Subject: Young Lovers, Chapter 14 Chapter 14 It was a little after 3 o’clock. Joon and Johnny and I had hung around the apartment not doing much, recovering from the intensity of the morning. Joon suddenly stood up and announced, “OK, I’m going to see him.” I looked up from my computer. “Where?” “He’ll be at the gym. He’s always there after school.” “OK.” I went back to what I had been doing. Joon remained where he was. “Um — are you going to come?” “Nope. You’re going to handle this one on your own.” “OK,” he replied, sounding less than supremely confident. A couple minutes after he’d left I said to Johnny, ” You know, he has to do that on his own, but I wish I could be a fly on the wall.” The boy looked at me blankly. I could see he didn’t understand. “I mean, I wish I could listen in without him knowing I was there.” Johnny chuckled. “Fly on a wall.” He thought a moment. “I know how.” Soon we were standing outside the gym against the back wall. Across most of the length of the building there was a series of large windows opening onto the jungle. I could see that if we were careful we could hide next to one of the windows and then peer around to see in. “How did you know about this?” I asked. “I look aroun’ whole island firs’ day here. I know all the places.” I reflected a moment that Johnny was a more complex boy than he seemed at first. He appeared to be shy but was actually friendly and sociable, simple and emotional but was actually very intelligent, a bit timid but yet had explored the whole place on his own. He was anxious to please, yet I remembered Joon describing him as rebellious and headstrong, which didn’t seem to fit at all. Altogether an interesting kid, even apart from his oddly sexy appearance. We flattened ourselves against the wall on either side of one window, then slowly peered in. It was a typical weight room, large and rather well-furnished, with a small number of boys, some working out, most sitting or standing around talking, as boys tend to do when there are weights to lift. I spotted Byron immediately on a weight bench, shirtless, his body shining with sweat, surrounded by three other boys whom I didn’t know. Joon stood facing him, and he and Byron were talking. When Joon spoke he was motionless and calm. Byron was expressive, angrily gesturing and leaning forward. After a minute, Joon extended a hand. Byron ignored it. After a moment Joon dropped his hand. Would he walk away? Suddenly Joon dropped to his knees and placed his hand on Byron’s crotch. What was he doing? The five boys seemed frozen in space for a second. Then Byron lifted his hips and shoved his shorts down and off, and straddled the bench. At this Joon grabbed Byron’s huge soft cock and sucked the head of it into his mouth. The three boys around Byron reacted strongly. One covered his mouth and bent over in astonished laughter. Another bounced on his toes, looking excited, and scanned the room with a look that said, “Are we going to get caught?” The third yelled something to Byron and laughed. Byron grinned and leaned back on the bench as Joon began sucking him. So this was how he was doing it. He could not state his apology in front of the others, so he did it this way, sacrificing his pride and humbling himself in front of the others as a way of making amends. The reaction of the other boys showed that, indeed he was humbling himself. Although every one of them must have sucked cock as a matter of course, in the gym they were in a traditional straight male place. In the gym they could maintain the fiction that I suspected many boys here maintained — they were totally straight and just having gay sex for money. Thus, voluntarily sucking cock was a sign of weakness, of inferiority, and with the group denial that teenagers are sometimes capable of, they were able to jeer at Joon, even though he wasn’t doing anything they hadn’t all done themselves, probably the night before. I suspected, though, that once he was done there would be no derogatory comments. I’m sure they all knew Joon could make short work of them if he got angry. As Joon continued to aggressively suck Byron the smile faded from the black boy’s face, his eyes closed, and his head fell back in surrender to pleasure. The other boys grew quiet, but their eyes were glued to Joon’s sucking mouth and Byron’s swelling meat. Byron’s beautiful body ran with sweat from his workout, and his skin glowed like polished ebony. His washboard belly rose and fell with his breaths, but occasionally spasmed as Joon’s tongue or lips struck a particular nerve. Despite the tremendous orgasm I’d had earlier i found myself getting hard again watching the action. I looked over at Johnny. He wore baggy shorts but there was a big tent showing in front. I grinned at him and winked, and he winked adorably back. I gestured to him to come