000She came in and closed the door with a key. What could it mean? In her hands she held a tray, on which stood a steaming cup of coffee and lay my favorite cigar. Will probably be a fawning, I thought, seeing as she picked up. She was dressed as usual, but it’s usually always looked very defiant. A short skirt hid plessirovanaya only panties and ass. Shoes with high heels and translucent blouse of fine matter. Her body was perfect and beautiful face awesome. She had a very big and beautiful eyes, plump lips and rosy cheeks.     And it took this perfection from me today?     She put the tray down on a huge table, and beating him with my hand on his ass oblokatilas so that her hips were right before my eyes. Taking the tray cigar, she offered it to me, and when I took it from her hands and lit a match, offering me light a cigar. While I liked this game, and I dutifully fulfilled all. I relish tightened and released himself from the thick smoke. After that, I proposed otglotnul me coffee. Delight knew no bounds, but it turns out it was just beginning.     Julia, as she is called, holding his chair turned to one side so that now I was not facing the entrance, and directly facing her. Kneeling, she began to unbutton my pants. Seeing as my eyes widened and she smiled and said that everything will be fine Pavel. I did not know what to say, her composure calmed me down, and I began to enjoy watching.     Unbuttoned trousers, she pulled them down. Put his pen in the pants, she felt quivering and swelling of her delicate handles cock. A little jerk in his pants, she looked straight into my eyes, and grasping teeth shorts, began pulling off them with me. Styanuv panties to her knees, she took them on his hands. And now her face was hanging my phallus. She was not surprised his size, but I thought he was my great, took him to the trunk of his hand, and by moving the skin back, exposing the head.     From the situation I was in ecstasy, but her words brought me back to earth: “- Drink coffee and smoke, Pavel, so you will be pleased.” I have finally calmed down and smoking a cigar, watching as Julia, looking me straight in the eye licked the smooth surface of the head of my member risen while masturbate with his hand. For a moment she paused, and looked at him, kissed the hole at the end of the head. Then she licked this hole celtabet giriş a few times with the tip of tongue. Dropping below this hole she sniffed his wonderful nose, and still remain, licked the head halter.     I sipped coffee and puff, spellbound looking at this picture and give heavenly pleasure. Julia worked wonders and it was evident that she was very well able to bring a man to orgasm orally. She did everything slowly, slowly, gently caressing what men worry most.     Now she swallowed head lips and gently sucking her tongue licked at the same time. Her small hands glide over the trunk huge phallus, making it highly veins bulge. She released the head of his mouth, and again I saw the smile on her face. Sparkles ran into her little eyes looking at me. She took hold of the head and began stroking her fingers. Julia tickled the tips of nails peel my eggs, making me shudder with buzz. Caressing the head of the penis with his hand, she began to lick the trunk of my monster, trying not to leave without petting her tongue is not one millimeter. She fell down and down the trunk, and now her lips touched my balls. She is currently helping hand and sucked one testicle, completely filling her mouth and began to suck and lick his tongue, and then she did the same with the second egg. Looking at me with predatory eyes, Julia took the skin of my teeth, eggs and began to delay it. When she felt that the pleasure turns into pain, abruptly let go, and the eggs hlyupnulis skin chairs.     I took a breath, sipping coffee and inhaled cigar. Julia, meanwhile already active wanker member with both hands and looked at him with a grin. Now she sent it in his mouth and tried to swallow as deeply as possible. She was not able to fully drive it in herself, and she began moving mouth up and down, sucking cock so hard that her cheeks were formed dimples. The tongue also neistovstval inside her mouth and I was ready to come. When Julia, dramatically grabbing and squeezing my balls hurt, much sucked, I came, spewing sperm directly into her throat. Orgasm was long and had a lot of sperm, but despite this it has sucked all of her, not missing a drop.     When my seizures and the flow of sperm over, Julia put her mouth and became a member of his lips gently kiss the head and trunk. She held my limp tool like a delicate celtabet yeni giriş flower and tried to warm his breath.     