Zoe the Paramedic


Zoe the ParamedicZoe loved her job. She had recently graduated as a paramedic and was loving helping people and returning something to the community she grew up in. The hours could be very long especially on night shifts but she always had the company of her fellow paramedic in the ambulance and she enjoyed chatting to members of the public. Today had been a slow day. She had been sent to a country fair to help support the St John’s Ambulance and all she had done was patch up a number of grazed knees and told a few drunk guys that maybe they’d had a bit too much. The day was winding down when she was called to see a man who had fainted. It was on the other side of the showground so as she would be leaving soon after, Zoe got in the ambulance and drove across. When she arrived she found a young man sat between the 2 St John’s men looking a little pale. After going over and introducing herself she found that Simon had collapsed due to a little bit too much sun. He had been sat in the shade since the St John’s arrived and so had begun to recover. As Zoe listened to the report she couldn’t help checking Simon out. He was about 25, nicely tanned and looked like he worked out a hit. What caught her attention though was the lump lying down the leg of his shorts. Due to her long hours Zoe was quickly realising that she hadn’t had sex for months as she’d poured all her efforts into her new job. She’d even neglected to masturbate recently as she was so tired when she finished a shift. The more she looked at the hefty length of cock in Simon’s shorts the wetter she realised her panties were getting. She glanced up at his face and he winked. She was busted. He knew she’d been checking him out. Zoe started to chat to Simon to make sure he was feeling ok. ‘How are you getting home Simon? Is there someone who could give you a lift? Don’t want you collapsing!”I’m here by my self now unfortunately. Al my mates buggered off. I’ll just have to get a taxi I suppose. ‘It was at that moment that a devilish thought crossed Zoe’s mind. ‘Hey, well I’m done here now. How about I drive you home? Your on the way back to the hospital and I could keep you monitored to make sure you don’t get any worse?’ Well Simon quickly agreed and was helped into the back of the ambulance and onto the bed. Once Zoe had got the doors shut she asked Simon to take his shirt off. She tried to stay as calm as possible but there was a hint of nervous excitement in her voice. ‘I just need to put these pads on to monitor your heart beat and make sure you aren’t going to pass out again’ As Zoe placed the pads onto Simon’s türbanlı istanbul escort chest she made sure her hands lingered as long as possible, ‘accidently’ rubbing her fingers over his nipples and watching them harden. ‘How my heart looking?` Simon asked. ‘Is it beating ok?`’Actually it’s beating pretty quickly as it happens. Maybe I better out a few more probes on…’ Zoe let her response linger in the air. Simon just smiled. ‘What ever you say Zoe, I need to make sure I’m ok.’Once again Zoe tried to hide the nervousness from her voice ‘Well, can you please take your shorts off? I need to put a couple of probes onto your legs’ Simon beamed at her. Zoe could feel the wetness multiply between her legs as Simon dropped his shorts leaving him lying on the bed in just his boxers. Zoe could see the large thick outline of his semi erect cock straining to be released. She nervously put another couple of pads on Simon’s legs all the while starring at his cock. The pads actually were useless. They did nothing to help except let Zoe stare for a few more moments. ‘Well, some of these results are a lot bigger than I expected,’ Zoe felt for sure as though Simon must be able to see her wetness through her uniform ‘I think more tests are going to need to be performed but we’ll have to get off the showground first’. ‘whatever you think is best’ Simon said and his cock seemed to jump in his boxers. Zoe climbed through into the front of the ambulance, her heart beating inside her chest. She had never done anything like this before but the thrill was so exciting. As she turned the key in the engine, she slipped her left hand into her panties and across her bald pussy. She quickly stroked her clit. Her panties were soaked. She needed some cock….. Zoe was in a daze as she pulled the ambulance off the show ground and onto the main road. She was frantically trying to think of somewhere she could park up. As she thought all hope might be lost, she saw a sign for a view point. It was beginning to to get dark and she hoped all the sight seers would be gone by now. She past down the winding road and didn’t see anyone and when she got to the car park found it deserted. Her heart skipped a beat. Zoe took a moment to compose herself and then climbed into the back of the ambulance. Simon turned round to watch her come in. His eyes were alive with last. ‘So Zoe, what needs to be done now? Are we somewhere you can examine me throughly?`’Oh I think so. There was an unusually large recording before we left and I need to make sure it’s türbanlı istanbul escort bayan all ok.’ Zoe gazed down at Simon’s crotch. His cock was now fully hard and his tight boxers were unable to hold it all in. She could see the outline of his heavy balls and thick shaft and then the large head of his cock was sticking out of his boxers. It was wet with precum. ‘Oh My! If anything this has got even bigger!! Do you mind….’ Zoe’s voice trailed off as her hands slipped into Simon’s boxers before he could reply. She slowly peeled his boxers down to expose the full size of his cock. It was at least 8 inches and very thick. Zoe traced her finger over his balls and then gently wrapped her hand around his shaft. Her little fingers only just met and Zoe found she was able to get both of her hands onto the shaft and it still left the head exposed. She slowly moved both hands up and down, enjoying the feel of Simon’s hot cock. Simon was enjoying the feeling too as he kept letting little moans out. He reached out and pulled Zoe down onto him and began to kiss her passionately. Any pretences were forgotten. They both knew why they were there. As they kissed Simon started to grab Zoe’s ass, Squeezing it and caressing it. Zoe suddenly broke off and stood up before rapidly pulling her clothes off. Before long she was stood before Simon in her bra and thong. Her pussy was soaking and so she quickly stripped off her underwear and was as naked as Simon. She climbed back onto the bed and sank her pussy onto Simon’s face. The sensations were instant. She immediately felt his tongue lap against her clit and then explore her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was starting to cum and has she did she sat up completely covering Simon’s face with her pussy. She arched her back as she screamed in ecstasy before collapsing back onto Simon. He lifted her off him and laid her back on the bed. He had an enormous smile on his face and he was covered in pussy juice. He leant over and gave her a big kiss making sure he let Zoe taste her own pussy. She broke the kiss off and beckoned him towards her again. Laid on the bed she was at the perfect level to admire his enormous cock. She opened her mouth and Simon popped it in. She slowly worked the head with her tongue whilst she pumped his shaft with her little hands. She worked more and more cock into her mouth until her nose was in Simon’s pubes. She could feel herself gagging but Simon held her face in place as tears started to run down of her face. He quickly released her and let Zoe türbanlı escort istanbul catch her breath. ‘Just a little payback for suffocating me with your pussy’ Simon joked with a wink. Zoe gazed into his eyes. ‘Fuck me!’ was all she could say. Zoe rotated on the bed so she was now standing on it and leaning over in the doggy position. Simon lined his cock up with her soaking wet opening and slide his cock in. Zoe gasped. In her pussy the cock felt even bigger than in her hands. She felt it stretching her wide and let out moan after moan as Simon slowly worked his cock in and out. It seemed as though his cock went on for ever and was filling her entirely. Between moans she was able to stammer ‘Faster. Fuck me faster’. Simon didn’t say a word. He just picked up his pace. All that could be heard in the ambulance was the wet squelch of Zoe’s pussy, Zoe’s moans and the sound of Simon’s balls banging off Zoe’s pussy as he thrust his cock into her. Zoe could feel her second orgasm building and then all of a sudden she felt a new sensation. Simon had worked his thumb into her ass and it only took an instant before she was screaming again, her orgasm overwhelming. She lay leaning on the bed, her heavy chest heaving. As she caught her breath she turned round. Simon was stood cock in hand slowly wanking himself. He had a wild look in his eyes. She knew what he wanted. She engulfed his cock in her mouth again and bobbed up and down on it. She happily this time took it down her throat till she gagged. She used one hand to massage one of her large boobs and with the other caressed Simon’s balls. His breathing began to get shallower and she knew he was going to cum soon. ‘I want you to cover me with your spunk Simon.’ Zoe continued to suck his cock until she felt his balls begin to tighten. ‘Mmm I’m gonna cum’ Simon moaned’Cover me. Cum on my tits’ Zoe was so turned on by the deep throating shed given Simon that she found her pussy getting wet again. She released Simon’s cock from her mouth and pushed her big tits together. It took Simon only an instant before he was cumming. The first shot landed on Zoe’s tits as did the second but the cum kept flowing. Soon her face was covered in cum too and she could feel it running down her cheek. She ran her tongue around her lips trying to catch as much of it as possible. She then gathered up as much cum as possible from her tits and quickly rubbed it into her pussy. She rubbed her clit hard and quick until she was cumming for a third time. Her body shook on the floor of the ambulance before going limp. Zoe was exhausted. Simon helped her to her feet and they shared a kiss. ‘Wow!’ that was all Zoe could get out. They helped each other get dressed between kisses. ‘So do you think I’m all better now?’ Simon asked. ‘Well it looks like it, but I think to be on the safe side I should follow up. Just to make s ur e you don’t relapse.”Oh that sounds like a splendid Ide. How about tonight at mine?`Zoe just smiled

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