357 pt 9 cuckold by mutual agreement


357 pt 9 cuckold by mutual agreementPart 9Alice sat silently for a while, then said with a shrug, that “I had been in the zone, and if he had killed me, well at that moment in truth I would have had no argument it was megga…” stunned they sat silently waiting for her to give chapter and verse… but she neither explained further, nor apologised, just adding that `well it was how she had felt at that moment, and that she hoped they all enjoyed the film!’ Stephen laughed said it was all a big joke and the moment passed for everyone bar Tony, who regarded his wife with a suspicious look and muttered, “perhaps!”Stephen said he” had only a 72hr pass, not forever like you civvies,” that broke the mood and the ladies found themselves the centre of attention once again, so much so, that by the time Stephen went off back to his barracks and Alice and Tony went home, the three men looked very tired, and the thought of going to work on Monday was not a joy, both ladies having been filled in every orifice at least half a dozen times, and having swallowed copious quantities of seed.A phone call on the Wednesday, knowing his sister would be out, was Stephen to say the secret bondage birthday weekend was arranged, and to arrange times etc, saying that the men were sorted as was transport etc.So, it was a week on Friday that the four set off southwards. Gloria`s birthday being on the Saturday, and she all excited by the thought of a surprise weekend away. It had been announced by her husband as a “last minute pressy” he telling her it would be a bondage weekend, which made her eyes sparkle, especially when he said all four of them would be going next day till Tuesday, and she would be knocking off another thing from her bucket list! Though he didn’t elaborate.They set off at two, the traffic as usual horrible on a Friday, it being known in the UK as P.O.E.T.S. day, (piss off early tomorrows Saturday) thus by the time they arrived at the site it was gone six, the old chap at the gate soon led them to chalet two adjoining log cabins at the far end of the empty camp. He said that “I understand your here for a party, please don’t worry about noise etc, its off season but I must ask you to be aware that all damages must be paid for, there`s complimentary milk and bread and so on in the cupboards so enjoy yourselves.” with that he turned and promptly went off back to his home. Gloria it being her birthday was given the choice of cabins, choosing the further one of the two, each couple settling themselves in rapidly and Each cabin consisted of a single large lounge, kitchen diner, leading off of by three doors at the back of the room to two bedrooms separated by a bathroom. the four soon meeting up in Alice`s cabin so the women could sort a meal using the things had brought with them and reduce the cleaning by only using one kitchen. After the meal, feeling full, and happily content, they lounged about in front of the telly, it was most illegal bahis relaxing, and by mutual consent they decided that anything unusual, (don’t forget this was for her birthday, and was supposed to be a bondage birthday weekend) could wait till the `morrow , it had been a tiring drive, and an early night was on the cards so they cut a pack of cards for partners, highest cut getting the birthday girlPeter winning blowing them a kiss took his wife and off next door.It was late next morning when they woke, Alice and Tony cooking a full English and appearing at ten o`clock, at their friends door singing ` happy birthday’! Peter letting them in, and the meal being served to the birthday girl in her bed. She opened the few cards, and a present from the couple, a pretty pair of earing`s from Peter, and a lovely sweater from Stephen, As they ate the men explained that soon she would be having her hands secured, naked, she would be allowed to move around, even go outside, but her hands would be out of use till midnight and she would be required to allow any men she came into contact with, and he repeated any men, the privilege of sex on their terms regardless of who they were or what they wish to do. She nodded her assent and understanding, saying with a laugh Stephen and you two then… ignoring her, Tony said to his wife,” you too missy, I think that would be only fair!”Alice it had been who had dreamed up adding the bondage thing, and still unaware of the gang bang element, looked surprised but accepted the logic, Gloria saying she needed to use the toilet first, but her husband saying “right but remember this my girl, that for you today is out of bounds…for peeing, you must go outside on the grass after this so think on! The woman looked shocked, but he said that it was one of the rules and as the camp was remote and empty, it would be risk free, or at least minimal. But be warned, we might get visitors, Stephen for one. Accepting the situation Gloria rose from her bed, went off to the toilet returning in a short while, her hair and make-up perfect, and saying her body was empty, as she turned to allow the two men to slip handcuffs on her dainty wrists, pinioning them behind her. Alice removing her clothes to comply as well, saying she fortunately had used the toilet just before breakfast. Naked now she too turned and was cheerfully secured. Tony explaining that they could get some relief, if they wished to avail themselves, as they could have their wrists locked to the bed rail, but it would be their only relief till tomorrow. He and the others would feed them and so on during the next few hours, but again he repeated that if any man asked to have them, they were to make themselves available sexually., they watched the Tv together, chatted for a while, the men holding coffee for the women to sip, pieces of cake for elevenses, and again at dinner feeding the pair with a light meal they had prepared. Not once illegal bahis siteleri did they ask for or receive anything sexual which to the women was strange