Yearly Vacation 2


Driving up in the car was quite a ride. My heart was pounding. I wondered if my cousin Maddi had still wanted to have sex with me like she did last year or if that was she just a once in a lifetime thing. She did leave a text message on my phone saying she was looking froward to seeing me, but that was a year ago, I haven’t heard from her since.

I was 15 now, closing in on 16. My dick had gone from 7 inches to just under 8, not a very dramatic change and I wondered if that would disappoint Maddi.

We arrived around 5:30. As usual the family was so happy to see us. I looked around and didn’t see Maddi, I only saw my Aunt and Uncle.

“Sorry guys, but Madison’s father wouldn’t let her go all weekend, she will be back Sunday so you at least get to spend some time with her before you go,” my Aunt Cindy announced.

It was Friday! I had been waiting all year for this trip to see my cousin Maddi! And now I had to wait. I must admit I was very angry.

Whatever, I knew I would just have to wait. We all sat around talking all night in the Living Room before separating to bed. I took my normal air mattress in Maddi’s room. It was weird looking up to see her empty bed. I was used to talking to her for hours, not going to sleep. It was only 11:30.

I was thinking of something to do. Then I remembered her mascara, her favorite sex toy. I stood up and searched for it in the dark. I found it! i lay back down with it in my hand. I put it to my nose. I could smell her cunt. I quickly got a hard-on. I pulled Sex hikayeleri down the covers and then my pants. I slowly stroked my cock.

“Having Fun?” Tingles went through my body. I quickly pulled up the covers and slid the mascara under the mattress. I looked in the doorway. Standing there was my Aunt Cindy. I was so embarrassed. “I was coming to bring you more blankets, but by the size of that cock, I think your warm enough.”

She walked all the way in the room. I was so embarrassed, but my cock didn’t go down. I was naked in bed, staring at my Aunt. she was a wearing a night shirt. She had just turned 40, but her body was still amazing, especially those D cup breasts.

“Ryan,” She pulled off her night shirt reveling her completely naked body, I could feel my cock hardening even more, “It’s been a while since your Uncle has given me a good time.”

I was speechless, could this really be happening? First my cousin, now my Aunt? She walked towards me. She slipped herself into my covers. We were now laying together naked.

I felt her hand run down my stomach, then onto my cock. “You know Ryan, I’m no amateur.” She pulled off the cover and made her way down my body until her head was right above my cock. I watched as her lips went over the head and then down my shaft.

I let out a groan as she bobbed her head faster. She cupped my sack in her. My cock was throbbing. It wasn’t long before I let out my first spirt of cum. I quickly filled my Aunt’s mouth with my juice. She Sikiş hikayeleri swallowed. “Mmmm, that was good.”

“Now its my turn.” I turn her on her back and made my way down between her legs. I could smell her cunt. Is tuck out my tongue and licked her clit. I put my mouth closer and started slurping her juicy pussy.

I took two fingers and shoved them up her hole. She let out a groan. I kept slurping as a slid my fingers in and out faster and faster. I could feel her cunt muscles tightening. She let out a soft cry as she cummed, spirting like a fountain. that site caused my limp cock to go upright.

I lay on my back and my Aunt got on top of me. She slid my cock up her pussy. It was so warm, I knew i wasn’t going to last long. She rocked her boddy back and forth as I got closer to cumming. She felt my cock throb and she got off.

“Cum on my face!” I stroked my shaft and gave my Aunt a cum filled facial we both collapsed. “That was amazing Ryan.”

“Yeah, I had a lot of fun.”

“I better get back to bed before your Uncle wakes up.” She got up, put on her shirt and left the room.

The next day was Saturday, it was a normal boring day. Aunt Cindy was acting like nothing happened.

But then night came and as everyone went to bed, the night before repeated itself. Me and my Aunt fucked until we had been satisfied.

Sunday at last. I had been waiting for this day. Maddi was coming. I sat there impatiently. It seemed like forever before it was a little after Erotik hikaye 1 and I heard a car pull up. It was Maddi’s father dropping her off. She walked in, now 13, and hotter than ever. Her breasts had gotten bigger and her face and body had matured beautifully. She looked at me and smiled. I was so happy that she was here.

We spent all day together, talking and catching up as normal, but there wasn’t one word about our sexual experience together.

Later that night laying in bed I thought to myself that maybe Maddi doesn’t want to do anything. I knew that my Aunt wouldn’t come in with Maddi being home. I was so horny though. I pulled down my pants and started to masturbate.

“I see That Ryan.” I was startled.

“Maddi, I thought you were asleep.”

“Asleep? How I’m so horny. Come up her with me.”

I didn’t even speak. I got up, naked, and slid into Maddi’s bed. Maddi got on top of me and pulled of her shirt. Her new and improved naked body made me harder. She started making out with me. As we mad out I could feel her warm pussy on my cock.

I reached my hand down and positioned the head of my cock over her fuck hole. I gave a thrust and slid right in. Our lips separated and she moaned into my chest. I thrust got faster and faster until i felt her warm cum all over my cock. My thrusts got harder until i let a load of cum deep in her cunt. We lay there naked until we fell asleep.

It was now Monday morning, time to leave. It was sad saying my goodbyes. But everything must come to an end……right?

A few days after getting home, I got a text message. Another message from Maddi. I opened it up. It was a picture message. There was a picture of Maddi and my Aunt…..naked.

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