When I came to, and pyhnuv cigar and asked what all this means, and what it will work on me? Answer discouraged me. Sat on my lap, throwing his neck and kissed me on the lips, she said that she just decided to give me a nice, seeing what a bad mood, I came to work today. Knowing that there are no miracles, I have several times repeated the question to which it is a laughing, answered that she does not need anything. But then she brought me in earnest, and I said I wanted to fuck her, and she must have felt, as my cock was again surging, resting on her legs.     Julia, saying that there’s nothing forbidden either, she got up and put her hands on the table and picked up the ass invitingly, arching his back. Feeling that now flooded luck, I will not get up from the chair and lifted her skirt Yulin. This gentle, tidy and a little ass in time deprived me of reason. Her buttocks neatly divided pinstripe pants, almost frustrate her charm. Instinctively, I went up to her face and now my tongue licking a couple of times both buttocks, forced to run through her skin crawl. I felt her shudder when I kissed her lips between the buns. She instantly got wet, and I breathed heavenly scent of her discharge, from which I was a member of the stone. I sat behind Julia and pushing thread panties and started to lick her pussy. She succumbed to pleasure, have moaned, throwing his head and closed his eyes.     Lick a little pussy lips of Julia, I felt her lips and began klitorok lick and suck it. At the same time in her pussy completely penetrated my nose, and I kind of fucked it to them. My hands caressed the thighs and buttocks of Julia, and she succumbed to the temptation, too, had her ass look for tools delight. And here I am, standing and holding his hand on the stone member, sent him straight to the wistful languor kisenku Julia. Been waiting for him there, that he is not pausing at the entrance, immediately drowned in the bosom of love. I started moving her hips to please create a paradise, trying to give her maximum pleasure. By the strong estrus and gentle moans I knew what I was doing everything right.     Assuming that it is a little tired of the monotonous position, I decided celtabet güvenilirmi to change his position, and, after putting it back on the table and put her legs on his shoulders, and began to cover their weasel their hands, and again went into it, to please her in this position. She was very sexy and willing love. She stroked himself with his little hands, mastrubirovat clit sucking fingers with their juices of love, collecting them from the pussy. Sometimes I thought that I was only a weak addition to their comfort.     I again changed the position, and is now sitting on a leather sofa luxury was downstairs, and Julia, sitting on my cock for its fabulous pussy and letting me suck her breasts nipples, moving booty, rubbing her clitoris on my hairy crotch. I felt like a member of the squeezed the muscles of her vagina, and she writhed in the throes of orgasm, which moved onto it in several waves. She scratched and bit me, she jumped and moaned with pleasure.     When a seemingly endless orgasm ended, Julia opened her fathomless eyes and kissed me on the lips. She kissed me, not stopping, whispering, “favorite”, and now we are kissing passionately, and our hands were caressing each other’s bodies.     Suddenly she stopped and looked me in the eye and asked: – “You’re not finished? Well, we will fix it now.” Despite my refusal, stood up, and turned his back to me, Julia sharply down on my cock his ass. Brrrr. And in such a cute, little ass fit my huge phallus?     Julia took my hands and placed them on his chest and began to move his cock in her ass, in which he was clearly narrowly on and wildly painful. But it was a sweet pain, which gave us both a heavenly delight. After a few minutes of such movements, I had finished pouring out their jets right in the ass nice girl. She almost took off, so powerful was the stream of sperm that had entered into her ass. It seems she also suffered from lung orgasm.     We sat for a bit in the position that gave us pleasure can not get up. I awoke and began to kiss her shoulders and neck, his hand stroking his tummy his mistress. “- You’re awesome fantasy lover” – she whispered in my ear, then kissed her there.     Rising from me and pulled terrible aching pain member, Julia poured out of the ass sea liquid semen directly to my crotch. She quickly realized that to do took a napkin from the tray and gently rubbed gentle movements all dry. Kissing the last, first him, then me, she left me sitting on the couch. Dressed and flew out of the office. Yes. forces to work today no longer exists, but what I have experienced before, made me happy for a long time.

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