You can always count on Molly to bring out your in


You can always count on Molly to bring out your inOne night my then girlfriend and I got really high on molly and Knowing she had had a reputation as being a very promiscuous girl which as many others had developed after her Uncle and her fathers best friend, and her mothers new boyfriend began spending time trying to take control of what remained of her fathers business ventures after he had received a life sentence for d**g trafficking charges and the Government utilization of the highly unconstitutional Rico Laws, which are used to overturn the protections inherent in due-process guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. Overturn is not too strong a word in this regard, given that in a RICO case, those charged are treated as guilty until proven innocent. RICO has enabled federal prosecutors in effect to circumvent the constitutional separation of powers between the national and the state governments. Since RICO’s passage, the once-clear jurisdictional boundaries between state and federal law enforcement have been erased as more and more individuals find themselves in the federal dock with almost no chance of acquittal. But I digress. So for those who may not know what Molly is or is supposed to be. These days unless you know exactly where what you have came from or are able to test it, (which isn’t full proof and becoming easier to pass for today’s recreational chemists). Molly stands for molecule which was the underground street term used for M.D.M.A. commonly known as ecstacy or E. Before becoming i*****l it had been being used successfully as a marriage counseling tool. When administered 1/10th of a gram of real M.D.M.A. within 20 minutes the d**g takes affect. The d**g comes on quick and strong almost like the feeling of being on a rollercoaster at the start of the ride. IT takes you to slowly and ominously to the first drop building your anxiety giving one the butterfly feeling in your stomach, as soon as you make it through that first drop then the world becomes love, walls come down, masks come off, and the realization that all the anger, games, and negative emotions we build up around ourselves are silly, life is to short for that and let’s just love, one becomes filled with empathy and all senses are heightened especially touch. When two people who have history and enjoy each others company and conversation that conversation can get truly deep and much pain and memories that have been buried deep within can be brought out and hopefully dealt with in an loving, positive, way. As much as i enjoyed our relationship I felt she wasn’t allowing herself to fully be her sexually, I knew she was worried about me thinking negatively about her history and that if she opened up and i saw what b**sts lie within it might ruin our relationship and she didn’t want to lose me. I however had heard stories and wanted to experience it with her less in my fantasy realm and more so in real life. Like being able to watch and experience porn for real rather than just watch it online. Molly with its heightened sense of touch and i should add not just heightened but in an extremely pleasurable way. just imagine the normal pleasure of kissing and for play times like 1000 and you still won’t grasp it. After about an hour of kissing touching, clothes being removed throughout, I led our conversation to fantasies, kinks, and past sexuality, while continuing to let her see how turned on it was making me sharing all of this with her. One thing i could tell with her was how much she enjoyed sucking my cock and from the very first time we hooked up always wanted me to cum in her mouth be it from her giving me head as well as whenever we had sex, she said this way we wouldn’t have to worry so much about pregnancy and left less of a mess than if i was pulling out and shooting cum where ever. Plus she liked giving me that pleasure and she would get off on me getting off. As with all women I knew the code for I like doing it because i know you like me doing it, really means i really enjoy doing it but i can’t say i love sucking cocks so i’ll say i like sucking your cock. But if we were to breakup i’m sure she would be swallowing the very first guy’s load she hooked up with next as does every other woman with these tendencies. lol. Yeah yeah yeah i get it but i’d rather you just embrace your inner slut and just be more open with who you really are and what you enjoy rather than the superficial barrier. Just say, ‘I;m a little cum slut, it is a huge turn on when i make a guy cum with my mouth and am rewarded with a large creamy warm load to gulp down. Which brings us to her stories.Ever since I first started having sex and giving blowjobs I knew that I had a fetish for cum and swallowing cum. I find it erotic, it makes me horny and I love the sensation as the warm liquid oozes itself down my throat.The first time I discovered that I loved swallowing cum was when I was giving my Dad’s best friend a blowjob, he told me he was going to cum and tried pulling up my head, I told him it was fine and to just enjoy it. I had seen cum before I just had never had in my mouth and I wanted to try it. I licked at this shaft bringing him to orgasm and he shot his load into my mouth and I immediately swallowed it