107. AVIS`S FRIEND TONY.107. AVIS`S FRIEND TONY.I had been out shopping when I noticed a man kept watching me as I wandered through a store. I eventually sat down at a small food court and sure enough the man sat opposite me at another table. A few minutes passed and he kept looking my way, then suddenly he got up, came over to my table, “Aren’t you Avis?” he asked. I don’t know why, but he had a familiar look about him, so I answered back “Yes”. “You don’t remember me, do you?” he then asked. I studied him for a moment, still not sure, “Carla’s graduation party” he then added and in a few seconds more, I stared amazed as I finally remembered who he was. “Tony” I said and looking at him I remembered the occasion. “It’s me!” he replied. My mind flashed back a few years as I remembered meeting him at his daughter’s graduation party and we hit it off, eventually hitting a hotel room where we spent a memorable time in bed. Tony sat down and we talked about old times, about being married and he finally got up the nerve and asked, “Do you still like playing around?’. I was taken aback a bit, but I did remember just how good his cock was and how well he used it, looking at him I asked, “You still like it both ways?”. We both laughed a bit as we both recalled how Tony liked not only women, but men as well. A few more inquiries and I came up with an idea of what might be a fun day for the two of us. Tony was married too, but he had said his wife was very free minded and so I asked if he wanted to come home with me to meet Jon. Off we went and arriving home, I introduced him to Jon. I had told Tony Jon also liked it both ways and so I had them sit together on the sofa while I took a chair across from them. As a little time went by, their conversation turned to sex and before I knew it, Jon asked Tony, “You up to a little fun?” Tony nodded yes and I watched as Jon leaned towards Tony, placed his hand on the back of his head and drew him in and began kissing him. I watched as the two kissed, their tongues exploring each other, I could hear their lips smacking as they relished each other`s embraces.”Take your shirt off” Jon said next and as he took his off so did Tony and back went Jon, kissing Tony more passionately on his lips. Joe moved down a bit and began licking, then sucking on Tony’s nipples while his hand moved further down and he began to caress Tony’s crotch. “Take them off” he said and Tony rose up a bit, undid his belt and pulled off his pants and shorts. Jon aliağa escort got on his knees on the sofa, undid his pants and while pulling them down, leaned back into Tony and kissed him more.Tony now reached over and took hold of Jon’s cock and began stroking it while I watched as Jon kissed his neck, kissed his nipples and rose up to pull his pants off. Jon now got off the sofa, got on his knees between Tony’s legs and taking hold of his cock, began to lick it up and down, around the shaft until he took it in his mouth and started to suck his cock off.I watched for a few minutes as Jon devoured Tony’s cock before i heard him ask, “You like that?” Tony replied “Oh yeah”. By now I was getting well turned on myself so I spread apart my legs and began to rub my pussy through my panties. By now Tony had placed his hands on Jon’s head and was forcing Jon to suck his cock even harder and faster. “Suck that cock” I heard him say. It was then I got up, went into our bedroom and as fast as I could, changed into a black sheer bustier with straps holding up black stockings and put on a pair of black ankle strap stiletto heels then returned to the living room where Jon had now gotten off his knees and was sitting on the sofa, With Tony leaning over and sucking Jon’s cock with reckless abandonment. “Oh fuck yeah” I heard Jon say, he added “Suck that fuckin’ cock”. Tony stopped a second, looked up, “You like that?” he asked. “Fuck yeah” Jon answered. “You like sucking’ my cock?” Jon then asked Tony. Before he could answer, I walked over to them both and they both looked at me, seeing me decked out as any slut would be, “Go ahead Jon” I began to say, “Make him suck your cock again”. With that Jon placed his hands on Tony’s head and pushed his head back towards his cock, “Suck that cock you fuckin’ slut” Jon cried out and back into Tony’s mouth went his cock. Tony was lying at such an angle that I could easily reach his cock and Jon noticing me stare at it, “Go ahead baby” he said, “Suck his cock”. I didn’t need any more encouragement and over to him I went, I got on my knees next to the sofa and taking hold of Tony’s cock, I began to suck it hard and fast. Tony stopped sucking Jon for a moment, looked at me, “You like watching my whore suck your cock?” Jon asked Tony. “Yeah” was all I heard him say. I stopped for a moment, looked at Tony, “Just like old times” I said as I took Tony’s cock in my hand and began to jerk him off. For a few minutes more we stayed that way, escort aliağa both men watching as I jerked on Tony’s cock.I heard Jon ask Tony “Is she not still a good looking