2 Different Women-2 Different Cities- 1 Wonderful Day (Part 2)


2 Different Women – 2 Different Cities- 1 Wonderful Day (part two)

I entered my bedroom to find Julie, my current girlfriend, naked and handcuffed spread eagle on my bed. “Wow! Hello! How did you get in?” I asked. “Steve let me in!” she replied. (Steve was my roommate). “I was wondering where you were. Where were you?’ she asked. “Not important” I replied.”The question is: what to do with you?” “I think you can figure out something to do” she replied.

I looked at her for a moment, then the idea hit me. “I’ll be back!” I said, leaving the room.
I knew what I wanted, retrieved those items and returned to my bedroom.

I stripped off my clothing and climbed on top of her, positioning myself so that my cock was near her face. I took my cock and rubbed it all over her face, dragging the head across her lips. “Suck it!” I ordered her. She opened her mouth and I shoved it in. She began sucking with great passion as I began thrusting in and out, to the point I got it all in her mouth. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself at the edge of no return. I gave her no warning as I exploded in her mouth. Expecting the outcome, she relaxed her throat and swallowed my whole load.
“Mmmm, that was yummy!” Julie purred happily.

“Oh, that is just the start!” I exclaimed.

I leaned down and kissed her deeply, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. As we kissed, I reached for her tits. They weren’t as big as Peg’s tits were, but nice enough to tit fuck I decided.

I broke our kiss and planted a kiss on her left tit, which made her squeal with joy. I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked on it as I flicked the other with my fingers. Her soft moans told me that she was getting closer to orgasm. I then flipped myself up and positioned myself so I could tit fuck her. I pushed her mounds together and slipped my cock between them. I fucked her tits for a few minutes. She continued to moan softly and I could feel another load brewing myself.

I then decided to help her get off. I slipped my cock from her tits and rearranged myself so that I could give her pussy a good tonguing. It was then I remembered the items I brought with me, a bottle of chocolate syrup and a can of whipped cream.

I retrieved the chocolate syrup and began to drizzle her with it, her tits, her belly and her pussy. “OH, THAT’S COLD!” she exclaimed, which şişli escort I think also made her even wetter then she already was. I grabbed the whipped cream can and shook it. I sprayed a line around her tits, capping her nipples with the sweet cream. I then sprayed a line down her belly to her pussy, which I covered completely.

I then started from the top, licking the cream and chocolate from her tits down her belly, stopping at her pussy. Her breathing was quite labored. I knew as soon as I began licking her pussy that she would reach her first orgasm, and man, I was right. She flooded my face as I licked the chocolate and cream, making a tasty mixture for sure!

After her first orgasm subsided, I went back to licking her again. I quite enjoyed the sweetness of it all. I ate her out like a madman! It wasn’t long before her second one hit, and it hit hard! She bucked like crazy, forgetting that she was restrained, thrashing about the bed. I’m sure that once she came down from her high that her wrists and ankles would be quite sore. Once she did calm down, I don’t think she cared about any discomfort. All she said was “Fuck me, fuck me now!” Well, since she asked…I couldn’t just leave her there like that!

I got myself positioned between her legs and proceeded to push the tip of my cock in her. “STOP TEASING!” she screamed. “RAM THAT BIG COCK IN ME DEEP!” I hit bottom with one deep thrust and just kept at it, slamming it into her. “YEEESSSS!” she screamed, loud enough that I thought the whole apartment complex heard her, but that didn’t stop my assault on her pussy. “Oh yea!” I said as I shot my load into her.

I climbed off of her exhausted. I sat on the floor as I caught my breath. I could hear her breathing hard as well.
I got back to my feet. I looked at her, still cuffed and spread eagle on my bed.
“How are you feeling now?” I asked. “Incredible” she replied.
“Well, I’ll be back!” I remarked. “Wait!” she said, “Aren’t you going to get me out of these cuffs?”
I looked at her for a moment, and then replied with a straight face. “Nope…I’ll be back for more in a bit!” I then left the room. I could just imagine the look of shock on her face!

