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Silence filled the studio apartment. Sebastian had paced around the room for hours before leaving only to turn around in the lobby and return. The computer sat idle. Only the desk lamp and a small light in the kitchen provided any aid against the dark night. The phone loomed on the coffee table with Kerry’s note sitting next to it. The words written on the page stared at Sebastian as he paced around the big couch, his eyes darting from the phone to the note and back again.

His mind wandered . . .how could she know, was it that obvious? He remembered clearly the look in her eyes as she handed him the note. He felt a comfort when he was with her that warmed him from the inside out, and yet he could not pull himself to pick-up the phone. The chimes of his clock sang out through the darkness tolling the midnight hour. Sebastian looked out the window and across the city. The snow had stopped, but a thick blanket of white covered the world outside. He sank back into his couch his eyes heavy. Sleep hit him hard and fast.

The shrill tone of his phone broke him from his slumber rudely. Sebastian rubbed his eyes as he sat up, pulling the crick from his neck. The phone continued its abuse on his ears as he leaned forward to pick it up. His hand paused at the handset a moment as his eyes scanned Kerry’s note. His heart skipped a beat, then being restarted by the shrill tone once more.

“Hello.” Sebastian spoke groggily into the phone. A grumpy voice barked back at him. It was his editor, a generally angry man that was almost constantly provoked by Sebastian’s unique ability to just make his deadlines within seconds. His editor continued to heap verbal abuse on Sebastian. Holding the phone out from his ear a few inches, Sebastian slowly got up and moved into the kitchen. He moved about slowly pouring a glass of orange juice and walking back over to his desk.

“5 o’clock this afternoon. You will have the completed work.” Sebastian sleepily placed the phone on his desk and began to look through his creation. His eyes scanned the screen quickly, pausing a couple times to make minor corrections. He sat back in his seat as he read to the end. Only it wasn’t the end. It was simply where he had stopped writing. He placed his fingers on the keys and began to type. He stopped a couple lines in and deleted the words he had just written. Sebastian found himself typing “Kerry” instead of “Elizabeth.” He shook his head and decided he needed his coffee and bagel to help clear his mind and finish his book.

The cold air hit him like a wall as he stepped through the lobby doors onto the sidewalk. There were more people on the sidewalk than normal, but fewer cars and cabs on the still snow covered roads. The bakery at the corner was crowded this morning. People were barking for coffee and confections. Some seemed relaxed and ready to enjoy the day Mother Nature had given; others were thoroughly annoyed with the whole situation.

The little girl behind the counter saw Sebastian sheepishly making his way through the crowd and quickly poured his cup and bagged his bagel. She came around from behind the counter and handed his coffee and bagel to him. Her delicate fingers touched his as she held the cup for him.

“It’s on the house today. See you tomorrow.” She whispered into his ear, before quickly returning to the counter and answering the beckoning calls of the other customers.

Sebastian stood in awe for a moment watching the young woman move quickly efficiently around the counter area. She had a huge smile on her face as she dealt with the nice and equally well with the rude. Sebastian could tell that she was thriving on the pressure and excitement of this mornings rush. He smiled to himself and squeezed his way out of the small bakery and onto the street.

He stood on the corner and looked across to the park. He wondered if on this morning Kerry would go for her run. The wind kicked up a gust of loose snow and Sebastian decided that his coffee and bagel would be better eaten in the comfort of his apartment.

Sebastian returned to his apartment and sat down in front of his computer. He sat quietly drinking his coffee and finishing his bagel. He didn’t type a single character, but looked at the screen every once in a while glancing over his shoulder to look at Kerry’s note still sitting on the coffee table. As he downed the last of his coffee he moved his chair back from the desk toward the table. Reaching out a long arm Sebastian grabbed the note and looked over it once more. His eyes darted around the room.

Quite suddenly he got up from his seat and began to move about the apartment straightening the piles of books and notes. He cleaned the few dishes in the sink and bagged his laundry, tossing it toward the back of his closet. He gave the bathroom a once over. He changed into a fresh pair of jeans and sweater. As he moved about, Sebastian could feel his mood lighten, his energy increased. He walked out across the large room sliding to a stop on his socked feet right in front of the desk and the phone.

He slowly reached forward and picked up the phone and the note. He held the note in one hand looking over it again for the thousandth time. He lifted the phone, punching each digit slowly. He paused before hitting the last number. The note began to shake in Şerifali Escort his hand; he opened his mouth as his breath shallowed. His eyes darted to the computer screen, the note and back to the phone. Quickly he shut off the phone and sat it down. He paced around the room, crumpling the note in the sweaty palm of his hand. Returning to the desk, he took a deep breath and picked up the phone once more.