up as I kept on licking his dick, swallowing every last drop. After that, I felt my pussy and I was soaking wet and ready to do it again and really that’s where it all began. I know it was wrong, I know it is. was. I don’t know how to even explain it any more. Fucking my dads best friend was wrong and definitely is wrong but trust me when I say it was fuelled by pure passion and lust, it was even incredibly romantic. There was nothing weird for us about it but now looking back I see how terrible it would have been if my parents would have found out.Let me take you back to when it all happened and I guess you can make your mind up for yourself.It all started one afternoon, he was around our house just drinking and hanging out with my Uncle after my father had been sent to prison. I came downstairs to find them both in the kitchen, arguing about the best type of beer. I had never met him before, he was a business friend of my dads, I had heard him talk about him but never really had an interest in who he was.When I entered the kitchen I said hello and carried on walking my way to the fridge to grab some water, my Uncle introduced him to me and that’s when I properly looked up at him, he was a silver fox. Wearing a crisp white shirt, black chino trousers with salt and pepper hair and a gorgeous sprinkling of grey stubble around his jaw.He was so good-looking, despite his age. I felt underdressed in my small summer dress. I shook his hand and he looked deep into my eyes, I thought I was imagining the look in his eyes but now looking back I most definitely wasn’t.We made small talk for some time before I made my way back upstairs and lay down on my bed, thinking about how hot he was.This type of eye fucking went on for some time, we would catch glances at one another over the dinner table and he would make excuses to come over more often. I wasn’t complaining I loved seeing him and the more I saw of him the more we talked and the more my pussy fluttered whenever I sat by him.One afternoon he came around when my Mother nor Uncle were home, I answered the door and he told me he was just picking up some work stuff that my dad had given my mother for him. He made his way to my dads old office and came back with some paperwork but he lingered before he left.We made small talk but I was too horny to let him leave the house without knowing if he wanted to fuck me, I didn’t know how I was going to make my move but I knew I wanted to.We stood looking at one another for a while before I took a step forward, stood up on my tippy toes and kissed him on the mouth. He pulled himself away and I thought I really messed up I was just about to start profusely apologizing when he grabbed my waist and began kissing me this time.His soft lips kissed mine tenderly and they were filled with passion, he grabbed at my body as we kissed and I even let out a small moan. We stayed kissing for what felt like an eternity, before I began pulling towards my bedroom, my pink room bathed in sunlight was the perfect setting.I lay down on my bed and he moved slowly over to me, we were both filled with a raging desire but we kept things slow and romantic, it was just perfect. He lay down on top of me, kissing my neck and lips, moving his rough hands up and down my body. He began slowly unbuttoning my summer dress, revealing my white bra, he unhooked it expertly with one hand and revealed my breasts. He grabbed at one with his hand and let out a small moan. I was so turned on.I opened up my legs desperate for him to fuck me so hard but instead he shut them with his hand and just kept on running his hand up and down my thighs, teasing me but not touching my pussy.I was soaking wet and when he brushed over my pussy with his hand he could feel the wet patch in my panties.And then we both heard the front door shut.I jumped up, my breasts exposed out of my dress, his shirt slightly unbuttoned and his cock clearly visible through his pants. I desperately fumbled with my dress as my Uncle shouted out bahis şirketleri for me, he shouted up the stairs asking if I had seen Ray. I shouted back down the stairs, ensuring I looked perfect and told him to go out of the window whilst I kept my Uncle talking.It was thrilling, keeping my Uncles back turned from the window and seeing him running down and along the street.I did wonder if I would ever get the chance to have a moment like that with him again and little did I know how romantic the next time we met would be.I hadn’t seen him for a while, he had gone away for a golf trip with my Uncle and then my uncle said he had been really busy. I was worried he thought he had made a mistake but then a text came through on my phone.He asked me how I was and we got talking. Our texts were pleasant but they started turning sexual quite quickly, he told me all about how much he had been thinking about me and how he couldn’t stop thinking about my breasts and my body. I told him how wet I was for him and how much i needed him inside of my tight pussy. It went on like this for a few days and despite the sexual tension we did still manage to have a few conversations.He asked me to come to his apartment that weekend, secretly of course.I turned up at his, I had only been once before with my dad when he dropped off some paperwork. He buzzed me in and as soon