I went to the bathroom and got a washcloth and a basin of warm water, along with some soap.
When I returned a few minutes later, she asked me, seeming put out that I left her like that. “What took you so long?” “Well, I was going to clean you up so you wouldn’t be so hot and sticky; but since you seem annoyed, I will leave and come back later.” I then left the room, leaving the items I was carrying there in the room.
I went into the living room and turned on the TV. There was a baseball game on. I zoned on that for several minutes. I had closed the door to my bedroom, so all I could hear were muffled sounds…but I knew one of two things; either she was yelling for me, pissed that I left her there or she was sorry and was pleading for me to come back.

After a few more minutes the sounds stopped. I got up and approached the door, listening for any sounds from my room. Silence prevailed. I then opened the door slightly and peeked in. She was still on the bed, still cuffed and laying spread eagle. Her eyes were closed. It appeared that she was asleep.
I grabbed the washcloth that was on the dresser and dunked it into the now cold basin of water. Wringing it out, I approached my bed and placed the washcloth on her belly. “OOOHHHH, THAT’S COLD!” she screamed. “Hello. Did you enjoy your nap?” “It would have been better if you had let me out of these cuffs.” She replied. “I told you that I would be back for more. Here I am!” I exclaimed.

I took the washcloth and touched the edge to her nipples. “Ohh…” she moaned. I washed her breasts with the cool cloth, all the while watching Julie as the light cool touch of the cloth was making her horny. I rinsed the cloth and put it back to her belly. I washed her belly and her hips. After rinsing the cloth again, I washed her pussy. Julie’s emotions were mixed, feelings of pleasure and jolt you get when something cold touches your warm body. After I finished, I put the cloth back into the basin. I looked at Julie, she looked at me. “So, now what?” she asked. “I am going to reposition you.”

I released the cuffs from the post. “Move to a position of your hands and knees, please!” I asked. She looked at me, then did as I had asked. Once she got to her new position, I readjusted the cuffs so that she was cuffed back to the bed. “Mmmm, an interesting choice you made. Now what did you have in mind?” she said, sounding either annoyed or sarcastic (I wasn’t sure which). “Well, first off I need to do this…” I grabbed her panties and shoved them in her mouth. As she tried to spit them out, I noticed something poking out from under the pillow, it was a ball gag! “Well what do we have here! A ball gag! Well, let’s just use this instead!” So I removed her panties and put the ball gag on her. “Much better!” I exclaimed. “Now let’s get down to business.”

I extended my hand to her pussy and rubbed her slit, poking a finger in. “Oh yea! Nice and wet!” I said. I then positioned myself on my knees behind her and rubbed my cock on her slit. “Is this what you want? You want me to fill you up with my cock? Maybe I just might do that!”

I rubbed my cock some more on her slit, then gently inserted the head. She mumbled something, but with the gag, I had no clue what it was. I slowly pushed, entering her. I could tell that the slow speed was driving her crazy, but I kept that slow speed until I hit bottom. Once that happened, I began to fuck her, slow at first, but then picking up speed. I could tell by her movements and her moaning that she was close to orgasm. After a few more seconds of ramming it into her, she screamed. I could feel her pussy explode, her juices coating my cock. It was then that I pulled out and repositioned myself. I now was poking the tip of my cock to her asshole. We had never tried anal. I never asked her. Today, she was just going to get it.

I slowly pushed the tip in. It went in easier than I thought it would. I knew that her slick pussy juice was helping with that. I pushed slowing, entering her an inch at a time. I could feel her insides stretch to accept my manhood. Once I made it all the way in, I fucked her ass hard! I pulled back and slammed her ass. I was pretty sure she was screaming my name, though with the gag it was hard to tell. It wasn’t long that I was ready to cum. And cum I did! I think it was the biggest load I ever shot. I filled her asshole, cum was leaking out around my cock.
Once I finished, I removed the ball gag. “DAMN YOU!” she screamed. “That was so painful and so erotic at the same time! I don’t know what to feel.”

“Well, I know how I feel…I feel great!” I said. I released her from the cuffs and left the room. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.

As I sat there, I began to reflect upon the events of the whole day. “Man, it has been a day!” I thought to myself. “Two women, two cities, one wonderful day!”

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(I have other stories, when I get the time I write more!)

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