World of Lust Ch. 01

Big Tits

As the sun beamed through the window to his face, Jacob slowly crawled out of bed. Walking down the hall, the reality of his situation hits him harder than before.

“I’m a prisoner.” He thinks to himself. “Trapped in an unknown land at an unknown location. So what if my bed feels like sleeping on a cloud? The best prisoners either don’t know they are or don’t want to leave.” He scours the apartment. There’s plenty of clothes, a hot tub, a roof mirror and a gigantic bathroom but nothing remotely close to a usable weapon.

Heading towards the kitchen he hears someone humming. A quick peek reveals the source to be an average height woman, roughly 5’6 with white skin, wearing a maid’s outfit with short blond hair and pink streaks tied into a ponytail.

“You don’t need to hide, I won’t bite,” She says as she stirs what smells like pot roast. Jacob walks into the kitchen.

“Who are you?” He asks sternly. She puts a top on the roast then turns to face him.

“I’m your maid.” She says enthusiastically.

“That’s your position, what’s your name?” Jacob presses.

“Made. Madeforlovinyou.” She responds with a smirk. Clearly she wasn’t going to give a straight answer. “Breakfast’s on the table.” Jacob sits down and takes a bite of his meal. The steak is cooked to perfection, not too tough or soft, the meat peels off effortlessly and the taste! It was like a cornucopia of flavour had exploded in his mouth. Every chew released a new emotion in him. He’d never eaten something so delicious! The veggies were crispy and the scalloped potatoes were a combination of tangy and sweet. He devoured the meal like a mad dog. As he sat there, feeling oddly full for once, The Maid stands next to him. “Soooo, how was it?” She asks as she lightly bounces in place.

“Scrumptious. I’ve never eaten like that in my entire life.” The Maid smiles from ear to ear, gives him a hug and kiss on the cheek.

“I knew those classes would pay off! Now get up, you need a good cleaning.” She turns down the heat on the stove and turns for the hallway. Jacob follows her into the enormous bathroom. There are several sinks, full body mirrors and toilets. There are a few drains on the floor. The tub itself is more like a walk in pool. There are nine shower heads, three on each wall with a panel underneath each one. There are also several sealed circular holes lining the walls, a guard rail along the open entrance reaching up to Jacob’s mid-section and hooks hanging from the ceiling.

“Take your clothes off.” Jacob looks at her expectantly. “Just you, for now. That doesn’t include the neckband.” Right, the neckband. Why such an odd garment to signify new slaves? Jacob ponders as he takes his shirt and pants off. For the first time in a long time he takes a good hard look at himself in the full body mirror next to him. He’s rather tall, with white skin and an athletic, muscular build. His shoulders are broad, his legs and arms.both long and thick. His eyes are brown. His long brown hair, full beard and stache mask his cut covered face. In fact his whole body was full of bruises, scratches and the claw mark left by the wolf on his pec.

The Maid steps into view next to him and runs a hand through his hair. “This has gotta go.” She says looking down at her dirt covered hand. “So glad Mar cleaned the blood out. Now get in the bath.”

“I can clean myself.” Jacob says with a hint of irritation. The Maid steps behind him and pushes into his back; Struggling in vain to get him to the room sized tub.

“Don’t be a baby. Get in the bath and let me wash you!” Jacob takes a giant step forward and The Maid falls flat on her face. “Oh so that’s how you want it huh?” She springs up, runs past Jacob, hops in the giant tub and grabs an extendable shower head. “Stop right there! This thing’s set to arctic and I’m feeling very bipolar.” Jacob slightly raises an eyebrow then starts walking forward. “Time to make a dicksickle!” The Maid flips a switch on the head and it sprays a wide, powerful cone of water all across the bathroom.

“She wasn’t kidding, it’s absolutely freezing!” He thinks to himself. Jacob puts his forearm across his eyes and steps into the bath. The Maid hops back into the farthest corner and flips the setting to straight stream. The tub floor was covered in a rubber flooring that’s easy to run across. Jacob jogs towards The Maid. As she tries to run right he grabs the shower head in one hand and The Maid in the other. Running a hand across her hips he turns the two of them together. They lock eyes, he leans in and a slight smile crosses her face.

“So, no hard feelings? Aha ha ha…” Jacob raises the head to the side of her face. He holds her and runs the stream across her face, hair, down her top and up her dress; Coating her bow tied, frilly pink panties front to back. “Christ! Cold cold cold!” The Maid says frantically as she holds Jacob’s meaty shoulders. She squirms and shakes as the stream soaks into her every curve: Up her thighs, around to Side Escort her firm bubble butt, then across her stomach down into her already wet pussy.