Each number press was deliberate. Again he paused before the last digit, his thumb poised over the button ready to send. He stared at the keypad; the numbers seemed to shrink away into tiny dot in front of him. His thumb loomed large over the number, his heart raced. With a deep breath he pressed the key and held the phone to his ear.

The silence gave him time to question his decision and just as he started to pull the phone from his ear he heard the first ring. A soft ring that lasted just the right length. It was actually the same ring he always heard when calling anyone, but somehow this was a different ring, better. The second came, followed by a third. Sebastian began to panic. What if her machine picked up? He hadn’t considered that possibility, he was at a loss. What message would he leave?

“Hello?” Kerry’s soft voice calmly interrupted the fourth ring.

Her gentle voice snapped Sebastian from his spiral of panic and into a whole new level of anxiety. His heart leaped into his throat and cut of the flow of air to both his brain and his vocal chords. “Ehem . . . Hello, Kerry?”


“Uhm hi, uh this is Sebastian, from last night?” He stuttered his words coming slowly.

“Of course! I was hoping you would call. I didn’t go for my run today, and was just thinking about you sitting on your bench. Did you go to the park?” He could hear the smile in her voice.

“Uhm no it was too cold. I am glad you didn’t run today, it’s beautiful but dangerous out there.”

“Yes you are right about that.”

There was a pause. Sebastian wanted to ask her over, but was at a loss for what to say.

“Are you busy today?” Kerry broke through the silence.

“I have to finish the draft for my editor by five.”

“I see.” Kerry sounded disappointed.

“But I’m almost finished.” Sebastian quickly responded.

“Really?” She lifted her voice.

“Uhm yeah, so if you still wanted to see where I work . . .” Sebastian let his voice trail off.

“I would like that very much. I could come over anytime if you like?” There was excitement in Kerry’s voice that struck Sebastian.

Sebastian gave her his address and told her he could not wait to see her again. As he hung up the phone, he took a step over to the window. He looked out over the city from a new point of view. The brightness of the snow covered world forced a smile as he squinted into the day. He quickly dashed about the apartment making last minute adjustments. He slid on his socks to a stop at the kitchen counter placing a stack or magazines there. A loose page stuck out from the stack. He pulled it out and allowed his eyes to pour over the word he had written. It was the poem to the fictitious Elizabeth. With a heavy sigh Sebastian took the page over to his files and slid it into a large manila envelope labeled “POETRY.”

The rattle of tapping on Sebastian’s door spun him around from the files. He turned the monitor off on his way by, scanning the apartment one last time. His hear raced, he felt very warm as he approached the door. He looked down at the door handle for a moment. His eyes grew large as he took a deep breath. He wiped his hand on his jeans and reached out to the handle. As he wrapped his long fingers around it a sudden wrapping on the door made him jump. As he recovered, he smiled to himself and opened the door.

She stood before him radiant in her heavy coat and fluffy earmuffs. Her big brown eyes glistened as she smiled up at him. He welcomed her inside, gently taking her coat as she crossed in front of him and into the room. Her eyes were wide as she walked around the space taking it all in. She made her way to the window and looked out across the city.

“Wow this is amazing!” She beamed as she turned back to him.

Sebastian slowly laid her coat across the back of the couch and stood there his hands nervously holding the coat down, as if it might spontaneously fly up to the ceiling at any moment. He looked up at her as she stood in the window looking out. Her jeans fit tight around her near perfect curves. He admired the way her hips curved into her waist and how her white sweater hugged her torso. His eyes washed over her long dark hair as it fell around slender shoulders. His eyes glassed over as the white light from the snow covered world poured over and around her, making her glow.

“How long have you been here?” She asked turning to see Sebastian and his gaze of admiration. She blushed and leaned back against the window frame with a coy smile. “Sebastian?”

Sebastian blinked his eyes a couple times as his face fired red and he bowed back behind the couch. “Sorry, I uh . . . what did you say?”

Kerry’s coy grin grew into a bright smile. “How long have you been here?”

“Oh uhm almost four years now I suppose.”