to me. Checking to make sure no one would see he darted over to my side of the window. I pulled him to me, his back to my front, reached down inside his shorts and found his hard cock. As I watched the action in the gym I slowly stroked him. He clutched me around the waist with one arm to steady himself, and his eyes never left Byron and Joon. Joon’s head bobbed rapidly now, and Byron began squirming with pleasure. One of the other boys kept tugging at and adjusting the front of his shorts. Now Byron placed his hand on the back of Joon’s head and guided him as he blew him. Joon’s cheeks hollowed repeatedly as he drew his lips up the glistening black pole. He was taking nearly two-thirds of Byron’s huge organ each time his head surged downward. Not for the first time was I amazed at how, in just a few days, Joon had become so expert at sex. Suddenly, without warning, Byron grabbed Joon’s head with both hands, raised his knees up, and yelled so loudly we clearly heard him outside. He jammed his cock roughly into Joon over and over in obvious orgasm. It lasted a long time, as Byron’s climaxes seemed to. Eventually it was over. Joon stood up and wiped his mouth. Then konya escort he looked downward and wiped the front of his shirt, where some of Byron’s load must have wound up. Byron lay on the bench panting. After another minute he slowly sat up and, with a big grin, extended his hand to Joon, who took it. Their eyes met. I turned to Johnny. “Well, I guess that worked out!” “Yeah,’ he replied. Then, after a pause, he looked up at me through his bangs. “Can we go back now? I’m horny!” “Me too. Can I suck that sexy cock of yours?” “Uh-huh!” he grinned. “Come on,” I said with a mischievous smile. “We’ve gotta get back before he does so he doesn’t suspect anything!” It turned out Johnny and I didn’t have sex right then — I decided I wanted to be clear-headed and ready when Joon returned, not lost in a lustful haze fucking and sucking with Johnny. However, it was a long wait. I expected Joon back a few minutes after us, but it was nearly two hours before he returned. By then Johnny had lost interest in sex and was wrapped up in some superhero movie. When Joon walked in his clothes were soaked and clinging to his body. “How’d it go?” “Good,” Joon answered noncommittally. “You and Byron cool now?” “Yeah. He’s comin’ over after dinner.” “Good work, Joon,” I said, with genuine admiration. “Hey, why you all sweaty?” Johnny piped up. “I worked out with Byron. Man, that motherfucker pushed me. I’m gonna shower.” With that Joon left, stripping off his shirt on the way. Johnny and I looked at each other, and for some reason both of us burst out laughing, bonded together by our little secret. **************************************************** After his shower Joon wanted to be alone to read, which I noticed he sometimes wanted to do after sex. Or maybe it was after intense emotion. So far those seemed to be pretty much the same thing for him. I went to dinner with Johnny and by the time we got back Byron was already there. He and Joon were side by side on the couch, a book, a notebook and papers spread on the table in front of them, and they were obviously engrossed. Not wanting to interrupt I just greeted them and without waiting for a response went into the bedroom with Johnny. We sat on the bed together. “They cool now. I’n happy,” proclaimed the boy. “They’re gonna have more sex, you know. Does it bother you that Joon has sex with other people besides you?” The boy hesitated, and I wasn’t sure if he didn’t understand the question or didn’t know what the answer was. At length he said, “It OK he does sex with you. That different. He your boy.” “What about Byron? And what about that bunch of guys you two did it with the other night?” Johnny got a wistful look on his face. “It OK,” he said softly. I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back even harder. Eventually I let go and looked at him. There were tears in his eyes. “I’ve told you you are his boy,” I finally said. He considered that. “Then why he want others for fuck?” “It doesn’t mean he doesn’t want you.” He blinked. “I have sex with other boys all the time, but that doesn’t change things between him and me. Do you understand?” He blinked again, then nodded slightly. “Besides, he’s just learning about how he feels. He’s just learning about sex with guys. It’s easier for you, Johnny. You know how you feel and what you want. He’s still figuring it out. He has to try stuff.” His face cleared. I didn’t know if he followed everything I said, but something seemed to help. “We have to be payshunz,” he concluded. “Yes. And while we are being patient . . . ” He looked at me questioningly, his funny little eyebrows raised up into his bangs. “What?” he asked. “We can have fun with other people too!” I cried, digging my