as he opened the door I was met with candlelight and rose petals everywhere.The apartment was dimly lit and he had on an acoustic playlist that quietly sung its way throughout the whole place. He led me into his living room and I was taken aback by the huge heart made from red rose petals in the center of the floor, the room was lit by candles and he had two glasses of bubbling champagne sitting on the coffee table for us.I sat down on the couch and he sat down next to me, we started talking and it felt like being with someone I had known my whole lift. We laughed, drank and looked deep into one anothers eyes, he was so good-looking and the sexual tension between us was insane.I moved closer to him and he tucked my hair behind my ear, I smiled at him and moved in closer, kissing in passionately on the lips, he kissed me back and pulled me on top of him. We kissed one another, moaning slightly and just enjoying every second. He began pulling off my top, exposing my breasts again. This time he stopped kissing me and took them in with his eyes, smiling up at me and then taking my red nipple into his mouth, I moaned softly as he then moved his free hand between my legs and began rubbing my pussy through my panties.He lay me back gently and kissed his way down my now naked body, he stopped kissing my body as he got to between my legs. He took a mental image of my pussy and then pushed his warm tongue between my pussy lips, he was so good at that. He made my legs tremble but he did so softly. I grabbed at his salt and pepper hair as he made my legs shake and my already wet pussy begins to drip my juices onto his couch.The setting was so romantic, the candlelight flickering, the rose petals filling the room with their sweet aroma. As I lay on my back, his tongue flicking my clitoris, I thought I had possibly died and gone to heaven. He stopped and moved his body up so that his face was level with mine, he kissed my neck and whispered in my here telling me I was driving him wild and always had been since that first day I had met him in the kitchen.I grabbed at his face and kissed him, he pulled his cock from his trousers and began pushing it deep into my swollen pink pussy. He gasped and I groaned as he pushed deeper and deeper inside of me and began thrusting slowly in and out of me, kissing my neck.I could feel him pushing my g-spot, his cock was throbbing inside of me. He told me to keep quiet because my sweet moans would make him cum, my pussy gripped his cock and with each slow thrust he struggled more and more not to cum. We were both sweating and lost in the moment, he kept the slow rhythm and squeezed his eyes shut. I told him to keep the same ryhtmn that I was on the edge of an orgasm, I had never felt anything like it before but I knew I was going to cum, he was hitting the perfect spot inside of me. I told him to cum deep inside of me when I did cum and he opened his eyes in question and I nodded my head, his thrusts became slightly faster, he gripped my hair and nibbled at my nipples before I began to cum, my entire body felt like it was on fire with passion, my orgasm so intense that he began to shake and then cum deep inside my tight, warm pussy. My pussy was throbbing from my orgasm and feeling his warm cum inside of me was electrifying.His cum filled me up and he kept on thrusting before he stopped and we both lay panting and smiling, it was so intense.We then got into the shower together, cleaning one another up and lathering up my tits with the warm soapy water. It was so romantic and a time I always look back on.One night my Uncle caught me sucking Ray’s cock in his car late at night I had snuck out my window to meet him. He was parked down by the back end of our property on a service road where my father had certain deliveries brought to his Garage/man shed/ party house. Truthfully it was as big as most average peoples houses, two stories, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and so forth. Apparently my Uncle was planning on and had been searching said house late nights after my mother would fall asleep. He knew my Father had money hidden in safes all over the property that he wasn’t allowing anyone to access in hopes it would be there if/when he ever got his sentence reversed. When he saw Ray’s car parked there he assumed he also was seeking for the safes so went and grabbed a pistol and make a point that he isn’t welcome around any longer if that was the case which wasn’t but the outcome ended up similar when he found me a 15 year old sucking Ray’s a 48 year old mans cock. One minute i have a mans thick warm pulsing cock in my mouth and suddenly all i hear is the sound of glass shattering, men screaming, then the sound of Ray being pistol whipped, and my Uncle pulling me from Ray’s car, slapping me in the head and calling me a slut and a whore, and that my Dads heart will be broken when he finds out and he may never speak to me again. He told Ray if he new what was best to just walk away right now and move on with your life and give up all hopes of being a part of this business in the future, if it was my father who caught him he’d of shot him and still may want that to happen so told me to go inside the garage and wait for me/ he’d deal with me after he was finished with Ray. I found out a few years later, that