Then, suddenly, Jacob pulls the front of her panties forward and stuffs the head up the side of her drawers. The Maid shrieks as she grabs for it, pulling it up through the top of her undies. The ribbed cord grinds on her lower lips. She moves over to the panel, turns the temperature to warm, drops to her knees and grinds on it. Pulling her top down she runs her hand across her c-cups. “Computer! Body wash!”

“What?” As Jacob looks around a hand springs forward from one of the sealed holes with a bottle of shampoo, dropping it in The Maid’s hand. She squirts out a few drops and starts rubbing it into her tits. She turns the intensity down on the head and slowly runs the stream over her glistening chest. The soap starts to bubble, slowly covering her in a pinkish-white foam. She saunters over to Jacob. Wrapping an arm around him, she slowly runs the stream down his rippling back. She rotates around to it, keeping her arm slung around him as she starts working the stream into his hair.

“Computer. Shampoo.” Her voice is much more relaxed and sultry. She takes a few drops of it and runs her fingers deep. It feels like she’s reaching into his skull. Every stroke melted another layer of tension from his face. As she slowly worked her way down his hair Jacob snaps out of his complacency and grabs the shower head.

“Hey, I wasn’t done!” She says with a hint of disappointment in her voice. He wraps the cord around her waist then ties it tightly.

“Computer, lower hook.” The hook above them gradually lowers to Jacob’s waiting hand. The Maid struggles and squirms in vain as he ties a higher point of the cord around it. Now hanging like a drowned dog with foam dripping from her tits she looks on as he grabs another head. He wraps it around her leg, orders another hook down then ties it up. He continues until her every limb is strung up, spreading her wide like a star. He grabs the body wash and starts oiling her up, then caresses it into her soft, smooth skin. As it starts soaking in, she’s slowly covered in a light, bubbly foam. Jacob pops one of the heads off and surprise, surprise, there’s a dildo styled end.

Examining the panels he sets the dildo-head to, “Latch like a snatch.” He slips the shining silver rod between her bubbling, soaked butt. She lets out a surprised, pleasurable squeal as it easily slides at least ten inches in, ribbed cord and all. The cord then spreads apart, grabs hold of her creamy cheeks and starts thrusting slowly, then vigorously. The Maid starts moaning as drool starts to form and drip from both her lips. Her every deep, husky breathe called to Jacob, begging him to join in. He breathes heavy, grabs another shower head, sets it to latch and shoves it in her pussy. The Maid bites her lip and lets out a moan of sheer ecstasy, slightly laughing through it. Her eyes start rolling up and her tongue slips out as her breathing starts syncing with every thrust. As her moans and foam fly through the air Jacob stares at her, his mind filled with thoughts of grabbing her ponytail and skull fucking her. “No! I must escape!” He thinks to himself. He washes himself off, grabs a dry set of clothes and leaves his apartment room.

“Jacob? You there? You can’t leave me here! The roast will burn!” The Maid screams.

“Now for this damn neckband.” Jacob grabs the cotton by the collar and starts pulling. It won’t budge. “What the hell?!” He claws and tugs every which way but the thickly woven material doesn’t move an inch then slowly returns to its original form. “Damn it! Get off me!” After a few minutes of struggling Jacob gives up and heads out to the street. It’s surprisingly clean. Only a few pieces of litter, no graffiti or broken windows. No smashed in doors or bloodstains. This was a very different scene from what he was used to.

As he makes his way through the city he searches in vain for some semblance of an exit. As he turns a corner he suddenly stops as Laura, her assistant and an unknown woman in a full body black jumpsuit block his path. Laura looks at him with a pout, tapping her foot with her arms crossed.

“You damn devious devil! Malory was supposed to have you cleaned up and crossing my window for the tour by now but what do I find in your room? She’s strung up and gasping in a tub filled with more of her juices than fucking water!!”

“Should’ve let her drown.” Jacob says with no hint of remorse. Laura’s face scrunches into a ball of rage.

“Sabrina!” She snaps her fingers. The suited woman steps forward as Laura and her assistant step back. “You disobeyed your owner! Time for your punishment!” The woman’s but a smidge shorter than Jacob. Her muscles shine through the suit, revealing a full six pack, solid shoulders, bulging biceps and an ass that looks like a thick, juicy apple bobbing on her branch-like thighs. Her tits barely Manavgat Escort stick out at all. The two size each other up, neither moving. Then Sabrina steps forward with a right leg roundhouse kick. Jacob pulls back as she returns to a kickboxing stance then dashes in, throwing a left straight. He sways his head to his left side and throws his own left straight. She slips under it and winds up a back flip, nailing him in the jaw with her right foot.