whore”. Tony reached down, caressed my cheek as I leaned towards him, “You always were a good whore” he replied. I leaned further towards him and our lips met.We kissed long and passionately, Tony cupping my head in his hands as I still continued to jerk off his cock. “Oh Tony” I said softly as we parted a bit, “Your cock still thrills me so”, knowing Jon would hear me. I looked up towards Jon, “Let him fuck you” I said sternly and it took a minute or two to sink in before the three of us began to move.I made Jon lay on the floor, Tony getting in between his legs and as Jon lifted his legs up in the air, ass up, I watched as Tony took his cock and rammed it into Jon’s hole. I watched for a few minutes as Tony fucked Jon’s hole before moving up to the side of Jon’s head. Lifting my foot up, I placed it next to Jon’s mouth, “Suck my shoe you fuckin’ whore” I demanded of Jon and taking hold of my foot, Jon took the end of my shoe and toes into his mouth and began to suck on them as though he was sucking a cock. This went on for a few minutes more as Tony banged away at Jon’s hole and Jon sucked my toes and my shoe heel in his mouth. “You’re a fuckin’ little whore, aren’t you?’ I asked Jon. He only mumbled a “yes,” keeping my heel in his mouth. “You like being a whore?’ I then asked, “You like sucking men’s cocks?” I added. Jon stopped, “Yes, Yes” he started, “I like being a whore”. “What do you like whore?” I asked, “I like sucking men’s cocks” Jon answered back. “You like cum don’t you whore?” I asked. “Yes, Yes, I like cum” Jon quickly answered back. I looked at Tony who I could tell was about ready to explode, taking my foot away from Jon’s mouth, I moved next to Tony, “Come on my foot” I told him and without waiting, Tony took his cock out of Jon and blew a large load of hot cum all over my foot and shoe. I watched as his cum exploded over my foot, covering it with a nice full load before I moved back a bit and turned my foot back to Jon’s head.I demanded “Suck his cum you fuckin’ whore” and watched as Jon took hold of my foot and took the end of it back into his mouth, sucking for a minute, before taking it out, he began to move my foot around and lick off Tony’s cum from my foot and shoe. Tony had gotten to his feet, came up next to me, softly placed his hands on my cheeks, turned aliağa escort bayan me to him and kissed me so passionately that I just felt like melting in his embrace. When he stopped, “Your husband is a good whore” he said. I looked at him, “Yes” I started, “Yes he is” then added, “So is his wife”. Tony looked at me, “You always were” he said as he smiled at me. It took a few more kisses and a nice embrace before I turned my attention back to Jon, who had been licking and sucking my foot all this time while he jerked off his own cock. I saw his stiff cock and moving back down towards his cock. I straddled his body, slowly lowered myself down and into now soaking wet cunt went Jon’s cock. I jerked up and down his cock as he fucked me, the hardness of his cock sending waves of sheer delight through my body. I was so engrossed in getting fucked that I didn’t notice Tony coming up beside me and before I could do anything, he took hold of my hair, turned my head towards him, “Suck my cock whore” he demanded as he thrust his cock into my face. I readily opened my mouth and into it he shoved his hard cock.I was in heaven, a cock fucking me hard in my cunt; a cock fucking me hard in my mouth. “You like that whore?” Tony asked harshly, “you like being fucked like a fuckin’ whore?’ I stopped long enough as he drew his cock from my mouth, “Yes Yes I do” I started, “I like being a fuckin’ whore”. A minute passed, “Slap me” I heard myself say, looking at Tony, “Slap me hard” I was begging Tony. “You fuckin’ piece of shit whore” Tony said as his hand swept around and landed clean on my cheek. The force was hard and sent a bolt of pain throughout my face as I now took in slap after slap to my face. “You like that whore?” he said aloud. “Yes Yes” I cried back, “I like it”.”Suck my cock” he then added and back into my mouth went his cock. By now Jon had reached his end and I suddenly felt a warm stream of cum flowing into my cunt as he exploded.By surprise I also now got another shock as Tony now also exploded a second time, drowning my mouth with another load of hot cum. No woman could ask for more as I was getting filled with cum at both ends. Savouring the taste of two men and enjoying the sensation as it swept through me like a tidal wave.Tony stayed for a while longer as we sat and the three of us went over some good times, had a few drinks to celebrate the day and vowed that we would all get together one day again, but this time Tony would bring his wife along for either the day or for an overnight visit. The prospect of having Tony’s cock again and perhaps having his wife’s cunt was something I could picture in my mind as being nothing but pure heaven. But, that’s another day and another story.

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