he made a deal with Ray to not tell anyone what happened if he gave up his shares in the business and a hundred grand by the next day. If not he can’t promise things won’t get deadly. Ray agreed to the deal and i never have seen him again. As for my punishment my Uncle came in and picked up where he had left off with aall the names he was calling me and saying because of me my father would probably kill himself in jail, seeing what his daughter already was becoming and he had only been in for a year. i begged him not to tell my father which eventually he agreed to but since it seems i was such a slut and preferred older men that starting now it was his cock i would be sneaking back here at night to suck and fuck and we will keep everything that happened between just us. For the next year and a half i would become my Uncles personal sex toy and cum dump. And that’s how he liked to make me feel too, not romantic and enjoyable like Ray but just like a thing who’s only purpose was to be used to provide him with sexual gratification as often as he could find privacy and time to do it, which was pretty much whenever i wasn’t in school which he would frequently make me skip and he’d call in saying i had a doctors appointment or was having issues with my Father being put in prison and all the stress that has followed. He didn’t just want blowjobs but he would fuck my throat while saying i was nothing but a slut and he was going to make sure since this was all i would ever be he was going to make me the best one I could be. So I better learn to enjoy it. Eventually one of my teachers ran into my mother and asked how i had been doing since i had missed the past few weeks of school. It took about another month for her and the school to start to figure out what was going on, but not wanting my Uncle to join my father (his brother) in prison she made me move across the country and live with her Aunt (mothers sister) for the remainder of high school. I just want to get it out there that I became a bit of hoe, there’s no denying it. I had a lot of sex and I am so very glad that smartphones didn’t really exist back then as there would most definitely be a sex tape out there of me, something along the lines of ‘cute blonde goes wild on loads of cock’.particular night, my girlfriends and I were heading to a frat party, I was horny, I was single and there were a few boys at this party that I was dying to hook up with, although I didn’t expect what was going to happen.We got to the party and the music was thumping through the walls, we were immediately offered bahis firmaları drinks as we mingled our way through the crowds of people. I wasn’t the only hoe in my high school friend group, most of us were and we usually got separated from one another fairly quickly as girls took to boys insanely quickly.I made my way around the party and rested my dark brown eyes upon one of the boys I had been found attractive he was academic and said that he rarely went to parties. His name was Aaron, I sat down next to him, turning on the charm but secretly thinking about ravishing him and undressing him there and then.We talked over the loud music, it was quite hard to hear what he was saying but we were just engaging in general chit-chat. The drinks kept on flowing and we both relaxed more and more, leaning into one another and becoming more ‘touchy’.One of his friends sat down next to me and joined in our conversation, it was nice to speak to someone else. His name was Ryan and he was nice to talk to, Aaron could be a little bit boring, however, I was excited to have someone else to use my charm on. All three of us sat and talked as best as we could before Ryan asked if we wanted to go up to his room and away from the music so that we could all talk to each other properly. We all agreed and headed up to his room.He had white fluorescent lighting around the bottom of his skirting boards, a fish tank and a huge bed that he had made up with black and white sheets.Ryan sat at his desk, spinning on his swivel chair and me and Aaron sat on his bed, carrying on our conversation from downstairs. I just couldn’t shrug the feeling that Ryan was watching me intently, I turned to him and he was, my hunch was correct, he was looking at me with a lustful look in his eyes, his pearly white teeth gleaming under his fluorescent lighting.There was no hesitation, Ryan stood up and made his way to the bed, leaning down to my face and telling me that I looked amazing, I immediately kissed him and pulled him back on top of me. Aaron was just sat watching us, he probably felt a little bit awkward until I moved my free hand and began rubbing his inner thigh.As I touched Aaron’s thigh I could tell he had never had a threesome before, myself and Ryan definitely had as we were just too confident with the whole procedure.Aaron turned to me and began unbuttoning his jeans for me, I grabbed at his hard cock through his pants and then moved my attention back to Ryan. He was busy using one of his hands and running it along my panties whilst kissing my neck.I could feel Ryan’s cock pushing up against me through his jeans, we were all so deliciously horny.Ryan pulled off my panties, exposing my pu**y and he rubbed his fingers around my clit before sliding a finger inside of me which made me moan. He