He staggers back a moment and recollects himself. She moves in with a right hook. He ducts and swings a fierce right uppercut, landing square on her chin. Then follows with a left hook across her cheek. She stumbles to the side. Jacob closes in as she spins around and throws a back kick straight into his stomach. He feels his gut gurgle and steps back. Sabrina stances up and starts poking through his guard, wailing on him with hooks and straights. As his stomach settles she throws another right hook and he responds with his own. Both land with a rattling thud. He lunges forward, throwing a left straight, she grabs his arm and pulls him further forward with his own momentum. As he stumbles forward she sweeps his left leg with hers while pushing into his back.

Landing on top of him she pulls his left arm behind his back as she sits over him, twisting his arm. Jacob flips himself around to immediately get punched in the head. He pulls his legs up and drags Sabrina down then lurches on top of her. With an absolutely mad look in his eyes he grabs her by the throat and squeezes tighter than he ever has. She swings at his head but he doesn’t even flinch. As her muscles relax she becomes docile. Jacob releases, postures up and with a mighty swing he brings his right arm down like a wrecking ball. Sabrina grabs his arm and clamps her legs around his waist. He struggles, standing up and punching her in the side but she just clenches tighter. Jacob’s arm starts to contort, then suddenly, a loud snap fills the streets. She releases his arm and, as he shakily steps back, runs up and cracks him in the nose with her right knee. Jacob flew off his feet, landing several feet ahead, flat on his back. Sabrina drops her hands to her knees, gasping for breath while rubbing her throat. Laura claps, cheers and whistles.

“Laura, don’t you think-“

“Yeah! More! MORE!!” Laura yells, abruptly interrupting her assistant. As Sabrina catches her breath she walks over and offers a hand to Jacob. He stares through watery eyes at her.

“Come on, it was a good fight, don’t be like that.” Her tone is even, almost soothing.

“You crushed his fucking nose. A flick makes people teary, crushing it causes a flood.” Laura says with her usual enthusiasm.

“I told you he doesn’t have a submissive bone in his body. My eyes never lie.” Laura’s assistant says as she pulls Jacob up.

“Well, not anymore, Rina definitely broke them.”

“This was all just a stupid test?!” Jacob bellows, spit and sweat flying from his face. The Assistant holds his broken arm up.

“Call Marcy.” The Assistant says as Jacob steps back from her, turns and runs.

“There has to be a way out!” Turning the next bend, Laura and her entourage are, yet again, blocking his path.

“How?!” He mutters as he does a one eighty.

“How much longer, Laura?” Sabrina asks, slightly annoyed.

“Just a little more, I’m almost there.” Jacob’s feet are practically floating he’s running so fast. As he heads up a hill, suddenly, Laura and her group pop in from a trap door, similar to the sealed circular holes in the shower. Sabrina waves while Laura blows a kiss. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to hide, or even run. Jacob turns left, running across a grassy field. The group pops in around him.

“Why?! Why me!? What makes me so special?!” Jacob screams at the top of his lungs. As the group slowly closes in on him he turns his sights to Laura. He runs straight at her, grabs her by the throat and lifts her up. “Answer me!!” With a sudden jolt, she spasms uncontrollably.

“OH! YES! YES!! YES!!” Her body releases all tension. With a look of complete, undeniable satisfaction she smugly grins at Jacob. He looks down to see her shorts are utterly soaked. He looks up at her smug face. With rage flowing through him like fire in his veins, he squeezes her, digging his unclipped nails into her neck. Suddenly he feels arms around his. Sabrina slowly pulls his fingers out then wraps herself around him, both arms and legs. Laura rubs her throat. “Harder next time.” Her Assistant walks over to her. They both walk over to the now still Jacob.

“Are you done?” Sabrina asks.

“Yeah, let him go.” Laura says with a still satisfied, slightly raspy voice. Sabrina releases Jacob and he slowly sits up. She stays close to his back, putting her legs around his waist. Laura and her Assistant sit down in front of them. Laura lets out a long sigh as she looks at Jacob. “So, you’re probably wondering just what in the holy fuck Alanya Escort is going on here, huh?”

“She loves fucking with people.” Laura’s assistant says with a matter of fact tone. Laura snaps her head to her assistant then back to Jacob.