and out of character, at about 2 pm Gloria said she needed to pee, Peter shrugged, and told her he would hold the door for her to go outside, this he did, ushering her outside where just then Stephen was getting out of his car, with him was the chap that owned the camp. “Ah sister dear, have you come for a pee?” she felt embarrassed, however she also realised that if her brother knew she was out here to pee, rather than use the inside toilet, it was a set up! He introduced the camp owner, as Nigel. Blushing she nodded at the chap, unable to shake his hand, his big clumsy body not really going with the name. he smiled then said to Stephen, “she`s nice your sister, and will she really do as she`s asked?” he was assured that she would so Nigel told her, “well your here to piss, so get it done girl, then I`m going to fuck you. she looked at Stephen who nodded, then she squatted, did as she was bid, then stood and was taken indoors. Nigel again being introduced this time to the other three, then being herded to the bedroom where the door closed behind them. An hour passed, and a dishevelled Nigel came out of the room leaving the door ajar as he did, a smile on his face and the place reeking of sex. He went off home saying thanks to them all and with a spring in his step. Gloria came staggering from the room, hair askew, hands still pinioned, her nipples puffy and wet leg! Laughing Peter took control, wiping her down with a damp flannel, generally freshening her up and combing her hair. She saying he was a randy old goat and she was well filled, asking if that was all of her birthday treat. Which caused the men to laugh Peter saying that my dear was “just a pair of teeth… “she looked bemused, though her face changed as she heard a truck pull up outside. Before they could glance through the window the two respective men ushered their wives to the two bedrooms, laying them on their backs securing ankles to bed legs in the open position and releasing the women`s arms, each husband telling his wife, now secured to the bed-end by her akimbo ankles, that her opposite number would be “enjoying the race,” and that “it was up to her to call time when she had had enough! Stephen went outside to greet the troop’s, giving the men the rules of engagement, and a making a collecting…for the ladies…They were told they could go with either woman, or even both if they wanted, in pairs, or if they paid extra to have a one to one… undressing in the living room and withdrawing to rest after each and every cum! they drew lots and the first four were led to the two bedrooms. The race was on. the two husbands armed with chalk boards ticking off the numbers of issues each woman had received and how, and from how many men, the men entered the respective bedrooms as their predecessor canlı bahis siteleri came out to rest. For the women realisation came when the second pairs came to them, and it became one continuous round offhand jobs, sucking and fucking, the first few being fun, then it became more mechanical, as slowly the afternoon ground on, neither woman wishing to give in first, black squaddies, white fit lads, thin, clumsy or refined broader even an Indian lad, a Gurkha on secondment, faces loomed, kisses rained down, dicks came to lips, or fingers, cum spewed into bodies, mouths or onto tits, , faces came and faces went, four hours of constant screwing saw Both women gritting their teeth as the never-ending stream of lads enjoyed them, they were both becoming exhausted, fanny lips red raw, tits dripping with cum belly`s full, tongues like soggy sand-paper hair bespattered, neither woman wanting to be first to quit, when suddenly the stream of men tapered off then died, the two women having emptied 22 men`s sacks completely between them the doors to the bedrooms closed, the women dozing, listening to the sounds of the departing men dressing then clumping away back to the truck, Stephen`s entreaties’ for secrecy ringing in their ears. Both women were released Neither woman saying a lot, like some sort of delayed shock had them. First Alice then Gloria going to the bathroom to throw up shortly after let into the kitchen, a dry sheets thrown over seats and strong drinks produced to brace them up as Stephen totting up the scores!His announcement as adjudicator was that Gloria had had full sex with 46 men, to Alice`s 40, Gloria taking 23 mouthfuls, to Alice`s 18though in hand jobs Alice had easily won, with 10. He totted up the cum rate, saying “145 emission’s, that`s about an average of 7 per man, well done girls!” neither woman seemed really interested, holding hands and dozing with smilesThe collection had raised over £200 which was a bonus, and there was one more thing ticked off the bucket list…Both women slept till next day tucked up together in the second chalet, the men sharing the other to let them sleep! Once they had changed the soggy bedding of course. Sunday was a day for quiet meditation, and gentle sex, neither women showing any ill effects past a little reddening of the sex lips and some tiredness. The trip home on Monday steady and boring, Stephen waving them away, stood at the gate alongside Nigel who said if he had know there was two women… he drifted off, as the girls kissed him and promised they would, like Mc Arthur, return someday!Aftermath. The years have passed now, Stephen is married with two lovely k**s now, which Gloria and Peter, still pottering in his rose garden treat like grandk**s, Allan visits “his mum “ occasionally though Alice and Tony, older now don’t visit as much, his arthritic legs slowing him down a lot, though its not unknown for her to appear on x hamster in one or other of her many films, though in a “granny and grandson, style nowadays and before you ask yes, they did both visit Nigel! Though just for a holiday, not for any bucket list scenario.It`s been fun writing for them, I wonder who will ask me to do the next story.

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