then called Aaron over to us and told him to touch my pussy, Aaron came close to me and then slid his finger inside of me, he wasn’t shy or nervous he knew what he was doing I just don’t think he had ever been in this position before. As he became more comfortable with the idea he really started going to town with my pussy, thrusting into me and out again and then using his other hand to move my clit around with his fingers.Ryan had gone to lock the door and as he came back he sat down next to me, he moved his hand over to Aaron’s cock and started to rub it. This made me so wet, it was a kink I never knew I had.Aaron enjoyed it, smiling at Ryan. Ryan then turned his attention back to me as he pulled at my dress and exposed my B-cup breasts and playing with my rose bud nipples.Both boys now had their cocks out, they were touching themselves and I was desperate to make them and myself cum. Ryan got on his back and I straddled him, pushing his cock into my pussy and I slowly began thrusting up and down, he held onto my breasts before letting go and holding onto my ass instead. My breasts bounced up and down, they slapped against my chest.Aaron held his free hand (the one not touching cock) against my ass and he slowly moved it down so that he was touching Ryan’s cock as it was fucked in and out of me. He was giving Ryan an added stimulation that made his thrusts faster and his moans louder.He then moved behind me and pushed my body down so that my face was near to Ryan’s, he smiled at me and we began making out again, gently thrusting in and out of me whilst Aaron guided his smaller penis to my ass, I had done anal before so I wasn’t against it as he gently pushed his way into me, groaning as he did so. Both men fu*cked me in both holes whilst I screamed in pleasure, Ryan tried putting his hand over my mouth but I wanted everyone to hear how much fu*king fun I was having.The thrusts became quicker and quicker in and out of me. I was on the verge of an orgasm and my entire body was trembling with pleasure.Aaron then suddenly pulled out of me and began cumming, he tried catching it in his hand but it landed on my back and a small amount landed on Ryan’s leg. He moaned so loudly as he did cum that I don’t think he cared about the spillage.Ryan, seeing Aaron cumming started thrusting harder into me, pushing me up so that my tits were now bouncing up and down again. Aaron leaned over once again and began touching his co*k as it slid in and out of me, this pushed me over the edge and I began to cum, my body shaking and my cum exploding all over Ryan’s co*k.I was screaming in ecstasy and the thrusts became slower.Then when of the most erotic things happened. When I had recovered from my insane throbbing orgasm Ryan asked me to help him cum with my mouth but as he did so he also looked at Aaron.I got on my knees on the bed whilst he lay flat and Aaron looked on at us. I popped Ryan’s cock into my mouth, it tasted of my pussy and I loved it. I bobbed up and down and licked around his head and shaft, I then took Aaron’s hand and placed it around Ryan’s cock. He gently moved it up and down whilst I had the tip of his penis in my mouth.Those few touches set Ryan off and he began cumming as myself and Aaron stimulated his shaft with our hands.It was all so intense, we cleaned ourselves up and headed back down the party and we never really saw each other again.Through my late teens and early twenties, I experimented with all sorts of different things. BDSM, threesomes, sex parties, voyeurism and that’s just to name a few, but something I tried and still would like to do is go to a private party that is perfect for people who love cum.This party consists of men and women who love cum and who pleasure one another all for that ultimate goal of producing as much cum as they want to and swallowing as much cum as they want to.I headed to this particular private party alone, I was a little bit nervous in case these weren’t like-minded people but the online forums and pages all shed this place in a positive light so I thought I would give it a try. I know I probably shouldn’t have gone alone but I didn’t have anyone around me who I could feel totally comfortable enough with so I just had to brave it alone.I entered the private party apprehensive but as soon as I walked through the beaded curtain people came up to me, introducing themselves and making friendly and polite chit-chat. These were nice people who all loved cum as much as me.The room was adorned with red velvet and there was plastic sheeting everywhere but it wasn’t seedy, it was quite nice. There were all sorts of people there, young, old, gay, straight, men, women, couples and although it was only a small group of us there were lots of different interesting people.After a while I noticed a man in the corner had pulled out his co*k and was masturbating watching a woman making out with another man, it was thrilling and it instantly made me want to do it for myself. I tried to find someone that I liked the look of but there were so many to choose from.I suddenly heard a loud moaning from behind me and a woman was cumming all over the plastic sheeting, she was laying back with two men touching her pussy. One of the men began licking at the floor beneath her and the other sucking at her juices that remained