“Yes, I love fucking with people’s minds. I haven’t had such a good mind-fuck in so long.” She spreads her legs into a v formation, leaning back on her arms as supports. “Fylogiaola staff analyze potential citizens for a genetic signature. Anyone with it is tagged and bagged. Lucky you! You don’t have to struggle in the Savage Lands anymore!”

“What signature? A defect in my genes?” Jacob says with a dark undertone.

“Oh, nohohoho, not even close. Sharron, show him.” Laura’s assistant looks into Jacob’s eyes.

“Think of something.” Sabrina whispers into his ear. Jacob thinks of flying out of here.

“You’re flying straight up and out of here. Your whole body fully heals as you land in a secluded island full of fruit and game to hunt. Many different cultures of women are there, cooking, hunting, fighting, serving-” Jacob couldn’t believe it, as he was conjuring up new thoughts this woman was saying them. As she sits up and back next to Laura Jacob’s eyes go wide.

“What? H-how? What is this?” He seems almost entranced, baffled by this apparent Psychic. Sabrina leans in close and whispers once again.

“It’s a superhuman signature.” Suddenly she disappears and reappears behind Laura and Sharron, then disappears and reappears back behind Jacob.

“See, ever since the meltdown of 48′, people started experiencing genetic phenomenons. Some people could stretch to a building’s length, some could completely mentally dominate someone just by looking at them aaaand some could shoot fire outta there ass. Luck of the draw.” Laura shrugs. “No one seems to know where, why or how these mutations started. We do know that if we don’t keep on top of the Savage Lands genetic pop ups they could get lucky with someone that can flatten an entire city or something else brutally powerful. If allowed to go unchecked they could tear Fylogiaola to bits.”

“Why not just expand and take the entire planet?” Jacob asks, certainty in his voice.

“Our Benefactor refuses to go any further with our domination. He won’t say why.” Laura says.

“Who is The Benefactor?” Jacob asks.

“He’s the first genetic superhuman that lead the army of 69′ to global domination. Others say he provided the advanced weapons we have today and puppet mastered the takeover from a remote location. Either way, he’s the head honcho here. All massive decisions go through him. He provided blueprints for the underground network and supplies to make it. No one’s ever seen his figure or his face.” Marcy pops in with a needle, a metal box and some salve.

“For fuck sake I JUST cleaned him up yesterday!” She kneels down, rubs the salve on Jacob’s nose and arm. Then she injects the needle’s contents into his arm. Within a minute his nose and arm are good as new. Marcy looks at Sabrina who shakes her head. She moves over to Laura and rubs the salve into her neck. The indents slowly heal over.

“Why didn’t you use that on the wolf mark?” Jacob asks.

“I like it. Gives character.” She responds. She walks to and stands over him. “You forgot this.” Marcy hands him the box. He opens it to see a delectable, sealed bowl of pot roast. He rips the seal off and practically drinks the bowl, chewing like a rabbit with one day to live.

“Slow down, you don’t have to rush your meals anymore, you can enjoy them.” Sabrina says in her ever relaxing tone. “Now, if Laura’s done messing with you, we can give you the proper tour.” The group stands up, Laura claps her hands, a tube opens up beneath them and a platform begins carrying them down into the underground tunnels.

“The land of Fylogiaola is comprised of many sections, each for different lifestyles. There are sections for anyone looking to settle down with a kid-” Sharron says.

“A family! Please don’t mix that up in the next big meeting.” Laura exclaims.

“Right, looking to HAVE a kid. Like a plain, normal, boring bitch.” Sharron says with a hint of disdain.

“There are places to go for any fetish, any kink, any desire. You want it we have it! If we don’t, tell us and we can make it happen! There’s enough space to fit new kinks all over the land.” Laura says with an especially chipper tone.

“What’s my power?” Jacob asks with a curious, commanding voice.

“Dunno, it has to awaken sometime.” Laura states with a shrug.

“Maybe it’s getting your ass kicked by black body-suited bitches. That’s two to nothing!” Marcy says with a laugh. Jacob looks on, ignoring her taunts. He walks up to Sabrina.

“Then it was you.” He says in a low tone.

“Yeah, I’m the sleep gas girl.” She says while running her hand up her mask, trying to fiddle with her hair, only to realize she’s still wearing it. She pulls it off, blushing slightly. She has long blonde hair, sun tanned skin, sea blue eyes and ruby red lips. He notices a bruise on her cheek and points at it.

“Shh, I don’t want any salve, it’s fine.” She whispers. Jacob smiles and slightly chuckles. She quickly turns around and puts her mask back on.

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