fingers suddenly into his ribs and tickling him without mercy. He shrieked with laughter and tried to roll away from me, but I held him fast, wriggling my fingers against his sides and then his belly He grabbed my wrists, and I again realized how strong he was. Unable to break away, I leaned over him and licked his eyes, nose, ears, and neck as he writhed to get away, giggling all the while. Finally we tired out and lay side by side, gazing at each other. “Johnny,” I asked. “Can I kiss you?” He smiled a little dimpled smile. “Mmkay.” His mouth was eager, his lips succulent. I caressed his back and stroked his shiny, luxuriant hair. He moved up against me, always eager to be cuddled. “So Johnny,” I asked in between kisses. “Do you want to have sex?” He nodded, smiling. “Does that mean you don’t want Joon?” He frowned and shook his head no. “Does it mean I don’t want Joon?” He got it, and laughed. “No!” “Exactly! You understand!” In answer he smacked his lips up against mine and ground his big hard cock into my belly. I reached under him and grabbed his hips and squeezed his butt hard as we kissed. His strong arms clutched my back. Minutes went by. I wondered if Johnny would really be content just kissing forever. He was always so eager to do it and loved it so. After awhile, I needed more. I pulled myself away, sat up, and began undressing. Johnny reached for his shorts but I stopped him. “No — I wanna do it!” He grinned mischievously. “Mmkay.” Once I was naked I set about slowly stripping him. First I slipped his T-shirt over his head. Then I pushed him back onto the bed and took a second to admire his torso. I brushed my fingertips slowly down his sturdy neck, along his bowed collarbones, and down over his little bulging pectorals to his nipples. I circled his brown nipples gently with a fingertip. His eyes began to close as he surrendered to pleasure. I drew my fingertips outward and down over his pronounced lats, down over his ribs to the waistband of his shorts, then drew the backs of my fingers slowly up over his abs, defined now even in repose. I paused below his breastbone, then drew a single finger tip down over his belly again, then down through the trail of hair, slowly, slowly, until stopped by the cloth konyaaltı escort of his shorts. I drew my fingertips outward along his waist and back to the center, then up through the strip of coarse black hairs to his chest. I traced two fingers through the peculiar little mat of hair that grew between his chest muscles, then out again to his erect nipples. I gently clasped them between my thumbs and index fingers. Then I leaned forward and very gently kissed his lips, and as I did so I began squeezing his nipples. “MmmmmmMMMMMPHH!” he moaned, his voice rising as I intensified the pressure. As pleasure mixed with pain he didn’t withdraw his lips, but instead gripped my neck firmly. I dropped one hand to his crotch and found his cloth-covered cock. I squeezed and stroked it, and he gasped through our kiss. I reached inside his shorts. As usual he wore no underwear — “too tight to me!” Johnny always said. I grabbed his big organ and drew my thumb slowly and firmly over the head once, then again and again. Johnny was already writhing and gasping. I slipped his shorts down and quickly pulled his flip flops off so I could get the shorts off. Then I began caressing his thighs, his lower belly, and his groin, my fingertips making his flesh twitch. Finally I put my fingertips at the base of his swollen organ and very slowly drew them up along his bulging cum tube. He groaned softly and gently hunched his hips. When my fingertips reached his frenulum I spread them apart and traced them in opposite directions around the rim of his glans.Then I brought them together across the meaty purple-pink head, then dragged them very slowly across his hole, pulling the little lips open like a tiny pleading red mouth. “Aaaaaahhhhh,” came a barely audible gasp. I trailed my fingertips slowly down the underside of his shaft, and then down onto his scrotum, strangely wrinkled, hairy and mature looking on a boy so young, with hips so narrow and fragile looking. His long sac draped down onto the mattress, his balls small and seeming vulnerable. I drew his balls up by my fingertips and very gently caressed them. Then I dragged my fingertips into his groin and then down the insides of his hairless and slim but muscular thighs to his knees, and then back up, over and over. Then I returned my attention to his cock, which curved upward past his navel, bulging with veins, nodding slightly up and down with his heartbeat. It had turned from dusky pink to a violent purple red, and the shiny skin of his cockhead seemed stretched tight, as if the meat within was about to burst it open, so hot was he. Again I traced my finger tips up and down it, but by