around her pussy.I found four men sitting in the corner of this private club, they all didn’t know one another but they were making friendly chit-chat. I sat down on the floor in front of them and unzipped my black leather dress, they all turned to look at me, one of them unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. I sat back and began touching myself, watching him touch himself. Before long all three of them had their cocks out watching me.On my knees I made my way to the first man and took his cock in my mouth, he groaned and gasped as I instantly deepthroated him. Another of the men made his way around the back of me and started playing with my pussy, making me groan. I noticed others not in our group watching us and touching themselves. The guy behind me slid himself inside of me, I was tight and his cock although below average felt amazing inside of me, he bounced me up and down whilst I kept the other guys cock in my mouth.The two other guys just sat watching us, touching themselves vigorously. I was having so much fun.The guy who was inside of me beckoned over one of the other guys and he took his place inside kaçak bahis siteleri of me and the guy who was inside of my mouth moved so that the other guy could have a turn. The guy inside of my pussy had a big cock it was larger than the other and it was harder to get inside of me. As he finally managed to push himself inside of me, he also slipped his finger into my tight ass and I moaned. The deeper he thrust inside of me, the deeper I sucked and licked the penis in front of me.I was feeling amazing and when he moved his hand to my clit whilst keeping up his rhythm inside of my pu*sy I knew I was going to cum, I spluttered as I pulled the cock from my mouth and told my group that I was going to cum, all four of them watched me, one in my tight pink pussy, one in my mouth and the other two stood next to me, just touching themselves and watching me cum. My body was shaking as I squirted all over this guys cock, it was insane.I got off and got on my knees and all four of them stood in a circle around me, I went from cock to cock deep throating them one by one and moving onto the next, I touched myself as I did so, this was thrilling.As I pushed them into my mouth I could taste their pre-cum, I knew they were all on the edge. The first guy started to cum inside of my mouth and he came so hard, so much cum was oozing down my throat and all I could do was soak it up with my tongue and enjoy the warm sensation. I smiled up at him as the guy next to him began to cum, I placed my mouth around the head of his penis to take in the last bits of cum, he grabbed my head and thrust me deeper onto his shaft.The other two guys had already came onto me, I hadn’t even noticed until I felt the warm liquid on my breasts. I dipped my finger into the warm liquid and tasted it, it was amazing.We all cleaned ourselves up and I knew I would be back to the next week, it was my kind of place.The next week they brought me to a room i hadn’t noticed before. The swingers club was fairly basic, there are different rooms for play and it’s in a good part of town but i had never heard of this type of room. This room was in fact the glory hole room. I walked into the room and flipped the sign to ‘occupied’ and I found it was a small room, really small in fact with a door that leads back out into the party and one side of the room is a hole, big enough for a cock.The two guys asked me if I had ever tried it before and I told them no but of course, I was up to it. I didn’t know if it was going to be something I liked, I am a hands-on type of girl and I love showing off my body to the people I fuck. Me being me I decided to just do it anyway and went inside the small room and waited on my knees, I giggled a little because it did feel a little silly just waiting around for something to happen.A few moments passed and someone had pushed their cock through the little hole, I began touching it with my hands before using my mouth to please it. I can’t begin to tell you about the thrill it gave me pleasuring this anonymous cock, I deep throated it, I coated it in my spit and I teased the head until it was quivering. The thrill of being so anonymous and not knowing who was on the other side of the wall, being used up by this stranger was sending me into a frenzy. As soon as his cock started to quiver I knew it was all over and he began to cum, I took it all down my throat and even cleaned off the tip of his cock with my tongue. He then pulled his cock away and left and I will never know who it was. Being used up was incredible and I sat and waited for the next stranger to slide themselves through the hole and into my wet, horny, waiting mouth.Using a Gloryhole ignited a kink from within me that I didn’t even know I had missed. The feeling of being used for someone else’s pleasure made me so wet and hornier than I had ever been (which is insane because I am always horny).Having a stranger get the best blowjob and possibly fuck of their life by me and them not even knowing it is such a thrill and I love the feeling of being used just for these men’s pleasure, they push their cocks through that hole not knowing who is in there and I love to be the one to serve.After my first experience inside the glory hole room, I