Kerry nodded as she slowly walked over toward the computer desk, his fingers trailed Göztepe Escort along its edge as she looked at him. He stood behind the couch watching her, as if he was hiding, his hands planted firmly on the back. Kerry looked down at the desktop, she moved a couple pages around with her fingers, not really looking at the words that were written on them. Sebastian stood nervously, as she came around to the couch, looking up at him with just her deep brown eyes. He gulped down a breath and opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

“Do you have any tea?” She asked as she moved around the end of the couch toward him.

“Yes, I could put a . . .wait I’m out of tea, but I have some cocoa?” Sebastian retreated into the kitchen and began to fill his kettle with water.

“Hot cocoa sounds very nice.” She smiled and stood across the counter watching him work.

Sebastian nervously clicked on the stove and placed the pot to boil. He turned around to Kerry. She smiled at him. “I like where you work.”

“Ahh it’s not much.”

“Come look at the city with me.” Kerry held out her hand for Sebastian to follow.

He slowly came around the counter lifting his hand to hers. As their fingers became entwined he felt a weight lift from his heart. He followed her slowly to the window. It was just past midday and the sun was trying to peak through the high cover of clouds. The roads beneath them had been scraped and marked a black grid through the city below. Traffic moved slowly, people bundled against the cold crowded the sidewalks.

“It’s as if, we’re not apart of their world up here.” Kerry said as she looked at Sebastian.

His head was lowered as he watched the activity of the outside world. She moved her hand up over his back and around his shoulder. Sebastian turned and looked at her. Their eyes met, and faces grew closer together. Slowly, gently their lips closed on each other in a soft kiss. Kerry wrapped her arms up over his shoulders pulling herself tight to him. Sebastian gripped his arms around her small waist as the kiss began to intensify. Their mouths opened and Kerry slid her tongue just past his lips. Sebastian welcomed her, as he pulled even tighter against his body.

They stood in that kiss, that embrace sharing breath and holding each other. There silhouetted against the activity of the city below. The high-pitched whistle of the kettle broke the moment, but not the mood. Kerry dropped her arms around Sebastian taking his hands and followed him into the kitchen. She rubbed his broad shoulders as he poured the water into a couple of big mugs and stirred in the cocoa mix. He turned and handed her a mug, which she returned with a light kiss on his nose.

Kerry walked back out of the kitchen and over to the couch. She started to sit on the couch and turned to him with a smile. Sebastian leaned against the countertop watching her move. He slowly took a sip of the hot liquid, but never took his eyes from her form.

“Are you going to join me?” She almost laughed out the words.

Sebastian smiled and moved over to join her on the couch. He sat slowly beside her, placing his mug next to hers on the coffee table. She slid her hands up his back and under his sweater. Although surprised at first, he was quickly calmed by the gentle caress of her hands on his skin. He let out a warm sigh as her fingers glided across his back. He turned to her, drawing a single finger down the side of her beautiful face to her chin and pulling her mouth to his. They kissed this time with more passion. His hand rubbed up her thigh and out around her hip. She pulled him to her as she collapsed back on to the couch. As they kissed their tongues danced and her hands pulled at his sweater, urging the waist higher and higher as she explored his back and chest.

Sebastian sat up and pulled his sweater over his head looking Kerry in the eyes. She rubbed her fingers up his stomach over his chest and to his neck, before sitting up herself and pulling her own sweater off. They met in a kiss; she took his large hand and slid it down from her shoulder to cover her pert breast held in a cute cotton bra. As Sebastian held her, she kissed his chin and down his neck, reaching her arms around and undoing the small bra. His fingers rolled over the small erect nipples that came free as the bras fell away. She continued to kiss down his chest and to his belly. She pushed him back on the arm of the couch, crawling up over him.

She looked up at him as her fingers unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the fly open. She kissed his belly button and licked her tongue down to the waist of his boxers. With a little help from Sebastian, Kerry pulled his jeans and boxers down, letting his hard cock out. She rubbed her open palms up his thighs and wrapped her fingers around his cock from the base. She massaged him as she kissed around his cock and licked at the tip with her tongue. He leaned back and opened his mouth with a gasp as she slowly slid the bulging head of his cock past her supple lips. She massaged his balls with her fingers as she took more of him in her mouth. He moved almost uncomfortable at first as he looked down at her, but her eyes looked up into his as she slid his cock from her lips and smiled. With a wink she was back to him with a vigor that Ümraniye Escort made him gasp for air. She sucked on him, rolling her tongue around his hard head inside her mouth. Slowly she moved her lips tightly up and down his shaft, her fingers gripping him and following the motion of her mouth. She began to move faster, her hand now pumped him in opposition to her sucking mouth. Sebastian began to breathe even harder, his legs began to tense. She licked at his head as his hands gripped the cushions of the sofa. She began to moan on his cock as he yelled out in a grunt. He took in a deep breath and held it as every muscle in his body tensed. She forced her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock and sucked on him. With a moaning release of his breath, Sebastian erupted inside Kerry’s mouth. She began to milk his orgasm taking all that he had to offer. Kissing and licking the length of his cock, she smiled up at him with her eyes.

