Yacht Girls – 01 – The Surprise Trip


Julie went to a party in a mansion on the hill with her friends, a group of twenty-something aspiring models. She wandered away from the group to look out over the sea from the balcony; a waitress brought her a glass of exquisite champagne. She sipped it while watching the sunset.Without warning, she caught the blinding flash of a nearby photo drone which nearly made her lose her balance and left her discombobulated. Just then, she received a text on her phone to “come down to the lower level”. The sender was unknown, but in hopes that it was one of her friends, Julie found an elevator in an out-of-the-way corridor. She noticed a camera eye in the wall light up briefly, followed by the doors opening.The elevator deposited her in a large, open cavern that contained a pool and various amber-lit seating areas and a bar inhabited by groups of slender women in cocktail dresses and men in tailored suits. Julie perched on a stool to take in her surroundings. Through the massive wall of windows, the sun was still setting over the ocean. A girl behind the bar handed Julie a glass of the delicious champagne. She had a deep swallow and began to relax.The deep electronic beat vibrated within her and she became lost in the music. She closed her eyes… she felt good, sensual, a little buzzed. Her body wanted to move. A few moments later she came to the startling realization that she had been slowly rocking back and forth like a cowgirl on the cushioned barstool, her tiny dress riding up her thighs. A man in a dark suit at the end of the bar may have noticed but she wasn’t sure. She snapped out of it and stood up, feeling flustered and flushed. Julie became determined to find her friends and the comfort of familiar company.She found her best friend, Elly, in a large studio space off the main cavern near the windows. Elly was posing in tall heels to show https://www.kusadasibest.com off her slender body in a shimmery mini-dress while a stylish man with muscles and tattoos took photos of her.Thrilled to see her friend, Elly pranced over to Julie and wrapped her up in a big hug. Elly began to explain excitedly that the photographer had a huge Instagram following and could really help their modeling careers if he could get some good photos.Elly paused, losing her train of thought; she was a little buzzed from champagne and she was caught in Julie’s doe-eyed gaze. Her thoughts drifted to the occasion when she and Julie had made out all night in a chill room at a Vegas rave. Julie was having similar thoughts. She licked her lips.As they kissed they caressed each other’s shoulders and forgot about the photographer, who was sitting disinterestedly looking at the LCD on his camera. After a while, he came up to them and indicated that he’d like to photograph them together. With shy smiles, the girls looked at him, slightly dazed. Then they nodded, more than willing.They posed and vogued together, giggling. They danced to the music, shooting glances over their shoulders at the photographer, letting go of inhibition. They played at undressing each other, tugging on the thin straps and shimmery fabric of their tiny dresses. Julie’s hands slid across Elly’s chest, pulling the fabric aside and exposing nipples for a moment. Elly laughed and responded by pulling Julie’s dress up to expose the curve of her perfect ass and a quick glimpse of her nude pussy slit.They were enthusiastic when the photographer asked them if they’d be willing to try on some different outfits, and they entered a room off to the side where there were a number of boxes from different fashion houses and garment makers. The girls were both in a kinky mood; Elly outfitted herself in a corset and stockings of black lace while Julie opted for a camisole and a choker with a matching garter band.They emerged with mischevious grins. The photographer looked them over and said that he thought their outfits might be better suited to another location. They followed him through a door behind the studio and down a short hall. It opened into an incredible master suite with a seating area facing the ocean through a massive wall of windows. The sun had mostly vanished beyond the horizon, but the space was warmly lit by LED strips recessed in the floor. Beyond the expansive seating area with its wide, flat cushions and modern divans, a jacuzzi bubbled, lit from within. The back of the room was raised by a few steps, and upon it, there was a gigantic circular bed.The photographer had the girls pose up against the windows, then he photographed them as they reclined across the cushions, the fabric of their outfits stretching across their tan slender bodies.A servant girl in a tiny black dress brought fresh champagne. The girls sat together, drinking the champagne, smiling and giggling, wrapping their arms around each other. Soon, they scooted closer, their legs intertwining. Laughing, they fell over together, almost spilling their champagne. Their laughter faded as they caught each other in a gaze of longing. Soon they were making out, tongues probing, hands groping, thighs grinding into vulvas.Julie noticed that the photographer was still taking pictures and in a moment of realization she lifted her head to ask him to stop, but at that moment she felt Elly’s long finger slide across her clitoris and into her wet pussy. She moaned, right as the camera shutter clicked. “Put that… camera… down,” she managed to gasp. As the man put his camera aside, Julie seemed to notice him for the first time. She beckoned him over.Julie felt like she was floating in sunshine, warm waves of pleasure washing over her body where Elly’s hands and mouth touched her. Elly was making Julie shudder as she massaged her clit, her pussy becoming dripping wet. Then, she was entered from behind by a powerful force. Rigid and slippery and with the power of a slow freight train, it was filling her up, stretching her vaginal walls, making her moan, silky rock-hard, going deeper. She had her first orgasm of the evening as the photographer slid his enormous cock all the way in.He delighted the girls with his stamina. Julie and Ellie lost track that night of how many times he filled them up with cum. Every time, he was hard again within seconds. They submitted eagerly as he pinned them down to receive his thrusts. Eventually, as one last groan and load of semen splattered across their tits, he sank down between them and passed out. With him snoring under them, Julie and Elly continued kissing and fingering each other as they eventually drifted off to dreamland.–The sun rose, bringing soft blue light into the room. Julie awoke naked, alone on the round couch, feeling luxurious in a soft blanket. She heard the sound of the surf and saw that a light breakfast of fruit had been left for her. She found a bathroom with a marble shower open to the ocean view. She got clean, delighting in the slippery gel soap in the shower. Her mind went back to the previous night; hooking up with Elly and the photographer had been intense. She’d never cum (or been filled with cum) so much before. She noticed with a smile that she was absentmindedly fingering herself.Julie’s dress had been dry-cleaned and hung with care next to her high-heels in the powder room. Elly came back after a while; she had gone to brunch with Cole, the photographer. It turned out that some of her tamer photos from early in the night before had been posted and gotten huge exposure on social media with lots of likes.

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