this time it had become so sensitive that Johnny writhed and moaned. Then he said hoarsely, “Make me cum, Mike.” I grabbed his organ in my fist, drew my face to his and kissed him tenderly. “I have never sucked you before, sweetie. Would you like that?” “”Mmmmm, yes,” he murmured, his face slack, his eyes mere slits. I needed no more encouragement. His thick rod filled my palm like the handle of a baseball bat. I pried it upward, and began by licking up the hot sides of the long shaft. His purple skin shone like satin, and my spit glistened in the nooks and crevices formed by his twining veins as they twisted their way up his cock. There was a rather deep groove separating the shaft from his cockhead, and I slipped my tongue into it, tickling and circling the head. His hips bucked upward and he gasped something in Korean. I sped up and circled the rim of his cockhead with my tongue as fast as I could. His bucking and twitching caused me to lick up onto his glans and so I finally collected a bit of saliva, allowed it to coat my lips, and then slid my slippery lips all over his cockhead, slowly and luxuriantly. As I did so I began jacking him, slowly but very firmly. I smashed his balls against his perineum on each downstroke and clutched up very tightly against his cockhead on the upstroke. The boy was panting and muttering constantly. As I jacked him and caressed him with my lips I also began tickling his perineum, feeling as I did so the damp hairs there. I reached back a bit father and found his hole. He obligingly spread his legs wider and I tickled the opening with my fingertip. Johnny began hunching in earnest now, trying to drive his cock deeper into my mouth. For awhile I frustrated him, pulling off him when he thrust upward, then sucking his glans as he pulled back for the next thrust. He gripped my shoulders, telling me wordlessly to let him have more pleasure. Hs face was sweaty now, his eyes closed, his head tossing gently back and forth. I took pity on the kid. Gripping his cock firmly behind the head with my lips I slowly dragged them over his coronal rim, then pushed back down a couple of inches, then back up then down. As I did to i worked the tip of my tongue over the meat of his glans. “AAAHH! AAAHH!” the boy cried, his hips convulsing. Then I began taking him more and more deeply, first three inches, then four, then five. With his cockhead stuffing my throat I withdrew, took a breath, then began deep throating him. With the fourth lunge I managed to get his entire eight inches down my throat. My nose was buried in his coarse, abundant pubic hair. He was crying out constantly now, and his hips thrashed about so much I had to use my left hand to grip one hip and hold him down. I pulled back to just the head was in my mouth, then lunged down so he slid completely into me, then again, then again. All of a sudden he arched up into the air and gripped my head in his hands. I heard a hissing intake of breath. I began pumping up and down furiously on his swelling cock. I could feel it spasming and I kept pumping as fast as I could. “ANGH!! ANGH!! UNHH! UNHH!! UNHHH!!” Johnny yelled, as he bucked up into me again and again. It was strange to have such a long thick cock spasming in my mouth with no semen exploding from it. I continued to squirm my tongue over his cockhead until his konyaaltı eve gelen escort hips dropped back down to the bed. Then I slowly pulled off him. He sighed deeply, and then began to cry softly. I gave his rigid organ one last kiss and then slid up next to him and embraced him. He hugged me tightly and I lay quietly with him as he sobbed. It felt strangely peaceful to be there, glad to have given him deep pleasure and knowing his tears were not tears of sadness but of release. Eventually he loosened his hold, and his sobs stopped. I gazed at his sweet face and caressed his hair. He gazed back at me, open and undefended. I felt a deeper connection with Johnny in that moment than I ever had. Our beautiful moment was interrupted by a thump on the wall behind us and a groaning sound. I grinned at Johnny. “I wonder if they’re having fun out there! Shall we look?” He nodded with a little grin. We arose from the bed, my cock still hard and wagging in front of me. I put my finger to my lips. Quietly we approached the doorway to the living room and peered around, enjoying our second espionage foray of the day. What we saw was two boys deeply involved in sex. Byron stood bent over with his chest on the arm of the couch, legs spread wide and braced against the floor, calves flexing. Joon stood behind him, gripping Byron’s hips, slowly and firmly fucking him. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. His long slender body undulated sensuously like a snake. They had been at it for awhile and both their bodies glowed with sweat. After a moment, Byron murmured something. Joon reached under him and must have grabbed and twisted a nipple. “AAAHH, YEAH!!!” Byron yelled, hunching his hips back harder into Joon. Byron’s head bent back and his eyes were closed in bliss. “More,” the black boy rasped. Joon reached down between Byron’s legs, and I could see his hand close around Byron’s balls. He slammed into Byron harder a couple of times and then squeezed down. “YAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Byron shrieked, for the first time sounding like he was in distress. Joon let go quickly. “Shit, no, man, keep going!!!” yelled Byron. Joon resumed his grip, squeezing and relaxing his hand in time with his strong rhythmic thrusts. “Ahh, yeah! Yeah! Ah! Man! Umph!” Byron was murmuring and babbling constantly now as Joon punished his balls. I decided to intervene. I came into the room and both boys looked over as I approached. Byron’s eyes were glazed with passion. With one hand I caressed his hair, with the other Joon’s sweaty back. “Guys, stop a minute.” They obeyed, but Joon looked annoyed, which was understandable. “Byron needs to learn to enjoy sex without pain!” I exclaimed. “Shit, come on man, let him finish!” Byron protested. “Look, I –” “He fucking likes it!” Joon yelled angrily. Still he didn’t resume, waiting, albeit impatiently, for me to allow him to continue. I paused, undecided. “I need to cum!!” Byron yelled. “Mike?” Joon asked, his voice just this side of pleading. I caressed his head. “OK. Give him what he wants.” The boys required no more from me. Joon immediately withdrew his cock completely and thrust more violently into Byron, who gasped and thrust his hips back into Joon, asking for more. After a few more savage thrusts Joon twisted Byron’s nipple, then grabbed his short curls in one fist and yanked his head back. He clamped onto one of the black boy’s small ears with his teeth, fucking more and more rapidly. “AAAAHHH, GOD!” Byron yelled. Joon reached under and grabbed Byron’s huge swollen meat. He began jacking it, twisting, tugging, flailing at Byron’s cock, which was flying filaments of precum this way and that as Joon worked it over. Finally Joon let go of Byron’s cock and crushed his balls again with his fist. That did it. Byron let out a high-pitched scream almost like a girl’s, his eyes bulging, his legs scrabbling, his cock spasming, and then began to spray a fountain of cum into the air and onto the arm of the couch. In a flash Johnny sped past me, skidded to his knees, lunged at Byron’s cock and managed to get his head between Byron’s hips and the side of the couch and stuff the cockhead into his mouth as Byron continued to gush semen. In the middle of all this Joon suddenly went rigid. His body bent backward like a bow for a second, and then, lunging forward, he tucked his hips into Byron’s ass and held them there, quickly tensing and relaxing and tensing his butt in ejaculation, eyes closed, head thrown back, his face twisted into a grimace. Byron’s orgasm seemed to go on and on. Cum drooled out of Johnny’s mouth as he bobbed up and down on the end of Byron’s organ while massaging the base of it, banging his little fist into the black boy’s hairless groin. Joon lay panting on Byron’s glistening back, his hips still now, but the black boy gasped and came some more, still thrashing and ejaculating. Eventually one of the longest orgasms I’d ever witnessed came to an end. Johnny sat back on the floor with a thump, his face a cummy mess. Byron slumped over the arm of the couch, finally spent. At length Joon stood up and slowly withdrew his cock, shiny with cum, from Byron’s ass. He looked at Johnny, sitting on the floor, looking slightly dazed. He said something to him in Korean. Johnny got to his feet, came over to Joon, and gave him a long kiss, which Joon accepted passively. “Hey, man, you wanna shower?” Joon finally said to Byron in an exhausted voice. The black boy slowly stood, looked around and gave me a small half-smile. His face looked relaxed and peaceful, and at that moment, in spite of his spectacular muscles, he looked young and vulnerable. His body glowed with sweat, and a glob of cum glistened on his thigh next to his deflating but still huge penis. Then he nodded to Joon and the two headed for the bathroom. Just before exiting the room Joon turned and gave Johnny a look and a small jerk of his head, telling him he could join them too. As Johnny joined them I was touched to see Byron give the back of the small boy’s head a caress, like an older boy guiding a younger brother. While the three boys relaxed in a long shower I sat alone on a cum-splattered couch. A sudden wave of sadness passed over me. I think that was the first time it really hit me that Joon would eventually not need me anymore.

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