very passionately. I kiss down the side of your face and start nibbling on your ear. Then you take my legs and put them against your shoulders. You can get in very deep this way. You tell me you are close and I tell you I want to cum with you.

You let my legs down and I start moving my hips in the prefect rhythm. I start to cum and from the excitement of that you start to cum. It is so intense. You collapse next to me. My pussy still pulsing and dripping of our cum. You look at me and smile. I smile back. We both get dressed. You give me one more long hard kiss and say “maybe we should work late more often”. I give you that look and say “maybe we should”. You turn around and leave.

I still can’t believe what happened. Was it a dream, was working to late playing tricks on my mind. All I know is that I won’t mind working late again.

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