was desperate for more. I love that I don’t have to talk to anyone, there’s no small talk, it’s just me inside a small room with a delicious cock waiting for me.I went back to my swingers club a couple of nights after my first interaction with the Glory hole, it was a busy night and I didn’t even want to speak to anyone I just wanted to go straight into the room. When I got there it was occupied so I had to wait for them to leave, luckily for me, it was only a couple of minutes, the door opened and a big man walked out.We smiled at one another and I walked in, closing the door behind me and positioning myself in front of the hole, waiting for anyone to let me please them and use my mouth up. A few moments later a cock came through, it was fairly small but I wanted to give this man the best blowjob of his life, I took his cock down my throat, teasing it with my tongue as it slipped down and I coated it with my spit.Sadly, he came within seconds but I still took all of his cum down my throat like a pro, wiping my mouth as he pulled away.Deflated I sat and waited for my next cock and lo and behold it was only a few seconds before another came through. This cock was bigger in girth and in length. I teased the tip with my mouth before leaning up on my knees and positioning his cock between my tits, I licked the tip of his cock as I moved his cock between my soft tits. I then took his cock down my throat and moved my hand up and down his shaft, I could taste his pre-cum and I really wanted this to last longer so I stopped sucking and bent over the hole and teased his prick into my warm, very wet pussy, he instantly knew what it was and pushed himself deep inside of me, I moaned and let him fill up my pussy with his long, hard cock. He began thrusting into me but before we both knew it he was beginning to cum so I got back to my knees and took it in my mouth, mopping up the last bits of his cum kissing his prick goodbye.After he was gone a minute or two later a hand popped through, he began grabbing at my lingerie and releasing my tits, pulling at my nipples and squeezing my breasts, I stood up so he could feel my pussy and it felt heavenly being used like this. His hand disappeared and another cock popped through for me and I did exactly the same thing except for this time I started with my pussy, teasing him with my tight wet lips before getting back to my knees and pushing him down my throat.I always like to dress up to go to my swingers club, wearing some nice lingerie is just part of it for me but despite wearing one of my favorite sets (this one if you want to take a little peek), it was ruined by the time I got out of that little glory hole room.The cocks just kept on coming that night and my lingerie set was covered in cum, sweat and it was even a little bit torn from the man-handling as some men would stick their hands through the hole and paw at me.I loved that set but I loved having so many men to please more. There was even one woman who touched me and then put her pussy up to the hole, I couldn’t reach her with my tongue but I used my fingers inside of her and I knew that she was sucking someone off on the other side.That is all part of the mystery of a glory hole, I could have sucked off my cousin and had no idea, it’s such a thrill and I love leaving the room and looking at people wondering if it was them I gave the best orgasm too or if their partner even knew that’s where they were.Glory Holes aren’t for everyone but when you put your cock in that room it’s up to me to please it and bring it to orgasm, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like to me.Since I was introduced to the Glory hole I went there all the time, sometimes I had to wait a while before anyone joined me and sometimes it was non-stop but I loved it and I am so glad I took a chance and went along that night.It always gave me such a thrill and I never found a cock I didn’t want to please, I loved being used up and sometimes I didn’t even go into the club I liked to just stay in the Glory hole room all night and then go home.I told her how i always wanted to have my cock sucked from an anonymous woman who loves sucking cock. Also i have fantasized about watching her service many cocks at a gloryhole while i filmed her and she would play with my cock whenever there was a lull in the action. I asked if we make one up that night and pretend we don’t know it you and its my cock you are enjoying. I knew the perfect spot for our make shift gloryhole. I had a grow tent in the garage that was set up but not in use. I just had to remove a few grow tray’s from it and make it comfortable for her inside. It already had a hole in the wall which normally would be used for wires or ducting to pass through. She was all for it, and it would be fun. Which anytime she was sucking my cock, which was pretty much a daily occurrence, was very enjoyable. But all i could imagine was how much more exciting it would be if she had no clue who’s cock she was sucking. I was already making plans to have this happen in my head. Which with the extra enthusiasm which i thought would be impossible that there was actually more of from her normal enthusiasm, she was also thinking of what fun may lie up ahead in our near future.

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