“Oh my God.” Were her only words as she covered his open mouth with hers in a deep kiss.

Sebastian rolled her up and over to the other arm. His hands slid up her waist and his fingers toyed with her erect nipples. She began to moan into his kiss as he pinched her and pulled at her nipples. He ran his tongue down from her shin over her neck and down her chest. He kissed her just between her breasts and drew his tongue over to her nipple. Sucking it deep into his mouth, she arched her back and pressed her breast against his mouth. As he licked her nipple and let it slid between his teeth, she undid her pants and pushed them down. Then laying a hand atop his head she applied the subtle hint for him and his tongue to move lower.

Sebastian sat up and pulled her pants from her feet and kissed her toes. Spreading her legs to either side, he slowly kissed his way from the inside of her ankle up to her knee. He kissed the back of her knee and extended his tongue to lick up the inside of her thigh. She adjusted in the sofa, lifting her hips to meet his approaching tongue. Sebastian kissed her puffed lips gently, sending chills up Kerry’s spine. She reached down and pressed her fingers into his hair as his tongue dived past her lips and he tasted her sweetness for the first time. He moved his tongue from the base slowly up the middle and over the tip of her hardened clit. She was already very wet and her lips spread easily open for him. He closed his mouth around her clit and slowly sucked it into his mouth. She let out a groan and arched her back further as his tongue slid around its base. She began to squirm at his touch as his hands moved up to cover her breasts. His tongue flipped at the tip of her clit as his fingers brushed over the tips of her nipples. She rocked her head back and forth as he sucked her clit into his mouth and let it slide out past his teeth. She pressed the back of his head harder into her crotch and began to breath harder. As his tongue flipped at her clit, rubbing around it and over it, she tightened her legs around his head holding him there. Her moans became screams as he began to hum on her clit running his tongue down her slit and up over her pleasure center. With a jerk of her back lifting her hips from the couch she screamed out and her body went tight. Sebastian sucked and licked furiously as her juices flowed from her pulsing pussy. Her hand moved to the front of his head and she pushed him away, panting her legs falling limply open.

“Oh my dear God.” She breathed heavily as Sebastian moved slowly up between her legs kissing each breast on his way to her mouth. “I want you inside me.” She whispered in his ear biting the lobe as he kissed her neck.

Sebastian could feel the hard tips of her nipples sliding along the hair on his chest as she breathed heavily beneath him. He could feel the heat and wetness from her pussy as she pushed her hips down toward his. Their mouths joined in a passionate kiss of lips and tongues. The hard head of Sebastian’s cock slid along the length of Kerry’s now soaking pussy. She arched her back as he teased her opening with his bulbous head.

“I want to be one with you, to make a whole.” Sebastian breathed into her ear.

He slid his cock slowly inside her, stretching her lips slightly around his girth. She inhaled as he pushed deeper until his cock was fully inside her. He held there, deep feeling her pussy pulse around him. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his back, digging her nails into him as he held his cock inside her. She pulled herself off the couch as she hugged him tight. Without him having to move, Kerry could feel the wave of a second orgasm wash over her. Her pussy squeezed against him, her hips uncontrollably thrust underneath him. Slowly he pulled back, sliding his cock out of her. She winced with pleasure and gasped for air as he dove back inside her. Building with a slow and steady pace of a steam engine, Sebastian and Kerry began to move together. His cock thrusting deep in and back out of her juicy pussy. She writhed beneath him, arching her back and thrusting her hips upwards to take him. Spreading her legs as wide as she can and lifting them high, Sebastian began to pound her harder. Sweat formed on his brow as she grunted and moaned in ecstasy with his movements. She screamed out and drove her nails into his back as her body tensed and racked with the power of a third orgasm. As her arms and pussy gripped Sebastian, he thrust his cock deep inside her and exploded in his is mind-blowing orgasm. Their body’s quaked with the spasms of pure bliss. Muscles clinched and breath escaping as moans and cries of joy.

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