1st time with best friends

1st time with best friendsI never thought I would be the one to have gay sex. I always used the word faggot and looked down on gays. Until 1 camping trip I went on a camping one winter with my two best friends we were all ex military and we’re still in tip top shape. We were all getting ready to go to sleep there was only 1 bed so we all were going to share. My friend Tom was in nothing but loose fitting boxers and I could see the outline of a monster sized cock it was at least 8 inches and very thick by the way it was bulging out. Something happened inside me because I became very horny and wanted to suck him. I started to get hard just thinking about it.We were sitting on the couch and I kept looking over at his cock hoping to get a better look. I think he noticed me and started adjusting himself. We started flipping through channels on the TV and found a porn channel we decided to watch it. It was a threesome with 1 girl and 2 dudes with big cock just pounding her I was getting hard thinking about being that girl getting pounded in my virgin hole while having a cock forced down my throat. It was at that time I felt like I left my body and watched my self reach over and start rubbing Tom’s now hard cock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I couldn’t believe how big he felt though his boxers. He didn’t stop me he just stared and then pulled out his cock. It flopped out of his boxers now I could see everything düzce escort he was huge it had to be at least 2 inches thick. I then reached over and touched his bare cock. It was hot to the touch and so Smooth and soft. He gave me a look like he wanted me. I wrapped my hands around his cock and slowly started to stroke him. He started getting harder and thicker. He stood up and pulled his boxers all the way off and stood in front of me with his rock hard cock inch from my face. I was harder then ever. I reached out and grabbed his cock again slowly stroking him I leaned in with an open mouth and put the head of his cock I’m my mouth. He then grabbed the back of my head forcing him deeper into my mouth I gagged as he tried to go all the way in. I took him all the way in with out gagging and started to suck him and stroke him just like the girl in the porn was. It was this time I forgot Mike was there taking a shower as we walked out with only a towel on he saw as I was giving Tom a blow job. He didn’t say a word He dropped his towel walking over to us rubbing his cock he stood beside Tom and presented his cock like he wanted a turn. I reached out and grabbed his semi soft cock and took it in my mouth. I felt him instantly grow inside my mouth. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to rip out of my pants. I stopped sucking Mike and stood up to take my pants off. We all got up and walked into the bedroom escort düzce when we got in Tom forcefully thrown me down on to the bed and knelt besides me forcing me to start sucking his cock again. I was so hard I suddenly felt Mike grab my cock and start sucking me it felt so amazing. I felt him lift my balls up showing my tight hole he then spit on it an slowly rubbed his finger on my hole it felt so amazing while I was blowing Tom and getting suckered and fingered by mike. Tom the got up and told Mike to move. He then turned me around with my assignment exposed and bent over the edge of the bed. I knew what was going to happen next and was scared for the pain. I felt Tom’s 8in cock lightly rub up and down my hole. He then spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock and pressed it to my hole. I felt the pressure and pain of his cock trying to get in. He was pressing harder and harder to started to hurt and then he slid in filling my tight hole with all of his cock. It felt so good I almost instantly came. He slowly pulled out and back in startingto fuck me. Mike came over and forced me to suck his cock while Tom fucked my asshole. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I’m not gay why am I having gay sex?. I felt all 8inchs of Tom deep inside me he started fuck ing me faster and faster while I was ducking and stroking Mike faster and faster. I then heard Mike start grunting he gabbed düzce escort bayan my head forcing he cock down my throat I then felt him come down my throat I started coughing has he pulled out I felt his cum running down my chin. It felt incredibly hot to feel like a used cum whore. I swallowed what was left inside my mouth.Tom was fucking me harder and harder his balls smacked with a clap while slapping my ass. I then felt my self about to come. I moaned out I’m going to come. Tom pulled all the way out gaping my hole.and then slamme back deep inside me a came instantly harder then I ever have before. I was shaking with pleasure. Tom pulled out and brought me to my knees to suck I’m more. I tooknow his cock and sucked. His with intensity wanted him to come all over me. I wanted to feel his load dumped in my ass so I told him to fuck me harder. He got up and laid on the bed I climbedon toplease of him lowering my self on him while his cock entered me. I started riding his cock feeling him rub on my prostate I felt like I was going to come again. I started thrust up and down Tom the. Quickly flipped us over putting my legs on his shoulders pounding me deep and hard. He then slammed all the way inside I felt his giant hot load blasting deep inside me. As he pulled out I felt his load gush out my my now gaping used hole. Mike then got down and started to kick my asshole cleaning up Tom’s load. I couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure I felt. I felt so dirty be used like that but it was the best orgasm I have ever had. We all just laid there after. Coming down from our orgasm high. We laid there till we all fell asleep Part 2 cuming soon

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